24 hour Online Shopping Challenge

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    we have gotten so many requests since our 24 hour shopping challenge, to do ANOTHER 24 hour shopping challenge, so we decided since we're stuck inside our homes currently, that we should do a 24 hour ONLINE shopping challenge. watch to see what happens in the next 24 hours, and stay til the end to see our MASSIVE 24 hour online shopping challenge haul!
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    If you see this, comment "I CANT BELIEVE GABI BOUGHT THAT FOR NIKI LOL"
    only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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    We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our 24 hour online shopping challenge video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!


    1. Julia Pinzone


    2. maribella martin

      "everyone always makes fun of me for liking highwaisted bottoms..." girl all my swimsuits are highwaisted and i love them

    3. Rachel Kiefer

      i love you guys so much! venmo: kieferxo

    4. Iris Sarsfield

      god they spent alot of money

    5. Aydin Vlogs

      Who is watching USsel all day because of coven 19 ✋ I am


      Is Gabi wearing contacts?

    7. Erin Braatz

      Me and Gabi have the same phone case

    8. Å _ swèètłÿ

      tbh your the only USselrs I like that actually stay at home 🏡

    9. Mirabella Daquila

      I went to Niki's website and it was so cute! I have never bought anything from a you tubers website but I am about to make my first purchase! Keep doing what you are doing Niki and block out the haters. Love you!

    10. Kate Riddle

      venmo is kateeriddle

    11. G Family

      Niki easter dress😑🙄 Gabi EASTER DRESS!!!

    12. Sena


    13. Sena

      email: sena.mail@gmx.de

    14. Sena

      email: sena.mail@gmx.de

    15. Lily DaBears

      Lol, I’m ten years old and I’m size seven!

    16. Sissely vd Toorn

      There style combined is me😂

      1. Stan bts or yOu gOt nO jAmS

        Sameee aha and grunge

    17. Sena


    18. Sena

      email : sena.mail@gmx.de

    19. Nicolette Alexander

      I wasn’t expecting this to be so entertaining haha (venmo @nicolette-maria) 😩

    20. Miranda Elizabeth

      Gabi is so pretty I swear

    21. Clo's Journey

      I would love to shop like this.

    22. Lilly H

      i thought my eyes were playing with me when she bougjt $1000 shoes😳

    23. Imee’s Vlog channel


    24. Allison Lai

      Venmo: @allilai Loved watching u guys shop :,)

    25. Ava Weigold

      Am I the only one who is in loveeee with Nikis room tho

    26. Mirinisa Rom

      I'm starting to luv them I keep watching.

    27. Leah Pressley

      oi i dont wanna give my paypal here because of it being a public place

    28. Someone

      If had the money I would shop all the time 😂

    29. LPSDOJJO


    30. Avalea King


    31. Xena FJ

      hey niki and gabbie niki i have a question for you... what website did you make your website on? love you byeeee! p.s. plzz reply!!

    32. Chaymae Bassam

      Email: bassam.chaymae@gmail.com

    33. Amber

      everything is sooooo freaking expensive

    34. soinu foig

      Nikki: Am I smart?! Me: That's a question I always wonder about myself

    35. Zaczarowany Świat Kuby

      Is it just me or gaby bought the same pants as Niki has right now in this video

    36. Jasmijn Boelens

      jasmijnboelens@gmail.com 💞💞 Btw that luxery bag tho..🤤

    37. Prabakaran R

      Niki and Gabi: let's do a online shopping challenge Delivery guy: you really have to do this to me

      1. soinu foig

        Them:spending 1,000 for a bag Me:Bish wuh 0:

    38. 1 2

      girl I love high wasted too

    39. Kirsten Neepin

      Niki your the best

    40. Lydia Shultz

      My mom and little sister just got laid off, so I would love to be able to send them money if you're making donations still Venmo @lydiashultz

    41. gabriella kimsey

      i love this video ❤️❤️

    42. Olivia DeJarnett

      venmo: oliviadejarnett

    43. Grace Sykes

      Hey! my venmo- gsykes16 THANKS SO MUCH

    44. zoey_ grayce

      My email is zoeymiller805@yahoo.com

    45. Heaven Schneider

      You guys don’t even look related anymore, let alone like twins. It’s sad.

    46. sunil kundu

      For the first time , i found gabi funny when she get wipe 😂

    47. LN Quinny

      niki : “oh it oNlY cost 890” me: “i dont even have 2 dollars bruh”

    48. Corine Harvey

      I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SO MUCH AHHH!!!🤩🤩🤩🥺 venmo: @corineharvey

    49. Amanda Nolan

      Amanda_nolan200@yahoo.com 🤍

    50. hikathleen

      So happy you guys did a similar video to the shopping 24 hour video! Love you guys! Hope you guys are staying safe! Venmo: hikathleen

    51. Charlotte Henry


    52. Daimond_ Playz_76

      Them:spending 1,000 for a bag Me:Bish wuh 0:

    53. Children Morales


    54. Irene Straniero

      Venmo @irene-straniero

    55. Jae Bae

      Me literally trying to figure out how much they actually spent on all of this lol! I'm basically broke! All my money goes to buying my daughter cute little outfits! Venmo: NessFunder_98

    56. Rebeca _Dmgz


    57. Aolanis Medina

      I don't do dress like seriously I hate dress

    58. Kayla Madison

      ssour.slimes@gmail.com is my PayPal! I’m was diagnosed with chronic illnesses and am currently in treatment for a few more months so it would feel nice to do something good for my mom because of the cost of my treatment. 💛

    59. Felicia Vale


    60. Marley King

      plssss help we were not prepared and need supplies venmo: msmiami

    61. Victoria Fernandez

      i poor i cant buy things im a kid

    62. Liv Weaver

      my venmo : livvy281

    63. November Queen

      You two are so sweet! I love ur channel

    64. UnidentifiedTrollMix

      Nikki: “I’m literally going to spend the next 2 hours trying to find something to buy.” Me: “Trying to save money to find something to buy.”

      1. maya mysterious amor

        I constantly have this problem 😂

    65. Brooke Bloom

      Venmo @bbloom1017

    66. ella marie benedetti

      ellamarieba@gmail.com give me that coin

    67. Donia Kocher

      its worth a try :) gmail: doniakocher24@gmail.com

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    69. Alexis S

      Venmo Alexis-Mary-1 I’m a special ed teacher 😢

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      Please help me out :( i need the money for school right now my gmail is jaigunderlach@gmail.com

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      Love this video!! Venmo is @annie_sanderson .. anything helps ❤️

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      Venmo: shelbydcook

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      PayPal : Amanda.ttran@yahoo.com I literally couldn’t imagine spending this much money lmaooo

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    75. The Video Editing Experts

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    76. Alexis

      Not gonna lie, as much fun as this looks, i would 100000% fall asleep first lol I'd also probably be shopping on Walmart website lmao My boyfriend is temp laid off, but I'm considered essential as i am a Police Dispatcher, however we cant support our household on a solo income.. I love watching your channel, I would super appreciate anything, you guys are AMAZING pp // Alexis_Nicole@Outlook.com

    77. Morgan Shaw

      Loved this video!! I wish i had the money to be able to buy whatever I want and give back to people in this troubling time!! So jealous!! Venmo: morgan-shaw-23

    78. Sara Miller

      omg niki and gabi pck out the best outfits even when they are tired lie if you agreeee

    79. Ali White

      Venmo @aliwhiteee 💖 you guys are so sweet!!

    80. Alilia Fondren

      Gabbi looked like Ariana Grande in her Easter Dress