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  1. Ramzy Rodriguez

    The suns are makin the playoff


    I got anxiety from him putting all the dirty shoes scuffing other shoes 😕

  3. Jade isa Ruri

    I love this video

  4. Anarchist xOxO


  5. Katya ramos

    You should Make more videos like this

  6. Leslie Cerecer

    Booker just vibin in the back seat😂😂😂

  7. Yuvran

    Why is jackie wearing 2 different socks lol

  8. Anna W

    Brandon I like looking at you walk cuz your feet are so big and you're so short 💞

  9. ΛLΛΠ 1993

    binge watching all brandons videos atm 🐐

  10. Stack Stack2x

    invest in ur money bro best advice ill give u youll get it back 2X or 3X back ✍🏽💯


    I’m rly ill rn I need rest but doesn’t stop me from watching u Ik this is an old vid I haven’t seen this one before

  12. Jack Morrison

    Fuck the suns . Lakers all the way

  13. Brandon Galvez

    10:14 I’m dying right now😂😂❤️

  14. fxckeer ; /

    someone egg his neighbors house

  15. Tempestz

    Same I got copyrighted claimed

  16. Princessluvsyou

    chick fil a is better no cap

  17. Belen Cortez

    A grown ass man really walked into a restaurant and sprayed something he doesn’t even know is and then tried to act all clueless wtf !

  18. SlaM Ù

    She said how did we get to this point lol u ain’t do shit

  19. Walker Evans

    10:48 when you nut On her ass and it’s dripping towards her Coochie 💀

  20. SYKSAN

    Thats funny my brothers bday and my otger bro has the bday august 6 august 7 thats funny

  21. DtŁ JaYoo

    Brawadis i did the same u doing when golden state loss the championship i put a big hole in my wall......i feel your pain

  22. Brandon Galvez

    They’re so dramatic😂😂❤️

  23. manipurPUBgstreamer Kingsmanstate

    Its only 1$ in china

  24. FaZe Jonathan

    That laugh tho 7:17 through 7:19🤣😂🤣😂

  25. Jacky Ruiz

    My brothers and I did the same challenge and my oldest oldest took 3 my second oldest took 2 my 3 oldest took 6 and I took 1

  26. Roman Makarovskiy

    When alcohol gets into your system

  27. art Dante

    I love how Noah is involved in the videos boys! [

  28. Abdirauf Abshir

    Another episode of employees vs customers. Brandon is right though, if he says it was easy for her to grab the tickets, then it was obviously easy. Unfortunately she had to be an employee vs customers. And that's not best for business.

  29. Alexis Keandra Medrano

    The first time i saw that I thought it was a year ago

  30. ツ7K

    You were detained for questioning, not arrested.

  31. prodigy

    why is this video so dam funny

  32. gloomster 2k

    so happy i’m seeing more basketball videos, these were so entertaining 2 years ago i literally binged the videos 😂 keep doing work bro

  33. Mario Rioz

    Id shoot his ass 😊

  34. Abdirauf Abshir

    What can we say neighbors from hell.

  35. celljinx

    Whatever happened to Dennis tho

  36. Bob Kick

    Brandon I was wondering if you could send prayers me and my moms way because my grandma just had a stroke sadly I’m praying

  37. Evan Miller

    Yo my lakers won lol

  38. Erik Murillo


  39. Fortnite Lovers

    Any one 2022

  40. E.t.A A.

    Poor Brandon.

  41. Poco Max

    Look how long the cops took to come. If that guy wanted to kill you he would have. That's how come you need a gun and gun training.

  42. Adreena Rodriguez

    I love how you make BANg into a bit👏🏼👏🏼 I think it’s so funny and creative and wayyy better than the other USselrs who just shout it out real quick. You’re so dedicated and really love to vlog I can see the passion in it

  43. Fxatz

    Hugs every cute girl that he asked a question to💀

  44. Jonathan Velazquez

    Can someone please tell me the song name at 7:14 !!!!!

  45. R Bros

    These are small I wear extra small 😂😂😂😂

  46. Tania Ramirez

    I had a neighbor who poisoned pitbull puppies that I had by putting a bunch of poison on a plate people who do that are so mean

  47. KennKenn

    I know Jeffree dahmer use to do that kinda stuff when he was still active. Glad you guys are ok

  48. Dylan Hurtado Patino

    Your immune to all these comments. 😊 no need to like just comment.

  49. girly girl13

    Put a fence in ur side Brandon!

  50. John Gallagher

    Anthonys hair line😭🤦‍♂️

  51. faze rug

    That’s not cool man not cool👿

  52. Kayla Harris

    I remember this video 2 years ago I had to come back an watch it again this is prob 1 of my favorite video that Brandon did that was by far the best gift anyone could have gave Brandon Jackie topped it.. Now him and Brandon are friends and he goes to his party's and texts him and talks with him cuz they friends.. I think that's so freaking cool!!! 💗💜💗💜💗💜💗

  53. Dahian Santiago

    I would report him

  54. Richie Hernandez

    Anthony looks so weird skinny😂

  55. Tsk_ Drew

    12:47 yall thank me

  56. jaden sorensen

    0:45 i’m not the only one who saw those as toenails

  57. Tsk_ Drew


  58. Martin Garcia

    I know how u feel my dog died in a seizure

  59. Alysson Soriano

    Nobody: Litterly nobody: BRANDON: *WHISOLING*

  60. ReZii -

    8:16 ONLY! I wouldve done so much cruel shit to his house

  61. James Finnigan

    That is so messed up people are really sick thank god booker didn’t find it

  62. pinkangel1703

    💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 so heartbreaking. God bless you all. Xxxx

  63. Mariyam Haider

    guys guess what, if you press the number 0 while the vid is playing its so crazy

  64. Umar’e Sniper5

    Mans had the hoodie longer than his channel

  65. Grady Cox

    At 11:00 are those bongs in the background?

  66. John McCarthy

    6:13 that face when your Ex Says Shit

  67. Sylvia Slen

    I wanna try a bang but they don’t sell them where I live

  68. Cesar Leom

    They both ugly asf

  69. Anthony Retana

    I went to the suns game on Tuesday at7:00

  70. danny benavides

    Yes you’re stressing me

  71. Allison Ramon

    What happen with your neighbor ? Did you vlog the confrontation?

  72. Gabe Wilson

    Why j look like curious George tho 😂💀❌🧢

  73. Alex Andrino

    Bro u never post consistent anymore

  74. Ninja Clips

    dude stop drinking!

  75. Mehdi Saymeh

    Wait I thought y’all don’t live in that house no more wtf

  76. 420 pimp

    "Why u laughin" "IDK"😭🤣🤣

  77. Oceana Marie

    IM LAUGHING SO HARD I didn't know what happened at first lmaooooooo

  78. Mario Hernandez

    Brandon should tell Jackie she isnt aloud to babysit Booker anymore as a prank

  79. Alan Lopez

    Denis I miss you! Denis come back, take a little vacation here please!!!!!

  80. danny benavides

    Treat people better than they treat you

  81. Twiisty

    Let's get a group going and all go take a piss on his lawn

  82. TiNa Rae

    I ate 6 at0mic wings like it was nothing you guys are weakkk lol

  83. Aloha SNATCH

    No offense but Anthony is BIG BIRTHA

  84. Israel Gracia

    That guy is fucked up

  85. Jopher Mendoza

    Watching from the PH! 🙌🏻 hope ill have my own car 😣

  86. HaZZZaRd

    No nut november, 2019

  87. lizardhead 21

    I dont like bacon either..... Its grosssssssssss Lets be friends jackie

  88. Ibraheem Ktout

    Papa rug drunk lol

  89. TiNa Rae

    Why do the yeezys look so bad on the thumb nail "like when you been wearing white on white forces too long and should be throwing them out but you still wearing them

  90. Mia Ancira

    U watching the Suns game Hawks vs sun

  91. Eduardo Colin

    What happened wit u confronting the neighbor bro no cap u gotta confront him on the next video broo

  92. Jazmin Pulido

    Nobody: Brandon: “ then the neighbor slams his door open “

  93. Byron Garcia

    Let’s go

  94. Uknownjosh

    Like ttis video if you like dogs

  95. El Panchogaming

    Not a big deal btw

  96. Lakhsmi Dutta


  97. Ony_Garcia727

    Please record yourself confronting your neighbor

  98. 》Da _ Killer《

    12:09 😂 hahah

  99. Sarbjot Mehrok

    Lakers FTMFW