Discussing the Idea of Murdering Each Other but It's Just a Joke and Definitely Not Serious Haha

Unus Annus

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    It's perfectly normal to discuss the possibility of how you would murder your friends with those friends and converse in great detail about how you would get away with said murder. We call this the Murder Your Friend Tag haha.
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. DA Casiano


    2. char

      2:17-3:35 is basically the plot of dexter

    3. That guy

      Seems like they've been watching a little too much Dexter

    4. Setrayen

      Mark gets his shovel out

    5. Dakota Lawalin

      someone's been watching too much Dexter

    6. Fun with the not so guy

      Totally convinced by the title

    7. BeKoe

      This is the definition of taking a bit too far. 😰

    8. AwsomeSquirrel

      I recited Mark's "I make people dissapear" murder scenario to a friend, haven't hear from them

    9. Ricardo Rodriguez

      9:32 imagine mark in Season 5 of Escape the night :) ;) IMAGINE.... and ethan wait maybe not ethan I dont know about ethan 75 percent ethan 100 percent mark

    10. Brandon Elrod

      USsel: Unregulated axe throwing? THE CHILDREN MUST NOT SEE THIS *age restricts video* This video: *exists* USsel: USsel: Ah, yes, this is fine.

    11. Dancing Lamb

      When I read the title I immediately got flashbacks to the first sensory deprivation chamber episode

    12. Raphaeloking

      Mom pick me up, im scared

    13. Kramer 07

      I’m scared

    14. Pine Dragon

      This is the real reason they made the fake body

    15. Nova !

      My mom: Oh what creepy actors! They’re so good at acting! Also Mom: *sees **12:18* “rachel stop watching this it’s bad for your health and crank’s health too I guess”

    16. 4L13n

      Cashier: Man, these guys sure do like melons'...

    17. Lyle Caraang

      Darkiplier making his way back out of markiplier

    18. Koryuusei

      I'm not sure which one worries me more...lol

    19. Denki Kaminari

      I was actually unsettled watching this.

    20. iodineclip

      I love this channel, it has no ads.

    21. AlejandroAlex Munoz

      Dont be stubborn

    22. Doot Doot Gutsu

      This gave me a huge craving for watermelon

    23. Gunner Zessau

      Quick tip for murdering with a hammer: go with a ball peen hammer the ball part of the hammer puts more force on a smaller area

    24. Mario Montes

      Why did this make me really angry at Mark and Ethan?

    25. Kaye Duhhh

      Totally a joke, guys. No one needs to look into this or even just keep an eye on them. Just...a joke.

    26. Rose Exe

      I just got an ad for online therapy when i clicked on this video😂☠

    27. Your Mom Loser UwU

      this makes me very uncomfortable-

    28. THE PEAR

      Is this the sequel to dexter

    29. This Ain't it Chief

      I think we know what is actually going to happen at the end of their year.

    30. Kai Crocker

      the last video on this channel is gonna be these two searching for each other and the winner lives and gets the others channel

    31. Crashing Cart

      Mark is more like a cunning sociopath and Ethan is a unhinged psychopath in this video

    32. Salty Cracker

      *me having a nice time watching this video* Oh haha they gave it pubic hair *somehow remembers that a guy in my school only shaves one asscheek* oh nOoOo

    33. Randomness823

      Why. Am I grinning so hard. This is delightful.

    34. Daniel Chavez

      Darkiplier moments 0:28, 0:38, 1:12, 2:03, 3:10, 11:37

    35. EJM White

      I like how Ethan said his _"craft room"_ was sound proof and than like ten secounds later said that his "prize" was being too loud so he put tape over it's mouth

    36. Jess The Jedi/ /Gamer

      Darkiplier got to Ethan, we need to help him

    37. mohamed hamdoud

      Bet ethan edited this video

    38. Prestodeath201

      Ethan's scream was amazing... I could listen to it on repeat for hours....

    39. Rógvi Lyngvej

      slowing the video down makes it creepier. Especially the ending

    40. Blade51

      At the risk of being carted away by the nice young men in their clean white coats I am so turned on right now xD

    41. Dark Rose

      How am I still getting advertisements on these videos XD USsel makes no sense to me.

    42. Braie Holbein

      All of you need to be an actor

    43. Oh Yeah Yeah army

      I thought they were wearing bath robes at the begining and that it was gonna be another one of "those" videos

    44. Applesauce Productions

      how manu watermelons have the bought in the past week??? my math teachers have warned me about him

    45. Demonic Monica

      Ok there is two ways this can go: they either become closer than they ever were before because it's a funny joke and they trust each other OR they secretly fear each other and are constantly on high alert with each other while gritting a smile.

    46. Ti-lee Chan

      Those watermelons look real good though

    47. Ella Rastall

      Ethan is really scarring me right now 😯😯😯😯😯

    48. JetSetSkater

      You know, some watermelon sounds great right now. Not in season though, sadly.

    49. Alexis LeAnne

      ... I'm scared for both of them lmao

    50. Steven Murillo

      Unus Annus

    51. ohla300

      Psycho has entered the Chatt. Lol this was cringe and funny! I'm so sensitive 😩

    52. Crystal Lacy

      Watermelons are actually a great example of human skulls and everything that they hold. So when you put rubberbands around a watermelon in theory you could do that to a skull

    53. Friggle Fottom

      Mark: (talking about stabbing Ethan with a syringe) Me: stab in the heart and use the syringe to suck out the blood

    54. Uncooked Waffles

      They are the guys named Dave and Steve who bought 74 melons in that math test in 3rd grade.

    55. Latisha Vivian

      This video is Mark being Neil Patrick Harris’s character in AHS season 4 And Ethan turning into Hannibal real quick

    56. Megan Wilson

      Category: *C o m e d y*

    57. CommanderDEV

      Well, i finally understand ethan after mark said he has many brains... of course ethan has multiple brains, so much distractions 😂😂😂😂😂

    58. Wolf of Mercury

      Mark: is a quick killer of maybe vengeance or opportunity Ethan: is a fucking serial killer

    59. Tallonfall

      The sound design in this video is phenomenal mad props to your guys' editor

    60. Apocalypta 32

      The most stereotypical title for Unus Annus. ever.