DIY Rapunzel Dress & Hair!

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    I haven't watched this video all the way through since editing so please ignore every aspect of it. I made this Rapunzel dress from mostly thrifted materials.
    Be sure to watch my sub-par parody music video after this!
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    1. Malinda Mu

      micarah: won’t spend more than $4 on a whole costume also micarah: $120 to put a rubber band around the sprayer nozzle

      1. Egg

        Micarah Tewers you so pretty I am a Hugh fan :D

      2. julia lee

        Spent $800 to rescue a lonely bird from the pet shop

      3. MinaShaSha

        Sooo that’s what those things are called

      4. Shiro Kitsune Studios

        Malinda Mu well what did you think she was initially saving up for?

      5. Brenden Pare


    2. Fandom Obsessionem

      Such a sweet lady!

    3. Shelby Creed

      My question is what does she do with all these costumes And how in the world does she think that she has “no musical talent”

    4. bean boy98

      i love how shes honestly pretty funny, but she still seems like shes dead on the inside

    5. Scooot ThePotterhead

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="346">5:46</a> Bribery

    6. Ellie Linton

      You are crazy genius 😁 and I mean it in a positive way. You are awesome. Take care and be safe ❤️

    7. Alissizkewl524 youtube

      Sis thought she made up a word but still used it correctly

    8. Jessi Smith

      I always prefer watching your videos over other fashion tutorial youtubers because your commentary makes me want to stay and watch through the whole video instead of skipping ahead to see the final product!!

    9. Pineapplezap456

      Did I mmmmumble mother?

    10. Aubrey Grace

      That “did I mumble mother” sounded too much like Rapunzel for you not to be her

    11. Ivan Gabriel

      346464646349466th thing about the quarantine that i hate the most, you should be spending your time with your family, and in my case I just hate people. I'm saved to out side world and friends coming to me asking what's wrong i just don't really know what I'm saying I'll just shut my mouth and watch instead

    12. Binxus

      You don't understand the freckles man? She's literally the sun bro. It's in the movie bro. Look it up

      1. Binxus

        PS the frying pan part was really scary

    13. Teeankin Tohiariki

      I loved that neither of them thought anything was odd about the phone trick, it was even funnier

    14. Emma Clouston

      Bon on potton. much better than Bon appetite 😂

    15. Esther Choi

      i wish she made the barbie rapunzel dress

    16. Jack Draws

      here's an interesting fact: Hippo Milk isn't actually Pink. it's actually just the usual color of milk (white/off-white) but for some reason the rumor got spread around 2013 that the milk was Pink. In fact, Hippos secrete what is nicknamed "Blood sweat" (it's not blood or sweat) from mucus glands on their body which is red, this secretion doesn't actually ever mix with the milk, but the rumor supposedly got spread because someone thought it did and that's why hippo's milk was thought to be pink. but "Blood sweat" is actually a a blend of hipposudoric acid and norhipposudoric acid and provides a bunch of health benefits to hippos such as uv blockage, so it's like a natural sunscreen. anyways this comment has gotten way too long and if anyone is actually interested they can do more research themselves

    17. Kamo -chan

      You are amazing. *BUT* what did you exactly meant when you said ”Ew it’s Olaf”?

    18. Maria Jose Céspedes

      I love your *Barbie Operator* voice (I don't know if that's a thing, but let's pretend it is)

    19. charlieton1

      Imagine having nothing to wear and just making a shirt 👚

    20. August Ross

      The L͟O͟N͟G͟E͟S͟T͟ vine I’ve ever seen

    21. Erin Dougherty

      You quoted have made this Idahoan very happy

    22. Manjula A

      Lol frying pan and the hair out of car .. this is what happens when you leave mommy to Gary 🤣🤣🤣

    23. Emily Brooke

      You should do Auroras dress next!!

    24. Hani Maisarah Ishak

      Pretty 😍😍

    25. Orianys White

      They should make a document about you and how you make these clothes i mean your amazing at making them like the real thing

    26. Becky Erdman

      Why is she not a party princess

    27. iisxvvy

      You sound like....Siri WHATTTTYTTTT

    28. Caio Clémentee

      MOM dO you hAvE a frYing pAn!

    29. Raheq Ahmed

      Can we just take a moment to appreciate how happy she was that she got a frying pan

    30. Acetherat UwU

      I don’t think a normal human being would be able to life without seeing there friends or coming outside-

    31. Marie Dierckx

      Love the way she said 'bon appétit'

    32. bloxy bros

      You should do Sleeping Beauty/Aurora next

    33. Molly Ememems

      How can anyone be so Beautiful and talented so effortlessly ??????

    34. Molly Ememems

      How can anyone be so Beautiful and talented so effortlessly ??????

    35. Chelsea Granger

      can i just say...i love that when most people have a random thought they just let it go and forget about it, but SHE stops what she's doing to do that random thought. painting the trailer, painting the chairs, buying a bird, etc

      1. Micarah Tewers

        😂🤷‍♀️ well I’m glad you love it. Thanks!

    36. Alexis Vick

      She needs her own costume brand. Micarah Costumes.

      1. Amandarama


    37. Millie Pyman

      Bon appetite or as the French say bon aponton I DIED😂😂😂😂😂

    38. Izzy Johnson

      I love how it’s just normal now for micarah’s neighbours to see her in some elaborate costume 🤣🤣🤣

    39. Bella Capulet

      I've decided to lose weight because I'm tired of buying more fabric than everyone else to cover my hippo body 🤣

    40. Itz Chillie

      Why did I get the “I pLaY bAsE bAwL aNd VaPiNg MaDe It HaRd To PlAY” ad

    41. Amiyah Clark

      Fun swoops bun -Micariah Tewers 2020

    42. Lucy Griffiths

      you should come to England and take part in the great British sewing bee!

    43. Maya Masarwa

      imagine having nothing to wear and just being able to make something

    44. Lily Murphy

      Micarah: You know, I have to be Rapunzel Me: And that my friends is how extra Micarah is

    45. Cecily Erker

      Bon appétit, or as the French would say, *bonh anh batont*

    46. Sarah Swanson

      Wearing a type of fart...... just Yes yes

    47. Brooke Snodgrass

      When to you said Pedro, I knew you were talking about Napoleon Dynamite. That's one of my favorite movies 😂😂

      1. Brooke Snodgrass

        Also The Hunger Games

    48. Foxcrystles 546

      It’s my birthday on April fools day I’m 11 now!

    49. XxFerexX

      Micarah......Rapunzel has white lining in her dress-

    50. Ruby Locklear

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> this made me laugh way harder than i think i should’ve

    51. Little Kimin

      The hair wracking noises😭😭😭😭

    52. Chicago Garrett

      I’m making a repunzel costume. This makes it look bad... 😅

    53. Kayla Vlogs

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> ur welcome

    54. Fandom_ Tea

      "Bon appetite, or as the French say 'BOUN OPTOU-"

    55. Ines

      she kinda sounds like sailor moon in the dub version

    56. Hailee Teegardin

      your humor is just PeRfEcTiOn

    57. Gilyn Morse

      "Did I mumble mother" U sound like Rapunzel like srsly

    58. Gilyn Morse

      Idk why but I think she sounds like Ariana Grande and Rapunzel

    59. Oona Hodge

      micarah is both a woman from the early 1900s and a teen from 2020.

    60. AlinaTheLlama

      Nobody: Not Even Jesus: Micarah: DiD i MuMbLe MoTheR?!

    61. Kamrin Boyd

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="238">3:58</a> she looks like Glimmer from the Hunger games 😶

    62. rebekah brettschneider

      I love how your measurements are in candy bars 😂😂😂

    63. Faith Collins

      This is completely pointless, but I have the exact same phone case as Micarah, even the white marks on the edges where the color got rubbed away, just thought you should all know. Love you, Micarah, I've been here since the beginning!!

    64. Natalie Moore

      Where did you find the Yaki blonde hair I can’t find it anywhere! Help! Please let me know if anyone finds it!

    65. Yoli Pants

      Me watches any of these videos : my search history : - how tall is a pop tart - how tall is a chocolate bar - how tall is a bird - where to buy one snicker bar

    66. MY Name

      Imagine just waking up and having nothing to wear so you just make something😂

    67. Royal Devils UwU

      best nieghbor ever

    68. Emily Moore

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> a toothbrush cause *w h a t*

    69. Justine Ponylord

      "Bo ohh peta"

    70. Addy Potato

      Omg you should sell your dresses! ❤️

    71. Gabby Sullivan

      Micarah, where did you purchase the yaki hair for your braid? I've been looking, but I would love to use the products you found


      someone should hire you at Disney to be one of the princesses when it reopens

    73. The Anti Social Club

      Can you do belle or Elsa UwU

      1. The Anti Social Club

        MY Name I forgot she did😂

      2. MY Name

        Didn’t she already do Elsa? I just discovered this channel but she could have done both.

    74. Owo


    75. apple pie

      Gereon is the best

    76. Rinny Dale

      👏👏👏👏👏 👍👍

    77. IT'S BARBIE

      That Description tho😅😂😂😂 IM DYING

    78. Egg

      1 million eggs

    79. Cursed Eclipse

      Micarah: then I flipped them inside out... Me: *INSIDE OUT! DoO dOo DoO dOo-*

    80. Crazy japan thing

      Yes! Do olaf !!!