Casually Explained: Cycling

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    Long story short I recently got a new bike and am very excited about it so I wanted to keep you guys up to date with my life
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. Ryan Massey

      I am one of them young kids 🙈

    2. Just Random BOI

      Can u explain friendship

    3. Hasan Li

      Finish middle of pack... Of annually charity 60 miler lmfao crying again😭😭😭😭

    4. Hasan Li

      Best vid ever ..lmfaooo prego women are not aero.... Im crying😭😭😭

    5. Ryan Campbell

      Still waiting for the title "Casually Explained: Why I Love Natalie Dormer"

    6. odeniel tuitupouarnold

      can you do weightlifting next?

    7. Bram van Duijn

      I saw a helmet on the commuter and knew all I need to know about this video. Helmets are for warzones and construction areas. I'll go watch it now because I don't believe in critizising (sp?) without data.

      1. Bram van Duijn

        Not what I expected. Still angry about the helmet though.

    8. skeletonfather

      Ah. So that's why all the Cyclists™️ run the lights at the busiest intersections where I live.

    9. Phos4us

      Can someone ride me to decrease the chance I get stolen? :3

    10. Phos4us

      1. One time I accidentally did a 180 on bike like what cars do in action movies. I braked while turning fast and my back wheel yeeted around. It felt cool. 2. I should go to sleep on my bike to decrease the chances of it being stolen.

    11. Ben Solem

      i hate that after working at a bike shop for 3 years this is spot on.

    12. Hurvajs Spejblu

      Is this my future? 😃

    13. thebullsvk

      You like Sagan? :D

    14. Taylor Baum

      Could you do one on Brazilian Jiu jitsu

    15. Raphael deLaghetto

      The graphics budget has increased I see

    16. eat your vegetables

      I always wonder why cyclists always have their arses in the air

    17. Daan van Honschoten

      You are a cyclist, commuter or you are dutch

    18. Emily rose

      Damn who he got beef with

    19. Kassandra R

      this is a genuine question, i am so fucking high right now, is that a syrup bottle

    20. BrickGodz

      You need to make "Casually Explained: Baby Boomers"

    21. jolly lolimas

      Road bike more like worm

    22. Zack Rockson

      Do you live in BC?

    23. Jared Fontaine

      LOL So true about cyclist lol

    24. jakelowk 55

      This is 100% correct

    25. bob johnson

      What happened to the staying in podcast?

    26. Luke Talkin

      Brutal. ❤️

    27. Andrew Noyes

      wish you would have dove into more of the subcultures! i hated cycling til i got wrapped up in fixie culture. then rando culture. now i'm one of "those guys" with a steel touring bike from the 80s that doesn't give a shit about clipping in or aero or my bike being stolen but gets pissed when commuters are in front of me & laughs when the carbon fiber cyclists are getting passed by me 😂

    28. Eric Zhang

      Casually explained: kpop

    29. Old Evolution

      Forgot to say that its all about the watts u put out💀

    30. kandidaten3

      IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR OBESE AMERICANS: it is possible to travel by bike even without a 3 lbs bike and wearing a tricot. Even fat Americans can leave the monstertruck at home and take the bike instead. Good luck with your diabetes!

    31. Naoise Doran

      F A S T.

    32. Freyman Pastor

      Oh man, Puck 😂😍

    33. Imie 17

      I am honestly so confused as to how you came across a photo of Safeway.... it’s an instinct Australian grocery store that only operated in like half the country

    34. Elijah Kwon

      My man is definitely a cyclist.

    35. Andrea Bidgood

      Missing the third type. The junkie bike fariy who keeps swapping out bikes and parts as they go. They may or may not be spotted with more than the traditional amount of wheels.

    36. Alejandro Aranda

      Haha way to settle the helmet debate

    37. velotunes

      funny video, just one question what bike did you get?

    38. Yeye

      please do sport rock-climbing next

    39. StephanReyMartinez

      I was not expecting that.

    40. Single Speed Chronicles

      Classic..... And funny AF.... Voting dislike in this video/extended meme can only mean two things: 1. Your sense of humor was removed at childbirth (yes, yours)... A. This topic hits too close to home 3., Er, 2. You really think you're that important B. You're pregnant and consider yourself aero 😝

    41. Sam Abtahi

      bro it's not aero ! lol

    42. blanks ios

      love this

    43. Jameson Audette

      I feel like you are trying to insult us cyclists, like, we don’t have a tiny brain...

      1. Jameson Audette

        Ok boomer

      2. Anis 7744

        No you have no brain at all

    44. HellOnWheels64

      Where's mountain biking

    45. Nunya Bizniz

      I miss riding my bike .

    46. SubZeroMG4u

      1:19 lol 2:41 what teh fuck hahahahahaha "pregnant woman its not AERO" HOLY SHIT LOL !!!!

    47. Monkey

      Knowing about how hot Puck Moonen is? You must be a cyclist TM

    48. antsolja

      theres actually 3 other very different routes you can go down. mountain biker: spend more time in the hospital than riding, your name must be aaron, badass but ultimately just as dumb as the cyclist bmxer: gotta be way too old to be doing this shit, everyone hates you as much as the cyclist but for the opposite reasons, every time your bike gets stolen you just steal somone elses and the loop continues till you end up stealing your own bike LA hipster: tall bikes, unicycles, choppers, fixies, penny farthings, cruisers, too many peircings, neon hair, everyone hates you but they act nice cos they want a go on your frankenstein contraption. basically if you dont want people to hate you change your name to aaron and break all your bones

    49. Mind over Matter

      Lisa helps nationalism

    50. Joshua Koh

      PMDs: am I a joke to you?

    51. That one guy That has a channel

      Tfw still ride bmx

    52. mustang the kitten

      So the bicyclests water is maple syrup

    53. emplik1te

      Haha this is só horrible but só funny haha

    54. ari leafkd

      Omg u live in victoria?? >:0

    55. Ka Yu Chu

      where do you live? can I join your groupride?

    56. Jayden Berrios

      I saw this on my recommended Not complaining

    57. Ken Zou

      are yo fro vic bc??

    58. Josh Tritt

      Is a Puck moonen like, 2 Natalie dormers? I need to know the unit of measurement, thanks.

    59. Evan Giansante

      do a video on primary, secondary, ect. schools

    60. Endless 8

      Lol the Aunt Jemima syrup bottle in the water bottle cage. 😂