Bazzi - Renee's Song [Official Music Video]



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    Directed by Bazzi & Renee
    This is part interpolation from Kath Bloom’s “Come Here”, grateful she enjoyed the song and let us share it.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Renee Thomas

      hold onnnn i- i just discovered his songs and this is the second song i found and my name is renee :o

    2. Renee Schult

    3. Tiffany Odhiambo

      I've heard this song literally more than 20 times and it still doesn't get old

    4. Richi Pat

      I watch this video every time I need a reminder of what real love looks like.

    5. Micaela Paliza

      Este video clip y la canción me grito en mil idiomas que estoy re sola :’) f Like si estabas buscando algún comentario en español ❤️

    6. Philyn Andrea

      Yo did you copy this from Kath Bloom's Come Here? it even has the similar 'There's wind that blows in from the north' line

    7. Tsinat Belete

      So beautiful

    8. Natty Angel

      Oh lindos los amos ❤

    9. Kennedi Paul


    10. Lip Candy

      That guitar riff be a lot like “wake me up when September ends” by Green Day lol

    11. Jocelyn Chalmers

      imagine love like this🥺🧸

    12. Game Ranger

      Lol sounds like 2013 teenage garbage.

    13. Sully Washington

      This song feels like it was released in the late 2000s.

    14. Reality Crew

      i love bazzi he make good music i want to do a collaboration with him he just the best

    15. Valentina Tobies

      This is the cutest

    16. Nurul Izzaty

      Sounds like kath bloom’s come here song

    17. Zoe Mercado

      i want to fall in love with someone and have them look into my eyes like he does to renee. i want this type of love. i pray for this type of love. i know someone will love me like this, i can feel it. this is the definition of beautiful.

    18. ÃRGËÑTÚM Musics


    19. Bláithín Cooney

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>

    20. aze acoustic

      The melody and tune of this song bring back so much of sweet memories. I don't why.. 😊

    21. 도니코디


    22. Marie kelle

      cutest couple

    23. jas mine

      She just has the best luck and I have the worst luck 🙄 let's cry in peace

    24. Punzzz S


    25. 8D Opera

      Hey there I made an 8D Audio of this song you can listen to it in the link below

    26. Phantom Official

      Reminds me of wake me up when september's end by green day

    27. Ariandne Duarte


    28. Jaycee Ann

      currently crying but its ok

    29. Pink Guy

      *Renee* is so lucky Renee *is* so lucky Renee is *so* lucky Renee is so *lucky* *RENEE IS SO LUCKY*

    30. الملك محمد السادس شخصيا

      Her boob showed in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> guys close your eyes 🤦🏻

    31. Beldandy Lee

      I just got called single in 122341 languages

    32. Tᴀᴀs ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Imagine if bazzi mistakenly has put a clip of Elisha instead of renee 😂

    33. saifuddin hosaeni

      Luv u

    34. marcelo araujo


    35. Flavio Carvalho


    36. Jesteban 1911

      Can anyone give me the link to a playlist that has music like this? Acoustic and powerful like this song

    37. But But

      So sweet♥

    38. No One.

      mah heart mah soul *cries in single*

    39. 정원

      I think I can not delete this song in my memory forever

    40. Josthyn Alonzo

      Aye now I feel so single now wished my crushed liked me😭

    41. Abhinav Chandola

      This is making me believe in love again😂

    42. G Spice

      The instrumental is slightly similar to Green day's Wake me up when September ends.

    43. Ad Den

      wow this is a really good song!! dumb-ass bitter dislikers!!

    44. Igor Xavier Diogines

      Amar alguém de vdd, é uma das sensações únicas da vida. Sei como! É incrível vc sentir cada célula do seu corpo ressoando pelo o outro. Eu te AMO Carina ❤️🤗🤩😍

    45. gacha girl 2007

      Omg😭😭😭😭😭its so sad

    46. Mitch E

      Makes me wish I had a woman to drink booze and smoke down in a tub together. Also that hand hold was sweet as fuck.

    47. Aleah smile

      I want a relationship like this

    48. Yzabel

      THEYRE SO CUTE TOGETHER, get you a mans like bazzi

    49. john

      Imagine having the love of your life right beside you and calmly hearing this song from the speaker under beautiful stars and summer breeze -- and the worst part of this is, you're single who can only imagine (maybe only for now) cheers to all of the single ppl out there, one day, we'd feel being loved. xoxo

    50. Saika Sabrin

      This kinda sounds like come here by kath bloom.

      1. Nova Alfiane

        Its a tribute or something?

    51. Jessy Peach

      Come Here by Kath Bloom? Anyone?

    52. Yashasvini

      They have the same hued eyes, sooo meant for eachother❤

    53. Hector Medina

      Please make more music like this bazzi 🔥

    54. barbie girl

      She’s fucking gorgeous 🥺🥺

    55. Tammy Zarate

      Quiero un noovio 🥺

    56. Kylie Borchers

      Imagine walking down the aisle to this song 😍😭

      1. diana williams

        but your name is Kylie

    57. LYRICXZ

      “dear renee, i wrote a song for you - through everything weve been through, i hope this makes you feel special. happy two year baby X.” Renee's Song Lyrics :

    58. Jackeliny Stefane

      Aff, coisa mais lindaaaa😍😍❤❤

    59. Jellah kay

      Great song, but then yo name is Godlive and even yo imaginary dragon shifter boyfriend from Amazon books just calls you bae...n u know it's never gona slip into any songs🌹

    60. Launa Figurski

      I can't get this out my head 😩

    61. Rita Andrade

      In loveee for this song 🥰😍❤

    62. Mercedes Struna

      this song sounds like wake me up when september ends. dont believe me? slow it down.

    63. Cody Garland

      This blatantly uses the melody from wake me up when September ends by green day but doesn’t give credit at all

    64. Fay Ashdown

      Can anyone tell me what kind of cameras you use to make footage like this?

    65. Lorraine

      The intro reminded me of “wake me up when September ends” 😅

    66. your mom


    67. Belen DeLaCruz

      They are literally so cute. I CANT get over this video. It’s perfect

    68. Jellah kay

      I see Bazzi n thats it all 4 me, I know I will like it, but this blew me with it's simple magic, its magnificent


      Come Here by Kath Bloom

    70. Popular live streams

      Aww 🥺

    71. Imène Ousser

      we want to see the paintings

    72. girl wtf

      me @ weed

    73. syed irfan

      *Music starts *Green Day???

    74. Furl my Heart

      It's a beautiful thing to be able to see a connection between two people. Love this.

    75. GusGus Abby

      Came here after bang chan from stray kids recommended this song

    76. Jolly Ann Abay

      Did Elisha film some of the clips? Hahah I’m curious 🤔

    77. taliya gomez

      cutest shit ive ever seen .

    78. Renee Price

      If only everyone behaved as loving in real life with there loved ones. Doesn't take much to show your feelings.

    79. Imy0urh0pe

      My boyfriend and I had to break up due to some mistakes on our part and I’m heart broken right now, this song makes me think about all our happiest moments though and... I really love it.

      1. Imy0urh0pe

        ducleanh11 thank you so much, it’s getting better. :,) I appreciate the concern

      2. ducleanh11

        hope u are ok now,bless u!

    80. Anum Tayyab