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  1. Karen Smith

    Racists are dumb af. Who would've thought?

  2. 239FATDAVE

    Nobody watching that shit but bunch of horny liberals. I'm tired of the money being wasted personally.

  3. Jack Finerty

    Yo if u think the democrats won this impeachment hearing, you’re stupid lmao.

  4. Avis Tumpkin

    You Trump, don't care for U.S. of America, and nobody care for you either Trump.

  5. Panks & Facts

    Last Christmas or Noelle 👇🏽 👇🏽

  6. Michael Domingo

    So they rather dismiss an entire nation’s existence. also , weird I got a durex commercial on this vid.

  7. Kenji88Sama

    Huge missed opportunity not using the "dirt on Joe Biden" line to sneak in an "I'm gonna SOIL myself" joke in there.

  8. Quisqueya Pride

    Like the#ORANGUTRUMP said give me ur poor, ur uneducated, ur recheck, ur deplorables in general those are the ppl. I love cus they are so easy to scam they are so FUCKING dumb they don't even know where Ukraine is hahahaha I LOVE MY DEPLORABLES!!!!

  9. Nikki Moon

    Everyone saying that trump doesn't have to prove himself innocent, don't be foolish. Presidents have to prove themselves trustworthy and reasonably transparent because they are the head of a nation of people. This impeachment process is as much about the crime as it is about whether or not Americans can trust their president.

  10. Daltoniusz

    HOT 9/10

  11. Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ

    "Up to 200 species go instinct everyday" Yes and 200 new one arrives. And the deforestation has been disproven the earth is getting greener, yes forrest disappear but more arrives. And when asked what we should do she says "we should do everything" "we should inform ourselves" "let our voices be heard" yeah well non of these things are actual solutions to the problem. And i probably seen her on 10 talk shows isn't that all wrong she should be in school on the other side of the ocean. How dare you

  12. Jacquie gonzalez


  13. Deon Van der Westhuizen

    Meanwhile in South Africa, our once proud national airline and our only power utility are officially bankrupt because of twenty years of (only) black corruption. Whole towns are now without running water. I would like Trevor to complain about that for once. Trevor, you're brothers are dying here in Africa.

  14. Dan L

    @ 2:37. What they're doing is repeating a blatant lie over and over to brainwash the people watching!! Fox is not a news network, it's a propaganda outlet for the ultra wealthy 1%

  15. Hope Forbetter

    Public servants are so boring! Fox News would prefer a sexier scandal, like Trump kissing up to Putin!

  16. Peanut Butter

    A news force? more like a circus to me, or worse, even a circus seem to be entertaining to watch

  17. DebraAnna Shanghai

    "I don't want to be involved in US democratic elections - that was the takeaway" I feel so sorry for the Ukraine - they are fighting for their country; fighting Putin and his huge propaganda and military machine; they are a new Government, and looking to the United States for support and help". This is a really sad situation.

  18. Jennyoy

    Bill Clinton loves sex so much that he wants to make it with the young girls.

  19. Thomas Philip

    If a state has laws to DISCRIMINATE against, TORTURE, KILL or to DEPORT citizens for publicly converting to Christianity after renouncing Islam (like what happened to Robert Hussein in Kuwait in 1996), ===> Is it an officially #Christianity_o_phobic state? ===> Is it an officially #Islamic_supremacist state?

  20. Hallands Menved

    Well, Noah, it's actually very hard to pooh-pooh "the impeachment", since none exists! The farce we witnessed is labeled "impeachment hearings"! Under considerable pressure, Liddle Lying Schiffty moved those from his basement to the public eye. He postponed this as long as possible, demonstrating that the DNC is still fumbling in the dark, trying to give some substance to their fallback plot, the impeachonitis dance of dead dorks... What are you doing, defending this ludicrous sham?

  21. mightypensword

    trevor joked about hypnosis, but i've thought for years that they've been hypnotizing their viewers.

  22. Dana Moore

    The purpose of the presidency isn't to get ratings Fox & Fools!

  23. Kathryn

    Congressional hearings and trials are never ‘sexy.’ They are slow and plodding because you need to cover all of the minute details. When I first started seeing those comment come out, my first thought was, these people thought it would be like the courtroom scene in A Few Good Men.

  24. MyQueenFreddieMercury

    It’s fortunate for us that Nixon didn’t have a FauxNews. Also, I’ve been to court four times. Once for a ticket and three times for jury duty. The only way to describe it is boring. The courts aren’t here to entertain us.

  25. Maximilian Kratz

    But... did she win?

  26. Chigozie Madubuko

    Oh, i can't wait to put my quid in your quo

  27. TheFourthWinchester

    Come on, that ending was way too weird. Disturbingly weird.

  28. Callum Aston

    A old magician used to do this with a sword through his body

  29. underballbutter

    Yang's UBI is a Trojan Horse that is funded by looting the social safety net by 80% and a regressive tax and furthers wealth inequality. He's not for a Living wage for full-time workers, Higher Education and Healthcare as a Human Right, student and medical debt cancellation, or a Federal Jobs Guarentee.

  30. Andy Donaldson

    They are not journalists. They are entertainment for people who get off on hate.

  31. Dmitry Kim

    By publishing presidential secret calls you are breaking the rules, presidents will never call an American one to discuss any important things

    1. dn va

      Hahahahahaha what? They are white house released transcripts. They are not the phone call

  32. Daniboy

    They seem like they are doing this on purpose so people loose interest on the impeachment sad, If they just want to find out the truth why this have to be exiting or sexy?...

    1. dn va

      Exciting and lose are the correct spelling of your words. Stop playing video games. Edit your comment

  33. phil galpin

    Americans are stupid, fact. It's only because they have their hands on most of the worlds resources (at the moment) that anybody wants to go there.

    1. dn va

      Hahahahahaha why are you watching our entertainment and politics? If we are so stupid. What does that make you? Pathetic that's what

  34. Symphonia16

    That ending was actually hilarious

  35. Albion Takami 多神

    If your shoes can't bend, they're useless and overpriced.

  36. Abdifitah Bosto

    Even the i hate trump but he's really fun and i don't him to leave trump 2020

    1. dn va

      Do you know English?

  37. Camren Mugabe

    The Nba commissioner Adam Silver is a coward who bows to the Chinese market and leadership only because it will affect his bottom line. That man cares about money more than the integrity of his company and country and he deserves to be called out for his cowardice and inability to stand up to China.


    😭😭😭😭😭 I Flipping Love You!!!!

  39. Junior

    Space Isis

  40. Unel Mitchell

    It's not called, Foxaganda propaganda News for KLANsevaTARD racist, bigots and white supremacist for nothing... 😉

  41. Saumendu Das

    They lowkey flirtin

  42. DebraAnna Shanghai

    There is a rather horrible saying "That if you want a hundred monkeys to behave, kill one of the monkeys!" This isn't about the whistleblower it's about stopping people from coming forward.

  43. Amelia Jordan

    *Bring Tulsi Gabbard on the show*

  44. Mark Burle

    All blabbing of the mouth and no substantial action. Just complaining about Trump even though areas like the Bay area and LA are over 80% Democrats

  45. Nicole Ali

    What happened to new reporters reporting the news and not voicing their opinions. Just tell menwhat hapoened not your opinion.

  46. Marco Braganca

    That's why Shepard Smith left FOX, only nonsense

  47. SamWize Ganji

    Trump supporters think Quid Pro Quo is Spanish.


    On the texting thing, i think any girl or guy that always wants an immediately response to a text is an insane person dump them immediately!

  49. Persiansweetcat1

    I didn’t know news had to be sexy in order to be important! Jesus Christ WTF is this?!

  50. Артур Якубенко

    Fuck You, racist scum administration!!!! With love, Ukraine

  51. Tawake Tuitokatuadua

    It's OK if you can't locate Ukraine on a map, because you don't have to know where you $$ is going.

  52. LaToya Johnson

    "Dial that number girl" 😂😂😂 #rotaryphonesex 👀😂

  53. Persiansweetcat1

    Can a channel on earth be or get more stupid than FOX news? I mean what do you have to be in order to get hired to work for FOX? ignorant and dumb?


    Its just a baby, i really do not see how people can get so insanely stupid because they chose to be ignorant about the gender of the child.

  55. Mark Burle

    He isn't getting impeached, you all live in your biased leftist bubble

  56. terry baker

    Fox news the channel of hypocrisy.

  57. Ann Bee

    Fox people are journalists? I've heard better jokes.

  58. nontuthuzelo tiner

    Yake loo bhuti yinto kengoku...its a thing now..😔

  59. mon taylor

    This is crazy. This reminds me of undercover brother when the government was using the generals fried chicken to control peoples minds.

  60. Milichay

    Anna and Trevor should date, ASAP. They look so amazing together. I'm shipping them so hard!!

  61. Daniela Larranaga

    I can find Ukraine on a map.

  62. N Z

    I’m beginning to be put off by the number of times Trevor talks about RW or Fox or white people ignorance he imitates teenage girls. Because yes, that is the only acceptable definition of “dumb” right? Even if he doesn’t consider himself sexist he is enabling sexist stereotypes that are just too 90s at this point. It’s just tired, Trevor Noah. Try again. Do better

  63. Hi Jack

    man..I wish she did standup.

  64. thisguy

    A cousin once removed is the child of your aunt or uncle +/- a single generation

  65. Ryoma Haruno

    game of thrones fans: sad over their lost show one piece fans: amateurs

  66. Pedro Martinez

    Thanks Fox for remanded us how smart y'all are and how stupid we are....

  67. SunScourge

    I'm never having kids, but if I did I'd be tempted to do a gender reveal using green or purple, and stating I don't know either and it's up to the kid to tell me :P

  68. MosesPlays

    If this was russia these lying fox news propaganda channel would be closed and the people there would be executed in the night,in silent without a trace,and no one would talk about it. Irony is, that with that kind of behaviour Fox crap show is promoting exactly that. America IS becoming Russia and freedom of speach or not,channels that str8 up lies has to be prosecuted and closed. FREEDOM OF SPEED = FREEDOM TO LIE AND SLANDER ?

  69. Rohit Varma

    I could put Sean Insanity on a hot pan and not need any oil to fry him to a crisp.

  70. Simthembile Mpabanga

    i give you AMERICA...

  71. Ingrid Prendergast

    America was built by "immigrants". Where is the cut off point?!

  72. Camren Mugabe

    Wow So Fox News insults it’s own audience and gets away with it. Heh heh heh heh heh classy🙄😆

  73. Tiro Setati

    When she said she has bread and avocados, I thought "This woman is from Limpopo!"

  74. hamooty hesoo

    I used to believe and love all you say trevor , but shame on you , there is no such a thing as free press or neutrality even for you , i can't believe you never mentioned the Iraq protests! With all the things that happened you never found a single funny clip just to show or mention, every one is giving the blind eye to the protests that have the highest casualties around the world , there is no such thing as U.N or human rights it's all just big companies and all about the green and their benefits, my only hope is in unselfish people who are free who really wants better not just for themselves but for all, all ways thought freedom isn't free means it comes with a great cost, but i believe freedom is looked up and something else is disguised as freedom is what we have , be smart trevor and see what your audience wants not what your channel wants you to feed them and you might have some people respect again

  75. Omy Sadat

    Wow, fucking weird people. Is this the "supposedly" most advanced country in the world? Not looking mighty at all.

  76. MB Orlando

    Go Montana baby

  77. Nairguilherme Lopes

    No sex,no gain!!!

  78. Junior

    Less charismatic rainman 🤦🏿‍♂️ damnit

  79. Razkid 38

    He's not interested Sheila, need to get the message!

  80. 72marshflower15

    @Anna Kendrick ...maybe spend your supposed holly days planting trees instead of killing them and decorating them like some psychopath serial murderer does with their prey... I otherwise don’t see why you’re special enough to feed air time... Especially if you don’t understand better.. People want a smart and sexy star... not a stupid brick... Good luck out there...

  81. C OB

    4:09 Ooof,shut up

  82. VertX Kuro

    We gotta say fox girls seal their fate to ever getting a date and guys sealing chances of ever getting laid ever again when they talk like this.......

  83. CanisLupis138

    Kind of glossed over the witnesses not having anything but okay

  84. Zevmber

    If you're a Daily show live audience can you please stop clapping instead of laughing

  85. NigelGB

    How to get Trump out of office ... I'd write that book Trevor ... America might REALLY need it in 2025.

  86. Nourhan MMKhalil

    At 5:02 the guy at fox who said trumps impeachment isn't sexy looks exactly like my ex, before he left me he said the same, ahahahah. Now it became clearer, really why I didn't look sexy, because he didn't want to see me as sexy, in fact Trumps impeachment is sooo dame sexy to the point it can break 2019 headlines hard, just like my marriage photos that my ex will sure stumble upon scrolling because he still stalks me on social media my wedding photos will break 2019 he won't be able to stand seeing me with the man of my dreams, he just WILL GO NUTS.

  87. Marcusmiller


  88. Nairguilherme Lopes

    No one can find Ukraine in the map???? That man should never be a journalist if he can't find a country in the map. What a ignorants persons? How those people became journalist? Well once again is USA so is not surprise that any ignorant person can work on news

  89. Michael Ebrahimi

    I've watched plenty of international news stations and from what I've seen is that everyone is biased. I should mention that nearly all of them are able to hide it better than fox.

  90. Human Person

    literal dirt on Joe biden, brilliant

  91. Andrew Lake

    The magical wonderful road to another Republican dick slap.

  92. J.R. Spingly

    Cant wait to see all you democrat dick riders cry because nothing will happen, and the Bidens will be found out to be doing shady crap. Epstein didnt kill himself, all you democrat fucks ill see all your leaders caught being pedophiles.

  93. Creepy Joe

    soundbites are great for the simple minded

  94. Christopher Heldt

    Bernie 2020

  95. Bruno Vazquez

    Cool but did anyone find that last scene a bit too much lol

  96. D Coetzee

    If you don't know where Ukraine is on a map, that's okay! Just look at the Eastern European countries bordering on Russia, it's the biggest one, south of all the others. Now you know.

  97. Joel Sc

    This guy, Trevor Noah needs help.

  98. Kalana Herath

    We shall do no such thing, kind sir!

  99. Al Bundy

    How does half this country manage to dress themselves in the morning?

  100. Carolina Wren

    Thank you Noah. Can you get Shahid Buttar on your show? He is running to unseat Speaker Pelosi. Check him out? #ShahidVsPelosi