A Major Airbnb Fail

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    Real fam, have you ever booked an Airbnb online but found something VERY different in person?

    Published on 26 days ago


    1. melissa3232

      I tried airbnb once. The owner never showed up, so we were left standing with our luggage on the doorstep. I had to use booking com to find an expensive last minute hotel. We did not end up paying for the airbnb, but I did have to pay more for the hotel because it was very last minute and it was hard finding any available hotels. Never again!

    2. Neha Patel

      I personally love to air bnb to longer trips because the homey feeling appeals to me if I'm doing it for long. I like the idea of vacationing but still coming back to some semblance of a residence. For shorter trips I love hotels. I get Tam's POV though.

    3. Maria Salazar

      Whats. Airbnb

    4. Julie Donovan

      Can we get Jackie Aina on the show

    5. Levi 123

      Y’all have options so don’t bitch about it. I do it all so no worries here. Airbnb is cheaper tho 😄

    6. Aminata Annie

      I’m crying 😭 Chelsea project. They did them soooooo wrong. I honestly feel like that mom and daughter did not properly read cause lordddddd 😭😭😭😭 straight to court I’m taking you lol

    7. Ixchel Carbajal

      My husband and i booked a bedroom from a home that ended up being a closet. We cancelled and got our money back.

    8. Ms. Wilson

      If no one knows about Chelsea they would make a mistake. I wouldn't have known when I heard the name

    9. Jon-Michael Keiser

      I showed up and my airbnb host was PAINTING the whole house and the room I was staying in.....

    10. PMA Alvaray

      Ouuu I want Adrienne’s top! 😍

    11. Ashley White

      I had a bad experience with Airbnb, I booked with a female host , when I arrived it was a male there eating dinner. When I asked where the female host was, he responded "she's on vacation" . This absolutely freaked me out. He should me around. i went into the bedroom, locked the door and looked for the nearest hotel and called a Uber. I simply told the host I was going out and would be back around 2am. I never returned. I contacted Airbnb and let them know. I would also like to shout out the uber drive I told about this situation who totally didnt charge for the ride, and The Hyatt hotel downtown ATL who provided me free dinner and accommodations due to this scare

    12. Shayna Dorsey

      We’re doing Air BnB for this trip to Orlando/DisneyWorld so I can’t wait to see what this looks like!

    13. Chelsea Cristina

      Dang and it happened in my city

    14. mike c

      They really gave the set a glow up

    15. Danielle Gaskins

      I stayed in a air bnb and it totally felt like I was in someone elses home, I wasn't a fan.

    16. Michelle Henderson

      The ladies look stunning and I love the coordination.

    17. Kay Cee

      Airbnb has a map of the area where you’ll be staying at too

    18. YasieTV

      This is important because I’ll be looking to do this when I try and come to the U.S next year. Thankyou ladies!!!

    19. Kym H

      After what happened to Adam and Slim where someone broke into the rental home I will say that I am gonna pass, 1 hotel please.

    20. Wendy V.

      I prefer hotels

    21. Lauren

      lol im from Texas and Im like 90 bucks is not a steal and i dont even know what chelsea is.

    22. Rose Dieujuste

      What about the safety

    23. ******

      this Jeanie very cheap

    24. Min42

      Santorini is a BEAUTIFUL place ..Want to go there to some of their Airbnb

    25. Erica Lara

      Stayed at Airbnb in Arlington va. I will never trust a Airbnb. I woke up and noticed a dried blood stain on my bed comforter. Never again.

    26. Karen Gutloff

      "Chelsea, close to the Highline!" That's my New York sister!!!

    27. Simone Greene

      Surprised that Adrienne didn't mention putting up a review for her own house

    28. Jasmine Carty

      I’m with Tam! I’m not really into Airbnb’s I just rather have a luxury experience when I’m on vacation at a 4-5 star hotel. Lol.. maybe I’ll try to Airbnb one day.

    29. chelseapz

      Bnb stands for bed and breakfast... maybe that’s why tam asked 😂

    30. bby m

      I’ve never had an air bnb id take a hotel anyday

    31. MoiWonder

      Yep, I had a bad experience in Boston. Nice neighborhood, friendly host. H O W E V E R! She had a freaking dog. I do not like dogs. Actually scared of dogs. It wasn’t in her profile but it was said in the reviews. Read the reviews!

    32. Victoria Jolie

      With hard annunciations of the letters B & P, I can't help but wonder if Adrienne spits when she talks.

      1. Jackie Agard

        I think she does and that's why Loni don't look in her direction much

    33. JodyNanci

      Adrienne's makeup is BOMB

    34. miranda pow

      just get a hotel . i dont get that whole airbnb.

    35. Steph Powell

      Adrienne looks flipping amazing!

    36. Zainab Ntuli

      Adrienne looks amazing! Makeup, jumpsuits,hair! POPPIN!

    37. KatsObsession

      We just had an air bnb that we were disappointed in a couple weeks ago. The pictures were deceiving and they didn’t mention shared space.

    38. Wayne Smith

      You have to dig into the research. Sometimes companies will pay people to make fake reviews. Especially on phone apps. You get down to those 1 star reviews and see the real deal.

    39. Latoya

      Won’t you all leave Tamera alone! I completely agree with her - I go on holiday to REST!!!

    40. AD NYC

      The Pjs aren’t that bad but It’s not that cute