AirPods Pro Review: Imperfectly Perfect!

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    AirPods Pro are the best non-best headphones you can buy.
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. birhad

      The tiny pockets in your Levi’s are made for cocaine

    2. Antonio R

      Asked about being so drenched in sweat that I wring out my clothes including underwear after HIIT... then watched the last 2 min or so hahaha. I think I’ll stick w the power beats pro but damn the wireless charging I want so bad! ANC seems cool too.

    3. Official_wesley

      Why does the thumbnail make soo much sense 🧐


      My main problem as well is that I can’t control the volume not just you 👍

    5. Gigi Hewitt


    6. Aaron Villalon

      I can imagine there being a AirPods case that charges a AirPod case that :/

    7. Aaron Villalon

      Year 3000 They will have microchips that attach to your ears without stem or anything and it will be noise canceling. I wish I could be alive at that point :/

    8. Jovinson Duarte

      What is that Scar on your Hand?

    9. Gooten

      Never would have guessed that wireless earbuds can toggle noise cancellation with a *long squeeze™*

    10. Izenpai

      and here I am just wishing I have this

    11. TankQ

      This year Apple hardware products are not the best as usual, but they got so many little touches so right that many people would be easily swayed to it. Not the best just really good enough and no equal in some of those features.

    12. Lucas Métivier

      I feel like very few youtubers talks enough about how fast the battery in these decreases in capacity until they are barely usable. If the older airpods are any indication (and they are) these could loose about 50% of the original capacity in about two years, depending many factors. Worst thing is, the batteries cannot be replaced, all you can do is buy new ones. If im going to buy a premium product, i think I should be built to last, not to be thrown away in a few years.

    13. Christoph Vogelbusch

      I fully agree that a volume control is a crucial thing and seems stupid missing. That is without an Apple Watch, but with an Apple Watch, just using the digital crown is just amazing and exactly what I want. Using Siri for volume only is acceptable on HomePod and even here Apple has buttons. So when I saw the first AirPods (and to this day) I wondered if they were meant for Apple Watch owners. Here everything makes perfect sense, you control them form the watch, the fast switching between watch and phone works awesome … (btw. I miss the old controls as they worked through a helmet. I would hit myself from the left to play / pause and from right for Siri, now I am forced to use the Watch and while it works nice with gloves on the crown anything but volume control currently is done with my nose, sooooo not as elegant as Apple planed I guess.

    14. Anthox Lind el

      Please compare the best ANC earbud under $100 on the market end 2019..

    15. Sebastien Thai

      Plants vs Zombies has entered the chat.

    16. E-Life

      Does noise cancelling on airpods pro work without playing music?

    17. Vatsal Shah

      Want to know which are better airpods pro vs powerbeats pro? Which can be invested in?

    18. MarincusMan

      I can shake my head like it’s going out of style and airpods won’t fall out

    19. Mecca Godzilla

      I’ve never had an issue with mine falling out even when I’m playing basketball

    20. Travis Pisani

      No volume control?? Ouch!

    21. Hassaneepoo

      i think if they were 200 they would be a slam

    22. ʏʊռɢֆʏ

      Do a video with all the best earbuds please

    23. Corbin Araneda

      Love these videos man your really funny.

    24. z khaleesi

      I never win giveaway but I hope this time i am lucky enough to win giveaway 😭🙏🏾

    25. Marwan

      hi MKBHD its my birthday ,would it be possible for you to send me one of the many great phones you have as a gift(an iPhone or Samsung or Huawei maybe). Mine is currently broken. Pleeease ;)

    26. Blue Apron

      *battle against a machine starts playing*

    27. tiscover

      They look much better than the regular ones, but I still feel the douchebag vibe

    28. Super Avesome Experiments

      Who's been a fan of Marques Brownlee before 2019 Gifting next 67 subscribers💙

    29. Gamer Guy

      Those who know real meaning ok MKBHD are true LEGENDS

    30. Usama Aslam

      Please tell about how was the bass on these airpods??

    31. Tristin Wireman

      I always had problems with tapping my AirPods, now that you squeeze them I’m sure it will be better, I’m probably gonna upgrade form AirPods 1 to AirPods Pro

    32. M Q

      I would maybe consider purchasing those Sony ones if I could even type the name into google from memory lmao

    33. 爪addy

      ❤️ the thumbnail. Airpod guy 😘.

    34. Lack Life


    35. For Your Consideration

      This new USsel player can suck my gooch

    36. Never Enough B-roll

      I anyone else annoyed that he made Airpods pro video and still no Galaxy buds video? Like he didn't even compare the size of them in this episode :(

    37. E

      AH, THATS HOT.

    38. Christian Portis

      can I charge the AirPods pro if I do not have the iPhone 11? my aunt told me that but that doesn't make sense.

    39. J Thom

      For all the Sony's might be great at they absolutely suck at phonecall quality.

    40. Leyo Fernando

      The thumbnail for this video is awesome.

    41. ice bman36

      So do the transparency and noise cancelation work on android to

      1. ivan bossio

        ice bman36 yes by pressing to button on the airpods

    42. Saber Cat

      6:41 iphone 1 in the background

    43. Almerick So

      With the vented design, does the audio leak out? I am thinking of using this to listen to audio books while rocking a baby to sleep.

    44. Daniel Rangelson

      mkbhd flexing by calling him IM perfectly perfect

    45. Crispminer

      Thumbnail is flex 100

    46. HENNESY

      “Surprisingly, reasonably priced” 😂👌🏼

    47. Iain Stewart Music

      Watching this with my Airpods Pro 🙂

    48. Jonathan

      "I don't speak broke" was kinda the thing for a while. The people with the extra $300 are moving in for the kill for old-gen Airpod users. *Me, an intellectual, with headphone jack Earpods:* Airpods are for people who can't afford wires.

    49. Victorix

      love your objective reviews man

    50. Taran Davies

      Who else wishes they could do tech reviews, but don’t have the money to do so.

    51. lil pumpp

      Men not gonna lie you need a new hairstyle


      Should I ask for AirPod pro for Christmas LIKE YES COMMENT NO

    53. Marzipan Plays

      What’s up Mark-Ass

    54. Daniel Trindade

      Try the tranya t2 u won't regret it

    55. Alastair Small

      Would like to see a review of the new Jabra elite 75t. Start shipping Nov 15.

    56. Erika McNutt

      Are you going to be reviewing the Razer hammerheads you showed?

    57. EZKATKA

      Sony : New product Also Sony : Smashes head to keyboard Sony again : Nice.

    58. Jack Budd

      These look great

    59. Dragos Stefan

      Don't you mind how your voice sounds with headphones in while filming?

    60. Kumar Rishikesh

      5:50 - In the middle, the option is "OFF" and not "ON"