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  1. Kyle Norton


  2. Luke

    1:05 Fazay Jarvis

  3. Mery Alvarez

    Jarvis in sheed

  4. NopQ


  5. SquirtleGamer

    There is something called making a new account

  6. SquirtleGamer

    Just because he got banned on fortnite lol

  7. Agamerfr0zed

    Great job dipshit! Good riddance...

  8. SquirtleGamer

    I been banned on roblox waaa waaa

  9. DexterAnimates

    I feel so bad your my favorite🥺🥺😔😔😭😭

  10. An Nguyen

    This is logan paul all over again.

  11. Aiden Voyles

    apology vid but has an ad

  12. Leo McAndrew

    Here’s a joke Kaylen wining a game

  13. احمد الحربي


  14. David Valdez

    You got caught cheating and you got banned then you cry about it *thonking emoji*

  15. Amalia Torres

    Play someone’s account

  16. Gameing with Me

    I feel so sorry for u

  17. Jeremy Dietze

    Can you make a New acc i hope you got better we help you all😭😭 okay 😭ps im am from germany. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. Rhino

    We miss You Jarvis we hope you come back to USsel and we hope Fortnite desides to change what they did and only ban u for short time we all miss u man

  19. Drip_tobyy

    Guaranteed Jarvis is going home to change his IP address so he can be unbanned 🤣

  20. hakima kassid

    stream Minecraft?

  21. Static Tron

    Jarvis im sorry for you but come on man why did you think using aimbot would be good for content

  22. Liane Warkus


  23. Lily Vlogs

    yo you can do minecaft

  24. SnyderMiner MCPE

    The people that disliked this video were crying because jarvas can't play so they mistakes it for the like button

  25. Donna Reyes

    1v1 me I will destroy you


    Jarvis provo io a farti sbannare

  27. Ruined

    When one door closes another one opens This means when your banned from fortnite play cod

  28. Kronchy 魂


  29. SuperSpasticNinja

    Just imagine this little boy encountering some actual pain and loss... Can't do the time? Don't do the crime. Deal with it you little bitch.

  30. M_m7md klaoud_d zaher

    Ohhh man 😣😣😢😢😭😭😢

  31. natalie cassidy

    Go and do apex

  32. Arian Rexhepi

    Do you get unbanned becuse you are insane and i love you'r idea's (love you jarvis

  33. Fortnite Minecraft or shadow and sonic

    We love you Jarvis it’s ok

  34. luther says

    Hold up it's been awhile since I've seen a video of his was he hacking consistently or just one time

  35. Darkhammer19

    Yo vengo por anzutops777 :v

  36. shorfan


  37. Eiijah Villa

    i do not feel bad for him at all i think its funny lol 😂

  38. Jazzy Goodwin

    Lessen learned don’t use aimbot because you will end up like Jarvis hope you will understand why you have been banned Jarvis hope you get your account back

  39. OXgamer

    Donate everybody 1 dollar

  40. Adam Florin


  41. Alex Chev

    admittedly it's a shame he got caught in this little game but he knew what he was getting into

  42. MFLX

    Lol you can say you are just noob 😂 so stop acting innocent

  43. Alex Chev

    Seriously if you are sorry for a cheater so happy with his bullshit that he filmed and broadcast it is that you are as stupid as him he had only what he deserved and he surely does not deserve replay a fortnite

  44. Asa Tshazibana


  45. Leo Sand

    just make a new accunt

  46. Pollo.

    Dont be dumb and just code dumb

  47. Andre Hellström

    Cheater are allways a cheater

  48. Doroy HD

    I feel sad I'm might give my account it has skins username:fAzE_JaRViS "/

  49. H Betanzos


  50. H Betanzos


  51. H Betanzos


  52. H Betanzos


  53. Black Hole

    In My Opinion, he got what he deserved. Epic doesn't take hacks lightly.

  54. シaiden

    damn should’ve not used that aimbot 😕

  55. Monster hunter Studio

    Your a. liver noob!

  56. It’s Alan YT

    Love u man👏

  57. alwayssmiled •U•


  58. boring fan 69


  59. Bad Kitten Gaming

    Lol Fazay Jarvis 1:04

  60. yaliso gioouy

    How could u dislike a vid on a kid who’s tryna live his life

  61. Aphliz

    Can u just make a new acc?

  62. ghost clan

    2 miljoen

  63. Imthebadkidjay Fan

    For reall bro you did it to your self I will give you account

  64. Dani Hernández

    Subtítulos spanish bro

  65. Brent Roberts

    Can't he just make another account? (serious question)

  66. Abenzio Apolinar

    Love u bro u gonna be Abel to come back just wait

  67. Noah Bush

    Sorry Jarvis

  68. Kate Searle

    i am sorry

  69. Garney Reid

    Am so sorry Jarvis

  70. Juan Pablo Clear

    Pobre chico

    1. yaliso gioouy

      I know it may seem extremely melodramatic from the way he’s approaching all of this, but all of you guys need to know that fortnite WAS his life. He doesn’t have that anymore

  71. Ivy_offwhite

    1:25 take the L

  72. Dariusz Chamarczuk

    He maket a mistake but he was working hard to get good and fames

  73. Dariusz Chamarczuk

    We schould say epic unbann jarvis

  74. liam plqys

    you're so pissed that you were banned get over it

  75. Immortal Toxic

    So how tf he is playing chapter 2 ?

  76. Casey Kirkpatrick

    I’m really sorry

  77. Fantisque

    him: got banned from fortnite me: Just play minecraft

  78. CRGS Pros

    You I’m sorry bro you are one of my favourite USselrs

  79. Fantisque

    im sorry but you lost your fortnite account. You can try to play minecraft?

  80. John Hinmledob

    Guys he was playing this game for two years?

  81. Centipede

    It’s fucking Fortnite

  82. Donuts Cum


  83. Lankku

    Just because you hack on an alt doesn’t mean epic won’t ban ur main

  84. liquidsky

    How can you get banned from the game? Can't he just create another account or something? It's a genuine question I have no idea how that game works or even what it is about.

  85. Crxcked Ant ψ


  86. kentucky was taken

    Bro it’s a video game chill

  87. Gabriel Filipe PORTO

    Start playing Fifa New Project

  88. Zp foless

    you gay jarvis forever Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


    Sube Minecraft :v

  90. blu

    jarvis mate battle pass

  91. Jackson Layman

    Use your account you used with the voice changer

  92. Shrimp Boat

    Actual propaganda

  93. elcoslick

    I was not a mistake you should have known that you would get banned it was your fault. when you cry I dont feel that emotion cause you knew what you were doing. I know it was you're Carrer but still you know that cheating can get you banned.

  94. Shrimp Boat

    2019 and people cry on camera about being banned for cheating on a video game.

  95. kody playz

    I feel bad epic is not good for jarvis

  96. Adam Bo

    You kay

  97. S2 Clan

    10:01 dOeS tHaT mEaN hEs A tRyHaRd

  98. N club savage

    Your face is always like that

  99. Cameron Ross

    Genuinely bro