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  1. Dorian B

    Beyond!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🇲🇽

  2. - callmebigray-

    Who else needed captions to understand what he was saying?

  3. Julia Solorio

    she is a what to be Danielle bregoli

  4. Adriana Gilbert

    I’ve been listening to this song since before it was on tiktok and it’s my favorite song to this day 🥺

  5. Lils

    Beginning with Blueface... I feel harassed.

  6. Larry Vargas

    She looks like she smells

  7. jacobblub

    Fucking white hoes

  8. Kevin Cher

    Who is smelly

  9. Emily Verheyden

    awh, billie🥺🥺 keep fighting love, we all are right besides you through anything and everything. I love you

  10. Justyna Borkowska

    That fake chain tho

  11. Billy Hormback

    tattteeeee u madeeee ittt genius OMGGGGGG

  12. Mariahw2025

    He’s fine😍🥴

  13. Sla V

    This video... it’s FACTS

  14. Kobe Maranan


  15. paparoach158

    When your parents order Billie Eillish on Ali express

  16. Carlissa Neumann

    Um ily Dax but Jesus was jewish...that's kind of the whole point. King of the jews. He's from the line of David

  17. InfinitePlay


  18. braeden stiles

    anyone know where to buy this type of looping gear ?

  19. Alejandro Castillo

    I wanna see j cole on cardi b new show

  20. Cheffo Beatz


  21. Natalie Santa Anna

    "And if you dont like it i am gonna lock you in a shed"😎

  22. InfinitePlay

    Get Oloff on here

  23. ItZ MooNlIgHtWoLfIi

    Am I the only fucking one that saw he had Fiji water

  24. Mayra Lopez

    Love J Cole and the whole Dreamville team 🔥

  25. Black Goku

    Wow, dax speaks so different then he raps, he talks so educated

  26. Ambrus Alexandra

    I truly love him. I don't know why, I just do.

  27. Argel Ruiz Bartolo

    I’m finna kill that masked dude lmao

  28. •Pan Pan•

    mi primo se llama hector :vvv

  29. Seth G Fw it🔥 no dissapointments👌

  30. Trey Romano

    Where the fuck is Travis

  31. Kian Agheli

    Always heard 0:54 as yeah cholos

  32. J4mer Cookie

    Cringe Replay Button 1:21 3:33 3:41

  33. Charlie Cookester

    He sounds like my dogs having an asthma attack when he talks 😂👍 Gd music tho👍👌

  34. Karim Dahab

    SiR and DSmoke, much deserved this recognition!👏🏽

  35. b bubele


  36. Savage Gang

    She sounds Like Billie yooo

  37. Maisie Rogers

    She looks about 14

  38. Mac Big

    Do yall realize that he is not talking bout the dream with the devil? And in general he isn't explaining the important lines? Hmmmmm 🤔🤔

  39. Idc1234ish

    Why Rocky B not in here

  40. Mirae *

    i cant believe that my mom didnt let me attend their concert

  41. Mikey Macklin

    Woah bruh said “ I’m the realest “ 💀 Get dude our

  42. Chrad

    The cure og getting over breakupps: Find someone better

  43. LeBron James 🔥

  44. yungmoney_ da_king


  45. Meech Mcogyver

    all my fat ninjaz stand up......

  46. STORM

    White girls just riding the wave

  47. Mirgang Staxx

    Doing lt Stealthy

  48. Petrice J

    I cried to this song like 20000 times😂

  49. Brian valdez

    Es el mejor este crack cuanto habra pasado pata que tenga tenga tanta razon😎😎

  50. mari *:・゚*:・゚

    lit rally an icon luv

  51. Jaime Lopez

    Why y'all talking shit. Imagine being a young kid having to sing to millions .

  52. Ethan Wilson

    Do nf

  53. xDash 117

    “You mad cuz ya girl share me shit... you mom ganna share my shit”

  54. Ethan Wilson

    Do NF

  55. alda velagic

    I knew every Q omfg hahah

  56. pinat karamel

    That hourglass she said she doesn't know from which song it is I think it's from bang bang (ariana x nicki x jessie jay)

  57. Mc

    so this is the raw chicken guy?

  58. First Last

    Playboi Carti is fucking trash lmao

  59. AIO's

    Doing lt SteaIthy by Oloff

  60. Lauren Salt

    Uhh the way she says moves at 2:05 is soo dreamy

  61. Dale Greer

    I had sleep paralysis, it was kind of scary. But then I went to a sleep doctor who explained that it was just my brain waking up while my body was still asleep. So it's not a real thing, it's just unintended awareness of a thing your body does naturally. After that single session it never happened to me again, like my subconscious mind said "Well alright, we'll just be syncing up with the body then!" I remember the session cost $99.

  62. James Zizza

    Joyner can you pick this nigga up already... Token hop in there too

  63. a little flower

    why is everyone talking about doja not to sound like shity but appreciate the song man

  64. Juan Palma


  65. Perpetually Mad

    Nagasucki my balls

  66. Charles Singleton

    🔥🔥🔥🔥PRAY BRO🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💯 4 REAL BRO GOD WILL ANSWER PRAY ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  67. King Chris

    Aye get to know to words to this new T DOT! Only on my channel! Let’s go!!!

  68. ella Hartt

    I did not expect the tomboy look

  69. Isabella Roberts

    Lorens italic Billies bold

  70. DriizyXBL

    Ⓜ️8v3n 🔥♿️🐐🐐

  71. Zachery Mckee

    2014 forest hills drive isn't even top 10. What?

  72. InfinitePlay


  73. Eliecer CORZO

    karol g le copio las uñas en el lugar de españa llamado uñas dvian

  74. scarface saint

    Them girls are fake fans

  75. Sunwardmean516 1

    I’m sorry but I hate this kid with a passion

  76. Sophie Mikulas

    Burn it.

  77. DriizyXBL


  78. Rastko Sehovic

    This ain't even the best song on album and it's a classic worthy record ⚡

  79. Hollywood Ent.

    Look, uh, look Heart been broke so many times I don't know what to believe (Yeah,  yeah) Mama say it's my fault, it's my fault I wear my heart on my sleeve (Yeah,  yeah) Think it's best I put my heart on ice, heart on ice 'cause I can't breathe I'ma put my heart on ice, heart on ice, it's gettin' the best of me While in the cell with Lil' Hakeem, after I slapped him I had told him "I don't know how you get down with them clowns, but I'm a soldier" No one could understand, I had way too much aggression (Brrt) That built over the years from my abandoned adolescence See I done been lied to, backstabbed, and heartbroken I wanted to cry but I was too afraid to open Prayin' one day I'd find a peace of mind by the ocean I spent all my time committing crimes to get closer While at my nana house I play the couch, starin' at the ceiling Tryin' not to get in my feelings Thinkin' of a way I can make these millions Maybe that'll take this pain away and clear up all these rainy days, yeah Heart been broke so many times I don't know what to believe (Know what to believe, yeah) Mama say it's my fault, it's my fault, I wear my heart on my sleeve (My fault, it's my fault) Think it's best I put my heart on ice, heart on ice 'cause I can't breathe (I can't breathe, I can't breathe) I'ma put my heart on ice, heart on ice, it's gettin' the best of me (The best of me) Stabbed in my back so much, got residency at the trauma unit (Yeah) Growin' up, ain't had no guidance, so I had to let my mama do it (Yeah, yeah) If something happen to me, just know my brothers ain't do it, just know the opps'll do it (Facts) But them chances right now so slim 'cause the opps into it Lost my granny, ain't understand I reminisce 'bout a hundred grand Came from nothing, they don't understand Put ketchup on Wonder Bread (Yeah) Summertime in Miami, had the top down Can't do that shit in Chi-Town 'cause shots gon' be fired around (Bah, bah, bah) That Chance song was cool, but I can't slide around This shit so fake and so snake that they'll kill you for a half a pound (Yeah, yeah) That's why I'm always around my bitch 'cause she turned me out I was in that water with them sharks and I damn near drowned Heart been broke so many times I don't know what to believe Mama say it's my fault, it's my fault, I wear my heart on my sleeve Think it's best I put my heart on ice, heart on ice 'cause I can't breathe I'ma put my heart on ice, heart on ice, it's gettin' the best of me

  80. JM BN

    All that is just teenagers music, honestly.

  81. Bffs Life

    She sounds just like Buillie Eilish

  82. Freak Image

    Do Ted Ar$ Next he from Brooklyn 🦅🖤

  83. 4K_jay


  84. TheWeaklyReview

    TDE, top to bottom, has the best hip hop and r&b talent out there. Dot, Q, Rashad, Rock, Soulo, Reason, SiR, Lance Skiiiwalker, Zacari, SZA. Everyone’s top-tier or at the very least near it.

  85. ur nan

    omg i love them

  86. Lexxis Chevonne

    I neeeeeeeed that shirt. So classy

  87. Brian Smith

    Murder on my Mind way on soundcloud in 2015

  88. Duncan Gagnon

    Currents - Tame Impala

  89. Karina

    Why wasnt bad bunny in the video

  90. Lyla May

    I was like, she was like, I don’t really like, hahahah I’m dying

  91. Starboy Dior

    She fine asf

  92. ITZ RAZ

    "My G" means "My Guy"

  93. ProKhanz

    Like if dax is amazing

  94. A5Eli YT

    Es ella o Otra porque es igual

  95. Basketball KS


  96. HumbleReform

    Bro Bro BROOOOOO HOW Dare y’all???? Victory Lap without a doubt has to be on the list you imbeciles.

  97. anna kinnas

    jenna marbles energy

  98. Gia-Marie


  99. _really_Random_ray_

    She needs to do "one day"

  100. Oh yeah Nahui

    What’s with gangster paradise?