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  1. Beenster

    My friend just bought one for $250 and we got it safetied

  2. Nghi Pham

    Would you please make a clip about GMC 1500 , Chevy Silverado 1500 , Ford F-150 Diesel engine. Your knowledge and experience are really appreciated .

  3. Jack Deagon

    looks cute.. but my c7 Stingray is a 7 speed manual .. it's not about fractions of seconds and computers.. its about driving my car.. i can't buy an "automatic"... i will only buy older cars now (hahaha chicks can never find their way out with the button)

  4. Joseph Fraire

    SCOTTY I JUST GOT A 02 accord v6 157k miles what do you think?!

  5. zr riff

    Scotty riding passenger? Something must be wrong.

  6. voxxpopuli

    Best vid yet...

  7. zr riff

    Better than Toyota.

  8. Desperado The Texas Scratcher

    A clean, non offensive comment

  9. Footprint_

    I have a 2009 Kia Spectra with 154k on it, and it has had no real major problems. Same 2.0l engine as in this video. I got it at 112k and have had to put a little bit into it to make it a turn key car. But then again, I do all my own work too (I'm a professional mechanic). The previous owner did not change the oil regularly, so it took quite a few oil changes (5 to be exact) at 1000 miles to get the oil to stop turning black at 500 miles after changing the oil. My AC still works great. Seeing as it is an interference engine, I put a new timing belt and water pump in it as preventative maintenance at 152k (water pump was original and still worked great). The original radiator started leaking (crack in plastic on the top of it) so I replaced it at 140k. Changed the spark plugs at 125k just because, no new wires or coil pack. Both inner/outer tie rods, steering rack bellows, a front wheel bearing. New brakes all around. A new valve cover gasket to stop an annoying oil seep. Exchanged the brake fluid and coolant for preventative maintenance. These cars aren't really all that bad to own considering the most of the suspension is original and still rides nice. If you buy a used car and maintain it properly, the problems will be few and far between. And when problems do arise, it won't cost a small fortune to fix! Alot of the stuff I did was for my peace of mind. It might sound like alot, but it's really not considering its previous neglectful owner, and things just getting old in general. This car is 11 years old, and this is all it has really needed under my ownership of 3 years thus far? Not bad in my opinion. And indeed, they ARE cheap cars -- but I don't like frills. I also like my vehicles to be serviceable. I visit my local junkyard for stupid miscellaneous parts (like Scottys floppy visor -_-).

  10. CHI KID03

    One problem.. it has a design flaw. If you open the driver’s door far enough it scratches the paint...

  11. SMP

    1:45 What a total savage 😂😂

  12. Mahmood Mammoth

    3:45 oh naughty scotty

  13. Burton Manalili

    Hi Scotty, what do you think of the 200o Nissan Cube xtronic?

  14. Andrew Workman

    Were driving around in plastic software these days, dam shame. Its a dam machine folks, nobody remembers what a car was supposed to be. I had a 1969 gmc pickup as a first vehicle for 400 dollars. And its still running today.

  15. Hakase Wanga

    "This one has an option - the foam rubber dice!" - 3:57

  16. Hairy Scary

    Scotty I heard you read the? about the Nissan, the car has 210k miles & he can get a gearbox with 70k put in for $1200 if the rest of the car is good & you like it spend the money

  17. Alexander Estrada

    Hey scotty i just bought a used 2010 dodge avenger for 2400 with 101,000 miles the only problems with it are it needs a new battery, new low beams and a new brake light was it a good buy? Any normal problems you've seen while fixing one?

  18. Trenton DeBacker

    A used Ford is the worst option. Solid interiors, but they were the most common diesels I saw in the shop I worked in.

  19. Lawrence Parker

    Datsun 510 cool car.

  20. C NearWheel

    The new Mustang is a SUV and electric.... $50,000+

  21. Sherdl Salim

    Here in Iraq, something similar to that car would cost around 10.000 dollars. Toyota here is not considered a beater car, but a reliable one instead. No toyota here cost less than 7k, even little Yaris 2007 model would be no less than 7k.

  22. saintjackjohn

    Glad I found this video. Was debating on getting a Ford Focus from 2010.

  23. Luis Santana

    Only reason I got a 07 Camry with a 4 cyl is because the V6 is almost twice as expensive.

  24. Eileen Totome

    Thanks Scotty. If a mechanic tells you there's a computer problem, do you replace the whole computer? Will we needs a memory stick for that also?

  25. David Andrews

    I love scotty. I want his autograph lol

  26. Nabil M

    It's Lebanon, Scotty, not some Middle East country.

  27. Tyler Sheehy

    Oh now I'm stupid i don't drive

  28. Howard Catman

    I'll give you 500.00 for it

  29. Joseph Moore

    if that were a chevy, he wouldn't be saying stuff like "with all this mileage, you can expect x to not be working too well." stop being so biased scotty, please

  30. Mill Eudic

    Scotty, I am interested in 2019 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Any recomendations? :)

  31. Lewis Teixeira

    Finally something good from GM.

  32. Tuco Benedicto

    You mean when the let all the air out. Tire is still on rim, no Jack and they squish the tire, then refill it twice with nitrogen. They probably Brooke the bead inside.

  33. Munawar Ahmed

    If your car has passed warranty, go to a shop where mechanic himself attends the customer, not a receptionist - manager - no chance to talk to mechanic who worked on your car.

  34. David Nelson

    This doesn’t seem right. Was he paid for all the praise?

  35. Patrick Huskey

    Lol Kia soul...... That's not the only problem it has...... Small car. Average gas mileage. Slow engine. Just a nope. Overall im not surprised to see a Kia or Ford on this list. I know for a fact I'm gonna hunt down a Lexus for my next car.

  36. theNotorious KO

    Man I friggen wish I didn't have to deal with our British Columbian winters 😟

  37. joe gonzagaz

    Good information, thanks.

  38. DUANE Dunsmore

    I love watching many of your videos. They’re very helpful and have good advice. Keep it up!! I would love to win that brake caliper compressor tool. Awesome!!

  39. Lee Tao Dana

    THE best car ever made, until Telsa.

  40. Carl Molas

    hey Scotty we are planning to replace our chevy traverse 2017 with 21k+ miles we only use it on the weekend to buy some groceries and long travels, what could you recommend, we need an 8 seater SUV thanks


    Freemont officer doesn't realize you have to charge a Tesla.. LOL No it doesn't run on donuts...

  42. Alec Pointer

    Awesome video

  43. Ray S

    Nitrogen is NOT a scam!!!!! If done properly, unlike Costco, it is WONDERFUL. I had my tires inflated with 99.5% pure nitrogen and NEVER had a low tire after that. 3 YEARS later when I got new tires they had only lost 3 pounds of pressure!!! That is NOT a scam!!! The trick is in the process of installing the nitrogen and testing for purity. Costco's nitrogen fill only averages 70 to 80 percent nitrogen.

  44. Dayton Thomas

    If its good enough for my boy scotty its good enough for me.

  45. Chris L

    Honda vs Mazda. Hahaha. Was that a serious question?



  47. JJ UnBlacklist

    Oh geez. For the past 3 years, nearly everyday...at least 3 to 4 times a week, I idle the car for 15 to 40 minutes: coffee, burrito and cigarettes, while watching Netflix or USsel. It's a 2012 Kia Optima - no problems. Mmmmmm. I don't think I'll change my idle habits.

  48. Kevin Mai

    Dude, you need to wax your house sidings

  49. Chris L

    The nitrogen scam then, the ceramic paint protection scam now. 😆 SUCKERS.

  50. oziel madrigal

    I wish I bought one of these instead of my Malibu smh


    Hey Scotty 😃 Your excitement was so entertaining!! Besides a paint job the guy could get an awesome Wrap job on it😜 Love Your vids & all I learn from you. Thank You!! 😘

  52. Hell Tanner

    I use helium its safe and reduces. The unsprung mass.

  53. J H

    They make cars complicated trying to keep hacks like you from screwing it up and then doing what you do Scotty. You start calling it a pile of junk and ruining the reputation of the car because you didnt know what you are doing.

  54. getredytagetredy

    No Scotty...Hes an Israeli.and hes hiding in Israel where they. Dont have extradition to other countries if you are a criminal...Israel likes its criminals ...

  55. M IV

    Can't stand that voice. 😖

  56. Alfa Omega

    Looks more saleen like now. I could shift faster then a computer.

  57. Joel R Flores

    Great video!

  58. Tony with a Y YNOT

    Scotty reminds me of the Oracle from the Matrix.

  59. Darryl Fields

    Chevy bucks!

  60. Ciaran's Vloggs

    This is a good way to get electric shock

  61. oziel madrigal

    What generation Corolla is this

  62. mahmoud shojai

    Asking about Buggati and watching Scotty? I don't know. Something isn't right here. Be careful Scotty.

  63. utakatikmobil

    the only thing worth putting nitrogen is your spare tire. you can overfill it and left it for years.

  64. WeWuzKez

    Filling your tires with Helium, will make your car lighter and so slightly faster 🤔😉

  65. J Miller

    please stop waving your HANDS!!! :)

  66. Lord Of The World

    Didn't Tucker invent those cornering lights? 🤔

  67. Rick Zander

    Fill like im going to take a test after tje vid

  68. f103

    Ha Ha! Biden comercial!

  69. TK United

    I can't wait for the 2021 Acura TLX.

  70. Eugene Sesma III

    They filled my tires with nitrogen without even asking me...charged me 32 bucks to top it off!

  71. RareDiamond Ching

    Costco uses nitrogen which I don't care for but I fill my tires with my home compressor rather than driving to Costco and waiting in line for nitrogen.

  72. naturallyaspirated88


  73. alphiejh1

    why the ford 10speed breaks and the gm those not if u said they are the same .......?

  74. AL OR

    "You're living in LaLa Land" 🤣🤣🤣 3:32 That made my day!!!👍👍👍 Keep it up Scotty!!!


    What if you switch from reverse to drive after backing up without braking, does it mess up anything?

  76. y1kedz

    Gabe Newell

  77. I-YELL- A-LOT


  78. mark rutter

    Ive been driving 30 yrs never paid more than $450 for a car in my life the best car i had was a vauxhall chevette paid £80 kept it 10yrs running driving all the time and when it failed its m.o.t (ministry of transport inspection test( i sold the alloy wheels for £80 and sold car for scrap got £110 for it

  79. Caayydenn

    People here would still ask $2500 for that car just because its a Toyota..

  80. Daniel Kennedy

    Never had an issue out of my Dodge ram. But I do agree, Chrysler vehicles are not what they were years ago

  81. manojgem

    Cheaper then a smartphone- Bullet proof car

  82. Ashir Javed

    hello i want to buy bmw e38 740i .whats your suggestion please gave me some advise

    1. Evan Christianson

      Are you new here? Everytime he brings up BMW he says they are money pits. So if you're rich go ahead

  83. paystyles

    Wheel chair meme made me LOL

  84. Sam Plautz

    I just found a 2014 Toyota corrola S for 14k with 27k miles. Wish I wasn't in college

  85. jblock86

    Thank you for all the great information that you are giving the world I have used some of the knowledge and saved at least five grand I very much appreciate you keep up the great work

  86. Yasss Gawwwd!

    I love u man! U make me feel at ease because a lot of things auto mechanical are foreign to a lot of people like me because auto mechanics are so specific of education and I wanna not be afraid to understand what is going on with my vehicle! You explain it easily. You reduce the “Scare Factor” in the average car owner.thanks man!

  87. HedgeOwl Invest

    Some one stole my 2001 integra injection rails. -.- 17yr old car at the time.

  88. Ed Findlay

    I bought a 2016 Scion tC. Made in Japan. Great car.

  89. NPR-sgt RANGER Rick ringlemin

    I wish i had a head of hair like you Scotty where did you buy it ?

  90. Silentatroman

    Man I hope my 08 crv lasts a long time. Got it with 115k, changed all the fluids with the help from Scotty. Runs great two years so far.

  91. Paulous

    Hey Scotty, what do you think of the Motor Trend article claiming Low Temperature Plasma will replace the spark plug?

  92. vicdamond jr

    I have a 2001 GMC Yukon 5.3 I bought it in 2001 and it has 300,000 miles on it and it's still going

  93. Joel Harris

    what a great quality video. Thanks Scotty, I'll actually show this to my kids

  94. Zachary Flame

    So basically Chevrolet is copying ford once again for 40 years in a row, this is a FORD GT with a Chevy label

  95. Attack Helicopter

    this was awesome. Excellent job Scotty!!

  96. meacomefeyou

    Does this squacker have epilepsy. Damn he's annoying

  97. ArneYoga

    Enjoy your Vet, Scotty. You've got the cash and can enjoy some indulgences. And this looks like a fun beauty one can easily enjoy. But do a follow up five years from now and let me know how it's holding up.

  98. Gary Strobel

    Tell me it isn’t so Scotty! First I see you promoting the 8-speed automatic transmissions when you said over and over again to stay away from them and get the 6-speed automatics what you can. Plus the fact that these new transmissions cannot be easily repaired due to proprietary parts and the minor fact that they cost upwards of $5k and up! Now you are promoting NEW cars . . . so sorry for you Scotty. Yes the new car business probably stinks now, but in some words I recall, What the hey, maybe that is as it should be and we begin to save the precious earth from which all of these ultra-complex and expensive consumable goods come from.

  99. hackfreehvac

    The new Ford Explorer "Police Interceptor" is no joke. It's got a wicked 3.0 twin turbo EcoBoost engine in it and AWD. As you see, the big boxy Explorer can out perform the Hemi Dodge Charger. Surprisingly, in both straight AND cornering. LOL

  100. Wooper

    Scotty's pretty bipolar when it comes Honda's ain't he?