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  1. rchavezj

    Ayanleh Souleiman needs to be talked about more

  2. Roger Smith

    guitar lessons

  3. may _ lay trucker

    Was Jamaica disqualified or didn't make it to finals 🤔

  4. Michael Campbell

    CHRISTINE DAY - Her lead-off leg for Jamaica was a "BOMB." She just doesn't get enough credit.

  5. may _ lay trucker

    Usain groping your dick didn't help you, instead back fired 🤣😁😂

  6. MFR C

    Love this type of medley. It really depends in which order you put your athletes. Very uncertain till end. Russia managed to stand at 5th position despite they were lagging initially.

  7. Rayin WPB

    Why do networks cut up the race. That discredits the race. Smh

  8. Jomo Hector

    I’m gonna give you guys a lesson on these 2 great rivals, I loved watching them compete against each other, we all did, but there is something that makes one greater smarter and more successful than the other, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce(SFP), it’s a chess game between these 2, Diamond league races watch them all even at the penn relays facing each other on the anchor leg, if Jeter gets a better start than SFP in a Diamond league race SFP is not gonna chase her down trying to catch her or pass her, on the other hand Jeter will chase after SFP if it’s vice versa not gonna catch her but she’s gonna try and that’s one of the reason why she got hurt and is not competing today while SFP is still Dominating the Sprints since 2008, SFP have never had to chase anyone in Championships she’s won them all except 2 because of a bum foot injury, she’s not only the best and most successful at the 100m sprints ever she’s the smartest ever too, and yes her coach Stephen Francis gets credit too he is one of the best coaches ever too. Jeter was good a powerful runner one of if not the best anchor leg runner but she was always chasing and trying to catch SFP and she never did.

  9. kras118

    One of my favorites in ncaa!

  10. Ava Iacono

    This guy blocked me on instagram

    1. Ava Iacono

      JosephMother 110 sent him memes

    2. JosephMother 110

      What did you do

  11. Really Though

    This sport takes so much talent and strength and practice but my goodness I can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous it all looks 😅😅 😂

  12. nctortured

    Imagine realizing you're a count late after the performance.

  13. Gina Dplana

    Lol I can't do this not even in my sleep lol 😂

  14. David

    As crazy as it is Bolt always left .05+ on the track...was never a good starter

  15. Gina Dplana

    OMG these girls are amazing

  16. Gina Dplana

    Omg it's amazing how these entertainer's have such structure and agility and strength.

  17. Gina Dplana

    These girls are fierce the stamina, energy.

  18. Gina Dplana

    These girls have the lungs vof

  19. Gina Dplana

    Omg these girls have the underwater Navy seal's test look ?

  20. Pineapple Peeps

    They make it look so easy but in real life it’s probably really difficult

  21. Pineapple Peeps

    He is amazing

  22. C Z

    The routine was nice, but to be honest I couldn’t stop staring at the ridiculously high and unflattering cut of those swim suits. 🤮 I mean it looks like it has to hurt!!

  23. J P

    What happened to this guy??

  24. Elsa Sonsini


  25. Hello Goodbye

    Refuses to maintain a weight necessary for elite runner status - ultimately blames coach for pushing her to do so. Gains liberal media sympathy. Thus her story ended.

  26. Matt B J

    The artistry, the technique, the way how a story is presented by a synchro swimming program, as an audience I am already breathlessly charmmed by the excellent performance

  27. tham_jeed nt


  28. Regina Campbell

    Me about to try at least a quarter of this but then I realise I can't swim😁😁

  29. Shizuka Shimokawa

    Que perfeição, sincronia, harmonia.......

  30. ed am

    Oxygen has left the chat 😅

  31. McRee Marie

    USA fine sexy women

  32. McRee Marie

    Hey..I ain't gay...but I am an ex trackster runner...those are some fine axx black females...I know what it takes to keep yourself in top shape..loved running in school..loved the rush it gave your body tight and sexy females

  33. Kelsey Belle


  34. Cindy Myhra

    Davis and White are Fred and Ginger

  35. Cindy Myhra

    Roger's Astaire on ice... love them

  36. TN BN

    On a wet track too

  37. LaNisha Penn

    Damn shame.

  38. VegASS cHIcK


  39. Bruce Savoy

    Lezak/Bernard do over...

  40. S C

    Went to soon

  41. Jess WonderWoman

    ❤❤❤❤... #USA! this was an awesome relay!

  42. Stephen S

    Oh dam y’all lost to the white girl 👧

  43. Ais Permadani

    this is insane, i cant even open my eyes under water

  44. Tigerex966

    USN got the title backwards, you list the winner first, and second place winner second even if the winner is not from your country, in fact in a title you usually do not mention the second place winner at all, that is for the story. This shows much disrespect to the winner , as we all know she would not be mentioned at all if she had came in second. This almost borders on .....well you know what it is. Shameful!😟

    1. cyoungrun1

      Thanks for confirming you're a moron. Only idiotic morons like their own comments. 😂😂😂

  45. C B S

    Japan third! Way to go, Nippon!!

  46. Baron Von Vino

    Yankee took an ass whoopin. the Brits..

  47. SmileyFace WithSunglasses

    Amazing 😍

  48. Bob Johnson

    Every runner got rungum

  49. Rabia Mariam Samra

    This is life of own interest ,enjoyment not horror movies and magic

  50. Jonelle85

    I always wonder how many times these swimmers end up kicking their patterns in the head during practice.

  51. Ferno

    he’s dogshit

  52. Savage King

    Damn that cameraman is fast asf

  53. Laura Cruz Singer

    Imagine getting a cramp during a performance

  54. Fahmia Rashid

    Why only woman do this?? Man can't do this?? Why??

  55. Gelyn Rabanes

    Are they real?? Hahahhaha poor self that u can't even swim a basic one😂

  56. Wyatt Pierre


  57. Roba Roba

    Jamaican ladies beautiful

  58. Malone Mantooth

    1st and 2nd leg for U.S won that race.

  59. fraileextent

    all I hear : *splash splash splash splash*

  60. Valeska Julian

    Nice form

  61. Actia Magallan

    Love you fraser

  62. Yozh

    Damn 4 twist!!!!!! Anyone does this from athletes? Or only this guy???

  63. Dohc SMR

    The arrogance of team green to think they could possibly defeat the Americans. Got to give them credit. They did not back down.

  64. Tato de León

    Nobody's perfect!

  65. Jomo Hector

    This is a joke, this all a waste of time they got they ass smashed by the Jamaicans this video is meaningless😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  66. Dohc SMR

    My goodness the Jamaican girls forgot to shave their back hair. I thought they were 4 men. Step away from the PHD’s men, oops ladies.

  67. Dohc SMR

    The Long drinks of water are quite easy on the eyes for the Americans.. And they have an abundance of talent.

  68. Miguel Bastto

    Bad strategy from Russia

  69. H-Town Frog

    You editing to cut out the meat of each leg is trash.

  70. Cindy Myhra

    Choppy video. Still so brilliant interpretation of music, innovative, speed on ice, D&W twizzlers are signature. Charlie might have been winded at end. But he's a trooper. Love his blonde hair, tosses in air when he skates. Reminds me of the Prince in Beauty and the Beast. Ice dancing at best.

  71. Claudiu Gabriel Ionescu

    The connaiseurs all know that this athlete was at her best in 2010 when she debuted in the senior level, she practically killed the 2010 worlds at the age of 16!!! and it was expected from her to be ,, The One" in London. Unfortunately, she injured in 2011 at the Europeans and she couldn't reach her amazing potential from that point, never after. Mustafina at her peak was untouchable, she would've been a great thread to Biles. More, with a champion mindset (unlike the other Russian wonder-kid, Komova), she managed to get a gold UB, two bronzes AA&FX individual medals in 2012 Olympics. That great she was. Moreover, she continued to compete every single year winning medals in both Worlds and Europeans( unlike other self-sufficient gymnasts who peaked for the Olympics and then had retired). What is great in Mustafina is her capacity to continue, to believe in her potential, knowing she'll never be again like in 2010 . Many people should ask themselves, how would the Worlds, Olympics and medal tables would've been with a healthy and injured-free Mustafina?! In Rio, she delivered once again and nobody was surprised. Why? Because her mind overpassed her body. And this is what legends are made of. The end.

  72. wer1tribeyo

    She's a beast!

  73. Roger Hooper

    Why not show the whole race?

  74. QPHashSS77

    Worst vault champion ever.

  75. Joyce Williams

    The roar from the crowd on the anchor exchange was pure energy...I felt like running almost.

  76. Angela Morley

    Oh no here comes guy. I love the way he said that. I know its been awhile since this, but help but keep watching.

  77. Immortal#One903

    Is it me or does Nick kind of looks like Brad Pitt in fight club

  78. rogerb1031

    Give credit to the white guy he start off so slow very heavy legs but then once he got going it was someone to deal with😳

  79. Jaylynn's AG Channel

    she wasn’t going to compete the same way mostly because she wasn’t 16 or 18 years old anymore she was 22 and hadn’t trained intense like normally

  80. cyclesmoking

    Would be great to see the entire race. It’s only 4 minutes.

  81. Baron Von Vino

    another Chinese drug cheat like sun is shit now ....full of cheats

  82. PC Gamer

    Bolt must have forgotten to dope up before the race or knew he would be tested.

  83. devae98


  84. cyclesmoking

    Not a good job by the pacemaker. It’s a tough job to get right.

  85. Baron Von Vino

    Sun are big loser...

  86. Madey Madey

    I got so confused, why would you skip parts?

  87. mel k

    y’all didn’t have to title the video that tho 😳

  88. Manuel Mosquera

    Shinny beautiful..

  89. m Khan

    Gay was fully pumped up with steriods in 2012.

  90. Layla Garcia

    They should have stopped she obviously bleeding

  91. King David

    USA; will let the Jamaica’s win next time.

  92. 63sunni

    I'd love to see his trophy cabinet!

  93. Andrea

    Damn, how was there an 11-point difference in tech in her results? And that PCS? Mind-boggling the ways they always tried to rob her

  94. DaughterofRPN TGLN

    I am just finding out in 2020 that a sport like this exist... I am alone in this

  95. Lucas Cardenas

    These swimmers are slow even though she is 10.

  96. QPHashSS77

    Wow. This is fulgy. She is a terrible champion.

  97. universal sports lovers

    Hi bro

  98. pkmitl3000

    Why​ this​ team​ has​ 2​ extras?

  99. David McCoy

    They won but hand off

  100. Gary Dimaggio

    Nice bounce