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    Director: Anton Tammi
    3D & Sound: Oscar Böckerman
    Art Director & Title Design: Aleksi Tammi
    Colorist: Nicke Jacobsson
    3D Assistant: Harry Ahokas
    Post Supervisor: Alec Ernest
    Executive Producer: Saskia Whinney
    Produced by Somesuch

    Published on 6 days ago


    1. Carlos Díaz

      Ay Papantla tus hijos vuelan !

    2. Milkyy Mel

      Can't wait!!

    3. icy_ beauty

      universe at heart

    4. AJ Geeb

      Everyone is so demanding of this new album but it used to be that a good artist released an album every 3 or 4 years. This pump out constant media or become irrelevant attitude ruins so many good things like video games and music. It will be a good album just give the man time.

    5. Skylab Beats

      Sick video gotta appreciate the work that went into it 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👍👍

    6. Jonathan Joseph

      Y'all we bout to go down the fucking rabbit hole

    7. Nsync

      After hourssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. PENBRAIN.

      just drop it

    9. Anthony LaMonda


    10. kyasurīn maerī

      abel i love you omfg

    11. Lucho

      These edibles ain’t shit 1 hour later : 0:11

    12. Nisha Martinez

      This album gonna be lit! XOtwod

    13. Nelson Rodriguez


    14. DarmusFinitus


    15. Manjita Queen

      Abel Fan : Can You Drop The Album Abel : Ok " After Hour " I Will Drop The Album 😃😄😉 👇👇

    16. OfficiallyDanielCovey

      The weeknd is trash.....No Hate.

    17. Carlos Lopez

      Cooooomeee on dawwwwg hurry

    18. Angel Pirkl

      I thought I was in the Quantum Realm for a second

    19. Mhamad

      album leak on my channel

    20. 전둥환

      Ohhhh new album title....

    21. Hypocrite Salamander

      Why am I getting hard?

    22. IVergilss

      2011: House of Balloons, Thursday, Echoes of Silence 2012: Trilogy 2013: Kiss Land 2015: Beauty Behind the Madness 2016: Starboy 2018: My Dear Melancholy 2020: After Hours

    23. KLAYSON


    24. Roz Roson

      Just to save your 45 seconds 0:43

    25. Michael T. Paulo

      You guys do know this is like the movie After Hours?

    26. horseman

      F R O G

    27. Calvin Darrington


    28. Михаил Кефир

      Where’s album?

    29. Asher Sandoval

      Big bet

    30. KarimCTS-V

      0:15 & 0:25 Just using these as repeat buttons

    31. justinp4235

      Gettin some stranger things vibes and ima be real with you... im 1000% ready

    32. Yaboii.choddie

      That was so dramatic...😒

    33. Sanyas' COSMOS

      No one: Weeknd: I feel after hours coming.

    34. Lil Ghosst

      Album title should be Tight Road by Lil Ghosst

    35. Sacaar Jain

      I swear some of his new songs need to be in Cyberpunk 2077... The synthwave type music is perfect and matching for the game.

    36. D 192706 Play


    37. bilalftw300

      Damn didn’t know that this was a ps2 red screen of death but ok

    38. JosephTheCastle

      The Weeknd's new album: After Hours Synthwave fans: "This is were the fun begins!!!"

    39. Luidy Silva

      Happy Birthday, Abel 🖤🔥

    40. rocky sambo

      Can't wait..

    41. Ariel Candelario

      This was the only good thing that happened on my Valentine. Can't wait.

    42. ROSE_ WOOF

      Did anyone else get quantum realm vibes in the very beginning? Or is it just me?

    43. Luis Carlos

      Esto promete 🙏MUCHO.

    44. GgarpetT

      When title is spoiled by the hashtag

    45. Derrick Gordon

      Dear Abel, I know the release date hasn't been announced yet. (Says Google) but can you just send it to me early. Like now. Thanks Xoxoxoxoxoxox

    46. Don Dontoya

      lets go!

    47. Boss Poss

      Pretty sure I’ve given this video around 1 thousand views 😂

    48. Terrian Rodgers

      I honestly was beginning to worry my man Abel was dropping 2 song album's

    49. Nati Love

      im so excited for this album!!

      1. Nati Love

        @Emily An wow, now that's dedication

      2. Emily An

        Bro, I literally stayed up all night thinking he was going to drop it in the “after hours”

    50. Jeremiah Cockrell

      Fave songgg everrrr

    51. Ferdinand Alexander

      Release date 🔥

      1. Emily An


    52. Jamjom XVII

      Happy birthday Abel ❤️🖤

    53. Young Henny


    54. Karolis Jurevicius

      Very Gaspar Noé esque. I’m still waiting for a proper followup to his first 3 mixtapes, The Weeknd we all got to know.

    55. Marinela Silva

      Oh my God, youtube please help us ... this video needs a caption lol What did Abel say ??? frog, furious, ferocious, ferrero rocher ???? That album title is making me crazy and fall in love at the same time 😊😍❤😍😍 All I can say is Heartless in blinding lights in this valentines 💔🖤

    56. Юрген Бро

      Мца...шо нахуй?

    57. Jose Espinoza

      This man On another level

    58. adamd706 daroomar


    59. Max H

      "Telling me I'm the only one that you love, oh."

    60. KINGZY

      This felt like Uncut Gems (He was in the movie)