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  1. J PUPPY01

    sell the ferrari to dde

  2. Ana Cristina

    Can you do some atuff to your gtr i am a fan

  3. Rock Soul

    Are they guys brothers or friends pls tell anyone ????

  4. TheRevalationNation

    Get some billet clutches for it! I got some for my rzr 1k and it wakes up!

  5. Timok Khan

    C’est pas le filtre anti particules qu’ils viennent de virer, là, nos deux cow-boys ?

  6. MCSD12

    how do you get away with driving all these cars with no plates on them.

  7. D Ealy

    Make it a Black and white! Front and rear black, top and doors white!

  8. The Book Of Bus

    Update on property?

  9. Jan Kopjar

    you dont race with police car your video is clicbait

  10. Joseph Caratelli

    I wished they painted it before they wrap it

  11. Shahid Zadran

    14:41 who remembered DON’T GO ANYWHERE

  12. Bogart medina

    I love Tom guys

  13. Dean F

    Danny P 1818 local boy -rockin it!

  14. Kody Elkins

    What are those jacks y’all use on the channel I have a lowered truck and those would make working on it wonderful

  15. Rigo Cortez

    You should try the Green Key

  16. Ronny Braun

    Mercedes also does the wheel bolts instead of lug nuts

  17. Mark Macdonald

    i love the music you guys pick and love the daily content :)

  18. Kavinsky Smith

    I gotta say, I hope you paint the white one ferrari red like this one is, as red just looks so much better on a 458.

  19. Felix Brendel

    is it just me or did these recent projects get boring?

  20. SaMo Dj//

    Where i can buy this cheap cars like nissan 350z where i can find it

  21. Valdenilson Constantino

    Me manda um miniatura dos seus carros

  22. Alex Avina

    Deep dish pizza? Lol

  23. hard drox

    you could do a golf course 5 r32

  24. kevin whitehead

    Wish you could fix mine then cams went bang and oil pump backwards top and fuel tank were all wrong and mine got flooded

  25. Matthew Sarll

    Get a tig welder to get those clean welds 👌🏻

  26. Larry Carroll

    That’s an oil heater plug guys

  27. Юра Паньків


  28. Юра Паньків


  29. SnegY

    15:40 2 katanas

  30. Joseph Bastiaanse

    I think the switch is to cut power the yaw sensor so you can get 'er sliding without VDC kicking back on

  31. Zello

    Imagine as soon as they pull out on they highway the get hit 😂

  32. the only one

    You guys better get some lock tight on those studs at least on the side that goes into the rotor.

    1. the only one

      Also the other guy is Kevin with cyber garage. He has a gt3 challenge car.

  33. Dylan Harbinson

    can you guys give us a(n) build update on all of the builds!!!!!!!

  34. Wiljhon Diendo

    Future DDE car? Hmmmm

  35. Mad Mechanix

    My father in law is born and raised Georgia.. and literally at 75 talks exactly the same

  36. Pete

    Use ur car lift!

  37. D Ealy

    A Lot of cars come with lug studs. Jeep Renegade, Saturn L series, Mini Coopers, BMW's Ect.......

  38. trigger187

    Is Nov.13 where is the wrap guy already

  39. TGFC

    The 458 is going to look crazy dope when it's done!

  40. Raj jyoti

    Mark my words ...I think dde is getting the gt3 rarri

  41. Muhammad Abubakar

    Says gonna use heat gun Grabs hairdryer

  42. Sam Santiago

    if the old police dept. is local you should show them what’s happened to their totaled charger

  43. sonu c John

    Wow. Wonderfully rebuilded can Am Maverick 😍✌️

  44. armando patane

    Supercharge MUSTANG,,,,,,,,,,,

  45. SomeBoredGuy69

    You need red loctite on the end of the studs that screw into the hub!

  46. Bosco's Life Online

    Your wheels look far better than the ones you got... The "new" ones look quite dull imo

  47. Louie

    Reminds me of Danny’s build at SEMA

  48. Jocelynn Robles

    2020 supra next!!!!!!!! who agrees !!💥💥

  49. Damon Chen

    The suspense is killing me. Wonder what’s the base colour 🤔

  50. HORT KeyZ

    Moin leute ich komme aus deutschland😎😘

  51. Joseph Bastiaanse

    what a lowblow with the dictionary and thesaurus hahah

  52. armando patane

    Srt stands for street/race/track

  53. chris slayden

    You should tune the maverick since deleted and piped now

  54. Edge Motorsports RVA

    Just paint the whole car, will be a way better result!

  55. T Gilder

    Stop using just a razor blade to open packages before you cut yourself and get a nice knife and maybe a sponsor will send you guys some free ones to do some product placements. Do it!!!

  56. patrick LEYRIS

    vous êtes des magiciens, j'adore vos créations !!

  57. g60 life

    whos the you tuber bet its dde if pfs supplied the wrap and damon was saying about putting race car parts on a street car on his sema vlog maybe?

  58. Jimmy Bud

    Sell me your Viper please...

  59. Abdul Rahman Syafiq Saad

    They are definitely doing DDE's car

  60. Ioana Barbor

    Maverick 🤔... Secretly promoting Logan Paul?

  61. Devon  Castro

    That's funny I used lower springs on my mustang too. Then it hydroplaned it to a guard rail a lowered it more by knocking rears wheels off. Lol

  62. donovan007007

    Matte red wrap!!!!!

  63. Donnie Brasco

    Good job guys !!Subscribing for sure !! Yours quality on the top.

  64. Infinity Clips TV

    "But u definitly gonna see it in the next videos "

  65. Bruno Catone

    And, there's always a gold digger

  66. DrDementoRI

    Don’t lower it until the front lip is back on......

  67. Steve L.

    danggg blueballed

  68. Chris Moreno

    You guys need to get a Tazer to unlock SRT features

  69. dirtbike rider

    I just got a joke idea for an orange car with a bad paint job orange peel is the answer

  70. David Redwolf

    "That is pretty much gonna be a wrap for today's video" But still no wrapping occurred, daaaang son!

  71. Christian Gaffud

    Go for a brand new mags for the police car

  72. Bela Graf

    Who has bine subescribe Sins Tomas was en Kitten🤪😎

  73. James Beckwith

    Y’all should do more side by side videos in the future

  74. Marlon Green


  75. Soubhagya Shankar

    Love your work loads brothers

  76. Reaper Dzong

    The Rap Guy 😏 🤙

  77. Official Mizan

    we catch you guys next time PEACEEEE 😁

  78. PP 168 Racing

    Wow 🤣🤣

  79. Yazeed Gh

    1:30 music please

  80. Mohammed Riyadh


  81. G Klink

    At 8:28 you can see what the wrap looks like on the “wrap guy’s” phone. High gloss silver with a black set of racing stripes. There are black accents where they are holding up the wrap to the car and the aft end of the car is black where the spoiler would sit.

  82. Rachel West

    Wonder how many times they say "alright" gets a bit tedious lol

  83. Magic Elrobertos

    Perfect wheels👌458 looks Epic 🔥

  84. Chris Waldron

    Those wheels are as fugly as ever 🤮

  85. Saba Jalal

    Hi goonzquad how are you

  86. juan santillan

    3:39 "You know I pooped myself this morning. Gimme a hammer."


    Goonzquad : inside is the ferrari Warp guy: wait, do you want to warp your lamborghini Goonzquad :nope Warp guy :gtr Goonzquad :no Warp guy: charger Goonzquad : nooooo Warp guy : or any other car Goonzquad : do the dang ferrari bro

  88. David Wade

    Your ‘can do’ attitude is inspiring.... keep at it 👍🏻

  89. Abdullah alam

    Mmmmm, Yes I love me self some good carbon fiber diner plate so I can eat my chicken nugget

  90. wayfaring stranger


  91. Toms onfire


  92. shadd ward

    wow another lazy fuck thinking he is a superstar bitch go get a real job

  93. Bela Graf

    Name it Bela

    1. Bela Graf

      Is my name

  94. Anjali pandurangi

    Super build guys .I am there since the Mustang

  95. Music is Life

    About the huge scoop in the hood: Did you plan to do install a drain for rain and washing water? Otherwise you'll get a nice pool in there

  96. Sir Sal

    Who's agree with me the videos became boring

  97. Boyan Tringov

    Imagane the cost of the transport of those tires ...:) :) :)

  98. bioniz

    Finally <3

  99. Mohit Sheorey

    Should make a t-shirt with the following phrases: Daaaang son, Open up this sucker, Install this bad boy

  100. Bobby Brady

    The new iPhone video color balance is too warm. You can really notice it outside in the natural light.