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  1. D_L

    Stop watching the fucking news.....these assholes all lie.

  2. Alfredo Hernandez

    Old are you running out of money

  3. Sal Benzo

    This is a class war...not a race war, friend. The assholes vs. the rest of us.

  4. Guillermo Cornejo

    I want the wall built even more now so he can be broke as fuck

  5. Super Abdi jr. channel

    They make them self stupid he ain’t making them stupid they support an stupid president and they are stupid

  6. †

    The reason you see it as "disproportionate" is because the LIBERAL-media WANT YOU TO "SEE" it that way. (btw: the LIBERAL-media ARE "disproportionately" WHITE.) Ask "WHY?" What is at the core? The real motive?? It is there to know. I could tell you but it is not my fight. It is crucial that YOU do it. Dig! Ask the question! Find out! Investigate, research, whatever it takes. You will see!!! The Liberal-media bought the pot, stirs it and if necessary, will also spin burning-tops of distraction, in order . keep anyone from realizing they should even ask. Do it anyway. Please. They do not fear being exposed... They don't give you credit enough to see through the manufactured fog. Just be ready for big spins, see it for what it is, but hold your course regardless!! You will succeed. I'm sorry to say they have no consideration for your drive or ability to attempt the task of following up on said question should it be asked, much less complete it. I'm offended for you. It is disrespectful at best. There has always been the option for living in peace, prosperity, contentment, safety, security and love for all of us people here in America. I pray this resonates. It takes just one to begin... the truth, validation, security, and love are waiting. God Speed

  7. Guillermo Cornejo

    Haha haha fucking idiot

  8. Fay Ray

    You would have been a great lawyer, Trevor, but rule of thumb, never run (running triggers cops (and lifeguards at the pool for that matter)). An endless cycle continues until both parties change the way they carry themselves. And I hate to bring this up because on the surface it seems irrelevant but dig deeper and find that if we ended animal oppression, speciesism ends, subsequently racism disappears, it becomes respect because racial ethnicity is not the most important thing about someone. The most important thing about someone, is that they are alive, and they feel.

  9. Anthony Choyce

    Wow. Fox turned on him like a pack of wild animals. I'm loving every minute of it.

  10. Vi Tu

    Please Please get his Women on your show Also if you see this please upvote this so he can see it.


    25 ppl have been peacefully murdered by protesters trevor not police since this began.

  12. Montyboy B


  13. Laoise Macken

    Can we start a movement to make michelle obama Biden’s vice president? Shes the empathetic ear america needs right now - Biden has already vowed to elect a woman as his vice!

  14. Darling Thomas

    Miss those sweater collection BTW does anyone miss them too just saying

  15. Montyboy B

    Just slap her stupid face ugh discussing!

  16. Vive Malasia

    Looters killed a police ,( black man if matters ) ,where is your video ?

  17. Tim Petrone

    Okay...couple things: #1) I'm a white dude (irrelevant) from a small, 99.99% white town (also irrelevant) in the mostly white (still irrelevant) state of Oregon, which is located in this racist a$$ country (not irrelevant) called the United States. I admit I have biases like anyone else...but when it comes to skin color and other differences, I keep them in check because I was taught equality by my family when I was young. My small hometown is also a somewhat liberal place with virtually NO race-related crime. Oregon is one of the most liberal states in the country, despite being made-up almost entirely of small, rural towns (the exception being Portland, where I currently reside). - Got interrupted while typing this and forgot the point I was going to make. Oh well...moving on - #2) I've been to jail. I'm not some hardened criminal or whatever...but I've done a little time in county, and I find it somewhat "telling" how jailhouse/prison ethics seem to be nearly identical to those within police departments (snitches get stitches; always have your cell mate/partner's back; never confess to anything or in any way admit guilt; etc.). #3) there's a pretty simple and obvious solution to all of this: have the FBI, CIA, or hell, even the Secret Service screen every police cadet the same way they would with anyone entering THEIR organization. Cops should be required to undergo INTENSIVE psychological testing prior to being handed a badge, and further tested every 3 months or so, or whenever they're involved in any sort of questionable or traumatic incident. They should also be drug tested AT LEAST once/week. They also need to be better educated on the laws they're enforcing.

  18. Chris Assassin


  19. IT is Finish

    What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?

  20. michelle e

    what a HYPOCRITE. now he's Trump's staunchest advocate

  21. AegisEpoch

    all those principles Trevor stated go directly against whiteness as the construct, in fact its the opposite. there will be a separate set of principles, that dont have to be enforced fairly, and depending on who you hurt you can escape accountability.

  22. A.J. Lare

    This guy is such a puppet... lol... ummmm WE ARE NOT THAT DUMB! IM NOT IN THAT LEFT OR RIGHT PARADIGM! Jesus all the way!!!

  23. Frankie Kannna

    Well, this didn't age well...

  24. michelle e

    he is laughing nervously like someone who took a couple of drinks before the interview

  25. Kelly Szwed

    Trevor you are so right!

  26. David B

    What do you love about America Trevor?

  27. Life With Lindsay

    She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ignorant ..............................-

  28. Venelin Mihaylov

    Problem has have been solved if Obama was trowed as a regular black before becoming president.

    1. Ray Alvarez

      "Trowed as a regular black?" Dude. That shit makes zero sense.

  29. Anthony Coleman


  30. Adam

    This right here is why the SJW (for lack of a better word don't flame me) movement needs to concentrate on reading and learning more than yelling fuck you constantly. This is what you do with people like her. You debate them and expose their stupidity. Nice job. I never saw this. A little more respect for Trevor.

  31. Anthony Baiocchi

    Lekker my bru!

  32. Montyboy B

    Get your girl!! She is shameful


    HE WAS ONLY KNEELING DOWN IN SOLIDARITY FOR THE COVID 19 SPREADING RIOTING GOLLIWOGS IN THE USA! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT IN THE COURSE OF DUTY DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC! Will there be 12 Golliwog jurors in the Supreme court of justice? we call for a motion that the case be struck out without PREJUDICE on the grounds that this case evidence has been distorted and the facts have been seriously compromised with international condemnation while they are all suffering the effects of a pandemic! They should all try eating Bananas in their diet!

  34. Ray Alvarez

    8min 46sec

  35. John La Monte

    That’s what America need! More black racism! Keep up the good work! It’s just black and white with you.

  36. reydiation1

    Lol this has to be a joke. No way these people are this stupid lmaooooo

  37. EDD CASH

    this guy is trash

  38. Lazy Ninja Productions

    I've watched this a total of 5 times in my life...and I'm telling you the ignorance in the video makes me feel physically Ill...its like watching a video of people who should have been taken out by darwinism

  39. shaytherapy _

    Respect First Before Anything Else.

  40. Coco Townsend

    So funny I had to watch it twice!

  41. Big Papa


  42. D Mendoza

    Thank you. Love u Trevor

  43. thirty6min

    If you don't think it is weak to have a former president to compete with a current candidate of the presidency, congrat to U.

  44. x x

    This race bating douche has never said an honestly funny thing in his life. It takes a room full of talented people to make him say anything functional and then he still screws it up. He's just a sycophant parrot of the fascist left, who BTW owned his ancestors and started a civil war to keep them as slaves. It took a Republican President to free blacks from slavery. Now he's free with a TV show, lots of money and he's helping the democratic fascist socialist party put himself and his own people back into bondage. Talk about being a moron!

  45. DearUriel

    I was supposed to attend your session at Notre Dame. Very sad that I didn’t. Trevor, I admire you man. You should consider being a professor. Even part time. ESPECIALLY at PWIs. Edit:* I didn’t go because it was canceled due to c o v i d

  46. M. Angulo

    God, he's a great entertainer

  47. Priya Ravindranath

    Trevor, you nailed it! You were able to articulate the feeling and the response to “why riot” so well! I enjoyed your shows before, but now I have a whole level of respect for you! Thank you!

  48. Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ

    Please teaching South African Xenophobic too. 💚💛❤

  49. GustavoAlves21

    You are terrible at what you do. You have evil and hatred in your heart . And you are envious of your president. Unfortunate!

  50. Tania Bore

    His happy birthday skit took me out 🤣🤣

  51. carmanfx

    Im not an American but I have Family in Florida and I’ve been to the states many times. I don’t wanna sound rude at all but I feel like America is blinded by their flag. The US is proud of their soldiers but why are so many of them homeless? The US are one of the only Industrialized country that have no working health care system. The US are known for their great way to make it live the American dream but they don’t care about minority’s? Why we still have to see those things in 2020? What about the weapon law? Why can anyone buy a gun in some states legally although there are so many shootings? But you can’t buy medical weed everywhere so you have less pain when you might have cancer etc? That’s why I say the country is blinded by their own flag. I feel like it’s too much patriotism. If you call yourself „greatest nation on earth“ then get your shit together and act like one. don’t point your finger at other countries and play world police if you got your own problems right in front of you.

  52. simeon Nandalall

    I don't understand why you are misleading people. You really think when any black person step out their door they are being harassed. I am sure that is not true and you are a testimony to that.

    1. Ray Alvarez

      @DrMonkeyBoyJr He needs a hug.

    2. DrMonkeyBoyJr

      Racist white

  53. Joshua Butler

    This is an awful, faux-intellectual video... Really poor rationalisation of the situation.

  54. 忽悠扑火的

    Oh I love him.

  55. Nirishia Castellano

    My tears have tears. Is it something in the water where they live?

  56. Mijanur Khan

    We’ve never had a Comedian that isn’t just too damn funny but also educates us about a lot of things

  57. D Mendoza


  58. hend goname

    15:55 oh.. it was on my birthday 🙂

  59. vankink

    Man, if those are not the principles of legitimacy, they should be.

  60. L Mac

    Corona virus skit..... not funny man. Sry.

  61. Rigo Nolasco

    The CoronaTrump virus will despear until this man dies.

  62. Elaine Reilly

    Trevor thanks for sharing & bringing perspective & joy to us always. Sharing Love & Light in this time. Hope it blesses you & all people especially those who have suffered racial injustice here & worldwide.

  63. 永遠のas above永遠の


  64. Lara Martin

    I just watched the documentary on Netflix about Jeffrey and this guy should have being arrested with Epstein ...

  65. ballroomboy

    God I hate Trevor, but I wanted to see if he had anything good to say. Nope, he's still a stupid race mongering idiot. I was afraid to look at the comments, but thankfully the comments make me feel a little sane. Thank you everyone for not buying into the BS that comes out of this piece of shit. (I want to like him, but then he opens his mouth). Someone please take this show away from him.

  66. D Mendoza


  67. Cesar Sanchez

    Class vs trash

  68. The Prince of this World

    Okay, you've been privileged since birth - and now you only speak nonsense.

  69. Melanie Hamm


  70. Song loon

    So you are no longer comedian?..

  71. Richard Rodness

    Washington Quote “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well.” ~ Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) African American political leader, educator and author

  72. Food Critic

    Look up Melinda Gates’ interview on The Today Show. She is wearing an inverted cross. Also, you might want to look into Bill and his parents’ view on eugenics. These are not the people to be giving mandatory vaccinations. Who elected these people as our leaders?

  73. R. J.S.

    Disgusting video full with BULLS... however appropriate for Sleepy Joe” ....

  74. Yi Xuen Tay

    Trevor has way too much hoodies...

  75. KoolKat Angel

    I honestly wanna see him interview kaitlin bennett

  76. Jackson Hephner

    7:10 That kid on the far right grew up to be a Senator

  77. Old Panama City Beach

    This show would be better if it were more entertaining...political commentators with a humorous edge should study Johnny Carson...

  78. Alicia Truglio

    it is not going to work in 2020