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  1. plop plop


  2. Samuel Hew

    Hisap Yuk Come sip on this Sip on this ...................... Sugondese?

  3. John Peterson

    Cheers yall. Thank you for continuing. My pretty lady and I have been using yall for a serene break everyday.

  4. SophieSteph

    Y’all are full trolls🤣

  5. Reid Barnett

    My god y’all not what I wanna wake up to Your idiots sipping loudly?

  6. Isabelle Scott

    I’m from Van Isle and the Hawkins Cheesies are extremely popular

  7. TimmahNZ

    so glad i stayed until 8:13. lol

  8. T.J. Sylvia

    It's honestly kinda gross that they were drinking their own spit though

  9. I Am The Carrot

    Too fake...

  10. Kitty

    9:19 I just sat here watching two guys sip a drink for 9 minutes

  11. ItsLadyJadeyTTV

    After Good Mythical Morning I'm not sure what I expected from More.

  12. Living Truth


  13. Dreamsage

    Really? Seriously? Come on man. I was hoping there would at least be some content in the more

  14. ŻømBįE

    Best ASMR ever.

  15. Floof II

    Link: "I HAD A BAD MORNING" My mind: "I guess you could call it BMM..."

  16. maddie tallman

    i watched both episodes and it took me until i read the comments to realize it was an april fool's day joke... it genuinely seemed like something they'd do and their reactions were so realistic to who they are personality wise

  17. moccalou

    Put it in a bird bath and call Sippy Hedren.

  18. Emi Haru

    What I want to know is if Josh made the stuff for the main episode and the drink, and if so, how.

  19. Idru Lili

    Jarred is hot I get he went to Jarred for his woman/man

  20. Joy Porcella

    You either run from bigfoot or you run to bigfoot

  21. Jhcg Cxdbv

    So the vid was just them sipping a drink. Wow

  22. Max 1Billion

    These were pretty nice April fool's day vids

  23. Hinoko Nakamura

    Welp, here I am having a bowl of soup, so it's just a bunch of people sipping on sippy drinks and soups

  24. Ablagirl

    Misophonia activated.

  25. Ryan Fisher

    Get some tops on those sippy cups.

  26. Caitlin Dalton

    Thanks guys! Keep being mythical!! It’s a nice change of pace; nice to know you guys are right here with us! ❤️

  27. K.N.D Transport

    Really stretching the content boundaries with these two videos.

  28. Megan Webb

    I... just... noo...

  29. Mark D'Agostino

    I don’t care that this is a More I’m calling it LTAT

  30. AsLongAsURLaughing Live

    Idk if its because its 3:30am when im watching this but this absolutely hilarious to me!

  31. Katie von Gremp

    They're like eyeballs. They're like raindrops.

  32. Katie von Gremp

    Rhett looked a little like Clark Gable when he made the twirling mustache face.

  33. Shadows_Of_Fall

    Why is Rhett so bad at sipping?

  34. Ordinary Taco

    so I've been fooled twice great

  35. Blackout_Cat

    This video was posted on April 1st

  36. heirofthedog1

    Link, “Who’s that gloved man? He a criminal?” No that’s just 2020 for ya.

  37. Jacob Carr


  38. Gatekeeper123

    I never knew it until now but need a who series “does it sip videos” plz make this happen

  39. Dizzy D

    the eye contact makes me uncomfortable

  40. Isaac Thomas

    Baru is what my cat says! We say it back to him.

  41. Mr12Relic

    Link sounded like he was on the verge of tears at the end.

  42. Jadie Evans

    theres something so wholesome about link sticking up for daven when rhett said he only knew bc he had the answer "he already knew man >:("

  43. Mr12Relic

    18:05 My sister's husband's parents got them multiple Charmin "Forever Rolls" as a gag gift for Christmas

  44. YeetNoah

    This reminds me of a podcast

  45. Anomaleeh

    8:03 tho

  46. BabyBlaze Redstone


  47. David Schwegler

    Is Hisap Yuk an anagram for something?

  48. Lo Music

    My dad wanted to video chat for the first time since I moved away from him almost 6 years ago. It was really fantastic.

  49. Kay & Tay

    “ chili “ 😭 omg

  50. Kay & Tay

    It’s SOUP ! Mix 😭😂

  51. ThisIsTori

    9:12 if I ever caught someone staring at me the way Rhett is, *we f i g h t i n*

  52. michael grossman

    This made me extremely thirsty

  53. Derek Dallman

    It’s so weird seeing you guys actually “enjoying” these clips. I know you’re extending the clips cause of the situation going on but it’s hard to watch lolol

    1. Zain Khaled

      Derek Dallman it’s April fools episode

  54. Ethan Kyler

    God dang how much liquid was in there😂

  55. AL mush

    "to good health" starts coffing.

  56. Hayleigh Clapper

    My dedication to you made me watch this whole video and the regular episode

  57. Jamie Alice

    I want more of them playing this !

  58. park 64

    This is painful

  59. Daniel Sanchez

    My favorite moment is 8:03

  60. ITS Greed

    the Sippiest Drink is chocolate milk hands down

  61. TJTheJetUS2

    Enjoy my finger almond boy😂😂😂😂😂😂

  62. Austin Wilwayco

    I think Charles and my Dad would be best friends

  63. Elfzie

    10:29 don’t ask questions just press it

  64. C Reyes

    Just to be clear Link Neal is in jail because of this German girl.

  65. Cuppy Cakey

    I never thought it could be so funny and entertaining to watch two men sip on the sippiest drink ever, but I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. 😂 😆

  66. Jeremiah Delcour

    No not again.

  67. Angelin Jacob

    I loved this episode!! It felt homely, apt for the situation and gives motivation for everyone during this hard time! Thanks for this and please continue with it. :)

  68. Jack Heffernan

    who else is watching while Buddy System is free

  69. Viviana Young

    As a past furby collector and enthusiast, the opening of this video caused unnecessary pain.

  70. Elfzie

    Rock and Link😂😂

  71. Jewel

    And the oscar goes to!

  72. Bailey Chiu

    Does anyone else get convinced to try this stuff? Lol

  73. brenon whittington

    So here I am. Sitting here watching these two grown men sip their drinks for... a while. Whatever I guess.

  74. Emma Lo

    Lando’s cheeks are sooooo cuteee. And it’s interesting how Rhett/Shep are all angular and sharp lines whereas Link/Lando are soft and round lines

  75. Isaiah Candelaria

    I really enjoyed this episode ☺️

  76. David Beach

    Would a mom say..Mrs. Sippy?

  77. XistoKente

    8:03 Too sippy! Too sippy!

  78. Judith Molina

    Fav video

  79. Spartan Review

    I'm confused by sippest drink Nice April fool's joke

  80. Rami

    Link: Btw did I say I’m tired?

  81. Joseph Garret

    Ah sh*t here we go again

  82. jacob bane

    thanks for the only ones to April fools me

  83. Peter Cyr

    Isn't that just a homemade label over a wine bottle?

  84. Yan Hutajulu

    so fascinating how i still enjoyed gmm, even in a quarantine format

  85. Marissa Castillo

    I can’t believe I actually sat through both. This is how much I love y’all.

  86. Otis Horne

    both your balloons look like animals with demented sausages at at least one point in the process

  87. Maddox Deeren

    I was so confused until I watched the date. 😂

  88. Josiah Garvin

    I guess the moral of today's GMM and GMMore is that quarantine does in fact affect people's psychological health. Even Rhett and Link's!🤣🤣🤣

  89. Colleen Price

    They got us again, fool me once ....

  90. Handy Jobson

    This is just impressive. The athleticism in this episode deserves recognition.

  91. Zac Pritcher

    "Something about the rubber protects you..." But it takes away all the pleasure!

  92. Stella Hostetler

    What happened to social distancing tho

  93. Tyler Plueddemann

    April fools

  94. Gecko King

    How much was in that cup

  95. TheL33x

    8:04. Thank me later.

  96. Sarah Newmark

    Sour patch kids berries, watermelon, extreme, tricksters, and fire

  97. LiveYourLife229

    you have to be ABSOLUTELY KIDDING ME

  98. InfernalHelix

    You can’t get corona virus from animals, if I remember someone saying

  99. Taylor Fearon

    why do rhett and link look like monster human who employ regular sized people in this episode. maybe its just me but they look so much bigger then the mythical crew lmao

  100. andrea_20306

    4 minutes in.... and y'all got me again. 🙃