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  1. kurt robinson

    Low profile 26 inch wheels. STUPID!!! One pothole = $$$$$$$

  2. Jibu Thomas

    How did he get my car keys? But v6 is missing!!

  3. Tony Rockafella

    Scotty I luv ya so much I could 💋💋 ya 😹😹 but seriously though you have really good advice, they should make a little pocket-size version of you and we can take you with us when we go buy cars 😏

  4. marl velasquez

    Hy Scotty! I have a 2015 honda accord and the oil is getting from the dipstick, they said change PCV valve? Is that true?

  5. Gamer Dad

    Im getting rid of my nissan and getting a toyota because Scotty told me to

  6. Veiled Heat

    Had a 66. LOVED that car.

  7. solid snake

    How about 370 z ?

  8. lithgrapher



    Carlos khosn arrested. Nissan bye bye

  10. Joshua A

    Used car lots are full of Nissan cars. That’s a huge indicator. Kind of like shopping for greeting cards; the bad cards have the most unsold.

  11. Kuessemir

    My client is selling me her 1993 Altima in MINT garaged condition, maintained to its teeth. Same color as 0:52.

  12. Sam Tait

    That’s not an old Volvo. Volvo died when they went FWD

  13. Jeromiah_W _

    Didn't you say to never buy a new toyota?

  14. nn nf

    Where do ya think the saying "6 in a row makes it tow" came from.

  15. BOSSY

    I want a 370z

  16. The1200sportster

    since NISSAN teamed up with RENAULT the quality went down the toilet fast , and STILL FALLING

  17. Jose Montano

    My Nissan 370Z has a horrible resale value. Thanks a lot Scotty 😡

  18. Cristiansen Vendetta

    Strange to know that Mazda nowadays make the best automatic transmissions.

  19. Cogitationes caecae

    I paid £265 for 2009 Hyundai Tucson power steering hose.

  20. Pickle Rick

    Your so stupid.

  21. Francisco Hernández

    Yes, it's Scotty's fault. I have a Nissan Altima and I'm selling it to buy a Camry. He convinced me.

  22. ALFredo C

    I love my old 2002 Toyota Camry. Don’t worry Scotty, it would be a very cold day in Hell if I ever bought a Renault made Nissan.

  23. brett baxendale

    "Motors" are electric devices, Engines are internal combustion... Please don't call them Motor mounts Scotty...

  24. Dannyvirk

    I don't see these as primarily 'car repair videos', I see it as more as Scotty's 'Zen and the art of the motorcar' .

  25. Google A.I

    It's not that their portfolio has aged. It's that their portfolio isn't able to age because they all fall apart LMAO.

  26. Israel Mondragón

    Omg Scotty should have put the mexican flag when he said there is a lot of illegal people selling cars that would of been so funny😂😂😂😂 I’m mexican by the way

  27. Kenworth peterbelt

    I can't believe you would do that

  28. Jason Leming

    5 Worst Videos only Stupid People Would Watch

    1. Jason Leming

      I'm a Master GM Technician. All trucks suck, some more than others but they all suck. Work on them for fifteen years and you will agree. Ohh, Dodge and RAM suck.

  29. Potatoes

    Actually you scotty single handedly changed my opinion about nissan as whole.

  30. Anthony Ayad

    not getting paid but gives one away seems sus

  31. HTCJ13

    These cars are all over the place with over 300,000 kms on em whaddya mean.

  32. Sergey Yakovlev

    Nissan hasn’t realized yet that sharing parts and tech with Renault is beyond stupid

  33. Matthew Woolf


  34. Trey Roberson

    What do you have to say about the v6 hybrids that Toyota makes? Been thinking about a used highlander and most the ones I see for sale are v6 hybrid

  35. Jerardo Aguirre

    You don’t need all those cars you act like you about to travel the whole world 🌎

  36. guy letourneau

    Theres always the nissan frontier!

  37. P-O Andersson

    Nissan do what they do best - trouble makers. My aunt had a Micra nothing but troubles. Water leaking in, electronics failures, wheel bearings had to be changed constantly, the gearbox was a nightmare and it was very loud to drive. Today they have a Toyota Yaris Hybrid. Still loud but it works.

  38. Theo Schutz

    Another scam No scan tool needed its all on the car and screen or dash. They wont because making money on scan tool scam.

  39. Mick Z

    Scotty you're a legend.👍👍

  40. Laurie Ann Rodriguez

    They should have tsken your advice.

  41. letecia purnell

    Why is it paint line on different parts of my new car an why is it rust all over my car

  42. Stephen Ferris

    Chucks. I'm surprised FCA has not gone bankrupt yet.

  43. Gajetan666

    So , if my income is 5mln $ per year i should buy yaris instead of e class ?

  44. fadi mansour

    I’m sure you have something going on with dodge I don’t know why you hate them Keep in mind that most of hot shot truckers run the dodges if the weren’t reliable they would have never trusted them

  45. Dave Wray

    Anyone have to put an engine in a 2009 Camry, is it worth it, all is good except the engine?

  46. James Rochester

    At 10:14 “the power steering pump is whining. They just do that.” Love the photo insert. OMG

  47. Seadweller451D

    Können Sie empfehlen Medikamente für Furz und Durchfall?

  48. Luis Serrano

    Awesome light

  49. Green Giant

    More people don’t buy Toyota Tundra’s because they’re too damn expensive.

  50. Gab bab


  51. The big man is in the house!

    The finance companies are scumbags too.

  52. peter kuria

    My 2022 nissan march not the list

  53. Jordan Slater

    I got a quote on a rear wiper motor for a Nissan. Apparently it's a common fault and yet the part costs $1500 nzd.

  54. Gerry Days

    Cool ford😄

  55. Clyde Barrow

    This video is golden

  56. T5rux Lee

    AWD does not like it when tire circumferences of the four driven tires do not stay closely matched or a couple of wrongly sized tires join the mix. Tends to overload the viscous differential, which can be an expensive repair.Wonder why they do not use data from the wheel speed sensors to set an alarm or something if the system goes out of spec ?

  57. Michael Francis Tapia

    I'm surprised Fiat/Chrysler is still alive keeping in mind how much Scotty hates them

  58. 0nes And Zer0s

    I like how you climbed outta the trunk there Scotty lol you in debt gambling or what lol

  59. Green Giant

    But old cars don’t have infotainment!

  60. Mael-Strom

    I miss my 1962 Nissan Cedric.

  61. Levy torregrosa Oliver

    The inline 6 Ford 250 cubic inch engine is even more reliable

  62. 0nes And Zer0s

    Nicely done with the flag positioning The stars forward into battle!!!! Lol Great looking truck I live in Canada and can’t find a decent bronco anywhere. Nice truck 👍🏻

  63. Zertic Channel

    Talk about haval h6 and h9 and about MG . Just talk about all Chinese cars brands

  64. Civ Zacary

    I like their Bluebird. 1990 model. When they're making great cars. Not crap.

  65. makingmefeelbad productions

    Anyone else see the googly eyes from the reflection of his glasses

  66. Domingson Troublefree

    Did you have to use el chapós picture ?

  67. TomJoad832

    If you live in northern parts of the world, NEVER put wd 40 in your cars locks, just today found out it really clogs them up, had to warm up my key with a lighter all while making the kids wait in the cold. Dont do it

  68. Samsgarden

    Scotty: Old cars are better (except the transmission, carb, AC, handling, brakes, body, cooling...)

  69. John Gilbody

    What happened to the corvette that used to be in the beginning of videos?

  70. ap0lmc

    One time I rented a subcompact Nissan and it was an aweful experience. It was uncomfortable and was gutless. It also had horrible fuel economy. A Ford Escape has better fuel economy than that Nissan.

  71. TheGuruStud

    Parts are not expensive, it's a Nissan. I have three infinitis. As if Scotty doesn't know how to trick the ecu, so it always passes emissions (or just clean them). The only real problem are the gallery gaskets on these 3.7s (and POS slave cylinder on the manuals). Scottie is just mad Nissans smoke his Celica lol.

  72. Levy torregrosa Oliver

    Just buy a Used Jeep Wranger" and put a Toyota engine in it...."

  73. planvszombie

    What scot is doing is answering the question if you need to warm up your car. Specially the new ones. The new one doesnt nees to be warmed up. Thats what hes saying but hes not saying thats a golden rule and everybody must follow. You do what you want on your car. But next time you come and start bashing scott here. Make sure you listen carefully to what hes saying. Just pointing out facts. Be safe guys!

  74. j t

    BMW, endless money pit !!

  75. ant1georgiou

    Nissan can’t possibly be in trouble. Every other vehicle in the UK is a silver or grey Qashqai.

  76. Mitch

    Renault has ruined Nissan.

  77. Jerardo Aguirre

    How do you know if the motor and transmission was rebuilt?

  78. Tom Lennon

    I had 1990 760gle that was THE most comfortable car iv'e ever owned and iv'e driven everything from Mini's to Mercedes having worked in the car game since leaving school. It had to go though as i live in the UK and 20mpg round town was an expensive treat..a diesel one came up on ebay last week and i was sorely tempted!

  79. Vintage Rust

    The 1990s Nissan Sentra was a pretty solid car. It's a shame.

  80. Katz

    My gramma had a ‘64 mustang I loved that car. She wanted to give it to me. But my stepdad worked for GM, so he wouldn’t let me have it. I’m still heartbroken about that one.

  81. Clint Adams

    Shouldn't rubbish Nissan automatic transmissions, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda & a few other car manufacturers all use the same make of transmission. Aisin Transmission.

  82. GGALLIN1776

    Back in 05 my exes father was buying her a car, I said "let me check it out before you buy it". Of course not. He paid $5k for a shitty 93 or so ford taurus from one of the local scum dealers, the head gaskets went in a few months, the calipers froze within the first month.

  83. Dan

    3:49 the reflection in you glasses makes it look like you have eyes

  84. Libertatus in Perpetuum

    I wanted a 4x4 so I bought a 2016 Jeep (FIAT) Renegade and only have 8,000 miles on it and the warranty has expired. It is a latitude model with 2.4 liter engine. Should I trade it over to a RAV-4 or whatever? I foresee problems maybe down the road after watching your videos, and I hate car trouble! Trade for better car??

    1. Michael Ball

      A 2009-2012 RAV-4 would be a solid pick. I wouldn't go any newer than that, because depreciation would be too much, even on Toyotas. USsel search "Tony Seba Robin Hood" to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  85. Niyaz Nazar

    Remember when they merged with Datsun in the 80s? My dad had one. I still remember the aircon used to be so damned freezing cold. It was built like a tank.

  86. Inga Nodie

    Nissan new cars are trash they must fire their new design

  87. Inga Nodie

    Nissan new cars are trash they must fire their new design

  88. Shane Harris

    Scotty rules i gave up on nissan and chrysler when i started watching scotty and i haven't had any problems with my toyota since i bought it, 5 yrs no hassles awesome

    1. Michael Ball

      Keep that Toyota -- new ones are going to depreciate so hard, you won't believe it. USsel search "tony seba technology megatrends" to see how deep the rabbit hole goes

  89. 787brx8

    Probably my fault more that yours Scotty. I've been poorly designing Nissans for A while now. 😋 Part of my get back at companies that wronged me in the past, world tour. Nissan missed their payments... and their own greed has done them in!

    1. museack

      There's help available if you seek it.

  90. Mytwistedvoices

    My in laws had Nissans for 25 years. After the last pair, they changed to Ford.

  91. fak off

    What do you think of the Volkswagen Sharan 2016, I was interested in that car but I don't know if it's good

  92. Christopher Cope

    You need to realise that some people are on a limited income like retirees (or Old Aged Pensioners) who just cannot afford to run a big gas guzzling car with high insurance costs, it may be a simple case of a city dweller who may have very limited parking space where they live or even work! Perhaps there`s someone who lives on their own and rarely transports anyone else - I do think you need to think twice before making derogatory comments by gcalling people `dumb` for buying small cars, as it's more a case of 'horses for courses' and what suits the budget in their pocket!

  93. Zilla Deliva

    Chrysler needs to go next bye bye chinaysler

  94. James N

    I used to like the Infiniti G Coupe until I found out it was a raging pile of crap even before I started watching Scotty's videos. It's called Infiniti because you're dumping your money into Infinity.

  95. Boone Docker

    I said a few years ago that the CVT would bankrupt Nissan.

  96. Poptart McJelly

    That's a weird looking Celica.

  97. Brian C

    I don’t buy the whole Chevy 1500 hate. I see more Silverados then any other truck still running, many running with 100’s of thousands of miles. Mind you they may have some things break here and there with that high of mileage but the parts are pretty cheap to replace. Overall their engines are solid. I can understand his complaints on Dodge though. He really isn’t happy with anything but Toyota, Honda and Ford....No manufacturer is perfect, most vehicles today get recalls, especially with all the technology crap they’re trying to cram in because people don’t know how to drive safely anymore.....

  98. Max Damian

    Can't get enough of those laughing turtles 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂

  99. nasa peterbilt


  100. Jorge Rodriguez

    Cats go out: no problem time for more powa test pipes and a tune 😂