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  1. Anthony Torres

    He still fucking

  2. Michael Ac

    9:27 the dog 😢🤧

  3. Christopher Diaz

    Dude why you always Put “Ex Friend”

  4. Rapmagic Deleon

    You should rate your insecurities. 😄

  5. Alex Nelson

    Imagine Jackie walking in 🤣

  6. Luis Garcia


  7. Dj Bate

    we saw that cut at 11:19 lol gave brando a quick ass flash

  8. SecretReloads

    What brandon had sex with jacky omg

  9. Aliana Macareno

    I think l you and Jackie should date y'all are so cute

  10. rocky luo


  11. Seth Stevens

    Not thé flew, He’s got the Caronavirus

  12. Jovy Lucero

    I live in Oakland

  13. Allie Bilger

    Where do you're parents live? with you or with Brian?

  14. Jessica De Anda

    I LOVE the last minute.. "Kids, listen 2 ure parents" ♥️💯👍

  15. Sahin Vaid

    I feel so bad for Kobe and gigi

  16. Flav396 Dan

    12:06 what is that song?

  17. Xx_natalie_xX 1

    Try dinamitas with butter next plss you just dip the dinamitas in.the butter

  18. Joe Mamma

    Faze rug got back with Molly

  19. GodsFlowerkp

    I don’t know what I would do if Jackie wasn’t apart of his videos, lol I started Subscribing to him because of her!! LATINA LIFE MAMA. She’s so cute and so humble, i hope God blesses both of them within their future and they continue to grow together, id love to see them get married & have beautiful babies one day ❤️

  20. Monique Gonzalez

    Get back together already 😭❤️❤️

  21. JM Stockton

    This man went to the hospital for a fucking cold, clearly, if he was really sick he wouldn't have the energy to go to the gym. So dramatic

  22. Sharifa Al-Sabah

    Juniors lisp is so cute

  23. Alma Duric

    LMAOOOOOOO when you were talking about class and raising your hand if anyone had a question 😂😂😂 haven’t heard anything more accurate in my life . I love y’all 🔥🔥

  24. Jordan Salentine

    No way your going to a baseball game like that lmao

  25. Parallel glock

    "hey mama drunk here" 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. sandra saucedo

    You guys should recreate them😂

  27. PaCk GuN

    GO suns I like the suns because I was born in AZ and cause I like dbok

  28. High IQ

    I guessed that he will go to the gym for 1 millón

  29. Sabrina Raphael

    Oooh Jack she's so cutee💕

  30. Marylou Brummett

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE and many more to come mija.🎂🎁🥳🎉

  31. Dylan Garza

    Bradon: IT'S DR PECKER Me: it's dr pepper

  32. Allie Bilger

    He is so funny!! " Whoever invented sports i love you" LATER " Whoever invented sports Don't talk to me!"

  33. shxmblz

    He was in the game?

  34. Cecilia Silva

    That coronavirus is in san Diego. Watch out

  35. BETO YT


  36. Vanessa

    I love kaelyn 😂 “brackie brackie! You guys are in love secretly” 😂💜

  37. Iam Connor

    If I was u I would get back with Jackie bc she’s 🥵🤤

  38. Erick Hernandez

    Bro at this point she ain’t your ex 🤣 she’s your gf

  39. BETO YT


  40. Tony Preena

    Its time you guys get back together we really are looking forward to that day

  41. Emely Diamond

    Brandon Just staring at her boobs for the Past two seconds and ranks the number upper Lmao!

  42. Edward Mayen

    Sup bra wadis

  43. Sondrick


  44. Nicola Franco

    My condolences to the family and yours, One Love

  45. Jaffer Ali

    Shit I'd love to see her out of it - Brandon

  46. Kiki Kiss

    Shape Like a box

  47. Honoka Minsky

    Dude this nigga sad asf he keeps making videos about this like we care no one knows who you are and no one cares

  48. kohar Ghaz

    Happy birthday brain

  49. TTv Ej

    Spanish people eat rice

  50. Erick Zaragoza

    Is it just me or is Brandon’s line up a little messed up

  51. bush_ndog31 yt

    4:48 that looks wrong

  52. Ethan Tovar


  53. Khalil Dahir


  54. Bryan Tsosie

    Junior looks like Keenan Cahill? Lol

  55. WeStageCxmp

    15:50 😭😭😭😭😭

  56. GameChanger 16

    Get a girlfriend already and use her

  57. YNC Draco

    Soo Brian got back together with his ex when you gonna do the same Like if you want 👇🏽

  58. Nick Gurr

    Way to start the video off with a jump scare That woman looks like a USsel password recovery email

  59. Jennifer

    Let me see Turn around , she's spins he looks at her butt "oh yeah 10 out of 10 😂

  60. Visionary

    At 6:45 he goes "if ja..." and then switched it up lmao implying they smashin aha

  61. Moqua ASMR


  62. K & J

    the swat one is rly nice

  63. Ryan Jrz

    When he said d book over Kobe 😞

  64. The Goat

    Same bro but like 2-3 days with my dad 😢😢

  65. Kathy Passmore

    Yes i did and she said holp me and you need to tall your family about it please and you need to tall the cop about thes video to see it to

  66. yTry Cartoonz

    You and Jackie should date

  67. Daniel Hoyle

    Brandon: Do you love me? Jackie: I am just a really good friend. Y’all cut the bs I know Y’all fucking on the low😂

  68. Abeer Mitchell


  69. crazyelvis14


  70. Aidan Roth


  71. Joshua Editz

    Yo is it me or I can see her nips on 2:20

  72. Bryan Tsosie

    And why is anyone afraid of brandon? Because he makes good money? Lol.

  73. Luis Amador

    When he found out he has the corona virus

  74. Maria Naranjo

    i barly got recomended thins in 2020 but the video is nice.

  75. Ryan 203

    It mite be corona

  76. Ashley Martell

    Happy birthday Brian 📱📸❤️💍💙💖

  77. Dark lols

    Jackie cares so much for brandon Brackie Brackie for ever

  78. Alimulamula Mulamula

    Am so sorry

  79. Kylei Burton

    Obviously they still want each other

  80. Kylei Burton

    Jackie and Brandon should go back out

  81. Elias D

    Who's Here after... Brian's (FaZe Rug) New Video? 😆💖

  82. Jorge Varela

    1 like=100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 prayers for Booker

  83. Noodle Star

    I miss the introooo! 😊

  84. Yani marte

    fortinth is good

  85. Jordyn Royal

    I love Jackie’s relationship with Brandon’s mom! So pure

  86. Derrick Smith

    This dude so cringy 🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️

  87. Calvayers

    Why are u wearing rugs hoodie

  88. Jorge Varela

    1 like =100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 prayers for bosley.

  89. arub aljohani

    What happened to Denis make a video please🤗🤗

  90. nieooj gotoy

    When Jackie was walkinh back to the closet Brandon edited 5 seconds out bc he was staring🤣

  91. William Santos

    Final: 57/60

  92. Leen tqueen

    I've never smashed the like button harder!!

  93. Poonam Kumari

    2020 and this stuff was in my recommendation

  94. irvin rvv


  95. Karla Cervantes

    Brandon u should ask out Jackie because Brian ask out kaelyn already so it’s your turn

    1. nieooj gotoy

      Why hang out with your ex to watch them try on outfits? #Whipped #FriendZone

  96. Free Pass

    Tacky in pink

  97. Mason Weiss

    Omg at 7:39 look at all the empty water bottles in the trash!

  98. Free Pass

    Jackie give me a shot out

  99. Free Pass

    So pretty in lavender

  100. Free Pass