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  1. Monjo

    "Chestnut might be the shade that saves this concoction" .... I mean shes not * w r o n g *

  2. Iseline Rodriguez

    Everyone that disliked this was triggered by the dont sit there room

  3. Jennifer Chapman

    Jackie Great video. What was the brand of highlighting powder on your nose, please? BTW- I am so enjoying my ABH Jackie Aina palette as it is gorgeous 💋💄😍

  4. Brittany Walker

    What you do with all that extra make up

  5. SynsaFire

    Info on Dennis robe please!

  6. Gabby Harris

    Girlllll yo hair is poppinnn

  7. Destine Lewis

    Thank you for making this video! I needed it.

  8. Brittany Mason

    TFTI : thanks for the invite

  9. DDomino Geronimo

    The thumbnail got me screaminnn ✨🖤😭🤞🏾💎

  10. Marie Dshine

    Awesome love it

  11. Candy C

    Just discovered you. Yep I live under a rock... subscribed to you last week and bought your palette YESTERDAY. I showed it to my mom and the Aunties and they all want it so I'm going to buy a few more for gifts. Love what you do I have so much catching up to do!!!

  12. southernfriedpeachestv

    Auntie Jackie I speak for the entire Black Caucus when I say we are in desperate need of a tour or sumthin’ cause girl I need to see this in person. 😫

  13. Jen Elinsky

    I love watching your videos, I signed up for both and now waiting on premium

  14. Faffy Monay

    Miss steak lol

  15. Chocolate Perfume

    Its so great that she's honest about this....yaasss sis!

  16. Miss Maww

    4 eyes people like me 🤓

  17. Nkonge Lule

    XD, My uncle knows someone who know her boyfriends cousin, apparently

  18. hikkipedia

    Gaga is such a massive narcissist, that anything she makes she acts like is world-changing even though it's trash.

  19. Mistakes Were Made

    Bust Down JADIANA lol

  20. iiMooseii

    I’m really white to the point where if I take a picture in the sun, I literally glow. I love my skin color, but I hate how my side of the spectrum is catered to more. Admittedly, I don’t wear foundation anymore bc I’ve never found one light enough for me, but I feel like im the minority. My problem is backwards. There’s only a couple shades on the lighter side of the spectrum that aren’t catered to, whereas so many brands leave out entire shade ranges that cater to the dark, deep-dark, and deep areas. I just don’t understand. You guys are beautiful and i don’t get why so many brands just go “fuck you” to millions upon millions of people. I love the humor you bring to your videos, but I also appreciate how you’re able to also educate people about the problems in the industry. I don’t get why there’s white people saying they don’t feel welcome. I just feel like they think you’re attacking them for some reason when really you’re just spitting facts. darker shades are left out a lot, but to me the only people that should be offended by that are black people.

  21. LinLin

    I wish I could subscribe a thousand times to your channel.

  22. Basic l Business l Strategies

    Bwahahaha, I died at the pimple domination!

  23. Alondra Avila


  24. unknown - xxx

    I feel like I’m too broke to watch this😂

  25. Jillian Harris

    I needed this video!!!

  26. mimi R

    This topic is part of being beautiful!! Thank u for this video!!!

  27. rose0893

    I never get tired of watching this video, your mom is so lit... Love her vibe!

  28. Ashley LaToya Williams

    Rochester in the house lol

  29. Kat

    I came here from Rocio’s channel, hi hello 👋🏼 I agree with the hydrating primers for oily skin, I found that it really does help, I always used matte ones and it made my nose look DRY but it would get super OILY a few hours later. I used my sisters hydrating primer and the foundation on my nose actually looked good for once. So I agree, I’m definitely gonna try the milk primer.

  30. Karla Galindo

    What would be some good drugstore options?

  31. Larice Wilcox

    Jackie "gleam" rhymes with "beam" lol

  32. Angeline Luxe

    "girl I don't know I don't work there, I do youtube" had me dead lmaoooo

  33. Jasmine Peña

    Am i the only one who doesn’t like how her foundation looks??

  34. NaturalNikkiDST

    I tried this trick and it worked. I tried this tip for the last 3 days.Thank you for sharing! This came right on time.

  35. Foluso Oyeleye


  36. Wendy J.Bain.S

    Omg! I thought of that same thing the other day

  37. Miriam Taddei

    Thank you, thank you, thank you <3 I have problems on my nose and I found myself skipping primers unless they are not already good creams. The only one I love is the Too Faced hydrating primer (if wearing primer). Combo oily skin here. My fav is oleheriksen oil balance because you can also use it as cream ! thank you mss Aina <3

  38. nashaad make up tutorial


  39. Gabryel Garcia

    Doesn’t milk of magnesia make people bowels move? They put that on their face?? 😭

  40. Grim Soul

    I watch these videos to see how many black USselrs that duties maintenance videos patronize black businesses.

  41. Sammu bb

    And wear glasses

  42. Lebohang Setlalekgosi

    I love your mom..! She's such a vibe

  43. Sesame Cotton

    can you do a video about yellow eyeshawdow that actually show up on darker skin?

  44. doberbitch

    I just ordered the palette at Ulta. Supporting auntie Jackie!❤️

  45. Emma David

    Brassiere is pronounced : brah-ssih-aire. Like, a normal b, a harrrd r, a long ah, a hard ss, like a hissing, the "i" in "ship", and the "ere" is like "air".

  46. Dee M

    I can only imagine 😩 can’t wait to have my own place one day and just show an interior designer this video like get me all of this for less 😂

  47. tare7alt xx

    You should make more video’s with Jade for sure!!! She is so funny in her unbotheredness and in combination with your witty remarks y’all are a comedy Netflix special waiting to happen 😂😂😂

  48. Taeler Wilkerson

    Since you know everything. Mind your business 😂

  49. Loni Sloan


  50. Taeler Wilkerson

    Best subscribe on USsel ever

  51. Alesha Goss


  52. Lena M.

    🌟Very detailed tutorial. 💖 This has been the best USsel makeup video yet. ( Excluding Chaka Khan's)😀

  53. Francisco Javier Urrutia Vallejos

    It's impossible to be ugly having that pretty skin!!!

  54. Qayyimah Dayana

    I'm a muslim girl,seeing this kind of video where people aren't being judgemental to muslim community really made my day..thank you so much.💖♥️❣️💋

  55. Anja

    so what about not wanting to date someone from your country? As a Eastern European who grew up in western world I would never want to date an Eastern European guy as most of them have this old fashioned upbringing where women have no saying in the household...

  56. GreenLover

    I have seen this brand in Boots but doesn’t appeal to me, I’m more of a medium to full coverage b*tch 😂

  57. Jessica Baus

    “These are my natural lashes” THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING? They look bomb auntie Jackie!!!

  58. Tiffany M Wade

    A long periolically time 😂😂😂 Forgot where that’s from but I died 😩

  59. Louise Ahimsa

    i love your shirt

  60. b w MakeUpMomma

    “ I’m speaking to YOU”!! 🤣

  61. Blk Barbie

    I have the most respect for Kourtney (still not much tho) because she seems to be the only one not caught up in their weird black culture vulturing. It even reflects in her choice of men. The rest of them creep me out with how much they normalise their behaviour from non black women!! Like just because they slap on a tan don’t mean sh#% they still caucasian!

  62. ciciad2010

    13:37 OMG I CACKLED

  63. NapturalSkytrini

    OMG! I thought was the only one who hated the smell of morphie setting spray!!!! Thank you for keeping it 💯 Jackie!😘💋

  64. TerryRenee

    I was sitting just waiting for you to wipe that off your face!!! But maybe I'll try the eye patches

  65. ben 10

    i’m obsessed with this look!!

  66. Dessy Andriani

    It looks like someone nuted on you

  67. Rheena Marie

    I swear I tried to keep a straight face when the pimple started taking but the evil laugh got me 😂😂😂😂

  68. melonie Rodriguez

    That looks SO GOOD.

  69. Paris Bradshaw-Vanderbilt

    🗣Kilowatt kilowatt! 🗣🗣🗣🗣BLOP BLOP BLOP🤦🏽‍♀️

  70. Cheryl Moore

    Both sides are beautiful and I am truly living for your outfit. ♥️🌹

  71. Paris Bradshaw-Vanderbilt

    Gertrude lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. Paris Bradshaw-Vanderbilt

    Lmfaoooooooooooo. You are hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  73. Octavia Mcburrows

    Yes, bring Halima back on your show she's was so much fun to watch with you.

  74. Jaymie Lynnn

    Can someone be an angel and tell me what product she uses at 16:40 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  75. Iseline Rodriguez

    Jade is sooo cute ughhhh

  76. ChantaleCherry’ Tv

    Omg Halimq is so elegant and cute! Her voice is soothing

  77. TheFox andLee

    But it wasn’t really $7k maintenance spent in a week. Maybe the injections if it was added on the video. Please do video on injectables on the face lol

  78. ChantaleCherry’ Tv

    🙆🏽‍♀️😂😂😂😂”of course you don’t like that product, u use it with your eyes open!” Lmao I just can’t 😂😂💕😂😂

  79. Lauren Stewart

    I love Jackie so much ❤️

  80. Joycelyn Wilson

    Auntie Jackie got the Fendi prints on‼️‼️I see you girl😂😍😍

  81. Deborah Bakau

    OMG I love this!!!!

  82. Juanita Young

    Dear Jackie, please create a cosmetics line! 🙏🏽 Thank you

  83. Lashanna Caldwell

    I actually love the iconic brow cushion !!!

  84. madolyn rose

    My only goal in life is to be as unbothered as that baby

  85. Sade Solano

    🇳🇬 Nigerian squadddd 💕

  86. Brittany B

    Your intro is hilarious. I click on your videos just to hear your intro sometimes 😂

  87. Amiah Star

    love this look!!

  88. Kathy Jean-Joseph

    I came for Halima I stayed for the Kayla Nicole cameo. We stan the edits, darling.

  89. Nikii Clunis

    Jackie always fly.. send those out of season over here girl lol

  90. Kim Colo

    Tj maxx has skii products.

  91. Taylor S

    These edits 🤣

  92. D. Richardson

    That piiimmpplleee Jackie is friggin hilarious

  93. Nakia Guy [Student]

    “The limit does not exist” 😭🙌🏾😂😂

  94. Gabby Beeaaannn


  95. raey1231

    The Nigerian side is EVERYTHING!!

  96. Iseline Rodriguez

    After he said 7 I wasn't watching but I saw all Jackie's hand movement

  97. Blondie Bandz

    Lmao I love you so much!!!

  98. Faith T

    Were do you get your press on nails from?

  99. yorel 123


  100. Star Meka

    I love the color hair on you