Could Anti-gravity Really be Possible?

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    Anti-gravity is one of those controversial subjects that some say is more in the realm of science fiction than science fact with many physicists saying it's just not theoretically possible while others are busy trying to find theories that would allow it to be possible.
    In this video, we look at some of the things that we thought were anti-gravity but turned out not to be and what could be our nearest discovery with the vailidation of Einstein's predictions of space and gravity warping.
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    By Paul Shillito
    Images and footage : NASA, ESA, ESO, Boeing, Cambridge University, Claude Poher, Filipe V S, B-Bro, Lab Rat, Edemuz, Tek Nome, UToledoPhysAstro,, U.S. NAVY SEAL AND SWCC SCOUT TEAM
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. Oat lord

      Why does a spinning ion cause a gravity field?

    2. Patriot 7

      Well this actually puts me at ease because The US Military seems to have anti-gravity covered. :eyes:

    3. Paxus

      that shirt gives me the creeps 😧 good video though 👍 *_'d_* #OldManPaxus Rating: ★★★ ½

    4. laughing lion

      It already exist, where have you been for the past 100 years living in a cave?

      1. ann onn

        Apparently yes, because I cannot find any evidence of them. Can you?

    5. Paul Robinson

      Those gravity experiments sound more like a primitive tractor beam to me and not an anti-gravity or gravity generator

    6. Brisk Stevens

      The U.S = once a thief, always a thief.... Nikola Tesla to present day! People and research go gone.

    7. Blind Bob

      The real question is....... would my anti-gravity device also need anti-gravity anti-gravity, To move me away from the Earth but keep me from floating about inside my anti-gravity bubble.... We are not being "pulled" by the earth ,we are sliding down the well created by the earths interaction with space time, this would account for WHY objects of different mass fall at the same speed in a vacuum.. they are both "falling" down the same slope.

    8. simpsons Bart

      Anti Gravity steam Anti gravity kettle Anti Gravity moon on water Anti Gravity magnetism Anti gravity Helicopter / Try Polarity under God's Torus ,

    9. wayne p

      studying gravity is hard.. its like studying a single drop of water while under niagra falls..

    10. im cheese

      this is wut cottage cheese would look like as a man.

    11. Steve

      ??? US Air Force released the patient over a year ago. They will be on sale on 3 years

      1. Steve

        Search for Air force TR3B patient. It's on the google drive

    12. michael wab

      Could Anti-gravity Really be Possible? If gravity was a fact, than perhaps? As we stand with science in 2019. Better question is: Could Gravity Really be Possible? Since we have no measurable, evident proof for the theory of gravity as it is only based on assumptions and predictions, perhaps it exists yet, we had many years to prove it and we failed thus far. You are on!

      1. ann onn

        That's an extremely stupid claim. Pretty much everyone who has studied physics to degree level has personally seen direct evidence of gravity in lab experiments. It's a very, very common type of experiment, done all the time, all over the world.

    13. Andrew Stagles

      Mighty help if we figure out what gravity is,

    14. Dino Schachten

      Paul makes no secret of the fact that the Department of Defense makes a secret of each attempt at anti-gravity. Which of course strongly suggests that there is something to keep secret. But... an ion flow device, if efficient enough to lift a manned aircraft, would still be super cool. I'm not sure if it would be safer than a helicopter, for instance...

    15. matreyia

      Just because you cannot find it, doesn't mean it is impossible. I say it is impossible that there is NO antigravity. Think of something without a corollary. Everything has an opposite.

    16. Peter Panino

      I have a theoretical model of a "UFO" propulsion model.

    17. Floyd Mcmullen

      The interesting thing about this question is nobody should really ask this question because we all know because of physics that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. So the answer is yes. As far as us figuring out how to do it? That would probably be a no.

    18. Ronald Smith

      you may want to turn down that blurr filter you use on yourself

    19. Jon jonsson

      Since light bending lenses exist, and that was pretty laughed at for 20 years ago as a stupid urban idea..i would not count it out anyway , but perhaps..less gravity instead of non gravity

    20. Greg Plaka

      pressure differential to lift the wing does not exist

    21. Greg Plaka

      I have one, don't you

    22. Crypto Info

      Sounds like some deep state sh!t going on here! I want my flying car damnit!

    23. Gregg Collins

      Diet Smith did it by controlling Magnetism.

    24. 0ne Zer0

      Yes it is possible the U.S. military already has it. They won't release the reversed engineered tech to the idiot masses who are a bunch of indoctrinated brain washed morons. The U.S. military has their own secret club everything that falls under national security doesn't need to be disclosed and needs no due process. War for oil falls under national security as well as spying on the population etc......

    25. veritasrising

      Hmm... Since it's only a theory, and apart from NASA cartoons, I have yet to see objective proof that gravity actually exists. Therefore, perhaps anti-gravity has to wear the same coat?

    26. Frank N.Stein

      What gravity?

    27. Unotch

      This weight in a rubber sheet experiment always disturbed me deeply. Because you need 3 dimensions to explain the effect in 2 dimensions. Can you explain the effect in 3 dimensions? You know ... it can not bend to where the rubber sheet bends to because that's the Y axis in a 3D explanation. Also disturbing is the fact that this experiment uses gravity to explain gravity. Just bending something doesn't make anything move ... unless there is gravity to begin with.

      1. Unotch

        @Trebor Yes, i know ... it's obvious that it CAN'T work like that. All i am asking for is a correct demonstration of how it DOES. Start with: Why bending something would make anything move - in the absence of gravity, of course as it can't be its own explanation.

      2. Trebor

        It's an analogy not an experiment. Try not to take it literally.

    28. Marcin Hibner

      To create anti gravity a true multi directional controlled object that operates on none of the dino fuel :)it needs to be running on resonating frequencies vibrating at speed of light and regulated at varied light speed directed frequencies that rides bounces of the varied gravitational pull in space that it travels in this has to be run on an extremely fast computer algorithm/programs to achieve the balance safe to travel or control with out loosing the object capsule vehicle compartment that the the anti gravity Equipment is placed in or via remote control if chosen at greater numbers like drone type vehicles running from a greater controller that creates a field to control the drones with in the field in an ant gravity area of choice.

    29. 12720196

      Gravity is a - 10 times 40 weaker than the electromagnetic force that holds atoms together. If it is so, then there is not such force at all? It is only an effect (like magnetic field), which occurs simply, because of different substances density differences.

    30. RetroFun

      Gravity does not exists... so anti?

    31. pmdleiria dinis

      u can create gravity with 2 non polar concave plates of alternating electromagnetic energy, you would need a lot of energy, you would need a reactor to give it energy, anti gravity engines are possible and were already built by humans.

    32. pmdleiria dinis

      tesla proved more than 100 years ago, electromagnetic energy can create magnetic fields, but only nowadays people speak of it, the last 100 years must have been very frightning for anyone who knew anything.

      1. ann onn

        Dude, literally everyone learns at school that electrical energy creates a magnetic field.

    33. pmdleiria dinis

      it would be awesome if we could use it, has been on used for 110 years now by secret military agencies, was built with concave disks in 1905 by a friend of Tesla that worked with him, our flying saucers are good but im more interested in the warp technology used by triangular ships, i would like to fly in a saucer but it seems the new order is not willing to share, they prefer to kill steal and shut, thats how they work.

    34. JFR Jr

      I am afraid I do not agree with the gravity rubber sheet experiment. As we can observe the ball running around the Sun quickly falls on the Sun surface which as we know does not happens with Earth. However, one can say, "the velocity must be constant to prevent the ball to fall over the Sun surface". Well, as per his explanation and confirmation the space has this dragging effect which basically drain momentum from Erath's orbit around the Sun, which would simulate the same effect of the friction between the little ball and the rubber sheet experiment. Then, to make the Earth constant velocity around the Sun true. Earth would need to actually be under constant acceleration to nullify the dragging effect. If so, from where is this energy to accelerate the entire planet coming from? I hope someone answers that question with a valid answer.

      1. Trebor

        What experiment? The rubber sheet is an analogy not an experiment. It has things which do not exist in space (like friction). Trying to take it literally is going to cause you problems.

      2. ann onn

        It's a vacuum, so there's almost no drag. There is a little bit though, so yes, the Earth is slowing down. A few billion years ago, days were about 20 hours long instead of 24.

    35. Omar Jones

      The Gravitational Constant represents the force that bends space-time correct? What generates that number is unknown . If we could control the bending of space time we could control gravity. What if we were able to manipulate space time equal and opposite at a specific point? The result would be zero gravity.

    36. Joseph Jones

      This should be the number one thing on earth we are trying to figure out ANTI GRAVITY & ANTI MATTER All hands down. 24/7

    37. RCS

      Ask Bob Lazar

    38. RyanPerfect

      Yeah. Gravity isn't a pull, it's push. and they discovered the gravaton. Lol you're a complete tool!

    39. Timothy O'Connor

      I have always known we will accomplish this. My mantra is, "Anything that mankind can dream of, we can eventually figure out and recreate...for good, or bad."

    40. Srednio naJeza

      The true antigravity is silent and without noticeable acceleration.

      1. MrAaronvee

        There is no antigravity, silent or otherwise.

    41. Michael Rockwell

      I tried to listen to the video, but was mesmerized by his shirt.

    42. Loco Barocco

      Very interesting but horrible shirt fashion as usual...

    43. AliciaCCTX

      ....element 115 generator...bob lazar.....he theorizes it creates a local gravity bubble that allows a vehicle to move within it without any outside forces acting on it.

      1. Trebor

        Yea, he was wrong though.

      2. MrAaronvee

        Only a 'handful' of moscovium has ever been created. Lazar is a lying moron.

    44. My Youtube

      If your assumption that electro gravitics doesn't work... you'd be very (as in extremely) wrong. Townsend Brown and Tesla both demonstrated and patented such devices. Brown documented over 12 years of home movies of his work from the mid 1950's to early 1960's ---including work performed within a vacuum chamber--and lift was accomplished.

      1. MrAaronvee

        @My USsel Nobody doubts that lifters can fly ... but that is not antigravity. I know exactly what Tesla contributed, as I am writing the first biography of him not to be written by a physicist rather than by a journalist or a fellow-crackpot. He contributed absolutely nothing to science or technology; he was simply adept at manipulating journalists. You should check out original sources rather than swapping lies with other Tesla-freaks. You can accept that Edison did not invent the light-bulb and that Marconi did not invent radio, right? Why can you not accept that better-informed people than you can prove that Tesla stole his ideas from others. Sure, everybody builds on previous work ... but only crooks like Tesla hide their sources. Inventors always big-up their inventions: it is money to them. Not all of them tell ridiculous tales to journalists concerning perpetual-motion, antigravity and death-rays. But that is what still attracts you suckers to him, isn't it?

      2. My Youtube

        MrAaronvee : For starters I've seen the 8 mm black and white film(s) documenting Brown's work. I (& an estimated 20 million more) witnessed the levitating umbrella 8 mm black and white as seen on Discovery Wings episode entitled “Declassified military experiments” (though Discovery says they can't find it when asked about it) (e.g. Two air force tech Sargent smiled for the camera while bouncing a levitating umbrella like a helium balloon in a hanger-(while trying to develop an antenna for a downed US pilot over the USSR ....a tin foiled umbrella was connected to a short wave transmitter (late 1950s)). As far as Tesla: You have no idea what contributions Tesla brought to the table apparently, but no surprise --- maybe looking up Westinghouse & Tesla connection , Edison and Morgan may help. Notwithstanding ---- Radio, TV, AC powered electric motors, neon lighting etc. were all his inventions, but who's counting, right? For extra credit you might want to search out Tesla's connection with Faraday.

      3. MrAaronvee

        Brown was a conman and the first person whom he conned was the elderly demented Biefeld. It was not even an original idea, but Verschoyle and De Seversky are now largely forgotten and pseudoscientists seem to be ignorant of Faraday's discovery of 'electric wind'. Lifters are not even antigravity: loonies claim that they have been tested in vacuo but what does that prove? They work by reaction; just like a rocket. No need for vacuum-testing anyway: a real antigravity machine would work even if it were in a sealed box. The ONR decided that Brown was a crank decades ago. As for Tesla: will people please please forget that lying creep. He had almost been forgotten 50 years ago, but then nutters who were pig-ignorant of the history of science and technology decided - without evidence - that he was some sort of genius.

      4. ann onn

        Stop believing dumb conspiracy videos! Brown never got it to work - he was just a crank. Tesla had some weird ideas about gravity, which turned out to be wrong.

    45. George Washington

      Anti-gravity will be very difficult to discover because whatever creates anti-gravity it will escape our gravitational world.

    46. coldwarunicorns

      If Gravity is , then Anti Gravity MUST be.

    47. Wally Wally

      The technology is already here stop keeping us for stupid ok

    48. Aaa Aaa


      1. MrAaronvee

        You mean the guy who went from having a large laboratory to storing his equipment on his apartment's balcony?

      2. ann onn

        Try ignoring crazy cranks.

    49. Armando Grijalva

      How about the German "Bell" project?

      1. MrAaronvee

        @ann onn Hmmm. I think that they were Coanda-craft: very easy to construct (one can easily turn an umbrella into one) and look like flying-saucers. A de-classified 1945 military report mentions that the French wanted to shoot Coanda for collaboration ... because of his frequent mid-war trips to Germany and his returning with his car full of cigarettes and brandy. His trips were permitted by the French because he claimed to be helping the Red Cross LOL. And of course, as with all slimy inventors, he did not discover the effect which is named after him. The first person to report it was 'double-slot' Young, and it was a popular 'believe-it-or-not' science demonstration for children in the 19th century. Don't nag for details: all of the evidence will be found in a forthcoming crank-bashing book by a friend of mine.

      2. ann onn

        It's a hoax, created by a crank called Igor Witkowski and spread by dumb journalists desperate for a story. There is absolutely no evidence that it ever existed. See "Die Glocke".

    50. SW H

      Yeah, it's called a balloon- Proving gravity is bullshit, lighter than air it rises, heavier than air it falls. Not such a hard thing to wrap your brain around now is it?

      1. ann onn

        lighter/heavier is weight. Weight is the effect of gravity. Idiot.

    51. SOUR S4G

      Is it real? Yes. Can we do it yet? No. Are scientists around the world working on it? Yes. Will we ever be able to create it? Probably.

      1. MrAaronvee

        To be accurate, a few groups of people who look (thanks to journalists) like scientists to laymen are working on it. At the risk of undermining respect for science, I should point out (as a physicist who has been investigating antigravity cranks for over 25 years) that not every scientist is 'on the same page' and it can be proved, for example, that many engineers do not understand basic physics.

    52. GRHmedia

      Gravity created by the effect an object has on space. So if you can change the shape of space you can thus change gravity. That would also mean since the IXS enterprise warp field changes the shape of space it is also an anti-gravity system.

      1. MrAaronvee

        That is true. The problem is that distorting space, even if we knew how to do it, would require incredible amounts of energy.

    53. Flat Earth

      Only if gravity was real. Research flat earth!

      1. MrAaronvee

        Research private mental hospitals.

    54. DaLee Hustle

      I have created the perfect Anti Gravity Generator, it works off of the newly discovered Permanently Magnetic Liquid moving at high rates of speeds through a tube

      1. MrAaronvee

        @DaLee Hustle To challenge a well-established law, one needs very good evidence. You don't have any.

      2. DaLee Hustle

        @MrAaronvee nothing is law, for the universe will challenge our stone theory. As AI has mentioned, our language does not make sense, so maybe your incorrect.

      3. MrAaronvee

        Real scientists agree that the Lense-Thirring Effect could produce something that looked like antigravity, but would still obey Newton's third law and would not be much better than a hovercraft. It can be calculated (if you are familiar with the math of general relativity) that to make it work one would have to pump liquid osmium alloy through a coiled tube at Mach 1000. So good luck with your scheme LOL.

    55. Shantorey Wilkins


    56. 57HarleyDavidson

      Anything can be possible.

      1. 57HarleyDavidson

        @MrAaronvee Nope

      2. MrAaronvee

        @57HarleyDavidson Do you have a carer that I can talk to?

      3. 57HarleyDavidson

        @MrAaronvee What are you talking about?

      4. MrAaronvee

        @57HarleyDavidson Does that ape-like sound signal that you are confused by my citing of impossible things in order to counter your quaint claim that anything is possible?

      5. 57HarleyDavidson

        @MrAaronvee Huh?

    57. Frank Rampersad

      If I created an "anti-gravity device", due to the danger of it being taken away from me AND weaponized for the express purpose of killing millions of lives, I'd have to immediately destroy it. Better yet, not even try to go down that research path. What a drag!

      1. MrAaronvee

        Why would antigravity machine be automatically more dangerous than an attack helicopter?

    58. SpaceCityCowboy88

      I wish I could steal this guys shirt!!

    59. Dj Colourzone

      They don't even know how gravity works so how can they even proceed with trying to cancel out it's effect.

      1. MrAaronvee

        @Dj Colourzone What does that even mean? It is like saying that heat is only a theory. It is true that G is the least accurately known of the fundamental constants, but gravity has been studied intensively for hundreds of years. In the 18th century, it was possible to measure the gravitational effect of a mountain. In the 1920s, Oetvos showed that he could detect the deviation caused by a mere pile of sand. Minerals can be detected from the air by means of gradiometers and they have even been used to scan trucks. On top of that, there is the General Theory of Relativity which has satisfied every experimental test and explains the most subtle of celestial phenomena such as the precession of Mercury's orbit. Do you even understand the meaning of 'theory' in a scientific context? I suspect that you do not know how anything works and are trying to even-up the playing-field.

      2. Dj Colourzone

        @MrAaronvee Check out these 2 vids. AND

      3. Dj Colourzone

        @MrAaronvee LOL, seriously ??? Gravity is a theory. There is no empirical science in which Gravity can be measured and tested as in other things. Believing in gravity is almost like believing in the Star Wars Force. You know something is making things do things in a certain way but you don't know why or how.

      4. MrAaronvee

        Define 'works'.

    60. William Beckham

      I think you need more understanding of physics that hasn't been discovered yet.

      1. MrAaronvee

        What a meaningless statement: you have the makings of a philosopher!