Casually Explained: Cycling

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    Long story short I recently got a new bike and am very excited about it so I wanted to keep you guys up to date with my life
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. LandPlant

      Are you from BC?

    2. Jair

      In the Netherlands there is only one expression for “cyclists” (if they wear helmets really) Cowards

    3. Robloxian

      Lol I’m just a commuter

    4. IntoThePit

      “Most cyclist are well into their 40s” Me: “DUTCH KIDS ASSEMBLE”

    5. Douwe Bloot

      In the Netherlands cycling is a way of life for all.

    6. David Kepka

      Pregnant women are not aero, remember lads!

    7. joe rioux

      I can't tell if this is condescending or satirical

    8. rVnsunshine

      I- I think I’m okay with being a commuter..

    9. Romi Arkan

      I do want one of those road bikes because they're surprisingly comfortable to ride if you know your measurements but I will never, ever, do it in full lycra and those clip-on shoes. Just no. I will put on a cycling jersey because the back pockets are crazy practical but that's it. Same old pair of trainers for bottoms and normal shoes that don't need to get clipped onto the pedals. The helmets are cool though.

    10. Call Me Tio

      My body isn't aero, so I throw it away and go back to the sofa

    11. Minegamer

      Imagine have to obey the traffic law and only be able to play in urban maps. -This post was made by the mtb gang

    12. Yanal Chadli

      I have a normal bike. But I ride like like a cyclist. I get a lot of weird looks cause I’m a dog.

    13. Anthony HT

      Why I like expensive bikes; you don't have to be old and fat to buy an expensive bike, unlike expensive cars.

    14. Cee

      lmao "because pregnant women are not aero". Imma joke that to my manager who's a cyclist and single and who hates women XD

    15. peceminecraftjem

      Why are cycling seats so high, might as well do a somersault while your mountain bike is tumbling down a really steep hill that your douchebag friend forced you to go down.

    16. Ethan Lockwood

      Cycling examples: Gran tour and time trial riders Cycling example of falling off: Matt not being able to clip in

    17. Jameel Ja

      I'm a middle-aged man that just bought a street bike. I'm worried, because I'm not areo.

    18. Scupacium


    19. Jacob

      First off, a cyclist would never have kids...... Because pregnant women are not Aero. Man I was dying.

    20. kreigthepsycho

      The virgin commuter vs the chad cyclist

    21. T K

      Victoria 0_o

    22. Lettuce

      No one: Mountain bikers: YoU FoRgOt Us wErE uNiqUe HahA.

    23. Dead From Blunt Guts

      And then theres us messengers

    24. Tobias

      Get a car

    25. sam jones

      I am probably 75% commuter 25% cyclist by your definition although i have recently just ordered my first set of lycra cycling kit to go with my cycling shoes and clipless pedals so who knows maybe im pushing closer to 50/50 now :D

    26. Olivia

      Also, this dude is definitely a hardcore cyclist. He mentioned Zwift, that says it all.

    27. Olivia

      Me, a triathlete who excels in the bike the most 👁👄👁

    28. Slimy_Poltergeist

      We draft cars

    29. Roxic12

      I enjoyed this very much

    30. Melton Cartes


    31. Liam Hinman

      You forgot mountain bikers

    32. Alex

      You forgot to put a bright green reflective vest on the commuter.

    33. SimmonSays

      What do you call the guy who just cycles on trails and parks?

    34. Dauvon Eve

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="176">2:56</a> noice they hella annoying here

    35. Cragnous

      I'm a hybrid

    36. Tony Victor

      Is my country known for selling peds?

    37. aman saad

      What is a category in the middle? Not a commuter nor a cyclist?

    38. Ben Tsang Ministries

      this video is hilarious

    39. SirBilliam

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> this'll do *unzips pants*

    40. Noah Kusterbeck

      Race me scrub

    41. Sam St-pierre

      Worked in a bike shop for a good while. This is accurate

    42. xxxenricop

      Sounds and looks like a facsimile of cgpGrey

      1. Jameel Ja

        Lmao... Ouch. You're a Savage

    43. project_pk _paul

      Dude, please do like a casually explained: Downhill :)))

    44. Alex Clark

      mmm aunt Jemima’s

    45. luke cooper

      Pregnant women aren’t aero. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahhah 😂😂😂😂

    46. Roce

      BMX > Life

    47. cringehh

      This is casual

    48. Nuevaiyork

      Im actually in between these categories

    49. David Bothwell

      Mountain bikes are the best, cycle on the road and instead of being an ignorant dick and causing a queue like road cyclists, just jump up on the grass and keep cycling till the traffic passes

    50. ThisMansBazza

      What about mountain biking

    51. Karel Wiebes

      What about the Dutch, we are the real cyclists

    52. Judas Iscariot

      Me: Mom can we have Sam Onella Mom: we have Sam onella at home Sam onella at home:

    53. John Cu

      I just bought my first bike andd this showed up.

    54. Nav.igator.bisht.PRO

      So cyclists are loners, got it thanks.

    55. Nav.igator.bisht.PRO

      So cyclists are male, got it thanks.

    56. drawingboard82

      My brother was a cyclist. Note the "Was". His brain was so tiny that it guided him off the edge of a cliff on a mountain road in Italy.

    57. Alfred Conqueror

      The puck Moen got me good lol (I like cycling and I follow her in IG)

    58. KirkeGaming

      I have a single speed (mainly due to there being less to break and I hate gears). I'm decently fast but I fucking hate hills.

    59. AnthonyGamerUK

      I like to see you talk about runners now

    60. Samuel

      what about BMX


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> is that a nod to the Justice League episode where Green Lantern makes a path with his ring for Flash to run on in order to throw some bomb at the Sun? If not, I'm sorry, I'll just leave.

    62. Romain Tagliaferro

      And than there is me, who tries to get to 70 kph on a cheap mountain bike in hill roads close to my house without any protection or equipement

    63. Lyrog

      Couple of weeks ago I saw a cyclist crash into some lady and she basically took a nosedive on the pavement. As she was trying to wipe the blood from her face, the dude complained how she ruined his 200 euro front wheel lmao

      1. Elma Piclit

        Should have used them Campagnolo Bora wheels. Would have been faster and didn't crash to the lady.

      2. Anton Helsgaun

        It's his fault for using a wheel that's only €200, would never have happened with a higher end tubular carbon wheel

    64. lizardyeeter

      You forgot the Mountain Bikers

    65. Henk Vanatten

      i feel personally attacked but yoooo this shit relatable af

    66. twitertaker

      In Skate-/Longboarding this separation truly exists. To many skaters you are either a "real skater" doing Kickflips or riding down a hill at 30+km/h in the park or you are a pesky "commuter" using your board to get to the supermarket. While I agree that the first type is pretty cool, I do not understand why people hate the second type so much. I love riding my board and getting sh*t done. Its is so much more fun than walking around and it hurts noone. I do not pretend to be Tony Hawk.

    67. János Dobszai

      I watched this and not my YT feed is full of wheelie tutorials 😅

    68. bjorink

      i bought a bike yesterday and i’m a little worried

    69. Jimilous Cage

      Aunt Jemima Energy Gel 🤣

    70. feralbear3615

      Cycling is the fad du jour. First there were runners, then crossfitters, now bikers.

    71. PressPlay

      I'm a cyclist and a mountain biker. Ask me anything

    72. CheeseBurger X

      People who compare who is stronger and weaker among cyclist are the weakest ones. Coz they need their ego to be fed to feel strong lmao😂

    73. Jessica Raven

      I wish America had bikelanes. And better crossings. Sucks were I live being a pedestrian or cyclist feels like being a second class citizent compared to the tyranny of cars. At least in my state there's no laws against sidewalk riding so it is safer when there actually is a side walk that's is.

    74. Myles Hall

      Perfect. Legit describes my life as a cyclist

    75. Henry Kane

      I have a cervelo 😂

    76. Ricasio Gaming

      This roast session made me say DAMMMMNNN on multiple occasions.

    77. arda hatunoglu

      this was hilarious, ended with a unexpected twisted ad

    78. Ο Κ

      A cyclist would never have an actual life cause it's not aero

    79. Elon Musk

      Thank god my dads not a cyclist Hes a wife beater

    80. JimIBobIJones

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> that was too close to reality for comfort. I cycle to work and a guy on a carbon bike and full lycra kept overtaking me. Normally I like to annoy people who take it all too seriously by overtaking them and keeping ahead of them as long as possible but this occasion I had a full change on clothes and shoes in my panniers for a meeting at work so decided to drop back - a car comes out of a T junction and smashes into the guy on the carbon bike, the guy was OK but the car totalled the front of the bike and mangled the wheels, if that had hit a second later don't think he would have been alive.