2Sexy Big Block Evo Build Continues...

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    After Al's motorbike accident, It's up to Marty to go apprentice style and get his show car turned budget race car ready for it's mad new big block turbo setup...
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    Special thanks to Woody from The Skid Factory for helping shoot this episode.
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    Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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    1. P Bear

      Great series guys, not sure if it's been mentioned previously, but why is there an ej20 lump in the boot?

    2. Mr Chocolate Bean

      Hi guys! I have little to no knowledge about engine swapping so I wanted to ask people about it and just ask for advice. I have a 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer EX. I want to engine swap and in the future add a turbo. Yeah you may think why didn't I just buy an EVO. Because from where I live, you have to import and evo from the neighboring countries if you really wanted one. So I got an EX, and I also have a car that isn't running with perfect parts, (A VW with a V6 engine). So I wanna know if it is possible for me to take that V6 and put in my Lancer EX. I wish you could help me by informing me. Thank you in advance!

    3. SerjTankian512

      Name of song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> PLEASE??

    4. Frank The tank

      I see a crank girdle. This makes me happy.

    5. Karen Murray

      geez I wish al would shut up (hahahaha) great video keep it going !

    6. Calvin Zeus

      You guys should do this to the Proton Jumbuck and name it the F**KBuck

    7. Liddz

      LOVE this ep! Consider me inspired

    8. James Herdt

      This video saved me a lot of effort about two weeks ago. I was fighting hoses for an oil catch can and remembered this video and after I lubed them up they went on like a dream. Such a simple thing, but it was this video that drove it home. Thanks Turbo Yoda!

    9. shags shag

      Where exactly can i find a 4g69 turbo manifold,marty said there heaps to buy off the shelf i havn’t found any online..am i missing something here?obviously can go custom for the manifold but would like to see my options can someone show me a link or similar?

    10. Fenrir Skeane

      Al bares a striking resemblance to Turbo Yoda.

    11. J Lee

      I dunno why but Turbo Yoda just looks like a guy who knows what he's doing when working on cars... Freaking still cranking wrenches with a broken hand..

    12. Steven La

      Marty why don't you run coolant through the e throttle? Is it because the Haltech uses data from the coolant temp sensor to adjust idle accordingly? So cool how Haltech can modernize an engine.

    13. Aurimas D.

      I like that grumpy but very smart men ! :)

    14. Jason WB

      To get rubber hoses pliable I put the end of hose into Boiling water for a little. rubber hose gets really soft, then hardens as it cools. Works really well when changing solid rubber tires on rims.

    15. Keith Pugh

      I'd have so much fun hanging with turbo yoda.. lmao.

    16. Acidistic B

      what is the song at 3.00? its amazing!

    17. Grahamlander

      Love that you put glasses on him when he was wearing flip flops while removing the engine. Safety First Mate!

    18. Jonny English

      I wish I had a pet turbo yoda..... Would help so much with my plans :(

    19. jeff king

      What’s that Aussie flag on the wall...???? I can see a boot but that’s all.....

    20. Keith No

      Possibly a stupid question, but you guys rinsed out the soap out of the lines after putting the fittings on, right? Or is that not even necessary for some chemical reason I don't know?

    21. McLaren 302

      Excellent recycling for a light stand!

    22. Delphineum

      Is this the Evolution XI?

    23. lukemanius

      You guys should really invest in some bigger TIG cups. More gas, but more coverage for a cleaner, quicker weld.

    24. buaan

      Great content!

    25. Oskar Tuuling

      need a 13b show!

    26. AstrumArgenteum

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="704">11:44</a> Alan's sometimes a little savage :P love it xD

    27. TheSoundOfSilence

      2.4Sexy, YEAH!

    28. nyeark

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="678">11:18</a> Marty dabbed

    29. Alani Dunn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1160">19:20</a>😂😂😂

    30. Kristján Kristjánsson

      This is basically a tutorial video on how to make a bad mitsubishi a decent mitsubaru

    31. ПЦ

      don't drill "bowl" of a stand macpherson, its start cracking from hole... just weld brackets

    32. Teched99

      We all know what turbo yoda did @ 3.13

    33. Grant Phillips

      I Love Hose....

    34. D. T.

      Just got outta jail.... And im Sooooo happy to watch you guys again. 😊👍👌👊

    35. panky

      🤔 I do not know why you complicated, i use the oem mirage axle's on my with my swap 🤷

    36. Saulius Agintas

      I love Alls happiness 😁

    37. King Ave Garage

      This is like watching Yoda teaching Luke the ways of the force.

    38. Francesca Kerrigan

      Where is MOOG

    39. Joe Hammar

      sitting around waiting for the 2 sexy song

    40. Ghio Agustin

      Is there any chance of converting it to rear wheel drive or awd (lol basically making it an evo)? i think it is a good and interesting content

    41. Kei

      "It's really easy to get off in this car" Yoda likes it

    42. spectre2025

      that's what u guys call a ''Big Block '' ?

    43. Rhys Mcmahon

      What about an AWD conversion

    44. David Pfeiffer

      What electric impact wrench do you have? Do you like it? Seems sweet if it has enough torque to do driveshaft bolts!

    45. Low Guido's Chop Shop

      R.I.P putty knife

    46. Kevin Konopka

      When do we get to buy this mad music?

    47. Gonzo Mason

      What else do we need to do that's boring but necessary. Thanks Turbo Yoda that's my new life motto 😂

    48. MatthewDiesFirst

      Can someone please educate me? So, I'm from England and whenever I hear the phrase 'big block', it's usually associated with Americans talking about large displacement engines, specifically V8's. What makes this engine a big block? What even is a big block?

    49. Nuxli89

      MIVTEC LOL@<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1314">21:54</a>

    50. TheBpsr2000

      "It's really easy to get off in this car" True words, Yoda...true words.

    51. Levon F.

      I think it’s a coincidence that a 4G *69* is going in 2 *Sexy*

    52. Shears

      What are those rims? Used to have a set, car wreck took them away. Would like to know.

    53. Nathaniel Mathies

      Not sure if fuel line is the same, but on trucks when we need to push air line on the barbed fitting you stick the end of the hose in a cup of boiling water for 30 seconds and it makes it more ductile.

    54. Nisemono Yarou

      Lets just call it 2SexyMitsubishi Mirage Lancer Evolution Cyborg R Turbo... This is getting out of hand...

    55. kris4733

      Why bother with power steering?

      1. Recharge Games Studio

        circuit evo

    56. Astrø

      jeez this was posted on my birthday thank you mighty car mods for this wonderful gift.

    57. Rick James

      its so chill without moog

    58. David Williams

      That busted finger looks painful........

    59. Vera Garcia

      Hey guys what happened to the kid you gave the little red Corolla to? and I guess what happened to the car ?

    60. Benjamin Ross

      i like fishes of the land as well, murray cod

    61. hh65flyer

      Is the hood (bonnet?) even going to come close to closing with that relocated PS reservoir? Doesn't look like it.

    62. Ondrej Janovec

      Perfect work. 👏🙌👍👌

    63. Kilimand

      I have to agree making those AN lines is a pain but at least you are not using braided hose. Oh god those small steel fibres are terrible, they start splitting and the worst is when they pierce your fingers.

    64. Frank Whitham

      Any chance of links to the fittings you used? Thanks

    65. Mastrosity

      about time you boys started using speedflow fittings

    66. Ricardo Mcgrath

      At office threat strengthen union aggressive diabetes bear show sink.

    67. лев маркарян

      wow engine totally broked

    68. VeinSlit

      Couldn't you heat up the fuel hose with a heat gun, so it goes on easier?

    69. Craig Fell

      Will the power steering res foul the bonnet? Looks like it's poking out.

    70. THE G.

      Increase Yodas mics sensitivity next time, the dude is too chill and calm :D

    71. Andy Street

      Hey guys I love your show and your music it's amazing. I am from the UK and have just started my own channel very early stages(filming basics with go pro)and am coming over to Australia next year in February and wondered where you guys were based as I would love to meet you guys and film maybe help a hand for a day with you guys. Keep up the great work your a inspiration to USsel

    72. Jon Fisher

      Dammit guys, this SERIOUSLY makes me miss my rcolt. Fun fact, magna v6's fit into the CE fairly well....

    73. Li'lBlueHonda

      Hey Guys, you mentioned in the video that you recycled injectors from Miss Daisy, and so I wanted to ask: what happened to her?? She was awesome! Maybe I missed another video along the way...

    74. Laurens 23

      I’m waiting for the rebuild of 2sexy 🤟🏻

    75. oldschooldubber

      What you said about where the injectors came from made me wonder, What happened to Miss Daisy?

    76. Chad Lew

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a> "bung" - Marty's face

    77. x34x TJC x34x

      So why the 4g69 engine and not a 4g63t ? If it’s Evo build why not use the Evo motor? If you want the 2.4l why not do the 4g64 bottom with 4g63t head ?

    78. matt kellahan

      I thought it was purple...

    79. Almightyrastus

      Love the Yoda-Meister, he's like a perpetually grumpy turbo powered Santa Claus

    80. Derek Brown

      I still want to know the first songs name

      1. Derek Brown

        @Mjuaji okay maybe not the actual first song, but the one that starts at 1:57

      2. Mjuaji

        Lift Me up (feat. 7skies) Moog