Can an Average Guy Beat NBA Star Joe Harris in a 3-Point Contest? | Above Average Joe | GQ Sports

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    GQ Staff Writer Clay Skipper played some high school basketball, but 3-pointers were never really his forte. Brooklyn Nets star Joe Harris, on the other hand, is the reigning 3-point champion of the NBA and it really can't be overstated how amazingly good of a shooter he is. So, naturally we wondered if Clay, our Above Average Joe, could beat this NBA sharpshooter in a 3-point contest. Seems reasonable, right?
    Starring: Clay Skipper, Joe Harris, Etienne Brower, Ray Salnave.
    Special thanks to the NBPA and the Manny Cantor Center.
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    Can an Average Guy Beat NBA Star Joe Harris in a 3-Point Contest? | Above Average Joe | GQ Sports

    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Ikarius

      If I remember correctly, the school sports director/1 of 5 gym teachers is the brother of Joe Harris.

    2. Prayful Gaming

      Looks like a bald LaMelo Ball

    3. Vincent GOAT

      hes making shooting a lil too complicated 💀 if anything follow what lethalshooter on ig says "once u get comfortable with the ball, just shoot it"

    4. David Lopez

      I know an average Joe who can

    5. Gachaisbasic _

      Lmao I read the title as, the average joe against joe

    6. Nick Bade

      This is like Obama teaching Curry

    7. Thelittestlit 32

      Joe Harris looks like Aaron Rodgers on crack



    9. Frederick Simon

      Not anymore the 3-pt contest champion is Buddy Hield

    10. Truly jj

      Tbh he could be a deadly mid range shooter

    11. Captain Distraction

      The coach talking like he knows what he’s doing but he won’t even shoot

    12. Sempai

      Think he’s just a bad shooter in general

    13. Matt Brown

      Ayy shout out Monmouth

    14. TheRockRocknRoll

      lol if thats above average im above average in almost everything^^

    15. Supremexbalzzin Blazzin

      Lake Chelan

    16. Fresh GT

      That form is horrible

    17. Isell-yuh 2k

      Who you got in a 1v1 Like flight Comment average joe

    18. Ali Playz

      Your no where near mj’s just because you can score more points than him on his bad day??

    19. Jonas Rush

      this trainer sounds a little too much like pres obama 😂

    20. cubexly

      wait whos joe?

    21. Logan Davis

      Welp, only if joe could've got that score in the nba 3pt contest

    22. Pele Christoffersson

      this is better then the average guy for sure

    23. Derek Miles

      All I can picture is that fish off spongebob in the background yelling “ oh brother this guy thinks”

    24. Junior Soto

      Nba star? More like good role player.

    25. Silas Malusky

      I wouldnt even call him above average or average that man is horrible

      1. CenterPiece OfGaming

        Wich one cause if its that guy facing joe ya

    26. will .

      should’ve got joe ingles

    27. Handsome Croy

      If only he did this good in the actual contest

    28. Tyler Durden

      2 ? Yes it's hard but this guy sucks

    29. Tucker Chatfield

      coach kept telling him to push the ball and get rotation when he needed more legs and needed to be aiming better. His elbow was probably sticking out weird and not getting any bend in his knees. His arm strength alone was clearly not enough. I don't think the coach was bad but he definitely wasn't hitting the right spots for Clay

    30. Tnc AceVoyage

      Would I be in the nba 3 point contest if I shot one 3 pointer and made it???

    31. x1Gunnerx

      JH is a nice guy

    32. Bruh Moment

      Guys I found joe

    33. damir huselja

      When performing a jumshot he just goes way off balance, it's very hard to hit jumpers like that, almost every shot is a fade away. . .

    34. Ahmad hawakbar The performer

      He got a really bad shooting form for a three pointer

    35. Supreme Alex

      I am a la fan

    36. MildKoala 03

      You really missed the chance to say, Can an Average JOE bear Joe Harris’

    37. Cat Meme

      that jumpshot is very tiring

    38. Knifix

      why in the air, the basketball looks like a baseball

    39. L

      that is the most busted jumper I've ever seen

    40. Roarsarch201 •

      no coordination whatsoever

    41. ColetteLelette

      Clay Skipper sounds like one of those names Japanese game developers make up when making games set in america

    42. HBK Joee

      1. He was more focused on his jumpshot then it actually going in 2. Idk if this is staged or if you were unlucky that day but how does one make 15/100 3 pointers and still get called above average im 16 havent played basketball in like a year and a half and probably would make atleast 20

    43. zelexen Lizaola-V

      i can probably do 10 and im absolutely average lol

    44. Lucas Chng

      He lost to joe on the first rack

    45. Commander N1nja

      Bruh imagine take 20 shots and only making 3

    46. Андрей Локтионов

      That's a funny court they got there, 3 point shot is a half court shot

    47. Андрей Локтионов

      -Can i hire you? -I don't know if i can help you But seriously it looks like he is not even slightly serious about this.

    48. Haec

      this video is so pointless

    49. Martin Zuniga

      I watch all this to see him make 4 points

    50. NugMySug21

      The trainer kinda looks like a bald Jayson Tatum

    51. mironlang

      right now i am sure i can make at least 5. at least 10 15 yrs ago. I think Clay is below average.

    52. Caelen OW

      I tried this out today and got 13 and I haven’t played in almost 4 months. This dude is trash lol

    53. Raymond Martinez


    54. Armaan Chaudhary

      Above Average 🤷‍♂️ they couldn’t get someone good

    55. Alex

      starts at 15:37

    56. The Last Style Bender

      Thats what a call an above average guy

    57. Adam Zeller

      they completly missed the oppurtunitly of naming this video "can an average joe bean NBA star joe harris"

    58. 267 -Cala•

      He cant make it yet ppl just throw it across the gym and make at my school

    59. Luke Allen


    60. Whatever movie u didn't see i was in it

      Shooting coach look like Doug Christie and Devin Booker