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  1. Annoying Subscriber

    Group projects are never group projects That's what I learned from group projects

  2. Bobby

    20 year old new Yorker guy that looks 50 🤣🤣😩😩

  3. Lance Vasquez

    Anybody who doesn’t like baby shark is gay

  4. Whatsgoodie Bitch

    Ok so who else does this : When they input the audio ;Says the name of the song it's from in your head for no damn reason then feels accomplished 🤣🤣😂 then makes a comment about it but it makes no since 🤣🤣🤣


    2:49 I'm DEAD 🤣😂😭

  6. Greg Austin

    wait yall should do cermercials vs reality

  7. Magnetic


  8. Whatsgoodie Bitch

    I love thissssss

  9. Rushikesh Wankhade

    3rd beat is actually 😍💥🔥

  10. Reid Schissler

    The flopper that should be nymar

  11. Lyke aBoss


  12. Greg Austin

    u are fr funny yall should do cermercials

  13. DaMarcus Gates

    Give me your watch nooooooowww

  14. Ryzerksilver From tik tok

    God damn

  15. ŠÜPRĘMÉ MÊMĒ 916

    East high 😂😂🤣

  16. Jboogie Boogs

    Well that’s what people deserve if they don’t think a jcole album is good

  17. SuperExtraMadness

    Go to the mv of what’s poppin you see rhino

  18. Joey Bajrami

    Pause at 2:27 we all know what that looks like

  19. Rap K1d8

    Can you do a "if Polo g was in your class"

  20. Courtney Higgins

    He look like he wanted to leave the class so bad

  21. kansa Hernández

    Heavy sleepe

  22. LightningDSLee

    If Lil Mosey was in ur class?

  23. Its Really Game Time

    Do ybn cordae or do ski mask the slump god

  24. N4sir

    2020 february18/march🥰

  25. Zannicakes mble

    0:44 go hard🔥🔥🔥😝😝😝

  26. Taloot Majeedi

    You said what...😄

  27. Virxgin

    Do a if a boogie was in your class please

  28. X5 Epsilon

    Underrated vid like 1m likes and 33m views

  29. Myst CDL

    i’m sorry who?

  30. Monkeyinvader 2x

    I’m dying right now

  31. grim reaps

    She dead look like trish stratus a little bit.

  32. Shrek’s Sister

    Hey fun fact : when biting your tongue on purpose it doesn’t hurt While biting it by accident hurts A lot And why are you biting your tongue now??

  33. Nymphixia

    I’m sorry, do you go to the high school musical school?

  34. Zannicakes mble

    It matches though

  35. Dnvnky _-_-_-_

    4:48 tml

  36. Amy Wendt

    I love ranch and pizza!!!!!!

  37. Ÿoung Rosé

    do a jack harlow video, i’m from the ville’/502 so you have to make one

  38. Madden Mayhem

    The girl at 1:00 was kinda hot

  39. nah z

    Types of people in public

  40. Deraj Bala

    *iS tHaT a ThReAt?!???!!!* 😂

  41. I don’t have a rap name Please help

    Sad at how bad this is I mean the song the vid is good


    Thats not a real song right

  43. Nick_Salt

    The sleep fighter tho 😂 lmao

  44. ChevyCates


  45. Lvqf

    Wtf is the name of this song

  46. Jijuane


  47. Jossy Gyamfi

    The outro tho😂

  48. oh yeah yeah gamer

    You cannot say pop and forget the smoke

  49. Orlando Rumbo Jimenez

    Yo they couldnt edit the dababy part properly😂

  50. Meme Gang


  51. Marlxvelous •

    “I’m feeling horny” 🤣🤣🤣

  52. Gavin Farve

    asheley aka sweetart

  53. Not Depression ツ

    😂😊 I have android and I have those emojis

  54. Mphakamisi Masuku

    Imagine listening to these kissing ish with earphones on

  55. jared chicaiza

    5:28 voice crack

  56. Marisa Ventura

    Why is this so me 😂

  57. Jordan Galtress

    The girl that talks about her boyfriend is wayyyyyyy to relatable😂😂🙏

  58. YTXV Gaming

    The song is actually fire no lie you gotta admit🔥

  59. Jada Matthews

    This video answers the question.

  60. RJ Lallemand

    I can’t understand pop smoke

  61. 00 00


  62. charles tube

    Do a Eminem or lil Wayne one

  63. LoyL MC

    Wake up mommy *Pulls out glock 9*


    That kid is 9 years old or something

  65. WidmoCiała


  66. assault nspire

    When he did the pop smoke laugh I was dying



  68. U60PiNgBoT

    It’s Allen high school I go there

  69. The Farting Cookies

    Make a vid called "If you lived in a world where no one can lie"

  70. Lyke aBoss

    This is the best loveliveserve video

  71. Reshawn Hinkson

    stop hateing you guys cant sing and i am a fan

  72. aaron Aaron payne


  73. Choppy Glizzo

    Or do lil loaded

  74. I Have 4 of Those Btw

    Yea I get a hair cut every day...

  75. Khiel Thompson Goode

    your mum left you

  76. Cade Hodges


  77. Choppy Glizzo

    Do nbayoungboy

  78. PapiDb TV

    Only Ogs recognize that high school in the beginning





  81. ᴅᴏɴᴀʟᴅ's ɢᴡᴀᴘᴘ

    What would he sound like If he's sick?

  82. Preston Parinella


  83. Edwin Jay

    “I ordered them offline”🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  84. ShadowFilms

    4:25 this is more of a middle eastern parent lol

  85. A Day Wit Zay

    do nba youngboy 😭😭

  86. SpaceHyper

    I can only say this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Lil Wonder

    I wanna see juice wrld

  88. creeping-fly297

    The rats on their feelings

  89. Saleah. H

    I love ❤️ you rhino 💕💕💕

  90. Mou Mou

    can you guys make a video about if justin bieber was in your class please

  91. Vick KnewZeus

    Did you like it?😂😂😂😂. I also like how the whitest song doesn’t bother people. But the black rap songs get’s people up.

  92. landen phillips

    Look more like lamar jackson 😂😂😂

  93. Isabel Hebert


  94. Lord Fader

    i thought that was Kingbach at first

  95. Siraaj Ally



    Man! You killed it!

  97. Josue Sanchez

    Lol hate drama queens

  98. Mihir Trivedi

    1:31 Song : ussel.info/video/video/12XZaIKHqIeNr6s.html Dope song and this video

  99. game night

    1:35 killed me🤣😂🤣😂 1:45 did it again 😂🤣😂🤣

  100. kwabena

    There shoulda been some Chritian Dior lines in here