David Dobrik Confesses His Crush On Natalie In This Sour Candy Challenge | Suck It Up


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    USsel stars David Dobrik and Natalie Noel visit Delish to play Suck It Up. David answers "Never have I ever..." questions about his USsel pranks, vlog squad, if he'll ever change his hairstyle, and his crush on Natalie-all while eating Warheads, Toxic Waste, and the most sour candy in the world: a Delish creation 😈.
    “America’s Most Musical Family” premieres Friday, Nov. 1, at 7:00 p.m. on Nickelodeon.
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Delish

      Who's brave enough to try this next?? 👇

      1. TheGossipgirlxoxo69

        I love sour! 🥰

      2. Carlos Cruz

        Delish I'm the king of sour please let me try it you won't regret it

      3. Cooper Graves

        I wanna play this with my crush

      4. Vasundhara Banerji

        Everybody forgot Diza😣 No comments on Liza 😔

    2. Doge Doge

      b- but what about liza :(

    3. Kriszel Vismanos

      Uhmmm who started to disliked seeing the caption ....

    4. hafsah Loukili

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    5. Liz Cardoso

      am I the only one who's mouth go watery? I like sour candy.

    6. Brandi vasquez

      Everyone already knew that

    7. Christopher Vasquez

      Bro davids lucky af he gets all that sour candy. I frickin love sour stuff

    8. Sean Horgan

      The sour ones

    9. Stephanie Greenwood

      Spitters are quitters- David Dobrik


      David gagging is like Jonah gagging in like every vlog lmao .

    11. bigatron 223

      I ain’t got a crush but I do got funny videos check them out ussel.info/video/video/zK3baGJor5mamqM.html

    12. Grey

      I love that David just kept spitting the candy on the floor 😂

    13. ceerw buty

      Everyone is talking about David & Natalie and ignoring the fact that we almost had a David Dobrik Netflix show.....

    14. Sophearak Meas

      My cutie girl Natalie ❤️

    15. Stephanie M

      I’m only here for NATALIE🤗

      1. ceerw buty

        Hook up with this fan please

    16. Natalie Rand

      I feel awkward watching this😭

    17. Natalie Rand

      I feel awkward watching this😭

    18. Claire Banecker

      1:27 why does David look like wreck it Ralph😭

    19. pvcollectives

      Isn’t Natalie his gf?

    20. Destiny Davis

      Who else kinda died when they saw this bc you still rly rly want him and Liza so so sooooooo bad to be the power couple again 😭😭😭😭

    21. Ava So Spicy


    22. lily larasega

      What about Liza I'm late on them dating so I'm attached to liza

    23. Shaggy Dill

      I don't mind if david and Natalie don't get together cause I wanna date her gorgeous ass😍😍

    24. Cammy Emmons

      I want to know how your taste buds feel the next day.

    25. Ola Hedberg

      great ripoff of hot ones

    26. Cheezitz011

      Whoa, he gain some weight 😊

    27. Keira Fowler

      Love how the caption is he admits he has a crush on Natalie but the thumbnails him gagging

    28. San Jacobs

      It's like a pink version of Hot Ones with terrible editing

    29. alois hermida

      Try that on a spanish person we love sour

    30. Kenna McAuliffe

      Hook up with this fan please

    31. JUST

      I knew this and I don't even watch their shit

    32. Dilara Emsiz

      i felt the sourness of the candy in my mouth

    33. Alam Nilofer

      Delish never got as many views on a video as this one..David and Natalie are such friendship goals..❤😍

    34. Minni Mo

      when you lack on creativity but you also need to pay your bills than you create this show

    35. red violet

      these interviews are ruining him, too many personal questions.

    36. Zumrad Matqurbanova


    37. paris quick

      my guy fucked a fan

      1. roouit patan

        This is awesome!

    38. katie price

      my mouth was watering all the way through this.. ew

    39. West Wing

      He is like a big baby

      1. roouit patan

        I thought David was a whole Virgin

    40. Jim Alaska

      So douchey

    41. Nolan Kendall

      the saddest friend zone ive ever seen...

    42. emili _renova

      Why do I feel like the Selena and Justin fandom where I can’t see David with nobody but Liza 😭😂😂

      1. yaliso gioouy

        I thought this was buzzfeed 😂

    43. M D

      Never have I ever had a crush on David Dobrik 😉🤞

      1. yaliso gioouy

        trying to force something you want to happen just because of a confession uwu.

    44. Lemmiwinks

      Hey look hot ones ripoff

    45. Katie Vogt

      I love brown eyes now

    46. Dan Kron

      rather see David on Hot Ones, the original creators of interviewing on a food scale...

    47. Danica Reithaug

      Oof I miss Liza and David. I hope they get back together. I mean it’s possible because when they broke up it was Aliza who was going through some stuff and hen they said that they’ll always live each other and things might change in the future.

    48. Colten Garcia

      War heads extreme sour hard candies and toxic are my favorite candies. Call me a monster. I want what ever delish made 🤤🤤

    49. indyca mitchell

      Go to time 8:18. They would be such a great couple. Natilie is absolutely beautiful. I think they would be a great couple.

    50. Hannah Velez

      Bet. Easy.

    51. ryan acero

      David give me a Tesla I’ll go to California and drive it back to Texas lol

    52. PETER PAN

      why the fuck does this david dobrik comes to my recommendition all the fucking time im pissed off i only watch boxing videos in youtube

    53. Alexis 8916

      I thought David was a whole Virgin

    54. signofthebry

      6 days later and our baby boy is still trending woo !!

    55. Gisselle Perez

      Absolutely loved this !

    56. Charlotte Cook

      i don’t know if sweets are just more sour in the US but in the UK anything ‘sour’ isn’t actually sour. not even toxic wastes or warheads

    57. Ryan Martinez

      I truly think David is not attracted to Natalie and same with her towards him🤭

    58. Park Eun-Kyung

      You all are going way too far with him confessing his love for Natalie when they were younger. Just because he blushed doesn't mean he still wants her, it just means he was embarrassed to tell a close friend that. If he did still want her I don't think he would have been with Liza for as long as he was. I'm not saying I don't ship them, I'm saying stop trying to force something you want to happen just because of a confession uwu.

    59. H S

      I thought this was buzzfeed 😂

    60. Nevaeh_f

      “Spitters are quitters.” Quote: David Dobrik. 2019