Announcement Trailer - Cyber Up Your PC! Cyberpunk 2077 Case Modding Contest

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    Design the Cyberpunk 2077 PC Case of Your Dreams!
    We are happy to announce the start of our ‘Cyber-up Your PC’ contest, inviting fans from across the world to design their own PC case mod inspired by the style of Cyberpunk 2077.
    Learn more about the contest on its official website:
    Cyberpunk 2077, the open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC September 17th, 2020.
    Pre-order now:
    About Cyberpunk 2077:
    In the most dangerous megacity of the future, the real you is not enough. Become V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant - the key to immortality. Customize your cyberware and skillset, and explore a vast city of the future obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. The choices you make will determine the story and shape the world around you.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Undervalued Music

      The Game gonna be released on 2077 I think

    2. TRPMAY

      By the time this game gets released my dad will probably come back

    3. necula teodor

      Imagine this game losing vs fornite as the most popular game of the year

    4. Popo Mon

      I wish i was moderately rich

    5. Jsk 14

      The time's come. To sell My second kidney.

    6. Noomagenial

      Cyberpunk is 5 days away from my birthday! WILL BE THE BEST BIRTHTDAY EVER!

    7. dwc dwc

      I'am waiting for this game a like two year's. I'am also wanna buy whole new pc special for this game.

    8. Game City Savior

      Will this game how multiple save files?

    9. devil ghost

      Let’s burn E3 since they said story mode is dead....

    10. Solrac

      Cyberpunk collector's edition Brazil version!

    11. Jklol_234

      Let go I can’t wait to get this game

    12. VenyDorgas

      Make cyberpunk 2077 online like GTA 5 online, then I'll buy it cause of freeroaming.

    13. Aftersun 20XD6

      Nope. I need a blu-ray burner. M-Disk > than Solid State.

    14. Kermitter

      Question is, do you have a chip with all those eddies to buy this monster?

    15. Saladdin Ayub


    16. ihate normies

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> this is my pc

    17. SilkMilkJilk

      yo guys, when can we expect some system requirements? I mean I am fairly confident that a 2600k @4.5GHz paired with a 1070 will be just fine for 1080p 60Hz, but what APIs will be available? DX11? Vulkan? I really don't wanna use Malware10 if it can be avoided.

    18. RR

      They tellin you to do this cause you'll need another pc for when yours dies out because of the game

    19. SonicParamount894

      Bruh it's gonna be 2077 by the time the game is released.

    20. Gus Blackk


    21. ристл Гроувес _203

      I don’t know why you need this information, but know that Cyber ​​in Russian sounds Kyber

    22. Sir Raze

      You guys thought they would release the official requirements of the game?

    23. Cybermight

      This channel almost has 1 million subscribers and the game isnt even out yet, thats how much these guys are respected abd you guys have EARNED my respect!!

    24. K G

      I cant wait to see whos watching in 2077

    25. Thanos NOYB

      You guys are going to shake the world.

    26. Lj3M00N -

      can you tell us spec?

    27. Normal guy

      Can't wait to not be able to buy this

    28. Young Min Ju

      plz no sponge-damage like Division2 ....please.....

    29. Sylu X

      Halo Polacy to wy robicie tę grę ja tu żadnego Polaka nie widzę

    30. Connor Eres

      The fact that weak leftist journalists are going after this game, makes me want to buy it even more!

    31. Anormalmente Inteligente

      And there it goes all the hype

    32. 广广

      how to make this video on c4d?

    33. Vixly

      but did i ask????

    34. Daniel Sahlen

      Was going to buy the game but all the collectors editions are already sold out :(

    35. Joaquin lagos

      regalen uno pa poder jugarlo se los cambio por mi note msi

    36. Chien Pei-Lin

      Trash video. Why not spend time on the game?

    37. HISHAM1875 HISHAM1875

      Fuck u gay it’s so crazy

    38. jay travers

      Just sent my one in last night, good luck to everyone! And congrats to the winner.

    39. ghoff __

      My alienware aurora is going to sound like a jet

    40. ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ

      I want my custom pp

    41. BrizzyXO

      7 years waiting for the game....!! please no more delay....

    42. Kote

      it will be interesting to see the models made by the community, I will not participate because I already have a computer for games

    43. Iam Matrix

      Narazie szału nie ma .Grafika prezentuje się przeciętnie a ten system hakowania wydaje się nudny dlatego też raczej w finalnej wersji będzie bardzo uproszczony jak w Watch Dogs . Numer z Keanu reevsem dał mi do zrozumienia że cała ta akcja z kanadyjskim aktorem miała tylko i wyłącznie zwiększyć hype na grę i podbić nieco akcje firmy.

    44. Alonzo N.T

      Tomorrow omg yes

    45. Nathan Pena

      It would've been nice to be playing this game while were all stuck in quarentine

      1. Follow the howl

        @Mack and released a broken unfinished game. Brilliant idea CDPR are one of the few companies that put quality of the finished product over making a quick buck. Y'all should appreciate that.

      2. Mack

        Yep and they probably lost a ton of money holding it back. If only they had stuck with April release date.

    46. Arie Agatha

      overated games

    47. DKV 099

      Please add option for 3rd person perspective. Why can't you keep both in the game. Give us the option to choose whether we want FPP or TPP. Please

    48. Hanthome

      I thought the video would share the specs needed to play. About that, are there leaks/info about needed specs anywhere ?

    49. Alonso Medina

      Wow is great I want to play cyberpunk

    50. Carl Salazar

      Just paint a case yellow and add neon

    51. LATSY 76

      I have a gaming laptop doe

    52. макс купцов

      please do it with my pc

    53. Carrera4K

      How rad would it be, if they add the song "blinding Lights " by the weeknd . Perfection

    54. Axel

      Still not sure if this game is gonna get finished in September. We haven't seen any Gameplay for 8 months now instead we get plastered with Instagram cosplay and case modding contests. Seems somewhat weird

    55. abdallah khaled

      كل ما تريد معرفته عن cyberpunk 2077

    56. Dz Gaming

      Imagine you are wating all this 8 years and then the game will be ass 😂

    57. OoXLR8oO

      This and TLOU2 are gonna keep me busy for ages.

    58. Jeremiah Bostwick

      Wow, some graphics animators spent a crap top of time on this.

    59. CottonMouthJoe

      Will there be pegging sex scenes too?

    60. dylan does

      preordered my game today im so hype first game ive been hype for in years

    61. Элвис Гинцяк

      Игра 18+!!! я вас обожаю это как в fallout 2

    62. Walt Kowalski


    63. Game City Savior

      PLEASE CP2077 have the next video go more into detail on character creation, is it more like Sims or monster hunter?

    64. Dumbest Person alive

      this game realse one day after my Birthday

    65. E Cruz

      Should just say this contest is a painting contest it is beyond confusing, otherwise. good luck with it. you are basically saying don't touch the exterior - what kind of mod is a paint job...

    66. GtGangSa

      no censorship in game for sex

    67. JsRandom Gaming

      *doesn't find this until 9 days before the end of the contest during a fake pandemic* smh

    68. MR.CoolPotato

      think how nice it would be if you CDPR puts witcher 3 character faces as presets in CC menu. ::))

    69. StickAnimation

      Can I make my character look like a character

    70. Raber 2000

      I was so excited for this game when I saw the trailer seven years ago and extremely hyped and hopefully then when I heard character customization would be in the game I was more excited but once I heard there wouldn't even be a way to go into 3rd person TO SEE THE CHARACTER I create just vibin in the city I realized that I wouldn't be buying this game that I waited so long for and I realize people are going to dog on me for this but I'm just saying this with a last ditch hope that the devs will at least try to implement even a wonky 3rd person mode for those of us who want to see our characters walking around the city and stop hiding behind the "its for immersion and game design" excuse I don't care if the camera is getting stuck on every other object in interiors I just wanna see my character every now and then just take the bethesda approach and throw in a togglable 3rd/1st person mode

      1. Follow the howl

        Oh look another person STILL complaining about the camera choice 🙄

      2. Jx42

        I'm fine with that. Hate 3rd person in shooters.

      3. DA3SII

        u can see ur charcter in vehicle

    71. Faze Matrix

      we dont f around i preorderd your gme

    72. mixataka 228

      oooh my

    73. Abu Rayan

      We need 1 hour gameplay, since you did not meet the original release date🙂.

      1. Mack

        @Abu Rayan yep I've been talking to the devs on their board. Unlike some coughs ^rs^ they do listen to their users.

      2. Abu Rayan

        @Robert E. O. Speedwagon They will, haven't you checked their account on Twitter?

      3. Robert E. O. Speedwagon

        Yeah a company is going to listen to you through in youtube comments

    74. Lolisama Overlord

      A subtle message from cdpr to upgrade our patato so we can play their game? XD

    75. JoshuaK

      Considering i'll be upgrading my pc for this game, I'm excited to see what might come of this

    76. Erron Black

      Game is called CYBERPUNK. Shows Alienware. CYBERPOWER sits in silence.

    77. Marshmello TR

      My computer : windows 7 intel pentium 2gb ram no card but i am buy cp77

    78. Bull Kali

      Can we PLZ have tps mode???PLZ

    79. Erik Plisetsky

      M A Q U I N A

    80. Squirrel Master

      These knuckleheads banned me on Steam after I posted that I removed them from my wish list because I would be forced to play as a girl, and I thought the game is too cool for that. Banned for bigotry, trolling, and racism? FUCK THIS STUDIO. You know damn well with authoritarian measures like that, that this game is gonna suck by way of force fed Social Justice political narratives. Just like they fucked up every other game, just like they fucked up star wars. It's the Ol' Bait and Switch. First, make a game that is super desired by target audience you wish to socially manipulate and psychologically crush. Then, switch to story from open world and character development to fixed political perspective that anyone who wishes to play the game will be forced to look through. I seriously doubt the game's claims about 'choosing' you own adventure will have any significant outcome. All paths lead to SJW.

      1. Squirrel Master

        @Follow the howl Get a dictionary before you step to me, kid. The only bigot here is you.

      2. Follow the howl

        @Squirrel Master typical bigot complaining about not being allowed to be a bigot.

      3. Squirrel Master

        @VJ Spoken like a true tyrant. I'm so glad you're not in charge of anything that affects my life :) p.s. you're probably a horrible parent, too.

      4. VJ

        After nonsense you've written, I think they were right when they were banning you.