Adam Savage Explains His Scary Hand Injury!

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    Adam talks through how he recently injured his hand in a scary accident involving his workshop lathe. It was an intense experience he's still recovering from, and even talking about it is unsettling!
    Shot by Adam Savage
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Kelpsie Sponge

      Adam: "So this is my lathe." Me: "Oh, no."

      1. Blah Anger

        rofl I thought the exact same thing when it apeared in the background.

      2. William Winder

        He got very, very, lucky

      3. David Reed

        It always happens when you get comfortable and let your guard down. I hope you heal up really soon and have no lasting issues.

      4. jimjambandit

        Oh, that’s exactly what I was coming to type!

      5. Flynn D

        r/medizzy has some nice brutal lathe injuries

    2. TeamFuzzy3

      Waiting for the roof to collapse during the time lapse

    3. Hagen Bornemann

      thanks for sharing... experienced skydivers sometimes also tend to be less careful since they think they have seen it all and then something new or unexpected happens.

    4. Mark Miller

      I would have called, mum, dad and all my aunts and fucking uncles haha. Be careful mate. I advise everybody, next time they’re out getting wood/ screws/ bolts etc, invest in a first aid kit, even a basic one, if you’re a maker, you’re gonna need it sometime. Be safe all.

    5. Laurent Vitalis

      I could tell you a story about how I almost died when my push stick touched the blade on my table saw...

    6. David G

      I can relate Adam, having been in construction for years every time I incurred an injury was when I got in a hurry or allowed my mind to wander away from the task at hand...

    7. Glen

      It was a gripping story for me, glad you're ok!

    8. Glen

      Pain is traumatic.

    9. Patrick Cooper

      Thank you Adam. I chopped a 1/4 of the way through my middle finger 8 days ago (cooking not making ironically) then passed out and just found out today I fractured my skull after passing out and hitting my head. While I wish I had seen this video before and avoided all these injuries this video changed my perspective greatly. My mom also swooped in and saved me (litterly) and hearing you talk about all of this has given me a new positive outlook. Than you for changing my life again.

    10. Emily U

      Thank you for sharing, Adam. I know shop injuries can be traumatic and hard to talk about. Hope you heal safely and without issue.

    11. A McConnell

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="656">10:56</a> ".. and now my shop is an ever-lovin' mess." *Time lapse of a couple of hour's cleaning* Shop looks exactly the same. :D

    12. MrZielonyzx

      Adam you can make screw cover for the lead screw - so no cleaning so often will be required

    13. James Jackson

      Nothing more shameful than injuring yourself while working. I nearly took my eye out with an angle grinder. I was using a flap wheel on some steel. Flipped my safety glasses up to look at my work, realised I’d missed a spot so went right back at it, it kicked back and just missed my eye

    14. Susan

      So glad you're OK.

    15. Roy Weatherby

      avoid lathe - check.

    16. Franco Proctor

      You are a nice man

    17. motochocientos

      A big -virtual- hug from the distance. Thank you so much for giving us all some advice so we can learn from your mistake.

    18. dazdroid1995

      i still get chills/anxiety watching this again weeks later

    19. Graeme McNamara

      I was once in a hurry to cut some steel on faulty guillotine. This machine was getting worse and worse and at least one every 20 mins i was having to clear the blade. Finally i'd had enough it was two hours into the job and i was running behind on the order i stormed behind the machine and grabbed what i thought was the issue, it turrned out i just had an off cut which was tangled with the offending piece. So when i yanked the off cut the jam spun round and scratch my left eye. It left a livid red mark accross my left eyeball which lasted for days but what freaked me out was if i'd been a mil or so closer to the machine i'd have lost the eye.

    20. Ali Clarke

      Im so sorry adam, i hope you recover soon♥

    21. Lee Lee

      And so he lives many more days and years to create more self inflicted injuries doing what he loves most ...

    22. Ziva David

      When Abom79 services his lathes,he cuts the power to Florida,the whole state.

    23. Olivia Bodily

      I don’t have a lot of experience with machines and rags, but I do have a lot of experience with long hair and air hog helicopters, but the gut reaction to “so I grabbed this rag” was the same

    24. First Last

      Adam : “I know.....I know...... I know”

    25. First Last

      Similarly, I was clearing brush with a relatively new string trimmer rotary blade. After cutting a few small trees, I let go of the trimmer with my right hand and held it by the handle in my left hand causing the blade to hang behind me. I then reached down and grabbed a couple trees and threw them behind me, then I heard something hit the idling blade, and felt warm water on my hand. Luckily it was as the Black Knight says “A flesh wound” and I never thought checking my pinky finger to see if it worked would be something I would have to do. So if you’re cutting with a brush blade, keep both hands on it or turn it off and set it down.

    26. Nick Allen

      rotary wire brushes. dangerous.

    27. skinny bigstuff

      Glad your ok. Thanks for all the awsome

    28. Tispy 79

      So something like this happenned to me too but it was on a trampoline but i tried to do a flip and landed hands first and felt my feet touch my shoulders and heard a crack im fine niw but i couldn't jump on soft surfaces for like a year because my back would start to hurt so much and even a thought about a front flip made me scared it was going to happed again

    29. C P

      My one an only injury in my 50 years woodworking happened recently and I ended up with a similar injury to the index finger of my left hand. What did I do...the most stupid thing I drilled a hole with a brand new spur bit through a door to fit a handle. I used a block behind the door to stop breakout but missed the transition between the door and the block and kept pushing. I didn't miss the point when the drill entered my finger level with the second joint and opened the finger all the way to the tip. So it's not always the big scary machines that bite you.

    30. backwater bible

      Ditto Adam 😕

    31. Mike Day

      On the next vertical milling machine to my father’s, a chap was cleaning away swarf with a hand brush. He had his hand through the rope loop. It was on a slow rpm with a big cutting head. The brush, of course, caught on the head. It dragged him in, twisted and then ripped of his arm at the shoulder. So glad you were the walking wounded kind of accident. Take care and stay safe.

    32. Frankie Millcarek

      Despite your reluctance to talk about your injury, I applaud you doing so. It's better for someone to learn about shop dangers this way rather than the hard way.

    33. Frankie Millcarek

      "There's a pollen bloom...and so my face is falling apart." Amazing.

    34. Jason Leck

      Adam, is that a Triple Aught Design Huntsman henley shirt? Also, do you know about Triple Aught Design in San Francisco?

    35. TacoJack

      B As a kid, I broke a finger trying to get a penny out of a vacuum cleaner while it was running. Lesson learned? Hardly. Two years later I broke a different finger doing the same exact thing.

    36. jenky1044

      From one fabricator to a maker, I'm very glad you didn't damage your finger, other than a cut. That could have been bad considering what you do. You should have gone to school out in the sticks with us country folks. From a graduating class of under a hundred students..😎, I remember in the 9th grade our teacher, of our 12 student shop class, taught us NEVER use long sleeves, loose clothing or rags near *any moving power tools* he then demonstrated a rag near a spinning drill press and how quickly it snapped it from his hand. I always remembered that and used caution around power tools and equipment. That lathe could have easily removed everything from your finger all the way to the bone (and even the bone).😬. Again I'm glad that didn't happen. I'm sure your mom took care of all the *you need to be carefuls* so we don't need to say that or remind you. 😀

    37. Alyssa Seay

      Hey, at least you have a plausible excuse to be flipping people the bird for the next few weeks, i just... sliced through the top on my finger... but its not too deep so i think its fine?

    38. keeganwebber

      two weeks ago i put a framing nail through my index finger, i had the same thought process about going to the ER. no septic arthritis but boy puncture wounds are awful. Got complacent about placement of my off hand while using a nailer and happened to catch another nail dead on, came out 90 degrees through my hand

    39. flapeee

      for those suffering from pollen allergies, use respirators, when going outside or doing any work involving dust! the change in quality of life is day and night

    40. STS

      Adam, I’m military, and they say that most PTSD cases come from people that have been in car wrecks, however ... I feel ya on how you are feeling! Please talk about it.

    41. angry zergling

      When I was younger my friend SLAMMED his 80 pound oak front door on my hand. It shut on my thumb. The entirety of my thumb was squeezed into that millimeter gap between the door and the door frame somehow. Somehow, though - and I still don't understand how this physically works considering the spaces involved - my thumb was still attached to my hand and was able to be saved. Peeled the meat back from the bone like a banana, thumbnail was completely ripped backwards toward the knuckle. Still, I remember when that happened and when I dumbly tried to pull my hand back to find it was stuck in a closed door, I was pretty sure I was inside the house and my thumb was out on the porch somewhere.

    42. Shannon Charlton

      Hey Adam take it from me and it comes in handy to know when working is workshops to know how to : stitch your self closed, make sure there is blood flow to the damaged part and the rest u know I’m sure but your very lucky mate it could have been worse and I am glad it was not keep ur self safe

    43. Ya Boy Blue

      Not to 1 up you or anything, but I worked in a stone shop fabricating granite and marble countertops. Well 1 aspect of the job is using a bridge saw to cut the slab of stone into the shape, or roughly the shape you need. Well one day the Baby Huey of the shop thought it be a great idea to sharpen the blade we used to plane the stone with. Some people like thinner tops, 🤷‍♂️. Anyway, Baby Huey figured using a grinding wheel on said blade would work to flatten, not sharpen, my bad. So Huey has the giant 12" grinder wheel spinning full tilt in 1 direction while the blade to the bridge saw was spinning the opposite.... Needless to say, Baby Huey wasn't a machine and obviously couldn't hold the grinder at the exact same angle for very long. We just have a tendency to trail... So as he "trailed" the bridge saw blade grabbed ahold of that grinder wheel and just sucked his hand right up into the bridge blade.... Needless to say he luckily didn't lose his hand or his arm.... He did however lose about a quarter of the top of his hand skin. Even more crazy... He drove himself to the hospital, had surgery and returned to work later that day... He never missed a full day of work due to almost losing his hand...

    44. Jason6758

      Accidents ( although technically there’s no such thing, only a series of events) happen Adam, look after mom and take care buddy

    45. Don Seale

      I have to say, before the words "this rag" had left your mouth I was cringing. I love the machine shop but those lathes always give me a moment of pause while I check for loose clothing. I am not sure how much flesh they can suck in before something gives but I have never wanted to find out. Heal up and carry on.

    46. Brian L

      Happens to the best of us. Thanks for keeping it real.

    47. Craig Beatty

      Thank you for telling us, it's vitally important to let everyone complacency accidents happen. Also thanks for telling us about your feelings during and after, this is also important to bring to the forefront for discussion. Having made mistakes in the past myself I know exactly what you're going through. Be good and stay safe.

    48. BigDreck

      I work with a lot of dangerous equipment that can seriously harm/fatally wound not just me, but the people around me and the "rule" that we all have is "the moment you stop being weary of the equipment, it's time to find a new job"

    49. Bulbasauron

      Great way to use the pollen excuse to hide the true emotional state about talking something that makes you feel really guilty and stupid. I can super relate to that

    50. Ben

      Almost died doing work on my old car. The jack slipped out and dropped the whole thing flat to the ground, directly where i was laying 5 seconds earlier. The shame you feel after is what keeps you alive a little longer.

    51. Alan Mahaffey

      Not that you will ever need it but one of the best hand surgery centers anywhere is Buncke Clinic at Davies Medical center right there in San Francisco.

    52. Alex Williams

      This man is a true maker. The best thing that could have come out of this has. Adam wasn't permanently injured, and he was able to use his experience to make everyone more cogniscent of the hazards. It was scary, but he powered through. Cheers to a lesson well learned

    53. Nik Hackaday

      The humility you showed by posting the video is very important. Everyone makes mistakes... not everyone owns up to them and tries to help others.

    54. giddyjet

      Silly silly boy - hope ya finger heals well

    55. Hayden Easther

      I put a knife through my hand while I was trying to pry frozen burgers apart I had two guard let downs first one was I was to comfortable with the knife and I had first aid knowledge yet I pulled the knife out

    56. Chris Mora

      I remember hearing somewhere that most car accidents happen closer to home because we’re more familiar with the road and tend to let our guard down.

    57. barry bortnick

      Thanks for sharing Adam, we can all learn from each others mistakes. You're probably up to date, but makers, don't forget your tetanus booster shot every ten years.

    58. Mid-Nite Ryders

      Glad your no worse off. Slipped with a knife once and I was looking at my bone in my finger, only time a cut got me woosey, didn't pass out came close !

    59. Adam Hampton

      I completely agree with you Adam. In everything in life, it is COMPLACENCY that is the killer. Times when we finish climbing the summit and are on the way down, to doing everyday mundane tasks that we take for granted, to being overjoyed with fixing the machine and so excited that you're not thinking of the risks at that moment. I along with probably everyone else has had those moments where we fall victim to complacency. There are a million other examples, including relationships and your job, but I think everyone gets the point. And I can only imagine how the threat of losing your tools that you use to do your job, and the things that give you passion and reason to wake up in the morning (other than wife and kids) could have been permanently taken away from you.

    60. Manatee

      Do you remove your wedding ring when using the lathe? I just wonder how bad it might have been if you'd trapped your ring finger?

    61. AdamOrnelles

      I work with a guy who starts jammed centrifugal sand pumps (for mining processing) by pulling the belt until it slams back to speed. Gives me the willies. Totally could get dragged into the flywheel.

    62. Corey Brown

      Adam. You're ingenious, quirky, and dare I say "imperfect". But the way you package it is so unique it makes you truly special --- you embrace uncertainty, learning by mistakes, and oh they happen! You, sir, have inspired me beyond words to try and make more mistakes because they're okay. I would urge you to remember Adam Savage I watched on TV as a kid. that inspired me to appreciate Science remarkably and to have fun with it. If it wasn't for you I may not be an engineer today. So thank you.--- and please be safe! Cheers, with love from Canada -eh! P.S: Watch your fingers!

    63. Weareallbeingwatched

      Bruv... you were cleaning a lathe while it was powered on?! With a rag? You're nuts bro. ______ What the lathe said: "yea man ok thanks for poking me in the gearbox, I feel feisty as fuck now. No need to rub it in, I know I'm getting old and can't use the internet but seriously, stop molesting me now. Go fix yourself, and while you're at it go brush up on basic machine shop safety. Here's a kiss from old WW2 'what safety' machinist world. I've been doing this since before you were born! Ok let's shake on it now. Give me your hand dear boy."

    64. Weareallbeingwatched

      I'm in the UK on day 49. I burned myself with a 100w soldering iron about a week into the lockdown. It gets like that. I Had it set up at home on a cardboard box full of flat pack timber, with the flex poorly routed, and it wouldn't stay put. Poor lighting etc. Then the bank call up about bureaucracy hell and cheques not getting cleared / locked in branches, and I have to drop everything to post some extra hell stuff, so I park up the work, soldering iron slips, handle it by the middle rather than the handle and HOLY SHIT THAT IS HOT.

    65. ej :D

      me: eating mother’s day giant corn on the cob like a child watching adam’s injury video that i saw on his insta & on simone’s pat on shoulder robot “oof” *corn spits all over*

      1. ej :D

        but happy mother’s day to all u moms ! say hi to ur child for me, esp if it’s a pet

    66. leviathanak

      I almost lost a finger to a drill press once, because I was wearing gloves. Chip spiral reached out and caught my glove and sucked in from 6"away. Kept finger. Lesson learned; it wants to eat ,you do not take anything for granted.

    67. DercMeen

      bless you

    68. Jack Soalheiro

      Faked the injury - just wanted to flex them AirPod pros

    69. Flight Recorder

      Don't worry Adam, I understand how much you don't want to talk about it because, having experience with lathes, I'm shuddering just listening to it. It happens to the best of us, unfortunately.

    70. Liam Moore

      I like how he's standing out and admitting he messed up

    71. Luz Gomez

      Sad just only you finger...!!

    72. Holbein Crâne

      Well I actually can't watch huge parts of this channel's video, because I am terrified with saw, or spinning tools or things like that, so this one feels like a "you were right" video xD

    73. Paul Simonson

      So glad you were able to walk away with your finger still attached to your hand! Keep up the good (and safe) work! I know you don't believe, but God was watching over you.

    74. C R

      Adam do you got the rona bro.

    75. OmegaNerd

      I hope you feel better soon

    76. Nikola M

      Take a shot everytime he blows his nose

    77. Jopossum

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="262">4:22</a> /video L E A R N

    78. よしろ神奈川

      Your video does give me helpful insight and a good reminder.

    79. よしろ神奈川

      Oh yeah, wish you peacefulness.

    80. よしろ神奈川

      Please don't blame your self, so you can be in the present and still be clear minded to not make the same actions again. It's of the mind. You are exactly right. Guard, mind, comfort. It seems you are worried about inconveniencing others if you are hurt. I think important you understand its ok. Just very Happy you are ok.