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  1. Jennifer R

    Josh Gardenbuger is king put them on the map again for us veggies

  2. sweet-rain Jewel

    You guys missed the opportunity you should have link to the episode with the skin Burger would have been funnier

  3. Haruki Kino

    Link are you okay?! LOL

  4. Phillip [TEC]

    Why is Link the way he is?

  5. cloudyyoongi

    Josh is a culinary mastermind and I'm living for it

  6. josethemanftw

    I like that each time I come back to GMM Rhett looks more and more like a lumberjack.

  7. Lori The Unicorn

    Sucking only gets you so far.-Rhett McLaughlin 2020

  8. Christopher Manella

    The best is found in Palm Springs.

  9. Rebecca Washburn

    I am the weirdo people like because the end pieces of the bread are my favorite. Many times in my life when at other peoples houses i would get sandwiches made with just the end pieces because so many people don't like them so they saved them for me.

  10. Sam Solmonson

    Link I'd be like dude get a double double πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† gotta be the best story yet

  11. Dr TopherStein

    Me trying to answer a question 3:27

  12. JL Sagely

    Doofusboy hands him back the knife blade first....πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  13. Douglas Cornett

    Terry Crews is a great actor and seems like a genuinely great person!!!! Glad you had his on your show.

  14. Mary Rose Lalli

    Rhett’s hair & beard are really getting crazy. πŸ˜‚

  15. Shawn Williams

    I just don’t like josh. I’ve tried I really have but...

  16. Corissa McCalister

    lol LINK πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. DaniPlaysOnEasy -

    Am I the only person that doesnt really like Josh?

  18. Jade Crystal

    I love the end pieces πŸ˜‚

  19. Cassie Maxwell


  20. David Greenawalt

    There in NO link in the description!! What in the actual heck?

  21. Megan Tewalt

    the end pieces are the best pieces!

  22. Rob Daugherty

    An episode of Rhett and Josh where Link keeps interrupting. πŸ˜‚

  23. michael smith

    Rather have LTAT back than the vlogs.

  24. Samantha Nichols

    Early β€οΈπŸ˜ƒ

  25. Jani Toussaint

    What's the link to vote for the "plural of squid" to be a "squad"?

  26. Beyond the Ether

    Is it just me or do things seem tense between Rhett and Link? I'm a new watcher so maybe I'm not used to their friendship dynamic.

  27. Crystal Kerstal

    I want some of Nana’s pound cakeπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  28. Anthony Pestana

    Grilled CHWINKIE

  29. Malaki Jones

    3:09 Link's change of expression is amazing

  30. Ilayda_ 0805

    i played it with them and based on mine, i got 2.5 points, rhett got 4 points, and link got 1.5 points

  31. TheProfessorDank

    Smelling dank

  32. PhoenixRising Costume makeup

    Southern pound cake is usually in a bunt pam lol. Josh looked so confused

  33. Willy Odorguard

    Am I the only one that dislikes Josh?

    1. Kay Beau

      I too am not a fan

  34. Rosebud Girl

    Thanks for the noods in the description, guys.

  35. Obenwahkenobi B

    How about a little more effort with ElJerko and Wesley, there was at least one good joke there....

  36. Brian Rosado

    These are basically sorullitos right?

  37. Bella The Awesome

    Josh's smile reminds me of Taylor swift for some reasonπŸ˜‚

  38. Stanna Unruh

    Link when Josh hands him the knife. THOUGHT BUBBLE: Ooh Shiney!

  39. MastaX

    Links dad is a literal clone of Link. Wow

  40. Abhinav

    wait what was that about some kids who've never been to (or aren't allowed to go to) fast food places in LA? i don't get it

  41. Kimberley W


  42. Kelsey Tysor

    I swear every morning, with every GMMore my roosters respond to your intro with a crow lol πŸ“

  43. Bonesidedowngoof

    I think that Josh lost a great opportunity with the cheese loaf. All he had to do was cut the cheese loaf sideways, fill it with cream cheese and sliced Havarti. Grilled the sideways loaf and it becomes a sandwich....no?

  44. Antony Walters

    Wear contacts and wear blank glasses on topπŸ€“

  45. Jessica Stormshell

    Bread filet

  46. Clara Skyy

    Mythical Chef Josh is becoming The Riddler, wearing green & 3:24 lΓΈlz

  47. Whiteowl

    The squid squad.

  48. Connor Ryan

    Can we have a special episode of Mythical Kitchen where Nana and Josh make pound cakes?

  49. rak pq

    9:26 Josh's reaction (face) is priceles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  50. ur gay and i kinda like it

    the only thing me and my homies live by is LIVE LAUGH LOVE

  51. Tracey Sullivan

    Link is a squishy love nugget!!!

  52. Iced Tea

    4:56 swallowing 🀒 Also, look up Horace Fletcher if you're curious about the fad diet Josh brought up.

  53. M J

    Keep josh on the other channel thx

  54. FreauxZone

    Those plates sounded nice

  55. ur gay and i kinda like it

    repeat after me: JOSH IS LIFE

  56. HERCULES0070

    6:59 were in the link ????

  57. h7opolo


  58. FireSonata

    If 3 hours difference is hard, spare a thought for the pepole of Russia who have a 7,8,9 hours difference between time zones.

  59. FS striker

    You should cut thin slices, and actually make a grilled cheese.

  60. Panetrain12

    Will it pound cake ft. Nana Fanney when?

  61. piscesbaby1986

    Josh is so hot 😍😍😍

  62. DoctoeSuperLuka !

    Such a subjective topic

  63. ihopeurrite

    Don't say nothing bad about the pecan flavor or you will be cancelled......

  64. Ean Elmer

    This should to be a Mythical Kitchen recipe episode too. I’d make this.

  65. Mrjooos

    Does anyone else want a podcast with Josh just talking about food and random stuff? Just me? Okay...

  66. Jay Aris

    Nobody: Link: "welcome to good mythical morni- MORE"

  67. nite x

    bill has so many doors

  68. Jonn

    Imagine Josh having a show like Hell's Kitchen where they have to make stuff like this.

  69. Brianna Bushman

    I love the noods yall linked to πŸ˜‚

  70. badVIBES 4ever

    Y'all are making me even later for work

  71. Raikoh Advent

    I was expecting some sweet noods at the link on the description. Not dissapointed tho.

  72. Spencer Ott

    β€œAlmost got in a fistfight, I’m not exaggerating. It was really traumatic.” Oh boy.

  73. silcoxdv

    Who else wants to see josh cook with links southern grandma??? Just me ok. I’m here for Josh and Nana.

  74. IowaHates Danan

    Josh wants to know more about Link's In-N-Out

  75. Rachel Scheiding

    4:47 Josh's happy food dance looks like mine πŸ˜†

  76. JVon Toppn

    Interesting story at the end.funnny Rhett

  77. Brian Sherwood

    First of all: Josh, you are an evil food-genius. Second: link, I think you're funny

  78. aSinisterKiid

    Links joke was freaking hilarious. Totally landed with me.

  79. Blake Jourdain

    They should make a gourmet makes collab

  80. Roy Lammens

    If you want to turn the end pieces of bread happy: toast it, butter it and put cinnamon sugar over it. Pure happiness right there <3

  81. Noah Perkins

    I just love seeing any of the crew. Josh is awesome and all, but like I can’t think of any of y’all I don’t like.

  82. Golach 420

    Shoal, not squad.

  83. amanda b

    This prompts another GMM idea.... is [insert item] a LOAF or a CAKE? and what constitutes a sandwich???

  84. Matt Dammrich

    I'd like to talk to nanna at midnight whisper sweet punt nothings in my ear.

  85. tfleezy flee


  86. brianna Gomez

    Noods link just made my day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the moment the episode ended I had to see what noods we were looking at πŸ˜‚

  87. Ra'Chelle Banks

    "...nice, center-cut, fillet of bread." 😁😁

  88. Donutboy 420

    The josh hype is a lil much with these comments. He was just a guy in this video.

  89. Sharon Murray


  90. Machinator McCabe

    3:48 nano fiber

  91. Austin Stewart

    Im laughing hysterically after links joke. Where did that even come fromπŸ˜‚

  92. volcanonacho

    I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed with Rhett and Links lack of can opening skills or that they thought Chase would know how to do it.

  93. K Auner

    "Let me take you to my In-n-Out." Is it in the new house you're renting?

  94. biggriggs23

    Don't forget to click the link in the description for the hottest of noods.

  95. Tina Dent

    So glad i am a Mythical Beast

  96. Nibiru

    link talking about his nana’s pound cake with that much passion was so pure πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

  97. Nix C

    The watt link pours things on the table makes me so mad 😭

  98. Fβ€’Lβ€’Aβ€’Sβ€’H

    Me: I thought another you tuber did this too. Also me: no what it was gmm in the cooking food with bathroom accessories video

  99. Rishabh Meena

    what is success- r&l:- well, Mr. Eisenberg cook for us. so...

  100. yohohoco w

    Tonka what they should've tried.... Cheese will it grilled cheese?