My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

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  1. Merrick


  2. Comdidy Gold

    They said no highways not no interstates 😉

  3. zevi100

    "Exactly, yeah, the dyno broke and fixed itself" got me laughing hard! Hahahhahah

  4. Carlos Dragon

    I knew I recognized that thumbnail

  5. Oxolotleman

    Nothing like a project coming together. I don't have enough to make a custom lambo but I do have enough for brass trains and it is so satisfying to see your vision come to life.

  6. DonaldTrumpsTinyHands

    Clutch being dead would account for a bit of hp loss no?

  7. The Greigh Network

    "Oh really. What if my last name was trump?" How do you fit in that car with those massive balls

  8. Thomas Murphy

    Too bad I can't buy a new c8 through autotempest

  9. TheStoneOfTheBuilder

    "Non-insignificant" The word you're looking for is significant haha

  10. Majesty Jay

    other then the vantage i would choose that s13 over the the gall and spyder anyday ahha

  11. George

    Watched all the episodes back to back to back still more entertaining then a Netflix series lol

  12. Majesty Jay

    why do they all sound and talk like when got bullied in highschool their comeback were " ill be calling my father"

  13. l KillerCam l

    I thought I recognized this shop (:

  14. TheCoolDave

    Come on release the next one ! Love this show !

  15. SS1LE

    It's a mustang dyno they read lower.

  16. Ryan E.

    Love this series, hope you do it again!

  17. W Bernie Ting

    Good show ! Pls do more ! [better than you know what : Grand xxxx]

  18. saed shehadeh

    Now that I think one of y’all shoulda got a r35 GTR

  19. Aditya Santhanam

    We need more of these episodes. You three are the new Top Gear. This is amazing.

  20. sevenonesix dr


  21. Lilpaypal 420

    10:28 I love how Jared is just ominously lurking in the shadows waiting for his turn to destroy the db11’s clutch

  22. airwickyeager

    The idea of autotempest is great but I won’t use it because the refine options don’t taylor to the vehicle you’re searching for. For example: It asks if I want a convertible for a truck search, but doesn’t give me the ability to search specific cabs/beds

  23. Speed racer And daft punk lover

    Is that sunstreaker from transformers

  24. JustThat Lad

    The face Ed full sends it is brilliant

  25. doggystyledave

    Yes this hurt to watch

  26. C-A-S Builds

    It’s a...something...yeah!

  27. Jon Hiller

    Tavarish could yours lost power from the garbage clutch?

  28. Kenny duarte

    Sorry but that BNR32!!!!!!

  29. Pedro Mata Jr

    Again Doug Demuro with a 911 would be nice!!

  30. Nothing Original

    I can't lie, this is a really good commercial.

  31. Jonathan

    I'm thinking: Intake Valve Cleaner.

  32. Joseph Oberlander

    Note - Austin Martin runs their engines for HP figures off of the equivalent of 93 octane gas. If you run 91 in it you will lose about 3-4% HP.

  33. Cuphead Aleks

    Let's not forget the true behind the scenes MVP of this show, Jared.

  34. MuscleDad420

    Ah, we got some real chud shit to look forward to next episode. Nice.

  35. adaptiveagile

    nice new slate gray wrap with black race stripes on the Gallardo, and I’m good to go. Simple, manual, and sunny.

  36. J L

    Is “repimp” a word?

  37. bruce coudrey

    The track is stickier than the dash on this 360!! 😂😂🤣

  38. Al Edson

    Hey Tav. Whatever happened to part 2 build of your "Fastest Supra on USsel"

  39. drewping2002

    Ed: "leading my sweet pig to the slaughter" Awww c'mon Ed missed opportunity for "Leading like a Lambo to the slaughter" 🤣

  40. Brook Zerihun

    wow, if I close my eyes, his was an episode of top Gear, but this is not a BBC show, must be be

  41. John McGrath

    BHP is actually still accurate and more related to whp then crank hp.

  42. Al Edson

    Part Two...? I feel like I just finished watching the final episode of Game of Thrones... Tav is now a big shot "Car Trek" Celebrity so we'll probably never find out what happened to the "Fastest Supra on You Tube" build...

  43. 4g63fourlife

    The Gallardo pulled in 3rd. the gear ratio in 3rd is 1.41/1 That Gallardo should have gone with 4th, or 5th (5th being 0.94/1) so that HP estimate is a ways off.

  44. Norfolks Southerns

    Adding another 2 guys made this video boring since they were not a very good talker. Tavarish talks better and is more interesting.

  45. Caelen OW

    I wish this shit wasn’t so stiff and scripted. Too bad

  46. Guilherme Arcini

    That guy Jack mah boy

  47. Braulio Mena

    Mo powah babe!... Oh no, wrong channel

  48. tony66au

    Laughing so hard @ “What if my last name was.. Trump” Im sure The Donald has a sense of humour and wouldnt have you shipped to Gitmo for a Gurgle gurgle Spanking, Unless you like that sort of thing.

  49. Wayne Lewis

    Damn I was hoping to see Jack race his scooters against these cars.

  50. DrolakTv

    So auto tempest sponsored the build, does this mean this car belongs to auto tempest? Or is this car 100% yours to own forever

  51. SomeGuyWithASubie

    You guys could have plugged Jack more (HP Logic)

  52. Dave Trapasia

    Great job! 👍🏾brings me back to the classic car shows

  53. Danny Mitchell

    Please Keep Making These Car Trek Videos.

  54. Juan Martinez

    Sweet hp logic home of jack,scumberto,Chris rodnock, and macus parks nice to see my boys shop on here

  55. G H

    Can you do aftermarket clutches?

  56. Who Am You

    Go to homestead speedway

  57. Lachlan Foster

    Are thou related to ADHHDs world at all?

  58. KeystoneRider

    On hp logics heartbreaker dyno too! Jack Roberto snd Shaw are awesome dudes.

  59. Jan Bloem

    Gives new meaning to the phrase : "Underground Movement" Except that it doesn't move.. Anymore.

  60. Joey Gunz

    Ha I love the Tanya Harding reference. Funny in a nerdy way lol

  61. au

    14:07 the half second groan Ed makes right after Tavarish says "let's see" is priceless. He knew exactly what was coming, and knew he couldn't do a thing about it

  62. Heywood Juhblowme

    First time viewer here... this seems too much like Top Gear to me.

  63. david watt

    “Conceded but highly effective” 😂😂😂

  64. formula73

    God DAMN that Ferrari sounded incredible with the exhaust open.

  65. Out Run Zero -

    You 3 must develop a way to continue the car trek series bc we all want an American USsel Top Gear like show. This must go beyond 8 episodes PLEASE!!!!!

  66. LG vLoGs

    I love this series 3000

  67. Chris Craft

    your show is better than the real one..

  68. Donplays

    This should be a TV series

  69. Nick Bwolf

    20:20 what if my last name was...trump?

  70. Andrew Rosene

    I wish CarTrek and an episode number were in the title. I don't want to watch one of these out of order.

  71. Andy Hall

    Fun show guys! But be yourselves... don't try to be topgear.

  72. Robert Craighead

    Episode 4: Bottom Gear

  73. Robert Craighead

    Episode 4: Bottom Gear

  74. Broken MotorWagen

    8:43" Water is a fluid. General wisdom goes: any fluid is better than no fluid at all.

  75. FTA y e e z u s

    Ayy its hp logic

  76. drewping2002

    Tyler is like where is my WEEE-ZARD?

  77. Luke G

    this is fake top gear. still good content tho

  78. Luke Dyball


  79. Element_Automotive

    the drive train loss would be different on a front engine rwd from a rear/mid engine rwd length of driveshaft has a huge impact

  80. William Billiam

    Ed Bolian buying a flood damaged gated manual Gallardo is the most Ed Bolian thing he's ever done.

  81. Moreli

    Ah yes, the cousin's mother sold a car for a dollar

  82. j seaton

    Wow . This should be called two dorks and an Austin.

  83. Pavel Petrov

    Watch out with the I am the warranty shirt you have on freddy, ferrari may come at you for some trademark infringement as they have for other owner people for no reason haha jk loving this series tho I can't wait for more!

  84. The Marquee

    When he started talking like doug I lost it.

  85. John Wright

    I’ve seen this done before, just better on Top Gear. Be original don’t copy others.

  86. Lars Aarhus

    that blue silivia in front of the dyno is making me feel things

  87. Josh

    Very entertaining series! I guess I'm the only one that felt like every joke made was scripted and not funny but hey, the content was still pretty great

  88. CrossingG

    This is why I subbed

  89. Joseph Cenname

    They’re at hp logic

  90. megszalott

    Did the blue shoes start to smell?

  91. Not Hitler

    I wouldn't mind more of this trio series. We all love Top Gear.

  92. Scooba_Steve

    Shout out jack and scumberto at HP

  93. Gspadez tooreal

    Idk if it’s the black or body lines but that Aston Martin is probably the sleekest sexiest car I’ve laid eyes on

  94. EdwardRC Car

    20mins is just nice. the previous 35mins with the not so good in car review was erm...

  95. Chikato 710

    Clicked on the video specifically because of Jack Cecil and HPLogic!!!!! Loving Tavarish showing Jack and HPLogic some love.

  96. Christopher Suarez

    The 5.0 gallardo sounds so good