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  1. nazan degerci


  2. fortunato of amontillado

    pure talent .. NO sexy NO gimmicks ..

  3. Cristian Gutierrez

    Please seek MENTAL help!

  4. WNT 68

    Cheaters are disgusting animals, so I don’t feel really bad for her 😂.

  5. NN NN

    She's omnipresent these days. Like a car crash. You can't look away.

  6. EltonS DN

    Ohhh my, these guys never get old!! Dorian Gray Day

  7. Teresa Fanzo

    hearing ben platt say “teresa” just changed my life... that’s my name :)

  8. Tom Lang

    She’s not famous

  9. Felipe Machado

    Melhor banda 🧡

  10. Ambra Delussu


  11. Cathy

    I would love to just see loved ones give each other the best and most meaningful tattoos without all this petty, dramatic reality TV BS.

  12. Gabs Pettagrue

    Wait did she say 1,2, and 3!!!My kind was screaming and crying!!

  13. Anderton Chigoneka

    Daisy has to be one of the most odd looking girls ever. Certainly in ex on the beach. Not a complaint far from it

  14. ItzUrMum

    Imagine being kims kids

  15. Vashaun Persaud

    Helen Mirren is in Caligula? TIL

  16. ItzUrMum

    Imagine being kims kids 😅

  17. ItzUrMum

    Why is their bathroom bigger than my living room.

  18. Marie Leat


  19. 106 4

    Chadwick has an amazing personality. I would like to have that too.

  20. Saniok Zhichkus


  21. Jennifer GARDUÑO

    Really modern

  22. snow white

    I cried so much in the book i am not watching the movie i wont survive

  23. Sammy Sweet

    Wait, did she say "in these movies, 1, 2 & 3" right at the beginning? Is there a 3rd one that they already filmed?

  24. Four 7

    The echo in that room must be mad

  25. Ellie rose forrester


  26. Ellie rose forrester

    Love Charlotte, her friends, her parents and life. And how cute is her tiny button nose 😍xxxx

  27. docfloc

    A legend in his own mind. What a prick!

  28. A S

    She got a gd boob job ngl

  29. T- REX

    Nova's ugly!!!!

  30. Rafael Andrade

    Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  31. Emlyn Williams

    Once is enough.

  32. PHIL

    where is joba? I mean he had no part in the song but merlyn also had no part in the song but hes there he also was not in the sugar mv

  33. John Parkhurst

    never thought I'd here this sound again.

  34. Fitri Shu

    How i really enjoy this show 😍

  35. Bella and Amy

    Got this song for my gymnastics comp x

  36. Jessica Schneider

    This show is soooooo staged and fake.

  37. Alex Gotcha

    jesus christ then sound mix is terrible



  39. MW Oliveira

    Main stage 2020

  40. MW Oliveira

    Main stage 2020

  41. MW Oliveira

    Main stage 2020

  42. Rafael Safady

    That does not sound like ava max

  43. Ty'sBeauty

    Sis I love you tobi😍😍 you both are huge inspiration to the world, that 100% needs more people like you in it! Breathe taking performances from the both of you!😍😍 blessings and love 💕😊

  44. falconette

    Why is Marissa talking like she is trying to give an inspirational TED Talk and it is just failing miserably

  45. Mr T

    Ar u guys real or this is cgi


    this is a very SCARY and realistic MASTERPIECE.... TOTALLY UNDERRATED !!!

  47. Justin S

    Let’s just say; that *Gisele* should return because if Han is alive, *then so is she!*

  48. Callum Pettitt

    I love Ben. One of the best ❤️

  49. drippy_man

    Just watch the movie the white girl throws up the hole movie

  50. 1MaineTV

    Their cars are rented..

  51. Esra V

    When it's dark outside at night, the house can be really scary i'm sure

  52. Kulziya N.

    6:29 why those two r sitting)

  53. Eu_ Linda

    Tá, mas cadê o povo do BRASIL?????💚

  54. Palak Mehta

    As the tv rose, so did my eyebrows

  55. Julija Bekic

    Mike looks so hot doing all this shit

  56. panicbrendon

    Best moments: **brendon and his beer** **calling Sarah a “gorgeous ASS”** “This is going in my bathroom.”

  57. Helena Alas

    I answered with them I messed up with one question ✌️

  58. Lukas Matheus

    no Joba, no like

  59. max shepherd

    Accidentally ..... you can tell his 19 plus bigging yourself up with every shitty trait 🤣

  60. Bragle John

    Which one do you like? Bad Romance Born This Way Applause

  61. alcy sousa fortes

    2:42 ma’am, get in the crib since you wanna act baby

  62. Cynthia Merritt

    I’m laying here watching this and my neighbors just lit up. The second-hand smoke is blowing under the wall, getting blitzed!

  63. jenhenry

    God he's a spoilt child

  64. 1MaineTV

    Wtf fit a religious leader I wanna know? So to service God you have to be poor living in a one bedroom apartment begging for changes? What who tf are we to judge

  65. Lemonade WithSnacks

    Still that Queen

  66. Serx Music


  67. Mateus Moura


  68. Purple Potato 1000

    Yass I mean

  69. Purple Potato 1000

    Tass I love little women

  70. Mahrufur Rahman

    I Identify As A Dislike Button My Gender Pronouns Are Dislike And This.

  71. Angel Taing

    Jordon: I have a lot of respect for a great kiss cuz it’s actually a challenging thing. Lana & Peter: welp here we go again!

  72. Julio J

    All these people look so trashy

  73. Julio J

    Despite the dyed hair the dilatations the tatoos everything you can tell shes insecure fuck who doesnt respect herself by how she puts up with friends like those.

  74. Leon Harpley

    Mmmm silicone

  75. Leon Harpley


  76. Barba Shrek

    When you're cramping up REAL bad and the pain wave stops for like 15 seconds and you're like *why the fuck didn't I appreciate how I felt before when I didn't have any cramps*

  77. Luo Bangsawan P

    The best sound ever

  78. Tony Snake

    Why do I feel John kid naps dome son

  79. Katie Robinson

    I'm on it now and my belly is dying 😢(Edit:Me currently crawling up the stairs to the bathroom slowly while reading comments)

  80. Anderton Chigoneka

    She be covered in tattoes soon. It doesn't lol good. Good luck to get but she's going getting worse

  81. Gymnasiu's Channel

    One time my friend and I were at recess, this was about 6th grade. We were walking and she had a cramps. She fell to the floor and rolled up into a ball because it was so painful.

  82. Purity Wung

    I feel scared really a monster.

  83. FO3 // Masterclasses

    His hair is a mooooood.

  84. Fern

    I don't understand why people are so against just calling people by their pronouns. It's not hard so why does everybody have to put up a fight? No one out there considers their gender as a "unicorn" or whatever people are typing in the comments. I genuinely don't understand

  85. Jacek Muszyński

    they even censored "ritalin" so idk, now man... they think people are that stupid edit: they censored "retarded" is political correctness has to be that dumb?

  86. Emilie Gibbs


  87. Jhones Zion

    Someone watch in 2020?

  88. Kakcherry

    This hurts to see. Like really bad

  89. first last

    he never get old right??

  90. Andre Mensah

    I feel like Rock is way too big for these guys. Like Rock is a huge superstar and these guys are just normal actors that make probably one movie a year

  91. Marco Murillo

    The name of song 4:23?

  92. illwitness

    These people are the future of our society. Let that sink in.

  93. Jasmine Sanchez

    jordan sounds like joe

  94. beatriz martins

    Rupert grint😍👌

  95. Jade Welch

    Whenever I hear him sing I get goosebumps! He genuinely seems like a lovely guy AND can sing like an angel. What more could a woman want. Whoever broke his heart (the girl in Love Island) didn’t deserve him obviously.

  96. Nessie

    Is it just me or she said "We done 1, 2 & 3?" Please tell me I'm not crazy 🤦🏻‍♀️

  97. xo lulu

    While them laughing im crying 🤣

  98. Slayer Center

    When u stand up 🌊

  99. Alexa Evans

    Who else preferred the first movie to the second?

  100. Jaza Castle

    Do all Australians have amazing cheekbones or?