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  1. friend of the friends

    Mj got robbed of this fight 100%

  2. Mary Marro

    This happened ages ago. Lol!😂 Mustafina has done NOTHING remarkable in gymnastics in years!! I can't wait for Tokyo to see Simone kick her butt, yet again!😂😂😂😂

  3. Rah The god

    Fun fact : my subs son in school

  4. Eastern Collectables


  5. Mary Allen

    So sorry for ur fall,but was happy to see you was alright, I can tell Morgan felt bad...

  6. Лариса Васильева

    Красавица и умница! Гордость России!

  7. Liz Marquez

    Greatest in the world! She is amazing

  8. TruthSurge

    perfect throw, she missed the landing.

  9. Charizard28

    I'm sorry btches!! I'm addicted to her Floor Exercises! so artistic! I want to copy her moves not the tumbles. Not just that, watch these fans looking at to Mustafina on the floor exercise they enjoyed it!

  10. Nathalie Ng

    I was wondering why the music sounded familiar and then remembered it’s the Angry Birds music used in Dance Moms 😂

  11. plezful

    Wouldn’t it be nice if these commentators would zip it.

  12. Sphinx423

    Rum gum

  13. J W

    Why did th guy in first back out

  14. DarthInvaderZim

    1:12 They need to use this camera angle more

  15. Hailey C.Conner

    I can't believe it, She hurt bad after her breast hit the floor and bleeding, Still continue on, Oh lord

  16. Chandler

    Nick is out of shape just 6 years later.

  17. Aka Al

    When I was ten I went a 28

  18. Passion Henderson

    awww get better

  19. lol, wot?

    I feel horrible for the guy omg

  20. caramel oreo

    it wasn’t a bad throw she slipped...

  21. cdubb


  22. Adam Levine

    Katelyn Tuohy later set the mile high school record of 4:33

  23. ratliff2006

    And then she joined the Nike Project and her career was ruined

    1. soufi laou

      @HB Net The NYT piece is very disingenuous, she had her biggest and best results/records while being coached with Salazar.

    2. HB Net

      You don't see she is already coached by Salazar in this race (the guy with chrono in his hands). What happened to Mary Cain is a bad transition from puberty to adult age in terms of Tracks & Field standards.

  24. Danielle Kearns

    Whose watching after the interview?

  25. Sydney Broberg

    I’m confused- I ran with several girls in high school that had faster mile times

    1. Sydney Broberg

      sarah marshall no i understand that. It’s just shocking that this is a race for a US title when their times don’t reflect that

    2. sarah marshall

      this was a tactical race lol.. her best is 4:24

  26. Coach Nosebutter

    mostly girls.

  27. Robert Delich

    Shot out of a cannon!

  28. Adam Binyamin

    Reigning europian champ on UB.. Rly tho, she is the reigning olympic champ.. Abit more impressive.

  29. Calypso

    Awah thats sad but so bravd

  30. Elissa B. Cantu

    My grandfather was a long distance Runner my grandma was a short distance Runner. You have to give it your all in the last seconds and she was running like she was conserving energy all the way through.

  31. Hank Hill

    Lmao karma

  32. Manuel Mosquera

    I adore you..

  33. Jessica Manson

    “Bloodied in bad throw” I hardly saw a drop of blood 😒 This video was a waste of time 🤦🏽‍♀️

  34. Walden Robinson

    I just my jaw girls

  35. Hector Alvarado

    At the end of the race i was thinking if it's ok for her to say. Can a sista get some love around here.

  36. mason r-h

    can we just rename the switch ring leap on beam to the Ross already

  37. afg3233


  38. Sandra Dilbert

    Jackson was so happy when ja came in first because they knw the work they put in ..if they had lost it would be so sad ..

  39. Jessica Drennan

    4:30 looks like another place where she hit her toes on the bar

  40. jxblaze

    guess no one won that $100

  41. Trumpster Bob

    Gabrielle Douglas one of the best ever!

  42. Bong

    My girlfriend! I started gymnastic again because of my GF Simone!

  43. Valeria B Peralta

    his name is Alexi Romanov? Figures lol

  44. 白兎


  45. Bug Bomb

    Me and my sister used to throw pennies in our pool and dive down and get them....yea that’s the same time!

  46. Dknykl Forever

    The most sexy armpit in the world....

  47. unisalisa lisa

    In this event always team Russia is the best captured gold. The artists so fantastic !

  48. TaMya Henderson

    That was hilarious😂🖤

  49. Ji-Soo Park

    What the hell was the coach doing? He didn’t even try to catch her

  50. Shortahhsmurf ._


  51. Alexandria Butler

    Crossing your chest side to side looking to the heaven wont help you that catholic gesture dosent mean a thing.....

  52. wearesupernovas •

    “Current tank number 1” him:”I’m in pain I don’t care” lol I know how that feels

  53. wearesupernovas •

    He seems like an a**hole to be honest, his reaction and everything like he is just trying to save face and look good and gets pissed he drops her

    1. Cee G

      I thought so, too, a year ago, but learned skaters can't linger on the ice > 30 sec or they loose more points; I think standing her upright 'technically' allowed the routine to conclude. Today, I fell in love with the pair b/c their 2019 European Gold medal ceremony randomly popped up as a recommended vid. Weird, USsel! You have to see their interviews and tons of great skating vids.

  54. hannah deloach


  55. Leon Smith

    The great Tyson gray at his best

  56. Jennifer Garcia

    Sounds like the song from the game “Little Monsters”.

  57. Dollie Brown

    What did he say to her to make her take a deep breath?

  58. Courtney Green

    They going home to some shit cuz thry didnt get the gold thts da only place they want and go 4

  59. SportVideoPro

    She's the best ever!!!

  60. Tolu Osinowo

    Ohhh man I feel so bad for Jaimaica!!!

  61. Tanysheyia Pass

    She mad asf

  62. snakey973

    Nick symmonds does not look like he'd be a good runner at all with that clunky gait- cant figure it out lol

    1. Jo Ys

      how s a good runner built lmao. it's not like he's a anorexic marathon loser

  63. Concon Gaming

    Run gum

  64. popcorn32145

    1:32 spread eagle?? lol

  65. Edgar Joseph Fernandez

    Whats the title of their music?

  66. Sean Harris

    Her third 👁 open at 3:32 ...

  67. Abel Lai

    Why is it that these US guys don't have any problems with the baton pass? 🤔

  68. Natalia

    that wasn’t a bad throw she definitely just didn’t land it correctly.

  69. Preston Schmeidel

    Yes, this is good freestyle! Thank you

  70. cyoungrun1

    I just watched a video of Simmons trying to match Kipchoge's sub-2:00 marathon pace for 1k, and he was dying at the 800 with a 2:15 - 32 seconds slower that here! 😂😂😂 Just shows how highly conditioned world class athletes are in events like this. Most people can't even comprehend the fitness level these guys achieve.

    1. belthize

      Yeah, in that video Nick mentions his personal best mile is sub 4 minute but the difference between peak racing form and 'phenomenally good shape' is massive. Even though he once had a sub 4 time and is still in really good shape he couldn't complete a single 4:35 mile now which is Kipchoge's average.

    2. Fran Drezga

      I think he also mentions he’s 25 lbs heavier now

    3. Ken Moelhoff

      Watched the same video

  71. Vitsa Lu

    We have kiprotich in uganda ewooooo. This is Kenyan bloodooo

  72. Jane Doe

    Any person who thinks figure skaters are weak should watch this and then I want to see them on the ice...and yes I so I know what I am talking about.

  73. Ophiotauru •

    Remeber seeing those small Domo toys at 711

  74. mcolegt

    makes it look so easy

  75. shemsou shemsou

    تحيا الجزائر

  76. Sara Grant

    For everyone complaining about the "one and done" false start rule, here's why it exists. Athletes, particularly men, would purposely false start to play mental games with opponents. This, of course, made for a slowdown of events. It was also very unsporting. As an answer back the IAAF, USATF, NCAA AND NFHS all went with a zero tolerance policy. If people didn't play games they wouldn't have had to make this rule. This athlete honestly should have been ejected from the meet entirely for unsporting conduct. Running in protest would have sufficed.

  77. bobbyperu20743

    Humiliating loss.

  78. pildo2000

    Who are these commentators? They are AWFUL, especially the woman. Ugh

  79. smdh this world

    The girl that fell ran out of her line how she got fifth. Isn't that automatic disqualification

  80. Coolio ajp

    Bad throw? More like a bad landing

  81. mcolegt

    spoiled by Bolt, makes 9.76 seem routine


    This ain't fair why the white guys in it I feel for them they ain't got a chance!

  83. Dajo Sco

    Wish this was an added to all the Major Track and field events #iaafworldchampionships #TokyoOlympic2020 #iaaf

  84. Coeffy B

    Felix never had a chance beating Shelly running in that lane 3 she is not quick, she is a long strider that's why she is good at 400m. If she had lane 6 it would had been different, but because felix saw Shelly pulling away from her from the start she had to fight to catch her in the process of doing so she hurt herself trying to catch her. Felix should have stayed relax off the bend and use her long strides to try and catch her on the straight. Then again I said tried, Shelly would have still won tho, these Americans I tell u they a resilient they rather beat u at your own game than win with their own strengths.

  85. Mia Monroe

    What a mess

  86. Gean Starborn

    The set on her dismount omfggg

  87. david eagles

    i love her

  88. Track Field

    I think Jeter is better than Shelly, she has a pb of 10.64 vs 10.70 and Jeter has won Shelly in many more races than when Shelly has won Jeter

  89. Track Field

    Shelly Ann toughest competitor in the 100m was Jeter, Jeter is the only person who could beat Shelly any day

  90. Brandon Sikes

    This is incredible. I am an 8th grader and my best 800 race time is 2 minutes, 40 seconds. They beat my by a full minute, meaning they could’ve run another lap and still beat me.

    1. Hi im Ish

      @Riley Silver yeah as a runner many dont peak their prime till mid 20s actually. Well i suppose that also follow for most sports. Got pleeeeeeeenty of time

    2. Riley Silver

      Brandon Sikes don’t worry you’ll get much faster through high school as long as you do everything right and stick with it.

  91. Lorenzo Sadler

    To bad they have to live in such a country that the country and the government view their dark skin as a threat the police will shoot and kill them and if there is the slightest hint of justification they and and in most cases will get off.

  92. AC


  93. TheHORNETreturns


  94. Essence Dye

    It wasn’t a bad throw she didn’t land it correctly

  95. Unknown Seven

    The guy knew he made the mistake before she landed(slipped) and she should have known as well that she wouldn’t be able to land it

  96. Sam Ash

    That first fall tho...Damnnnnn

  97. Kyle Lurz

    She’s set for life now

  98. tamer shadow

    Waowwww amazingg

  99. autumnspring

    I would not continue ooooof

  100. Plagues Inhale the

    China being sneaky trying to take him out