Join hosts Hank Green, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era - the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age.
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  1. Pippa pig

    Man won’t be around as long as the dinosaurs. Because we’re so stupid.

  2. Pippa pig

    I think dinosaurs were so big because of the atmosphere was rich in oxygen and nitrogen.

  3. Bitte Bilden

    Damn you cats!

  4. Lunch Box

    Does he sound like he talking at 2x speed

  5. Nikki Berry

    So, the saying "we're more alike than we are different" has more than 1 meaning.

  6. Hand Over

    1 like = 1 nice head massage for grandma in heaven

  7. Rainul Islam Avash

    Next time it will be them domesticating us. Wait.....oh no...

  8. Rey Gomez

    Ok so ima head outside a gulp down a grip of grass; and not that kind of grass.

  9. marc baily

    View number 2...

  10. Silver Wizardess

    I wonder what would happen if cats were bred for behavior. I wonder if it would be possible to breed a whole new type of cat. 🤔

  11. pepe goeth III

    Where did the rain come from if the earth was arid prior to said rain?

  12. Kathleen Roman


  13. Rey Gomez

    I gotta look into this further my cats will have a certain stride afterwords.

  14. bigD Shafer steadman

    For goodness sake 😂 it's sis not seese

    1. bigD Shafer steadman

      AnalySIS not analyseese

  15. V

    The only thing I was taught in school was the Spanish brought them over on ships lmao

  16. miriyumm

    Love this!!!

  17. You'reworthy Ofalllove

    Brought ‘me around women; that’s where they learned everything from lol!

  18. Duane Hirini

    Quinkana never died out in Australia until forty thousand years ago!

  19. 天楽

    So basically.... We are like virus: We can reproduce, but one can not do it alone. We can evolve, obviously. Produce no energy but wastes a ton. No control over internal environment, being bodily or emotional. I see a pattern here......

  20. Shaun Cummings

    I’m telling my church on you

  21. Whose Money

    How scientists gathered all of this information is absolutely incredible

  22. Fabian Lopez

    Guess I’m in the clear from sleeping with my cousin

  23. SoonSleepy


  24. AmaraOlorin

    Man...cats do NOT "need" humans. If we don't clean out their litter box, that bothers US, not them. They'll just find another poo-place. If anything, they have domesticated US. I mean, we keep them, and that means we have to clean up after them.

  25. Jeremy Thomas

    Feral cats are a huge problem in Australia wiping out heaps of native species.

  26. King Rama

    This is what happens when you let dinosaurs use fossil fuels

  27. Defiant_ace _x

    Cats aren’t domesticated change my mind

  28. KraggleWulf

    Well I know where my sex drive comes from now.

  29. Duck Milk, what I've learned: 1. Dogs are dogs. 2. Cats are still the kings of the land. 3. No bears in Africa. Because cats.

  30. first last

    But arthropods don't have a circulatory system I thought? That's why insects can't grow too thick because they need to get oxygen from opening in their exoskeleton which can't penetrate very deep, I thought?

  31. brooklyn560

    A half billion years of evolution, just for us to clog it with red meat cheese and fried food

  32. Just Looking

    There was no quirk. 30,000 yrs ago there was an unknown catastrophe & the human pop. Dropped to 3,000 on entire planet.

  33. Nich Hodge

    I think that cats believe they have domesticated humans!

  34. nouman khan

    Why did we domesticate cats for gods sake?

  35. Alex Zuniga

    Who high af rn

  36. Zeus Melendrez

    entertain this thought: what if what we know were staged by the so called “archeologist” dun dun dun duuhhhhhnnn 😳😳😳😂😂😂

  37. Arun Rai

    Then that damn Squirrel started chasing acorn 😂

  38. Lurid Phaesporia

    Super interested in the criteria of domesticated animals. What are some examples of animals that have been permanently genetically changed by human influence, yet are not reliant on humans in our world today? Can’t think of any off the top of my head but I probably will after I hit post here LOL

    1. Lurid Phaesporia

      Just realized any answers are probably gonna be really sad. Bummer.

  39. 9,999,999,999 views

    Seattle in a nutshell

  40. M Cahill

    Extinct Shark Doo Doo Dadoo Dadoo......

  41. Ja Ne

    Cats peeing in laundry baskets ? I have 2 , 15 and 10 years old and they have NEVER peed on laundry much less knocked anything off the counter ... I can only speak of my cats though , still sounds strange

  42. Νίκος Κουκ

    Boveri S U C C us

  43. Lis Sanguinan

    That's just...normal cat behavior...ghost out and be mysterious about everything...where'd the socks go, the paw in the yoghurt dish, the hair balls, the bones of your ancestors...m

  44. Daniel Sambar made me sad

    Damn, the earth be taking a shower doe??? 😳😳😳😳😳

  45. Lurid Phaesporia

    Wow your delivery is 11 out of 10

  46. Jose Flores

    We just fed them fish

  47. Patrick Jenkins

    😎 OMG. The length of the wingspan, & the shape of the wing tips❗ Winged carnivores have ALWAYS been my favorite wild creatures. 🌎

  48. Cal


  49. Dmenace

    I grew up in Darwin, in Australia's remote tropical north. There was a Dragonfly about 6 inches long, and yes it was green, so it looked like a military helicopter. There was also a Stick Insect about a foot long, it could fly and had crimson wings.

  50. Erika

    We never domesticated cats. Cats domesticated us. 🐈

  51. Ricardo Rojas

    But did you see it ?

  52. Uriel Ayala

    Nobody : Me at 3am : Watching Videos of domesticating cats

  53. Meeea

    Ancient Person: hey you want to come live with me Ancient cat: yeah I guess

  54. Veronica Santana

    When you level up Strength and everyone else levels up Dexterity

  55. P R little B

    His bulge

  56. jd4881

    If only the Trilobites had taxed people into poverty and spread a Socialist fantasy of controlling the weather....

  57. robert charlton

    we all have mitochondria? is there a cure?

  58. Winkler

    I watched the video to the end and my final thoughts were.... the female host is very attractive... There's no hope for humanity.

  59. Craig Wall

    My name is Craig...dweller of the crag. I definitely have burrowing tendencies.

  60. Lindsay Williams

    What about studying the genes/DNA of indigenous people? I feel like that could show a lot of information

  61. Gabriel Zachary Garlitos

    Megalodon: I am inevitable Leviathan: And I am *Leviathan Melvillei*

  62. Brian Steele

    There not extinct.

  63. Ciridan

    at least he says gif right

  64. Griffen Desai

    Penguins are semi aquatic dinosaurs, change my mind

  65. PurpleRhymesWithOrange

    Human extinction will most likely be self-inflicted.

  66. PigIron BigIron

    Why is your nose crooked? Can we talk about this?

  67. maurizio aschero

    Can you speak slower??? I am italian here!!

  68. Dana Kelley

    Your not going to read this comment because there's thousands and I'm transvestite who eats plumbs.

  69. bo0tsy1

    Yeah, they always seem feral to me. Maybe title should be attempted to domesticate.

  70. Trixie Leonard

    Don't forget cave bears being mistaken by early greeks as demigods, being buried with full warrior honours, and then ancient greeks found giant people dressed in full armour and weaponry and figured they must have existed at some point. Bears look very human without fur/muscle

  71. Trip Derham

    I've never even heard of Antartica

  72. Pake Zerbonia

    What's the animal pictured that it's taking down?

  73. Averon God of fire

    “Felis catus” of thats some Tolkien level naming

  74. C N

    I can see Ned Flanders going back in time to stop this from happening.

  75. victor soto

    So, Native Africans, who never migrated and met others, are the only "true" Homo Sapiens. There is more diversity of DNA in Africa than anywhere else in the world...the more diverse, the genetics, the healthier the body. The combination of inbreeding and interbreeding, by western man, has diluted the bloodline of "true" humans.

  76. kk kkk

    I feel like of all the prehistoric animals, dinosaurs are on the tame side

  77. Pat Rick

    I find it interesting how we domesticated dogs and cats twice

  78. Thomas Watts,  Jr.

    I'm all about science and history....and because of this I am all about science and this thing about "this is the only evidence we have, except for this other really rare (as if it's not all RARE) evidence which we will ignore because it doesn't fit the theory" thing REALLY bothers me. There is NOTHING wrong with saying "we think" whereas stating opinions and theories as fact is ALWAYS wrong. STOP IT

  79. bob8mybobbob

    The distant past is so mind-boggling. At one point all the animals were just scooting around slurpin' up plants, not really worried about anything but finding more food. Then one day one of them was like "No, Bob, I'm going to eat you."

  80. Charl


  81. Chemica1music

    Me:😁😁 Le rain Me:😑😑

  82. PK Trash

    Oh yeah, I remember that.

  83. Gr8 bAnD1t0

    Younger Dryas theory is the most logical for the rapid heat up right before the holocene

  84. George Manus

    I love them all

  85. Gayassmarioyoloswag69X

    The Holocaust?

  86. HumpMeFuckMeDaddy BetterMakeMeChoke

    can we give nekos credit now?& stop calling them evil


    So were there people 50 million years a go to cause that global warming, or what?

  88. Jack Passmore

    The Vanilla Villain Aprvs ths mssg

  89. rdooski

    Funny how most dinosaurs have only 1 or 2 fossil examples, but dragons and griffins didn't exist because we dont have a fossil of one. Humans couldn't have been around back when dinosaurs were around also even though there are numerous fossils and other artifacts that prove otherwise.

  90. Candy Jones

    Boring video.

  91. Dusty151

    So you’re saying the earths temperature increased without human involvement and it didn’t end in 10 or 12 years?


    No one: USsel recommendations at 2 am:

  93. Bertha Lovejoy

    you mean how *cats domesticated US?*

  94. Syphon Gamer

    Uh ain't anyone heard of divergent evolution?

  95. Givanza

    And now we have tiny dogs that act tuff.

  96. Corleone

    I didn't expect a cuckold to be commentating for PBS

  97. Anissa Voskan Grikorian

    *the end of the video sounding like disney music oon blast*

  98. Shakti Singh

    Thank you for this great video

  99. violetgirl1996

    6:34 🐊

  100. blablablabla

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