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  1. Isabella Ruvo

    The demon has entered the chat to bring u AVOCADOS. GET DAT GREEN STUFF 😈

  2. Truly Hannah

    Those colors are beautiful ❤️

  3. Quiana W

    I love your honesty aunty Jackie

  4. Qiarra Major

    Did you guys notice at 6:19 she said Mac instead of Milani😂

  5. Swetha Ujjval Srikanth

    Why does anyone want to touch anyone's hair? I dont even like to touch my own hair.💀

  6. Voli Diop

    I tried over and over but I kist cannot stand her personality.... She seems to be mean girl ...... I can't

  7. Maria Del Carmen

    Is Huda Beauty Muslim? Isn’t she Latino?

  8. Dj Queen Champion

    I Love your video's my Daughter told me about you, I have been watching you for a year, please list were you get your press on Nails

  9. Manuel Mercado

    And then he mini-motorboats her.

  10. Manuel Mercado

    I feel like she's like this all the time and he's silly-er than he lets on. They both like so much fun. Like not in the club fun because they will abandon you and turn up..... But in the come over and cook and talk smack for hours.

  11. Dominique Thomas

    God’s plan for you 🤣🤣 Love you Jackie and all of these I will look into 💕💕

  12. Ashiana Mehra

    I like how Jackie answers her questions about the makeup products so well, rather than being like, “oh my god, do you really not know what that is”

  13. Gabriella eve

    This is the most wholesome vedio I've vedio seen ,so beautiful and the best message ever !!!

  14. Anita Holland

    So agree with MAC! When I started to get into make up it was THE brand. Now you can get much better products from drug store! 🤷‍♀️

  15. Gabe A

    23:24 lol😂😂

  16. Katherine Manzano

    “Jade and I aren’t really into the ganja”

  17. Nicci Frank-iii

    Anyone tried benefit erase paste? That and concealer keeps creasing !

  18. nicole lopez

    I love watching this while I'm getting ready in the morning because it feels like I'm getting ready with the Queen 👸🏾 ❤️!

  19. Gracey Page

    I feel like people who claim to support the BLM movement but use skin lightening products are hypocrites. The skin lightening industry has been oppressing POC for so long.

  20. N H


  21. Aysha Cimone

    When ulta gives you a 15.00 AND 3.50 off coupon and you consult Jackie before you checkout... in Jackie I trust 💅🏿💋

  22. Elhammo

    You’re so gorgeous and I’m glad you haven’t been brainwashed into believing otherwise. Love that you’re spreading this message 💓

  23. Danni B.

    omg I needed this. I don't really mean the make up tutorial, but the talk soo thank you!

  24. lovelygal2009

    Your skin looks great, love the natural glow

  25. cheryl bradley

    Your mole???😥

  26. Jacque B

    I wish I was a mocha but I’m marshmallow. 😁

  27. Rebecca Anne

    Jade the whole time: 👀

  28. Rae Drews

    Just got to say I have never hit the subscribe button so fast you are very entertaining to watch

  29. Ari'sWorld

    It’s easier applying lashes without an applicator😭 mannn I feel like I’m eating black Air Force 1 slander😂

  30. Musa Bolla


  31. 001

    you should not use this in the waterline even norvina said so be careful

  32. olivia

    listen ya’ll. i get there’s not a lot of light shades. but every other foundation has PLENTY of light shades, while black women (specifically darker skinned women) have so few options. my god, people. go get some beautyblender bounce or tarte shape tape if you want light shades.

  33. K Lee


  34. Angel Denning

    I’m 14 and I struggle with liking my skin color

  35. BeyondBeauty

    Hey Jackie. Have you tried the neutrogena body acne scrub with Salicylic Acids? It helped me a lot with the acne that I get on my shoulders and it's cheap!

  36. SleepDeprivedButStillAlive

    I may be depressed and I may want to die, but auntie Jackie’s memes are just *chefs kiss*

  37. sno0407

    29:48-29:50 is my favorite part.

  38. aloha cali

    this is so pretty love the makeup

  39. dass kat

    jackie always complimenting her skin is who i aspire to be.

  40. Michelle Meeks

    When quarantine is over and you have a life again and can’t watch Jackie all day everyday... I missed it here

  41. Karolina Walichiewicz

    So glad I found someone who understands having issues with darker skin pigmentation around the mouth. I didn't realize this was common for dark-skinned women. Thank you for addressing it. This tutorial is super helpful

  42. Mike Pict

    The ONLY reason your popular is by censoring others opinions.

  43. khackiSUSS

    Im getting asmr vibes with all the s' and t's

  44. Anjola D

    ur nose beauty spot is so cute! anyways cant wait to get my hands on some Pat McGrath products! xxx

  45. Janice Tripp

    Your skin is flawless like to give a shout out to your skin too 😜😁💜💓

  46. Ummi Ibrahim

    JACKIE, this is one of your most beautiful looks

  47. Rita Aura

    Jade is adorable omggg xoxo

  48. Cristen C.

    I love Naomi.. I do my makeup just like her

  49. Delilah Lunar

    The state of the world has me SICK and I needed a positive mental break so I'm just over here running up the numbers on Auntie Jackie, Alissa Ashley & Nyma 💕

  50. Julia Stillman

    When it's 2020 and this is still relevant...

  51. Onlineselect Boutique

    Hey Jackie, your eye brows are on point!!!! Given social distancing, any tips on keeping these intact like yours?

  52. Jessica Davis

    Yess girl! Watching all the videos thank you for making great content to help me get through all of this

  53. Alexis Brewer

    You are the undertone expect 😂

  54. Spliced Up

    I can’t stand how beautiful you are! Sthaaapppp ittt.

  55. Sofia C

    In Norvina's video she said not to use the liner in the waterline

  56. Daniela R.P.

    Personally I've never cared if someone touches my hair. But just because I don't care doesn't mean that people should automatically touch other black peoples hair or just other people's hair that they don't know in general. They should still always ask.

  57. Tuany Silva Aparecida

    Estou AMANDO maratonas suas dicas! ♥️

  58. Faye Lovee

    What is the makeup Mentioned.. something vee ? Couldn't catch it lmao

  59. Laurie Warmerdam

    aaaaahhhh I LOVE your hair like this

    1. Laurie Warmerdam

      and this eyeshadow can you make more eyeshadow looks with yellow?

  60. Yara Loulou

    The way that she says dollars is absolutely evreythingggg😂

  61. Faye Lovee

    I agree with MAC and their Egos.... Omg that customer service dead on.. idc if it were here in the US or overseas... It's like it was written in their handbook lol .. but now they're trying to come back bc there's Soo much competition coming up..... They can't just move by on their name alone..they gotta put in that work again ..

  62. Love Ra

    Smashbox lol like are you even here ?

  63. Farida Lanre

    You went innnn. Thank you auntie Jackie ❤️

  64. Faye Lovee

    Wow I didn't Becca was a Nigerian brand..good to know .. that champagne pop didnt pop for me tho lolol but ..

    1. Faye Lovee

      @Jackie Aina oh 🤦 must've mixed it up with another brand you were discussing.. fault.. was the brand of that colorful palette you showed..their CEO Nigerian??

    2. Jackie Aina

      it's not a Nigerian brand!

  65. La Vida Real De TíyMe

    Let me guess this trashNova that you were talking about 🙄

  66. Fernanda Villarreal

    Love your contente Jackie❤️!

  67. thatoneperson

    1:47 I jumped lmao

  68. Yombati

    I actually looked at your face without blinking! Love the happy spirit your videos put me in.

  69. Nina Redfern

    Yesssssss 😍❤️

  70. k k

    i love your personality soooo much

  71. Oriana Medina

    tbh 500-600 for everything fenya did PLUS products is pretty decent, with all the peels, dermabrasion and facials and what looked like an entire ass skincare range lmao i think its fair not over the top, i was expecting something crazy.

  72. Optic Plans

    6:08 what did she call it??? at-least product mention would've helped

  73. Sharon Nlend

    Y’all had me weak😂😂😂😂😂

  74. Candace Holder

    Living for all the memes 😂😂😂

  75. Kiara Anderson

    This blessed my soul. I literally just googled how to be more beautiful and spent 30 minutes scrolling. Come to USsel and here's my girl telling me to just own it.

  76. M


  77. Lola Dunn

    Wow 😳 Jackie, you and those braids are just... ❤️❤️

  78. Idkhafsaaa

    Testers are free in the UK

  79. Catherine Williams

    How do you decrease smile lines - so embarrassing in public!

  80. Chelsea Abraham

    Can you wear foundation over SPF ? Does it work the same?

  81. Rikki Freeman


  82. Tenisha Long

    I came here for the honesty. Thank you for the realness. Im tryna protect my coins.

  83. Melissa Wurtz

    Those braids look SO GOOD!!!!! You're beautiful!!!

  84. KaTie Sanchez

    I think that they are sheer wash of color initially but you can build them up to the color opacity that works for you. Your beautiful skin tone I honestly thought they all looked so beautiful on you xo

  85. Queen o' pizzas

    You look pretty.

  86. dana alz

    i'm in lllllllooooovvvee w this look

  87. MrNoName

    Honestly from what I’ve seen this collection of blushes really tried to aim for the colors to look good in the demographic they were meant for. The lighter pinker colors that look sheer and all the same on darker skin tones look normal on lighter skin tones meanwhile hotter more intense colors that are meant to look better more wearable for deeper skin tones end up looking bruised and just plain wrong on lighter tones. It’s very confusing but honestly I see what they were trying to do

  88. Amanda Ford

    Girl you have the most beautiful teeth❤️ I know.... super random

  89. ddaniellee01


  90. Somebody in the comment section

    you should stop listening to your insecurities. no one told you your lips is too dark. you told yourself that.

  91. Anna Brown

    You are HILARIOUS! I typically hate youtube videos, but you are most definitely entertaining!

  92. Hannah Clouse

    i love the hell out of jackie. that's all. that's the comment.

  93. Ncognito579

    I want to get the Brazilian laser hair removal. I am AA with coarse dark hair and about the same complexion as you. I really really want to get COMPLETELY smooth almost like my thigh or like licking a shiny, red apple. Would you say this has been accomplished for you? I am assuming based off videos that I’ve watched that I will need about eight treatments. But I really just want to know about that smoothness . Any input? Thank you .

  94. DJ Quico

    i use the foundation, and the jeffreestar beauty blenders blend it out so pretty

  95. Catrina Pollard

    Loved it

  96. She Shaw

    (Yawn) so many mixed/non blks commenting on how they "dont like" it when "BM talk bad abt BW." Ya'll lying--been competing with BW and talk bad abt us too.

  97. Toye Nicole Gunn

    Who doesn't wash their legs???

  98. Fatema Haque

    Thank you so much for this video. Such a great idea!

  99. Ashiana Mehra

    Thanks for calling out the double standards. Love you Jackie!!

  100. Ashley Rene

    My lord! Jackie swatching next to that gorgeous white blouse is stressing me!