7 People Who Had Plastic Surgery vs 1 Who Has Not



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    1. Melanie and Elizabeth 11/9/06

      You should do 6 Scorpios and non Scorpio

    2. gnally b

      imagine getting plastic surgery when your 14..........

    3. Mister Whacky

      You should do 7 girls vs 1 boy or 7 boys vs 1 girl I think that'd be interesting to watch

    4. *• Purple Panda Playz •*

      Mean girls? Wow cool

    5. Bear-y Cute

      imagine if the mole was the one who had her moles removed... that would've been iconic.

      1. doliio volay

        adelaide kinda looks like pheobe from friends

    6. Roberts Rudzītis


    7. Maury TheDon

      With sage im still confused about what she said plastic surgery with moles still don't get it

      1. doliio volay

        Sage came so prepared with the puns

    8. bocoy noiu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="709">11:49</a> "WHISPER SIXX like a science project" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="728">12:08</a> "KENDAL knew would win" WHOEVER EDITED THIS VIDEO ILY AHAHAH

    9. Daily Meme Shots

      im sorry but what kinda name is whisper sixx

    10. Joseph Lavalle

      Who names their kid Whisper Sixx

    11. Spooky

      I eventually ended up judging my nose after watching this.

      1. bocoy noiu

        A group of men vs one transgender (Female to male), or A group of women vs one transgender (Male to Female)

    12. Skater Kidz

      The girl in the yellow said she got it in middle school bruh moment

    13. Ben P

      Plastic surgery is such a terrible, unnecessary thing to do unless you need it. There's so much that can go wrong.

    14. Dayn Eduado

      The guy should have invested in teeth whitening and braces 😂😂😂😂

    15. Seth Rollins

      Why are the weirdest people always picked for this?

    16. Breindelle Kusi-Boateng

      i need to know kendell insta

    17. WattoXtreme

      Where’s pewds at?

    18. YaBoiiRyan

      Imagine they did one with schizophrenics

    19. basmah abdalaziz

      Adeladie's necklace was a word written in arabic!!!

    20. Lydia Savitt

      Sage came so prepared with the puns

    21. Urwa Ahmad

      adelaide kinda looks like pheobe from friends

    22. Sage Morris

      My name is sage lol

    23. Sadnessinsidereaper

      You should do 6 anime fans vs 1 non anime fan

    24. Jam.

      Plastic surgery at 14, must have been real bad

    25. ken wang

      Video idea: 7 strangers one with Coronavirus

    26. Coolin the Gamer

      A group of men vs one transgender (Female to male), or A group of women vs one transgender (Male to Female)

      1. Coolin the Gamer

        Pagan liminals ok

      2. Pagan liminals

        Trans men are men Trans woman are woman Not 3rd gender

      3. Pagan liminals

        Youmean" guess who's trans"

    27. oiuet souiu

      She said her septum was shifted cuz of dancing but then in some clips said she wanted a noise job and her parents let her once she turned 18

    28. faerie u

      Sage was pissing me off I wanted her gone ASAP

    29. Aesthetic Soul

      Why would they vote out Adelaide ? 😹😹

    30. Aesthetic Soul

      Great .Now I feel insecure about my nose. 😑

      1. oiuet souiu

        Y’all should do which one is the sociopath cause sociopaths gets their emotions by copying other’s emotions

    31. Lalarf Vonjour

      If any one was South korean girl i would believe in them they had palstic surgery

    32. D4YL4N

      I’m surprised not one of them had butt lift surgery

    33. Matt Kelly

      He/she/whatever needed cheek removal because whatever it is can’t love them enough why do people have problems not being okay with themselves

      1. Pagan liminals

        Would it hurt to say they?

    34. Paola

      "they see me molin'...they hatin" nice

    35. Matt Kelly

      Wtf where did they find these people?!?!

    36. Paola

      who named these people! i like it

    37. t f

      IEN "the voice-over guy" is a hottie 🔥😍

    38. Aaron Uribe

      They future kids gonna wonder why their nose has a bump

    39. Ches eze

      Lets all be honest we did not search this..

    40. misolou fout

      You KNOW she practiced the “They saw me mole-in” line and I literally lol’d so thank you Molelissa

    41. alis

      sage's pun game was so strong. i loved them :-)

    42. Emaan F.

      Shannon is kinda oblivious. She said smth like "she doesn't look like she had plastic surgery" like that's kinda the point, ppl still wanna look natural after surgeries-

    43. ꧁Lily Pie Diy꧂

      I got moles removed and I’m here to remove moles Oh....😶

    44. Mckenna Jade

      Did anyone else notice at the end of the first round, someone voted Jade even though she wasn’t part of the tie?

    45. Nayvee-Marie Nash

      Y’all should do which one is the sociopath cause sociopaths gets their emotions by copying other’s emotions

      1. fllower knight


    46. therealsamtheman

      I liked this, but wayyyy too many rhinoplastys/ies. I love these, I wanna do one in real life!

    47. T3MPO21

      wtf is ths bump that we have on are nose

    48. Zayd Alkassem

      Why does it matter if you identify as a they or them when all they need is your name smh

    49. Brooke

      They should totally do "Whos the lil Uzi Vert hater" !!!!!!!

    50. Hila .

      Next up: *guess whos a non-kpop fan* the show will end within 10s

    51. Maria Dirani

      I am from Lebanon

    52. Dark Knight

      One of them is not even a human, what kind of name is whisper sixx?

      1. fllower knight

        It's his drag queen name

    53. Jclar371

      If you ever need an Australian HMU

    54. Connor Price

      An episode where everyone is told they are the mole. That would be intresting

    55. Holy Penetration

      ive wanted a rhinoplasti since i was like 10 i used to push on my nose so hard to try to break it just so my parents would finally agree to get me one. Im 23 now and i still hate it but sadly cant afford to get one :(

    56. Vijay studious

      6 people:we had plastic surgery 1 person : we didn't get plastic surgery Erin:that's not vegan!

    57. Lana The Lemon

      Why did I get disappointed when they won

    58. Khalel Capile

      What the hell kinda name is Whisper Sixx? Sounds like a mumbling rapper who whispers

    59. karl ruz

      Italian nose? Mannaggia che camurria

    60. Mordi

      Boring video

    61. Soinas Doyi

      I needed this in my life right now! ????

    62. Solfrid Hægeland

      Can u do 7 Harry Potter fans vs 1 who is not

    63. Get me to 1k subs without any content

      Plastic surgery is only done by women and men/women with mental issues (gayness)

    64. Get me to 1k subs without any content

      I frickin hate transgenders

      1. Soinas Doyi

        we need to bring big papa to react to this...

    65. ZebrazRus

      that girl is so pretty n looks like Keri Hilson!

    66. Anouar Fertahi

      Someone with more than 70 IQ

    67. White Sky

      6 suicidal vs 1 non suicidal xD

    68. xd_teknique

      Next video: 7 people have Coronavirus vs 1 person who doesn’t 😂😂

    69. Tia Nye

      I know she’s not like an employee or anything but because we’re all quarantined right now I was wondering if there was maybe a livestream on Instagram or a video we could do we audience questions for Shannon! I would love to hear more about her labiaplasty and her stories!

    70. PricedJam

      They should do one with guess the secret highschooler and this one kid is like 6ft tall but he’s just a really tall 5th grader

    71. Tyler Jayde

      Y’all should do like 6 cis people and 1 trans person or vise versa

    72. Jbug Gaming

      I Still Waiting For 6 Girls Vs 1 Trans Guy

    73. Kendra600

      Did Adelaide change her story or am I crazy?

    74. Valera Pavlenko

      Next vid: all are moles

    75. Mapfel

      Sub to PewDiePie

    76. ShannonPlays

      Finally I see someone named Shannon! And we both have curly hair and had plastic surgery! Lol. And my plastic surgery was to remove a tumor btw

    77. whitecherryblossom

      Gepriesen sei Allah und gelobt sei er

    78. whitecherryblossom

      Gepriesen sei Allah und gelobt sei er

    79. face- less

      we need to bring big papa to react to this...

    80. Victoria Lin

      You guys should do 6 band members and one secret (strings) orchestra member or something related to knowing music.