Join hosts Hank Green, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era - the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age.
Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios:

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  1. Lee Neufeld

    Heh, "situation was explained to him". Hilarious :)

  2. Anderson Sousa

    I started watching this as a curiosity but by the end I realized I was too drunk or stoned, probably both, to understand any of this information, I’ll have to come back tomorrow.

  3. Freddy Concepcion

    You can’t blame man for that warming, we weren’t around.

  4. Traste Silvestre

    I was wondering: what made that glacial age over?

  5. Lucillesgirl

    Just curious, what happens to Neanderthals & Devonians? What family would they belong to if they were close enough to breed with & produce viable offspring who could in turn also reproduce? I ask as their genetic material is found in a certain percentage of modern humans.

  6. Jorge Flores

    If you are questioning what human diet was, why say that we what other animals ate.

  7. ah24787154

    gondwanaland is a better name

  8. Alfa Romeo

    Non living thing evolving with us.But why? Viruses are stil viruses.Evolution is not adaptation..Presumed all living complex creatures have a grandpa in some fish who leave the ocean to be transform slowly in hundreds of milions years...Captivating story but without the core.Origin of life.Panspermia?

  9. José García Rodríguez

    why is Earth at the beggining if the video spinning backwards???????????????//

  10. Alfa Romeo

    Are not alive like us or bacteria but have RNA

  11. Lucillesgirl

    Just curious, what happens to Neanderthals & Devonians? What family would they belong to if they were close enough to breed with & produce viable offspring who could in turn also reproduce? I ask as their genetic material is found in a certain percentage of modern humans.

  12. Yaacov Isakov

    custosaurus custo is latin for guardian

  13. Paulo Alves

    Someone once said that considering the history of life as a book, the fossil record preserved only some letters of some words of some sentences. Anyway it's a wonderful book.

  14. Yiglic Persfactious

    Wait, climate changed without SUVs?

  15. Claudia Acosta

    Please take in account "bestiality" when making theories about how herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases jump from one species to another.

  16. Ron V Hutchcraft

    8 million years ago??? Imagine if you actually had a brain you might make Sense one day. Instead of sounding Like a complete MORON.

  17. Rocam

    I know that I'm digressing from the topic here, but I really want to understand the difficulties of tracing back to the origins of a virus: is the problem about the time the virus emerged or in general about the mecchanics of itself.

  18. Mike Franklin

    The huge vast number were just other primates. Not related to us at all.

  19. Gardenpop

    The continents already form two sort of loose super continents and that is America and the monstrous Afroeurasia connected by panama for America and the synide in Afroeurasia

  20. Telsurrey

    DNA on the chart......but not Crick and Watson!

  21. Edegaru

    Dumb question, but who's Steve?

  22. ScionStorm

    Why does Ilya look like the movie actor part of that meme about actor playing a real person and then what the real person actually looked like?

  23. Daniel Markley

    How about an episode about Karst topography or crinoids and blastoids?

  24. Michæl Gilbert Clements

    Stop whistling sibilant sounds

  25. Husk

    Dickinsonia is like the worse name ive ever heard for an animal like that... couldnt they have given it a different name? it sounds like the name of a museum or an art gallery...

  26. grey rose

    Watch this volcano erupt in 2020

  27. King Luckey

    just, what IF this damn thing is still around? far out in the ocean man haven't been to...

  28. Sammy L

    What’s a vole ? 🤔 🦅 bring me a vole !

  29. Kristy Pacheco

    I feel most underwater animals from along time ago still exist just dont come out to even the dark ocean its the darkest sea

  30. caleb kim


  31. Jamar Stuart

    Hi love your work can you guys do something on killer whales

  32. Lance Stewart

    NC in 2020: it’s time to relive the past

  33. Insanity SpyRo_

    Clickbait !! Obnoxiousness and Dumbness has been existence of year -75747563

  34. Zach Sano

    Dickinsonia? I barely know her

  35. Wilicca99 Tokoroa

    I wonder how many hominid species went extinct because the lineage that led to humans killed and ate them.

  36. Un Felipe

    awesome video !

  37. bapi reddy

    Revolutionary features of our evolutionary history... damn that rhymed well 😳

  38. Jegainjj.kpoparmy

    I'm sorry I died when he said "metabolically challenged"

  39. Ryan Higgins

    Uh, excuse me... Dickin-what-ia, now?

  40. CMJ

    Today we have two legged creature bring havoc to the world and destroys everything in it.That creature is human.

  41. Michael Enquist

    Humans have done a lot to try to figure out how our world came to be. The cool thing is the roaches will get to reproduce all our efforts after we're gone. Roach science student: "What's this very thin layer in the fossil record with high concentrations of long-chain hydrocarbons, ionizing radiation and carbon dioxide?" Roach science teacher: "We think that's all the evidence that remains of the hoo mons, the first species to engineer their own extinction."

  42. Antony Bellingham

    WOW, remarkable preserved man and cat, even got their clothes on.

  43. Artemis

    I've never had more of an interest in penguins till now 🐧

  44. Doug InOrlando

    That dust spike 12850 years ago lines up perfectly with the comet/asteroid impact of the Younger Dryas Period. The impact aligns with massive fires across North America down to Mexico and Europe down to Turkey with a distinct layer of micro spherals, nano-diamonds, platinum in Greenland ice. The consequential change in climate most likely includes the drying out of the Sahara starting 12850 years ago. From the time graph of dust, it looks like the Sahara quickly dried up for the next 1000 years and then quickly rehydrated the next 1000 years. This indicates northern hemisphere must have cooled for 1000 years then abruptly warmed. Check out the youtube channel “prehistory decoded” ... An analytical professor who systematically reviews all the research papers published regarding dating the huge impact, its’ magnitude and proving it really happened.

  45. RageRocker

    Dickinsonia really?

  46. Oscar Collado

    Darwin is dead!!!!

  47. Jairus Macomber

    People may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of individuals of faith (myself included) who believe in micro-evolution.

  48. Ludvig Lidström

    The history of life on Earth is worse than Game of Thrones - everybody dies.

  49. Death Trap

    I love the terror birds

  50. GD GrimReaper

    Sinosauropteryx, the Red Panda Dinosaur.

  51. wolfgamer2476

    Who lives I a pineapple under the sea?... Sponge Bob immunity!

  52. Dusty E

    I would like to meet my super great great great grandparents I know it would probably be a little hard to communicate with them. But it would just be neat to see where my bloodline started and talk to them and ask them all of the questions we all want to know lol.

  53. David Fox

    Dude LMAO y'all gotta rename this animal!

  54. Sam D

    The way she says niche bothers me

  55. Rocktech GD

    Did you know that I love dinosaurs!

  56. Daniel Rayner

    Brilliant detective work

  57. Gakuter123 [R]

    You telling me that this "stem mammal" is one of my ancestors

  58. Huntles Str!ke

    When Cesar went to Sahara he saw cypress and cedar forests! There were even lions and tigers there! It’s all written.

  59. Danielle Spargo

    pretty awesome :o

  60. Gaming Neko

    Maneater game brought me here

  61. chrizuz 97

    Yeah I be Dickinsonia

  62. grayza29

    If humans bread with neanderthals then surely we should look diffrent to what we wir before breading with them

  63. JJ

    Wars and division are stone-age-minded intellects.

  64. Johannes Karlstad

    Petition for PBS eons to make a video about how they make these kind of videos

  65. NerdGaming

    They do fly :( They fly in the water :(

  66. Rowan Govender

    There is to much about human evolution that we will never know. Alot of bones and evidence have been dissolved by acid in the soil and erosion over millions of years.

  67. liv

    Is it just me or is minecraft music playing in the background... just me, ok

  68. ReidAhmad

    4:07 "Guess what! You're a mammal" Fishes that watch this video : *_INTRESTING_*

  69. Ocrim

    It would be very nice to have a playlist of all the videos ordered by eon. It would make easyer to clarify what happened first and what later.

  70. Queen Dean

    i don't know if you guys have published a video on the pleistocene paleolake Lake Bonneville in utah, but that would be a really cool video idea if you haven't.

  71. Sam Owen

    If there’s ever a year for these to come back, it’s 2020

  72. Tomato Ketchup Md.

    phd student ILU Bob Rosski

  73. Ritesh Shreenidhi

    Could anyone please explain what exactly the image at 6:04 represents? I understand that the coloured lines drawn downwards indicate the offspring of the woman in each generation, but there also appear to be small lines that move from one colour woman to another and do not carry on further. For eg. 4th row from the top, 2nd column from the left, the light grey woman has one grey line reaching from a light grey woman from the above(3rd) row and also a purple line reaching down from a purple woman in the above (3rd) row. What do two lines from two different women ending at one women represent?


    i mean, the dinosaur looks substantially better with the arch on its back so... thats probably also what their partners thought.

  75. Kobiyashi Maru

    I would personally like to stab every single polar bear to death with my v v v big bolo knife

  76. martianleader1

    Does burrowing in blankets count? Lol

  77. Flora H. V. Adams

    Geochemical Catastrophe should be a metal band name

  78. j lowe

    It makes me wonder why my teeth can’t even last my lifetime


    woops, some outdated models here, i think trex was found not having feathers? it makes sense from a biological perspective too, after a certain CHONKINESS the animal doesnt gain that much benefit from insolation. like elephants today. but i think there still would be some feathers, things to show off with rather than use as a heatshield. kind of like how we have hair on our head.

  80. Michel Clasquin-Johnson

    Well, if there was a gliding stage in between, then if we look at contemporary tetrapod gliders (flying squirrels, sugar gliders etc) they are ALL arboreal. If gliding was helpful to a desert runner, why has this never happened again?

  81. Erick Ribeiro

    The trilobites think they have problems? They don't even pay taxes! Imagine if they had to pay for public healthcare back then. That's why we survived and they stayed there.

  82. reaper 3.0

    man,it's like he's hypnotizing with the natures glory

  83. wolfgamer2476

    Well I say screw hoomons I'm turning into a wolf goodbye USsel hello tasty meat Wait... But I'm vegan...😫😔😟😞

  84. Du Duu

    "dicknanigans" -key and peel

  85. Yerzhan Dossymbekov

    Will you do a video about Therizinosaurus?

  86. MonStarDrakoSaur 9000

    Ever noticed that the mass behind the skull of the Taung Child looks very much like a brain?

  87. Peter Wallace

    Nice one girl. DO NOT ever never cut ur hair off. 💕💘🌹🇦🇺

  88. embe1

    Loved the clear explanations

  89. Alklazaris

    That is one chunky corgo

  90. Aqil Ardi

    1:55 walter

  91. Mr. Meeps

    Its.. kinda dumb to say that it definitely went extinct considering we know barely anything about the ocean.

  92. H*ck

    ...and Steve!

  93. Jayden Tran

    Every dog I meet try’s to attack me the only one that does not is my cousin dog