Backward Hippo



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    It is my favorite thing. #OPPIH
    Footage: shutterstock, envato elements, videoblocks

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    1. purefandom :3

      Okay, let's be honest, this was funny as all hell.

    2. Devidovo

      frank uh you DO know that what youre saying sounds like 'oppai' and do you know the translation of oppai? do you? i dont think you do

    3. Ricky Jones

      At exactly <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">00:36</a> I saw the forsaken Oppih. And it was good.

    4. Gojilla

      The Oscar goes to.. the backwards hippo

    5. Mavis Gallardo


    6. Andrew Rossi

      Oppihs are my new favorite animal!

    7. Chris H

      "How cute and funny, I love it" dark side of my mind; *people are jerking off to this, you know.* "NO, stop that. This is cute hippo bums. Stop it" *furries have sex* "NO SHUT UP!!!"

    8. Sarah Bangura

      Me thinking these things are real:👁👄👁

    9. Brandon Galvan

      They remind me of the Elcor from the Mass Effect series.

    10. UltTech

      I cried laughing... this is great

    11. Im 15

      That's a thicc anteater

    12. mark o

      Come on now we all need a good joke in these times. ( thank you ).

    13. Oziel Jimenez

      For second I thought they were walking backwards hippos

    14. Daniel L

      You are so deminted. That's why I like your videos. Keep up the good work. :)

    15. Jeffri Ranger

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="55">0:55</a> can't stop laughing

    16. Sayah [K-NineYT]

      i legit thought that this was an actual thing, i-

    17. Djurren

      Zefrank breaking character is the best thing ever.

    18. Gaxx

      damm et! I laugh😂😂

    19. Gaxx

      damm et! I laugh😂😂

    20. Fred Glandz

      Bro fukkin dead...

    21. 源源乐

      This dude needs WAYY more subscribers he is so funny and makes me laugh my head off

    22. Dane

      @zefrank1 seems like people are stealing your work!

    23. doğanay üzeltürk

      This make me rock hard

    24. kitrana

      christ this one was funny

    25. Nicolas Bruno

      Forget David Attenborough think zefrank1.

    26. Who Cares869

      "hey, you remember that video we shot? Wanna use them in reverse?"

    27. Andrew Roy

      I love when someone says/does something awful, and is laughing while also sincerely saying "sorry."

    28. Sean Manley

      love you man !!! truly needed this in my life right now!

    29. keefsmiff

      Pmsl...that was great

    30. Ivan Irawan

      Oh God why I found this funny

    31. Kenny Li

      I thought this was real

    32. SCP 999

      😂 LOL

    33. My UtooB


    34. RayMondoART

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="37">0:37</a> ey thats an onihr!

    35. Ronely

      I can’t believe how long it took me to realize this was not an anteater and lets just say that I’m extremely disappointed in my last brain cell

    36. Nik Saunders

      I had to comment for the algorithm that I can't stop laughing!

    37. Shuriver

      Oppai daisuki!

    38. Kitty McButts

      Havent laughed like that in a long time. Thank you zefrank, that was great.

    39. Paxus

      i've never liked ANYTHING about hippos, so i'm glad you made fun of them... look at this dickhead, not only shitting like an idiot but flapping it's tail around spastically ... honestly it's hard to think of anything more stupid... AND it's shitting IN the WATER.... ffs 🙄 Great vid 👍 'd #OldManPaxus Rating: ★★★★★

    40. neon the party cat

      I Question this. I'm also disappointed

    41. Azie Alba

      don't watch another video, don't watch another video, don't... watch... anoth Clicks on video.

    42. The Smile Jimin Lost

      This brought me so much joy, thank you so much 💙

    43. Chipmunk

      It's been 1 month now and I still go back to this video.

    44. NZhunting

      oppai means tits in Japanese if you were wondering

    45. Onion Loser

      Show me a clear view of its rear.


      that's how the backward anteater do.

    47. Pitbull Sensei

      I'm dying of laughing! Great as always XD

    48. Jacqueline Farr

      Thank you for blurring.

    49. Florian Günzer

      This is pure genius. It`s funny and frightening how well it works.

    50. Curse Emoji

      I really thought the backwards hippo was a real thing

    51. I have an extra chromosome

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a> bebbes

    52. Verdaddy

      the "Bebehs" always got me

    53. IschurosAlexandra

      Took me awhile to realize, this was a joke.

      1. IschurosAlexandra

        And I was all like, "damn, so much I didn't know existed" shit

    54. MIDBC1

      To me this is 100% factual video footage

    55. Miguel Leis

      I can’t believe you did that with no fail. You got my respect

    56. Snek Pancake


    57. Sriman Kumar


    58. Shuriver

      The rest of my braincells shutted down and left 2. I actually thought this animals are real xD

    59. SkyTan Sora

      Backward hippos should be a species of its own

    60. Uwu Money

      by the way it's a hippo's ass.

    61. PantsuMann

      Oppai wa sugoi!

    62. Yurex


    63. John Norton Jaugar

      My god My dog🙄

    64. John Norton Jaugar

      My dog that tail almost face that's funny also same on Dr. Stein can't hearing "Oppai"

    65. KekZealot

      That moment at the end when you realize it's actually the rear end of a hippopotamus 0_0

    66. Mr. Burns


    67. v c


    68. what IS braincell

      *I'M D E C E A S E D*

    69. Octave


    70. KingCosworth

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> How did a backwards Rhino get into the group?

    71. Hong Rui Chan

      His choice of words and pronunciation will make anyone lose their crap

    72. MatterIsNotSolid

      Why do you have videos of Rosie O'Donnell?

    73. Raven Howell

      😂 gross

    74. Kat Harper

      Always have loved Nietzsche! Made some amazingly cool observations. Like that go, Ze!!!

    75. Dalton Bensley

      Some of the funniest shit I've seen in a while💀

    76. The Curious Mind

      My fiance asked me "How does that ant eater live like that?". 🤣 Thank you so much, ZeFrank! You're an angel in times like this! 😂

    77. Ilikeclapping Blah

      This was great zefrank1! Please do more videos about backward animals!

    78. Rainey Today

      My brain just short circuited.

    79. John Arceo


    80. Kiko Koussi

      And here I thought he's gonna share with us another animal that look like a hippos back