Did They Fix The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie?

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    "Sonic the Hedgehog" had a pretty disastrous first trailer - so did the filmmakers get it right after revising Sonic's design? For this review, we're looking at the new "Sonic the Hedgehog" film to determine if it was fixed following its initial reveal. Our "Sonic the Hedgehog" review looks at the film's plot, its CGI, the performances of Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey, and more! Do you think "Sonic the Hedgehog" will live up to expectations? Let us know in the comments below!
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    Published on 8 days ago


    1. WatchMojo.com

      How do you feel about Sonic on the big screen?

      1. John Bloom

        I feel it was a really good time at the movies. Went twice opening weekend.

      2. crcoghill

        I haven't seen it yet, but something along the lines of "everything negative you said but positive".

      3. Agent 25

        I like it

      4. Tristen Zavala

        This Sonic movie was very enjoyable and is way better than other live action, video game adaptations, especially those ones about those plumber brothers and the other one about street fighting.

      5. Andrew Taylor

        Well this review was complete shit but otherwise I loved the movie. Seen it several times.

    2. WolferBoy 255

      omg shut the frick up with the title questions, the sonic movie is perfect boy!!!!!

    3. bryce atu

      This watchmojo narrative, reviewer whatever he is is annoying AF.......

    4. Francis Caicoya

      Yes Mission compared paramount

    5. Willie Williams

      butthurt and whiny review

    6. raul silva

      I’m sorry; I had to disagree with this review. I think this guy wanted the movie to fail from the beginning. in my humble opinion, this movie is funny and enjoyable ❤️

    7. Nickat11

      The film was class! GET A GRIP WATCHMOJO!!!!

    8. The mighty Ray

      I didn’t see the movie, only saw the trailer, but had similar thoughts as mentioned in this review, so for me this was kinda what i expected and all the positivity towards the movie seems kinda off to me, but of course I can barely judge anything from only the trailer .. Edit : I wonder how old the average of people writing comments is.. ^^ if it’s mainly kids / teens of course they are gonna disagree

    9. John Bloom

      The movie was great. I don't know what this nitpicking review was for. Probably because it wasnt woke enough.

    10. Robex

      You know this guy and the critics need to stop overlooking problems, it takes away the enjoyment from the film, they should have fun instead of nitpicking minor problems. Remember if a film is not doing well with critics, it’s a sign that it’s an enjoyable movie (except cats, that movie was a nightmare)

    11. Ronald Ladao

      Am I the only one who said "okay boomer", while watching this watch mojo "review"?

      1. LachyG04

        Ronald Ladao nope

    12. T - posing shirtless Mario

      “Did they fix the Sonic the Hedgehog movie?” Yeah. He got redesigned.

    13. Lil XxxtentacionFan

      How about the other characters are gonna come in next move

    14. crcoghill

      Actually, Sonic saying all kind of qoutes and naming things makes sense: his been alone for years (if I've heard right) so normal interactions will probably be what he knows of this world. Why Olive Garden instead of other restaurants, no clue🤷‍♂️

    15. crcoghill

      My dude is upset a movie shown to be a buddy roadtrip film to help get him home while avoiding trouble was gonna be anything but that. Maybe Watchmojo should stay a corny, generic and poorly made top 10 list than reviewers of movies.

    16. Luma48

      I really hope this channel gets terminated one day its soooo dumb. Also you guys make content as a easy cash grab just like you described in the video. And to anyone else out there don't bother disliking because liking and disliking doesn't change much they still make money. Top 10 Mario games Super Mario Maker why not SMM2 simple because this channel doesn't check facts. When will it die the content here is stupid, wrong and most importantly wasting people's time when they could see a better channel or video on their recommended!

    17. Connor h

      Detective pikachu: im the best video game movie Sonic: are u sure about dat

    18. Ryan Mier

      LMAO! Was this made by butt hurt Birds of Pr- oh hold on, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey fans? Sonic was amazing. Go home.

    19. Lxsniel

      The movie was actually pretty good

    20. Jonno Cotton

      A word to the wise: If we kept comparing everything else to better things, we will never truly accept other things in life and become very unoptomistic

    21. PungiFungi

      Watchmojo here, like the mainstream media with their NPC programming , think they know more and better than the rest of us. The fact that a movie studio actually caters and listens to the fans rubbed them the wrong way and so they want Sonic to fail. Guess what is the office this weekend for Sonic? Signs that the media have no credibility and less influence and they are freaking out.

    22. Falcon3

      I signed in just so I could dislike this video. My only regret is I have but one dislike to give.

    23. Beltran Animation Studio

      They changed it by replacing a man in a sonic costume with a actual animated sonic.

    24. OhYeahCory

      Yo Watchmojo why you gotta be Hating on my Sonic ???? -______-

    25. Ruben Farias

      Watchmojo: did they fixed Sonic the hedgehog movie??? Dr. Robotic: Yyeeeesssssss!!!

    26. Rogue Guardian

      Support the movie, it's good

    27. Ryan Golightly

      This movie isn't a masterpiece like Infinity War until they have the Smash Initiative.

    28. Al Hill

      I rather liked this honest review. But then... Just a few days later... Watchmojo posts... "Sonic is declared best video game movie! What do u want in the sequel?" Really? Ya bunch of hypocrites! Stick to your opinions if your gonna have them! Seriously? So now you're just jumping aboard the hype wagon? Ya's just lost some street cred in my book...

    29. Andre

      I think the reviewer is a sonic hater. Lol

    30. Killer Flame226

      Yyy no negative bruh lol

    31. Detrixz YT

      this by far is the worst review of sonic the hedgehog i have ever seen, i dont want to be negative, but whoever is the guy behind these who complains about how limitless the sonic lore is in this movie and the cringe just grow up, it is a pg rated kids movie, and it is the first sonic movie, you wouldnt want all the characters and all the vilians out of context, please im not trying to spread negativity but it would have been nicer to treat this movie as a kids film

    32. Velo C. Raptor

      "If youre expecting sonic's too cool for school attitude… its not here" WELL THANK F** for that! Now I gotta see it. Sonic's "cool attitude" got extremely boring extremely quickly.

    33. Ian Cowell

      *Next week* Watch Mojo: top 10 best sonic movie moments, top 10 things sonic movie gets right, top 10 reasons sonic is a great video game to movie adaptation. You know these dudes are gonna flip flop so fast lol just watch

    34. TyranntX

      Sorry Mojo, you are WAY off base with this one

    35. Andrew Taylor

      This review is trash. I’ve seen this movie twice and it’s nothing like you’re explaining. What kind of film did you think you were watching?? Your petty & cynical criticisms are just laughable. Your credibility is instantly lost. Disliked, 👎👎 NEXT.

    36. SiR Rush Alot

      Unsubbed terrible review.

    37. Andrea Smeelie

      Why should I even bother with WatchMojo anymore? All they do is trash Sonic, my hero, left to right and just when I have a glimmer of hope that Sonic will be beloved they wind up treating him like he’s trash and shouldn’t be loved at all and act like anyone else whom loves him like me are absolute idiots! They are literally the first channel that spoke this negatively about this movie! Sonic is so well portrayed in this and yes it reflects on the 90’s Sonic mainly but even though I prefer the Modern Sonic who cares! Not to mention but he had cool attitude moments in this film! I have no idea what they are talking about! Yes this film has flaws but so what I laughed at those jokes and Jim Carrey was awesome in this movie Sonic stole the show and yes in real life when people spy on you it’s creepy and it doesn’t make any kind of sense when people find that out and drop it like nothing happened. But newsflash it’s a kids film too! Also spying is a trope with movies in general and other newsflash spying is at times not creepy in films because it’s FICTION! Also can you really blame Sonic for spying on people?! He’s LONELY! When you want to survive you do what you have to do to not feel so dang lonely! Can you really blame Sonic?! He also has spies on Tom numerous times and has seen him talk to donuts constantly before which is why he called him the Donut Lord it’s implied in the movie and not just in one dang scene! You know what times like this I’m glad I’m not a critic because at least I got to enjoy it and love Sonic to death while you guys out there have to ruin all the glory and not enjoy it! It’s NOT a movie meant for Oscar bait like the Joker DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    38. Acecox25

      Yea your review was shit and probably the only one that had issue with the movie 🍿 watch mojo blows

      1. Ian Cowell

        But watch, you know theyll be singing this movies praises a week later like they didnt just spend all this time shitting on it pre release.

    39. PerseusN

      Watchmojo being trash again.

    40. The J-Man Or Riot!

      To make a long story short...yes

    41. Mr69BlackDragon

      This movie was awesome. I normally agree with watchmojo but their completely and utterly wrong on this one.

      1. LachyG04

        Mr69BlackDragon this was reviewed by a different person however

    42. EL NIÑO

      This review is way too harsh. It's supposed to be a kid's film

    43. RoseDokkan

      The point of this film wasn’t for it to stay true to Sonic lure because 1 Sonic isn’t from our world, 2 they wrote a completely new Origin story with only really the comics to reference from in terms of an origin story, i think they did a phenomenal job portraying the blue blur as an cocky fun teenager. Sonic was meant for kids, nobody was expecting this movie to actually be good but it was genuinely enjoyable for all ages and Sonic fans. They wanted to make an origin story to where Sonic comes to our world to protect it. And honestly if the sequel does happen (which i hope it does) That movie is going to do great as well.

    44. Russell Murray


    45. Lucy Rodriguez

      The movie was amazing. Kiss my ass! It won big and continues to win.

    46. Reg Clinton Brown

      I saw the movie and LOVED IT❤. The critiques in this video made no sense because Sonic is light hearted in concept. You got Sonic, Egg Man Robotnik and even GREEN HILL "Zone". It works as an origin story to really set up a strong part 2.

    47. Joao Lopez

      Guess this guy likes bird of preys.....

      1. LachyG04

        And Italian plumbers more than speeding hedgehogs

    48. Derrick Wells

      It's a movie about a fast blue hedgehog. You should expect to see a lot of after images and slow motion.

    49. Mark van der Wal

      In my opinion, yes. They did fix the movie. It really looks much better than the original design.

    50. SkySwann94

      Watch Mojo needs to check Dave, literally everyone likes this movie except him 😑

    51. Erick Soler

      My wife and me loved it. Super funny and great overall

    52. Awesome Cool Entertainer

      This man sounds very bored with his life as he makes this movie seem worse than cats.

    53. yahwehsonren

      This review is so bad

    54. UsamA Khan

      This guy is paid by feminist birds of flops is dying and sonic beating your ass at the box office no one care about your crying reviews we gonna still gonna see sonic

    55. daloco 666

      This movie was great this review was nit picking for the sake of nit picking. Don't listen to this review at all.

    56. Michael Greene

      Oh, BTW...this movie IMO is the best "Video Game Based" movie I've seen to date. JOKER = BEST MOVIE EVER ANYTHING OTHER THAN JOKER = TRASH This review stinks all around...

    57. Michael Greene

      Wow, let's hate on a kids movie and bash it. Someone obviously has issues with kids or something, starting to sound ALOT like those Rotten Tomato Critics...ALWAYS BASHING GREAT FILMS!!!

    58. Wolf Shankland

      Did you go in expecting an oscar masterpiece???

    59. BlueComet

      Watch mojo in a nutshell. Sonic hater

    60. Stewekook Gaming

      You said the film was a cash grab. NO! NO! They spent millions of dollars on this for us, fans that about Sonic. Take your "breast fed" excuse shove it your own face, I just it today, and it's by far the most successful video game movie I've seen other than Detective Pikachu.