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    Tesla and other EV companies are starting to phase the internal combustion engine out of existence! The truth is we all love our fuel-burning engines, but as tech progresses it's becoming more accessible to tinker with electric motors. So is the electric motor the real future of hot rodding and tuning?
    WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Donut Media

      Be honest, would you ever consider doing an electric-swap build? I think an electric NA Miata would be pretty sick.

      1. ttalgi

        Absolutely yes

      2. David Payne

        I've got an old beat up 2 wheel drive s10 I've thought about doing just to have a truck to run around town in I've been waiting on the 4.3 to die but no luck yet at 400k

      3. Dimitri Lens Flare Abrams

        Electric swapped land yacht 😌😌 Extremely comfortable ride Quick enough And dead silent

      4. 1spunkymonkey2


      5. sonictt1

        Ring is gross, stop taking their money, plz

    2. Giovanni César

      why ferrari, u just destroyed a ferrari

    3. FurryestX

      Sinners All i see are Nasty sinners making sins

    4. Joao Elvas

      What brand is that motor?

    5. Alexander Bürger

      I'm kind of exited for converted classics... I'll keep my gas motor as long as it's legal, but someday... ^^

    6. Max AranaJr.

      Yo Aaron Beck Challenger is in the back how did they miss it!!!!!!!

    7. ahahah hahaha

      better build quality than Tesla :D

    8. Ironic49

      “The future is now” immediately gets an ad for the army saying the future is now

    9. truechampoftrance

      Don't buy ring, its easy to hack and many pedophiles have been using them to get in contact with your children while you are gone at work or at the store.

    10. Colin Fox

      To the petrolheads who don't like EVs because they miss shifting -- I get it. I drive a Model S, but my favourite car prior to this was a 94 Ford Probe GT. I did enjoy tossing that thing around, and I enjoyed the manual shifting. I get the whole "more involved driving experience". So here's an idea - rather than being upset that new technology makes things you like obsolete, how about looking for ways to increase driver engagement with the newer technologies? Here's one suggestion - how about a control (floor pedal or perhaps flappy paddle) that allows the driver to dynamically control the traction control system? Or the torque vectoring system? Squeeze a grip and the harder you squeeze, the more wheel slip you have. Or the less. Or you control the front/rear power distribution through an anaog control like a pedal or something. In other words - think about what would improve driver engagement and at the same time allow a more skilled driver to squeeze out more performance than an automated system?

    11. Manoah van der wolf

      I'll be honest, though i love the smell of old gas guzzling gasoline v8's, and the spirit of it, i'm not that of a 'core crazy sonofa' that i would mind having classic muscle cars (or perhaps even better, leadsleads and taildraggers) turned into electric powered cars - obsolete safety measures aside that is - there's one major obstacle which needs to be accounted for, and that is sound. The technology, fortunately, is around to record classic v8, v10, etc. engines pretty accurately so it doesn't get lost. BUT, that sound, of a burling, screaming, roasty sounding, revving Hemi V8, or flowmasters on a Pontiac Big Block, paired to the actual rumbling the vibrations make, that no electric engine produces. Yes, it's a benefit that you can have a silent cruise, but if that obstacle can be properly overcome with, i don't think the E-transformation market is going to explode the way it could. For example, as for those tailpipes: if there are some smart developers out there, willing to invest, to make some proper waterproof exhaust speakers, to be put into every exhaust port header outlet, and paired to the 'electric engine ECU', to sufficiently accurate mimic the sound of a revving v8, then you have something that will really attract people and open them up for it. That's what would invite the masses over immediately. And don't start talking that it's fake. Most of new cars, especially high-end luxury cars have fake sound from the cabin anyway. Everything on popular media is fake. Hell we have Chris Hemsworth in Extraction taking more beats than the Terminator or Matrix Agents and he hasn't got a scratch or the tiniest of infection despite walking through indian sewers with gaping wounds, and people love it. Just do it, and look at how tuning will explode again as hard as it did after the first fast and furious movies and then after NFS underground.

    12. Jan-Erik Bjorvatn

      I still want a Mazda Rx-4. 😂

    13. Joshua's Recordings

      That electric gt shop was the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. Poor cars. They just lost their soul.

    14. Michael Wilson

      buried in comments, but... what's fesibility for running tiny (~300-500cc) IC engine for off-line charging or long-haul emergencies? how about run the A/C to an IC engine or separate loop and keep the "premium electrons" for go-juice only?

    15. Raspian Kiado

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> Oh you mean the remake. Not a new car, just a new rendition.

    16. Raspian Kiado

      The problem: You can't tune an electric motor. You hook batteries up to them, connect to chip boards and a steering apparatus, and wooped dee do! It can go flying down the track at speeds comparable to gasoline supercars!

    17. RayanSalem

      I'm still wondering how do you stall an electric car.

    18. Pandan Tour Bangkok

      The future is torque!

    19. RevN3

      I would love to do a swap on my '80 CJ5

    20. Michael Benoit

      I’m telling you now that these things betters get batter than 20 mpg in a 3/4-1 ton truck.

    21. Alan Munguia

      I was excited for an Electric Mustang...until I saw it...😒

    22. Right Hand

      The one thing that scares me about having only electric cars is what if there is a solar flare. All cars don’t work, neither does everything else electronic. That would be detrimental

      1. Anton R

        That's why I'm sticking with steam

    23. DMAC

      Check your local print shop. Weve made fake vanity plates for events. You could have someone make you one! Esp in california Im sure there are plenty of movie prop print houses.

    24. Vulcan Alpha

      Good video, interesting info. Yet, I can't shake the fact that this guy is Weird Al Yankovic's clone.

    25. MikeZyouthpastor

      These cars are about sound, driver experience, and exclusivity. This swap ruins all of those things.

      1. Anton R

        It's funny how the sound is the only thing that gives the car its soul. Almost as if the steering, suspension, chassis don't matter at all.

      2. 1spunkymonkey2

        Exactly. Electric motors take away all of the soul a car can possess, and it throws it out the window for "HuRr DuRr 0-60 TiMeS aNd ClEAn EnErGy"

    26. Jim Taylor

      I would with a testarossa

    27. Chris Hodges

      Not everybody has a garage to plug an electric car in... are they going to put charging stations at every curb??? I didnt think so...

      1. Chris Hodges

        1spunkymonkey2 Hahahaha absolutely

      2. 1spunkymonkey2

        The diesel truck guys would just run the charging stations over

    28. Dwight Frost

      I've yet to see an electric car that performed visually in the manner a fueled car would, there is only excitement for the driver and maybe a passenger which leaves a limited highest speed racing viable, no smoke, no fire, no burning out at the line, little to see in electric cars except for making them as fast as planes and putting real interest in the fact of keeping on the ground, other words, the end of racing.

    29. DuFF90INF

      No need to swap. I drive a civic hybrid. Its slow AF. When I wanna go fast I get on my bike and get 30-40mpg. 50-60mpg if im taking it easy. Everything I drive gets 40-50 mpg avg. You can have the best of both worlds! Just ride a motorcycle my peeps.

    30. Marco polo s

      fuck the vid

    31. Ahmed Abduljabbar

      Bro when he said the future is know I got an ad that said the future is here. Am dead😂

    32. Lord Baxter

      Lame. Electric motors are like saying "we found the most efficient design for a car and from this point forward you can only buy this design" Cars are as much about the motor as they are about the design.

      1. 1spunkymonkey2

        Electric motors take all of the originality out of cars

    33. For The Love Of Noise

      I only hate on EVs because they are silent...I can not stand silence. (or they make a dumb artificial noise)

    34. For The Love Of Noise

      ring let's the cops spy on you too.

    35. Lizzy Masters

      Hallelujah jesus making electric cars.

    36. mrsilveri

      That Fiat 124 is beautiful!

    37. Damingo Harris

      Electric motors are fine but people who wanna race them need to start their own car scene. I'm not gonna think your car is cool if you pull up to a car meet in a Tesla bc lil Johnny over there put time and years into building their car and I'm going to show that person more respect then the guy in a Tesla

      1. Anton R

        But what if someone put time and years into building an electric car?

    38. Omid Boloori

      Somebody please make an Electric Honda S2000. I will be your first customer

      1. Anton R

    39. TallGermanBoy

      I love how nolan is getting his mind blown in the shop :D

    40. Milligramms

      Its as much "future" as regular EV's are, definitely yes for the next few ( ~10-15) long as you live in a country where you dont have to forfill certain technical standarts that arent specified as wishywashy. So, basically everywhere except europe.

    41. Brendon Bosy

      Hearing a lot of misconceptions on here about not "needing" a transmission. Just to clarify, this isn't a Tesla motor that can rev to 14,000 RPM! The NetGain Hyper9 is air cooled and max RPM is 8,000. Honestly you don't really want to push these little motors beyond 6000 for any long stretch of time or they'll overheat and then the controller will cut your power. That said, unless you plan on forking over big bucks for a 400 volt 800 ah Model S setup, the Hyper9 is great for a budget conversion. A low gear and a high gear is kind of required on these small motors. You need at least a <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="421">7:1</a> on the Hyper9 to get a decent 0-60 time, depending on the weight of your car. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="421">7:1</a> means your basically restricted to 60 mph. You could go <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="361">6:1</a> or <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="301">5:1</a> but then you're talking Prius slow 0-60 time (think 9 or 10 sec). Deleting the transmission is not possible on a transaxle (FWD) since its how the motor connects to the driveshafts. On RWD you could try hooking directly to the driveshaft (you'll need to fab a connector), but the stock rear diffs are normally <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="181">3:1</a> or <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="241">4:1</a> which will mean a Mitsubishi Mirage will smoke you off the line. You could get a <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="361">6:1</a> or <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="421">7:1</a> drag diff, but then you'd basically have to know how to build a differential. They don't exactly sell those as a pre-built package on eBay. And again, you're stuck with the same speed vs acceleration dilemma.

    42. Cliff Li

      Unfortunately it would increase the price of classic cars. Ads would have mentioned Electric car conversation ready

    43. JRC Automotive

      In my opinion, we should switch to alternative fuels like ethanol instead. It’s 100% renewable, cheap, and emissions aren’t bad. The efficiency is worse than petroleum, but still better than most electric cars. Not to mention that when making an electric motor it is alike going 100k miles on gas.

    44. Ruben

      I really want to build an electric car for everyday driving out of a fiat 600.

    45. coleeto2

      Just don't get parts from EV West! They are very difficult to work with

    46. Gennadiy Metelyov

      Reason 4:no one care

    47. Tuomas Kosonen

      Stil way too expensive to convert my old volvo to electick...

    48. Leslie Kok

      Electric Car sounds crap.

    49. daichai

      someone tell this to the demolition derby ppl. cars can take alot more beating with fewer moving parts

    50. Alan Juárez

      How dare you!!!! really a Ferrari? 😡 Another bella machina making shit. 🤮

    51. john mosca

      Why would you spend $4000 on a 120hp electric motor when u can get a 200hp Chevy 350 on amazon for $1600

    52. Martin Alaniz

      Honestly I love electric cars buuuut I cant stay away from a nice sounding og combustion engine 🥺 that’s my turning point

    53. Danish Wistara

      Can't we all love both EV and ICE cars, they're both cool and awesome

    54. Michael Daley

      4k really ain't that bad tbh. thats the cost of some engines/rebuilds of many cars.

    55. William Clayton

      Nolan, bro... you GOTTA get that plate and wear it with pride

    56. Sir Fa


    57. Pretty Sure

      Ever feel like u have too much privacy? Install the all seeing eye in your home today!! Do you feel safer yet?

    58. goose.

      Hey man get out of the science garage kitchen

    59. Matthew Pettes

      I’m so sad you think that fast Nolan 🥰😂😂

    60. Matthew Pettes

      And yes Telsa has shitty range for 700mile per charge, considering i can put gas in my car and go another 700 miles, while with electric I’d have to wait. Fuck that

    61. Matthew Pettes

      Hey Nolan you’re complete full of shit with your statement. A 10,000 hp dragster would absolutely shit on a Rimac c2 😹😹😹😹

      1. 1spunkymonkey2

        "0-60 in less than 2 seconds? Try a quarter mile in 3."

    62. Fletcher Riverwood

      Can you drive it legally on the road in US ?

    63. Jussi Raitoniemi

      Lol yea how

    64. Linux Fish

      No dude, kids are not good with computers anymore. They are good with touchscreens nowadays.

    65. Ricardo Russo

      this looks absolutelly sick!! It's the first time i've ever been excited with anything electric. I want to do it on my car so bad now!!!

    66. The Gansta Cat

      I really want to ev swap my 2003 A4 now

    67. jens larsen

      Fuuuuuuck electric cars and fuck you greta

    68. rey luna

      they don't sound cool and they aren't reliable enough to just jump into and drive cross country. Good for getting around town and listening to your tunes though.

    69. Dante7seveN

      main problem with electric cars - charging time

    70. Geronimus

      :3 I always loved inbetween models of Trans AM, right around the 1993 model they started having nostrils and looking pretty gross. but I really liked the pop ups on the 1991 and 92 models. eventually I will have an electric swapped 91 transam

    71. MrLancefancypance

      Ring is highly hackable. Get rid of it.

    72. Matt Nicholson

      And White Zombie quickly decided to screen opponents (So fast, he doesn't bother with you if you can't smoke a 'Vette, since he smokes...everyone)

    73. peter gamer

      no offense but i really dont like eletric cars

      1. 1spunkymonkey2

        Your not alone. I hate electric cars except the GM EV1.

    74. User 4829b

      Electric swapped teggy

    75. gtracer66

      So how do they get an electric car to sound like a L88 big block or ZR1 Corvette. The sound of a racing engine has always been a big part of driving a performance car.

    76. Daniel

      let's play with high voltage and not know anything about it, sounds like a good idea

    77. Danny Hampton

      I would love to make an electric Fiero GT, with about 200hp motor and preferably enough battery to get 20 miles of hard accelerating and at least 60 miles if driven reasonably. I know a while back there was a guy that made a AWD hybrid Fiero for Grassroots Motorsport's $2,0XX challenge, there is a few videos on YT for it. While that was not pure EV it was a hybrid for under $2,0XX, if you find the right base car like a good roller then you get an EV put together for under $10k easily probably $5k.

    78. Георгій Колпак

      People be drivin electric Mustang V6 and be like: *THE FUTURE IS NOW OLD MAN*

    79. Raving Gorilla

      Fucking electrics

    80. ConspiracyKill Happens

      Dude ring gets hacked! Super dangerous. Any delivery person will tell you.

      1. daichai

        if its on ur door facing out than whats the big deal? just dont use indoors