Drake - Toosie Slide Dance Choreography ft Kenneth, Ranz & Niana, AC, Nicole, Gabe Tati & more

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    18 of my favorite dancers around the world came together for this video. Miss you all so much💙
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    Big thanks to Trinity for assisting me with this!! @TrinityInay
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    Song: Drake - Toosie Slide
    Choreography by: Matt Steffanina & Trinity Inay
    Filmed by: Raino
    Location: DNCR Loft
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    About Matt:
    Matt Steffanina is a choreographer and music producer from Los Angeles, CA. He's worked with artists such as Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift and Chris Brown, and appeared on shows like So You Think You Can Dance, Ellen, The Tonight Show & Step Up. Whether you’re into learning or watching dance choreography, there’s a playlist for you under the Playlists tab. Thanks for watching, supporting, and subscribing!
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    1. Matt Steffanina

      thank you to everyone who was a part of this video, love you guys sm and can't wait to be back together again. To become part of our online dance community text me at 818-210-4041 or join the email list at tinyurl.com/y5k5k5h9 💙

      1. Leslie Jones

        Matt Steffanina gffgg

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        hello i have a question can you tell us wen is ok for your site ??

      3. Kelvin Vzua

        How do I sign up

      4. harmony 12

        the last dancer was the best wow!

      5. Selena Knickman

        Matt I texted you at 931-624-7235 about a dance routine I needed help with. I only sended 1 text that's all because I don't like blowing up people phone

    2. Neri Orphiano

      Ranz and Niana is most clean dance and great

    3. Adaya Anderson

      Love all of these moves

    4. Miss Aanushka

      I can't even slide.

      1. Miss Aanushka

        @crypto Main no no just its just a joke. They can dance that well and i cannot even slide lol

      2. crypto Main

        What happened did you break your leg

    5. Andrei Aeman K Berganio

      Best danceer everrr💖💖💖✨

    6. Jacob Guy

      Wann be friends?

    7. Calico Covers

      a tip for wannabe dancers : slow down the music and dance so that you can make the speedy steps look complete.

    8. Morning Moon

      All people are beautiful

    9. Yvonne Rose

      im proud that basically half of the dancers are filipinos❤️🇵🇭

    10. Naomi Smith

      Wow i love it ⭐️⭐️⭐️💥🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

    11. Ngozi ojukwu

      hey this is rohilla, lets just say dance is my life, i really love dancing, so im interested please. em my ig acc is queenrohilla... pls i really want to join the online dance academy .. thanks

    12. Josu Huarte Bowes

      Matt I know you won't read this but i have troubles entering the website... it says the website uses an "unsoported protocol" I have no idea what it means. I only made it to the video link. Then clicked on the "go to webpage" button and I got that message. I know you're thing is to dance and you probably don't know how to fix my issue but if anyone else is having this problem some help could be used ;(

    13. tracy staycee

      i like matt and the way he teaches

    14. No name Yeah that's right


    15. Paula Luciano Morelos

      Ranz and Niana❤❤❤❤ go guys!!! And ken san jose ❤❤❤

    16. Aletia McCullough

      I am so glad I watched this. Made my morning, unexpected Mother’s Day gift. Thanks to all the talented people.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    18. Jane's World


    19. Melissa Chiong

      I wish I sent it on time to be on the other video but I was so busy during april

    20. Jane's World

      ussel.info/video/video/sKaZe3uosn2Ibqc.html :)

    21. jatindra taid

      Ranz and niana were the best

    22. Dr. Agnel Tirkey

      Ranz and niana💓💓💓

    23. Niel Zausa

      I like this dance challenge cover. Next dance challenge cover Thanks Matt Steffanina, beacause of you i was able to learn how to dance.

    24. BeatMoverz LouieJabonillo

      dance choreo check this link ussel.info/video/video/r32zfJhtro6hqI0.html

    25. Caylah Espinosa

      I love ranz and nina repliy to me if anyone wach ranz and nina

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      Where's Bailey, Kaycee and Sean at?

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        There 😷💀

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    29. Jessica Stokes

      💖The last one gave me liFe!!💖

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    31. AL Novelo

      Wow , I really miss to dance again🙃

    32. lolita ariane

      Dancers from US and Philippines stay safe everyone

    33. Arts In Motion By Priyanka

      Check out Indian version of Toosie Slide: @2E4E

    34. Inaliz Moronta

      still learning!

    35. Inaliz Moronta

      I know how to do half of the dance

    36. Zane

      💯 that last video sequence with all the dancers was 🔥👏🏼

    37. Inix Victor

      The first 6 dancers are filipinos🤩❤️

    38. Mee Ra

      Ranz and Niana, AC 😍 Achk! No one: But i was waiting for Sean and Kaycee 🙁

    39. Ice burge gemi entertainment

      Cool bro , imma copy this one

    40. Gacha Natkhat

      I like how they was still dancing at home🔥❤

    41. Lander_ J.

      I'm lovin' this girl <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="249">4:09</a>


      and it was so much thank you


      this is cool and me teacher told us to do it as well.

    44. Anuradha Tamang

      AC should have been in Now United representing The Philippines.

    45. Kimo Blaze Riparip

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a> my favorite

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      better part is when the woman strongest dancing

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    51. Sahil Pratap Singh

      Was it just me or didn't you guys notice that they were not in symc with the song

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      Omg I cant even do the cupid shuffle

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    54. Reign Maestro

      HI MATT Can you make a dance cover with the song Names "HEEBIE JEEBIES" and a tutorial PLS😅💓💓💓💓🤞🤞🤞😀✨✨✨ I know this will be LIT✨✨✨

    55. Fernando Soto

      U can't dance for shit😂 garbage

    56. 老外愛玩遊戲

      Ok so basically in the states only Filipinos and white people dance ...ok

    57. Kristine Marie Angela Kinikito

      Nianna 😍

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      Where is josh killacky and bailey sok???

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      I think AC might get arrested.... Cuz she murdered the choreo🔥🔥

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    64. Liyah Rochelle

      i learned it was very hard to but i did it

    65. Esther Barak

      honestly, they all did amazing!

    66. Not a Youtuber

      They too aggressive with it

    67. Azaria Gillespie

      Please do a blinding lights dance tutorial

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    69. Ram Muzik

      Guys, if you want music dance mix for your crew, just like the in video. kindly visit my channel and choose whatever you may like ITS FREE!! Don't forger to subscribe and you dont miss anything. 😊

    70. Ivana Petrovic

      AC!!! Wowww

    71. AlwaysOneDeep

      Here’s my opinion; I think everybody is doing too much!!! I think this should be more of a smooooth dance....... not all that jumping around. Just groove ....

    72. crashboombang

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      HI im a new subsciber love your videos sooo much and love ya too❤💖😊

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      I'm waiting for Bailey Sok ☹️

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      I've gotten so much better at dance since 2017, all thanks to you and your videos for free online tutorials and I'd still do anything to have to attend any one of your classes and meet you

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    79. Bread Crumbs

      Imagine going up to a roof and randomly seeing ranz and Bianca dancing

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      ussel.info/video/video/z6TSpmWdp3iorH0.html check out the lyrical video of this song