Could Anti-gravity Really be Possible?

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    Anti-gravity is one of those controversial subjects that some say is more in the realm of science fiction than science fact with many physicists saying it's just not theoretically possible while others are busy trying to find theories that would allow it to be possible.
    In this video, we look at some of the things that we thought were anti-gravity but turned out not to be and what could be our nearest discovery with the vailidation of Einstein's predictions of space and gravity warping.
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    By Paul Shillito
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. magic carp

      We all know it already exist.

    2. Peter Potato

      This video feels like something I would have watched as a kid on tv in the 90’s in Australia.

    3. Jim B

      We already have it and ships that get to Mars in 3 days. It has allowed a contingent of military forces along with archeologist and scientists on Mars. You may say bullshit, but I do not care. What you know is what the govt tells you. I know what the govt is doing and it is not your knowledge base.

    4. dan sanchez

      Anti gravity is a tabloid and comic bs. Its mass less or mass frequency drive control system.

    5. Dave Crupel

      I don't have any way to prove it, and I might be stating the obvious here. But I think we fall, not because of the simple presence of a dominating mass , but because of the 0-density fluid of space-time Inclining towards that dominating mass. like the "inclining blanket" video popularly used to explain a black hole. Like standing on a slanted piece of wood. On a straight piece of wood, you just stand there. 0 movement. but if that wood inclines, you go the direction of the incline. (relativity of which direction aside) I can't wrap my head around the way it works because we can not see in actual 3 dimensions (even though we can visualize it). I can not visualize a 3 dimensional space uniformly bending towards a central region. But I think that's what happens. And I believe we can stop the effects of gravity by somehow preventing any "inclination" of space-time in a certain area. make it "straight" so to speak. Make it neutral, if there is a establish-able basis for space-time being neutral.

    6. waba labadubdub

      Yes antigravity is real but we don't have that kind of intelligence to make a high technology like that cuz we are humans remember

    7. Xeno Bardock

      Without correctly understanding the ether physics, there is no way to produce anti-gravity technology nor correctly understand how gravity works. Everyone who believes in relativity and quantum will never invent anti-gravity technology, they will be stuck with centrifugal force. The only way to get to controlling ether is via electrical means and you need Nikola Tesla's research for that, forget Einstein. You can start by reading book "Occult Ether Physics by William Lyne". You can find book on Amazon. Also read book "Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism".

    8. Damiin Jallø El Day

      This should be called, "Could gravity be possible"? NOPE!!!

    9. george

      Paul's big balls have thurst

    10. Michiganborn1969

      I wonder if that Ming Lee took her $400+ grant and ran?

    11. Jeff Miklitsch Miklitsch

      Think of anti gravity with electronic mass as bleed air flow from an jet engine

    12. Norman's 5 Style Martial Arts

      As I understand it-laws are never deleted, only superseded. The hot air balloon is the best example of antigravity that I know of. It takes atmospheric pressure and reverses its effect. Now lets say-through a combination of laws, the same could be done with magnets. I'm there.

    13. Chryptopher

      Andee Garvidee.

    14. Adam Meek

      narrator can't say 'a' correctly ie as in 'ago' 'alive' 'anew',

    15. DavidFMayerPhD

      In a word: No. Here is the deal in plain language: In electrostatics, likes repel and unlikes attract. Positive charge repels positive and attracts negative. In gravity, likes attract and unlikes repel. Positive masses attract one another, while positive mass repels negative mass. This would be handy, except for the minor detail: anti-gravity would require NEGATIVE mass, which nobody knows how to produce. Find me a kilogram of negative mass, and it will "fall" straight up. Good luck with that.

    16. Wayne Johnson

      Reminds me of a HG Wells story I read many year ago, "First Men in the Moon" in which a substance opaque to gravity was invented.......

    17. John Doe

      Every action has a equal and opposite reaction, what goes up must come down, as above so below. Understand 3, 6 and 9 and you will have Tesla’s key ta the universe. 3+6+9= 18= 9 3(1) 6(2) 9(3) 3 is the magick number, understand, adapt and apply. Divide, add and multiply. Welcome and Goodbye 96 99

    18. Chesty McStudmuffin

      Why would one need anti-gravity in a zero-gravity environment? I think maybe we should stop with the AG and look into how we can create GRAVITY for the manned missions to Mars...

    19. Manuelgemini Gemini this is the Future X

    20. Jung Lee

      Here is my attempt

    21. ToxicWastoid

      Another great video, Paul.

    22. Mortechai

      Bob Lazar talked about how anti-gravity works.

    23. theflyy68

      I can't get excited about the subject of gravity. It just brings me down.

    24. Sir Ian Treloar

      If, to explain something they come up with a hypothesis which they can't prove but it demands they come up with a second hypothesis to explain the problems of the first hypothesis, and that the second hypothesis then demands a third hypothesis to explain the problems of the second hypothesis, then it's time to call it quits and junk the whole lot and say, "We just don't know. Our basic conclusions are probably wrong assumptions at the foundational level and we need to start again, and not keep hammering away on politically correct science orthodoxy in a futile attempt to preserve the reputations of scientists and mathematicians."

    25. Harley Me

      barking up the wrong tree, you cant manipulate gravity. But you can use it to your advantage

    26. JaŚöN KíNg

      I’ve seen many ufos do it. People say many of these are our crafts and that we mastered gravity in 1940’s! So looks like you’re way off the mark on our true technology! LOOK INTO IT BRO!

    27. Smuggs

      it's funny how it's been proposed that a machine could effect anti gravity. kinda like discovering an island of stability for superheavy elements which when fired upon with energy from say a particle accelerator might produce gravitational waves essentially creating anti-gravity - intersting stuff

    28. Uriel Acevedo

      What if dark matter or anti matter were somehow made into regular matter or energy that could harness anti gravity properties? I'm not a super big science guy here

    29. James Charles

      If one occurrence that’s impossible happened then this other occurrence that’s impossible could happen. No wonder no one heard from her again.

    30. Andy DuHamel MacKinnon

      VICTOR SCHAUBERGER'S FLYING SAUCERS Victor Schauberger (1885-1958), an Austrian inventor who was involved with Hitler's Third Reich, invented a number of "flying disks" for the Nazis between 1938 and 1945. Based on "liquid vortex propulsion" many of them, according to records, actually flew. One "flying saucer" reputedly destroyed at Leonstein, had a diameter of 1.5 meters, weighed 135 kilos, and was started by an electric motor of one twentieth horsepower. It had a trout turbine to supply the energy for lift-off. According to Schauberger, "If water or air is rotated into a twisting form of oscillation known as 'colloidal', a build up of energy results, which, with immense power, can cause levitation." On one attempt the apparatus "rose upwards, trailing a blue-green, and then a silver colored glow." The Russians blew up Schauberger's apartment in Leonstein, after taking what remained that the American's hadn't taken first. Schauberger supposedly worked on a top secret project in Texas for the U.S. Government and died shortly afterward of ill health. On his deathbed, Schauberger repeated over and over, "They took everything from me. Everything. I don't even own myself."

    31. stanhry

      We only do what nature does. Is there antigravity in nature? If yes then we can, no then no go.

    32. Aslan Guseinov

      Are you ready for Anti-Reality capability?

    33. Airroll Tangeeon

      right now we need a electromagnetic field to cover our power supply and our astronauts

    34. Airroll Tangeeon

      by covering the ships mass with a electromagnetic field the ship no longer bends light as its mass gets covered

    35. Airroll Tangeeon

      rockets will take 20 years to get to europa and antigravity can take the giza pyramids to the moon.

    36. Airroll Tangeeon

      electric current thur a coil in one direction and then add the second coil in the opposite direction creating a field so strong it covers and cloaks the ship power supply.and a ship without mass can go faster than light .Look it up there is more but Im not telling

    37. Airroll Tangeeon

      antigravity is already here but they stay in the garage as inventors are being killed by oil ceos

    38. 1337Frederick

      Gravity can be defined as Convex Neutrality, The universe is defined as The Convex Solution where as only time is linear. So naturally it follows that gravity can be simply defined as P A/C or Pole to the axis of the current. A levitation field ( which is in reality a change in the math at the subatomic level of an atom ) can be easily defined as -P ∀/CTC or negative pole to the opposite axis of the coupled triangulated current ( triangular ). It follows that a simple calculation of the variant throughput distribution as according to dimensional travel gateway alignment should prove that a stable levitation field can be generated ( the math within the subatomic particles surrounding the nucleus of an atom can be semi-permanently altered, causing the atoms to become less than convex neutral for the time the field is applied ). Here is some pre quantum physics that can help us to better understand hysteresis operators and convex calculus as a whole, not to mention micromagnetism.

    39. T SHINE

      OMG, Screaming Gay Shirt !

      1. Zentourne

        You need one?

    40. T SHINE

      Why can't we listen to a clearly speaking American instead of a moron bloke.

    41. Albert I. 👦

      when you don't know what gravity is and you don't know how to replicate it, you can't make antigravity engines, it's simple. Looking at a physical phenomen in nature is not everything, knowing how to replicate this phenomen is the key to building something around it. Gravity can only be created by mass. Simple, you can't create it with simple magnetic coils. You need mass to create it.

    42. ronthekingronny

      She was recruited...

    43. mG

      We will first know about it from an “explosion”.

    44. Cameron Cullen

      Magnetic run way with the opposite magnet on the aircraft should float ?

    45. FT Reaper

      if we were able to control gravity we could time travel, fly and have infinite power


      What about single pole magnetism

    47. guitarwolf1000

      you seem to have an electronic dirbbling sound in the background of your videos! ...pleas stop!

    48. Donny Montreano

      anti gravity is not important.. the most important thing is How to Zig Zag with anti gravity like real UFO !?

    49. Josue Martinez

      Look up Bob Lazar

    50. Page Fault

      What about artificial gravity?

    51. Jon L

      Still using another force!

    52. Joshua N. Ajang

      GN Drive anyone?

    53. Elder the Unknown

      I can create this tech, but this is why i refuse to do it..

    54. bill biden

      Khami kahmi kahhhhhhhh!! And goku took all the energy and SLAMMED THA DARK MATTER!..Khami KahMmi kahhhhhhhh!! BANGG!

    55. bill biden

      Why did that dr dissappear after 450k funding?

    56. Cloakelectronics

      Gravity is not an invisible force it is the most important force in the universe. There must be an electromagnetic way to couple with gravity, it will be here eventually.

    57. InMySpareTime

      Awesome apple slow mo capture you fucking sellout.

    58. dēaþ

      The US Navy has a patent for an anti-gravity device.

    59. jaxsun72

      I just popped by to see that fancy shirt.

    60. Efren Laboy

      The government have but you can no one is aloud to and is really easy the reality is so simple .the laws is clear I can even tell anything but yes is magnetism and frequency

    61. Mat

      we can make anti gravity engines its just we need a form of matter that hasn't been discovered or made yet. needs to have density of a star. [a small one]

    62. Loosey Goosey

      Why is the DOD all over this story?

    63. Graham Randazzo

      After a few revolutions the earth hits the sun, that is obviously not how gravity works if it exists at all.

    64. Al Castill

      China is taking notes and hacking these researchers as we speak.

    65. Al Castill

      Maybe gravity repulsion?

    66. JonatasAdoM

      How to defeat gravity: lose weight.


      The answer is electromagnetism, that will produce Anti gravity force on the body of the space ship against the gravitational force of the earth...

    68. Mr Bluntforce T

      They don"t even know what the hell Gravity is so how can they produce a device that counteracters it? Its energy isn"t carried by a particle because gravity is multidimensional meaning matter in different dimensions affect eachother despite being isolated otherwise

    69. joshua bryan

      Heated magnet

      1. joshua bryan

        Heat the magnet but have the heat move around the the magnet

    70. Axel Official

      It is said, you can't create energy, only transfer it. When we debunk the energy issue, new technology will follow.

    71. Nereknu Vamnic

      Woman propose ground breaking discovery and then disaper after awarded the money.... When did im heard this before.....

    72. Bob The Builder

      Broo UFOs use antigravity to fly

    73. Bob The Builder

      Bro so if we get anti gravity we could fly around like superman?

    74. DorikkusuMB

      Hi if anyone here cam answer my question ill thank you.. So if there are magnet on the floor and the celling that are positive then you put a negative magnet in the middle what would happen? I dont know anything about this sooo if this is a dumb question then im sorry.

    75. Sensei Lewis

      if you perfectly synthasie element 115 up it has prospect anti=gravity. hypothesizing it could be antu-gravity

    76. Andy Patterson

      Controlling the direction of pull of gravity would be the goal for space travel.

    77. S. Medina

      Also space is fake . The earth is flat

    78. S. Medina

      It's always been real. Nikola Tesla proved it hrs ago but the government shut it down. He proved we would never have to pay for power also that got shit DOWN. The governments of the nation's are devil's . They will burn in hell

    79. John Does

      Once again in his intro he'd Lead You Down The Rabbit Hole by telling you our current understanding of physics and laws that you've been spoon-fed since you were a child yours has a magnetic field take an opposite magnet and put two similar poles together can you have anti gravity what's the Germans found out in the 1930s in the US Army discovered after the war and brought back to United States and shared with the British so his propaganda piece to Blind you to the reality of the real world welcome to the Matrix in front of your face

    80. Tyler Phares

      Was possible in Tesla's day. One of the many reasons as to why he was killed.