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  1. Elias Farias

    Deonte Wilder is the greatest heavyweight boxer ever living or dead. a. j. Will fight fury, not Deonte Wilder. Once again Deonte Wilder offered fifty million for a.j. to fight today.

  2. Gd Dd

    Ryan is NOT MENTIONING TEOFIMO LOPEZ THO, he BETTER NOT ALSO 😅. He literally had nothing to say about Teo 😅😅😅😅. He is shooked...everyday is calling you out because YOU ARE FOOD RIGHT NOW AND HE TALK TO MUCH 😂. He is so corny😂😂😂. He is getting crushed by Teo and all the young fighters right now. Tank, Haney, Shakur, and Teofimo all destroy Ryan Garcia if they fight right now. In the future who knows because Ryan has improved and he is still improving but at the moment DEFINITELY NOT. All the others boxers are improving dangerously also. Ryan is at the bottom of the list when it comes to young boxers....

  3. DDQ75

    KSI: And S-X!

  4. Doug Johnson

    Quinton gonna lose his whole arm... in that belly

  5. El Bambi TMZ Martínez


  6. Saad Ali

    I like how they started to Commentate when lil baby's verse started

  7. El Bambi TMZ Martínez

    Que lo pongan con Rayan garcia para que le rompa su madre

  8. Carlos Hernandez

    First time I see o heard about this guy really impressed me can definitely a future champion can someone tell me what division he fight 🤔

  9. El Bambi TMZ Martínez


  10. chrisx2k6

    He's going to get caught. Especially, when he gets hurt, and continues to refuse to keep his hands up.

  11. Sarah Lines

    noooo logang

  12. El Bambi TMZ Martínez

    Pinché narices de toro ni como echarse un pascual

  13. El Bambi TMZ Martínez

    Ase ase riñón asado lo an de poner con Ryan garcia le parte la madre al el por que no lo pone con porqué save que le parte la madre

  14. Pyro Silva

    “It’s fact I will win this fight” Logan Paul a day before he lost the fight

  15. Alvy Alvarez

    Manny! All the way even though he has some losses some questionable just like some of Mayweather’s wins

  16. Big foot

    Bueno por lo menos Devin no corre mucho como mayweather 🤣

  17. whiney snowflake

    father time...looks like Doritos and honey buns

  18. Ди Алькин

    О, май гот!

  19. Rudy1959 Romero

    Mivie next

  20. yanero solitario

    Why all Mexican🇲🇽 got b alll trash talker 😏.

  21. Jonathan Skouby


  22. KeTO BeasT84

    I didn’t even know Chris Kattans dad was a referee. Cool.

  23. Virginia Eggert

    Watching quarantine time💕💋💕

  24. Jesus Saves

    Him vs nakita abibiy..... 🤔

  25. Tank Gain A Grip

    You beat Linares IMA GIVE YOU YOUR CREDIT.

  26. Istvan De Jesús

    A los dos los se los echaba al bolsillo mi negrito de Cupey Alto Puerto Rico!!!

  27. Johnny Walker

    Butterbean would make these two his girlfriends

    1. Jose Jonhson

      Butterbean only ko construction workers, the guy was lvls below the competition. A welterweight could knock him out

    2. Norberto Milan


  28. The Joker

    anyone else laugh at 0:00 lol the fact these dudes fought

  29. ツZach

    i would be so scared if i’m in the ring

  30. Mark Tevault


  31. Stepheon Norris

    I can tell he's definitely been work with the MAYWEATHER CLAN.

  32. Diligent1 Light

    white dud so to speak should hope he does not get hit standing between. no racial thing I mean.

  33. Manni West

    I was just sitting here waiting for gib to take that belt

  34. heidi corbett

    Battle of the youtubers! 😆

  35. Wadi Risma

    at this stage, very nice to see mpv lose.. wkwk..

  36. DoomXshoT

    Let's go, Champ

  37. William Wolfe

    Looks like Joshua showed great sportsmanship at the end.

  38. Blair Fraser

    Enough already...how many build up fights you going to take?!

  39. Barrington Deferrell

    I want to spank this whole division put your money 💰 💰 on me 🥊


    Wow, Haney is very impressive. Very similar to mayweather but more explosive and not as conservative! I’d love to see him vs Ryan Garcia.

  41. brian green

    When Haney masters the shoulder roll it's game over

  42. Rich richie

    Fast hands.. but it's no test if the ref stops it at that point.. he could have come out for the next round.. I think Garcia needs to come through a proper scrap to show off the metal thats needed to accomplish having electric hands alone

  43. debbie soto

    Ese Garcia es un bobo tira piedras

  44. David Padilla

    Let the haters hate

  45. Chico P.

    Rampage is fatpage

  46. Rosidin Ali

    Make more of this kind of content DAZN

  47. Lina Jonnannana

    I’m happy crying!!!!!!

  48. Leon Uka

    WHO is here during corona virus If yes follow me on instagram leonemoka

  49. Lina Jonnannana


  50. Ddd Kkk

    This is a show in it's self, thanks fellas, this is super cool to listen to your thoughts. Fucken awe-some.

  51. Rasmus Roed Sørensen


  52. Jhardwork Pays off

    💯💯 bernard Hopkins underrated

    1. Alex Gonzales

      Yea people forget how great this man was.

  53. Gene Starwind


  54. substandrd

    bro i can tell logan is faking the fact he cares

  55. Umbra.B2

    plz be a legit fight and not fixed. thx one love

  56. Iram Chowdhury


  57. Anthony Mcken

    Hopkins boring as watching paint dry.

  58. Мухит Бегимбет

    GGG would tear them both in one evening.

    1. Angelo 10•6

      DLH perhaps but B Hop would school him and probably stop him

    2. Alex Gonzales

      Also if Canelo beat him and Canelo couldn’t even touch an old Floyd,while old de la Hoya was beating prime Mayweather for the first five rounds,yea no I swear I don’t see how GGG even survives against these actual beast with resumes far better than GGG.

    3. Alex Gonzales

      Yea no you tweaking 😂😂 we saw GGG struggled against sergiy and lost bad too idk where you talking from because Bernard was beating up young strong prospects at the same age as a matter of fact 42 year old Benard beat a way better fighter in Winky Wright while 36 year old GGG lost against sergiy yea no sorry,you are going to have to study your boxing more 😅

  59. Xx Bomber

    Don’t lie who else is a FAN of Dazn 🐣" “¡ᴍ ɢɪғƬɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏoꪀᴇ ᴡʜᴏ Łɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙꇙ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”ᴡ/ɴᴏᴛɪs)🚠

  60. Twisting Dervole

    It's nice seeing more and more fighters react to their previous fights with their former opponents. It's kinda wholesome actually

    1. keaton j

      Definatley... There was a show in the 70s called "the way it was" check it out on USsel

  61. Rogelio Rodriguez

    Oscar was up on the score cards but that body punch.

    1. Kabir Bariana

      Hopkins was ahead on 2 judges cards by round 6.

  62. mpforeverunlimited

    RIP George Floyd 50-0 tbe

  63. SR Real

    Ryan Garcia shouldn’t be worried about if he gets credit or not. He should only be concerned about the names he’ll put under his belt. Over time ppl won’t care about the conditions of the fighter (age, style, testing, regulations, contracts, time, etc etc). If he gets Linares he gets that name under his belt. Easy. Ppl tend to be superficial and over time the conditions of the fighters won’t matter, only the name they beat under their resume.

  64. Pio Pius

    I think he going to be better that Errol Spencer

  65. Stevey Irwin

    don't know much about football or being a gm but it sounds like he has no ego, that's gotta be a positive.

  66. Levi Jam

    Stop all the talk. Make it happen before no one cares anymore.

  67. Mr Bennett

    This was heartbreaking to watch.

  68. Jorge Luis Gonzalez

    Lomachenko lento y con poca pegada, parece que será el estilo tendencia de los boxeadores de esas latitudes

  69. Marian Drăgan

    Floyd you don't deserve this victory. In fact you have lost.

  70. Genius Boxer


  71. beast mode

    i can see punches coming from a mile away ... slower version on manny p

  72. Antonio Diaz

    His energy went low as soon he got confronted...NOW WHAT LOL

  73. Steve Chu

    Incredible how he can still sleep with all that noise!

  74. Xxl D lxX

    Masvidal did it best

  75. Tony Hemetona

    I owe him 😂

  76. Vito Baleinadogo


  77. nico

    🤣 🤣 Lopez. Ryan unstopable

  78. lass2pic castro


  79. Johnny G

    Judah dropped him his glove touch the ground but the ref didn't count it 🤔

  80. Alber RD

    He aint tryna fight no competition thats what he basically sayin

  81. Tira Alsheikh

    Hope he’s becoming likes Floyd Mayweather never give up, nothing impossible in the world

  82. Shawn Pistol

    Brutal, brutal, BRUTAL KO! The kid is very strategic, very powerful, but the question is... "Can he "Take" powerful punches from fighters such as Tank Davis? 🤔 Yes or No?

  83. Antonio soliz

    Skill and tech is always going to win even if we’d black,brown.white, purple, orange, yellow,peach ...etc lol

  84. Gustavo De Paula

    logan paul: whats 10 times 10? also logan paul: why are you quizzing me?

  85. nico

    Devin Haney 😂🤮 ⚰ ahaha Ryan best boxer devin loser

  86. som rai

    Fire referee he supposed to end match early

  87. MusicforMe123

    Rampage ate 20-pounds of dog food before the fight... ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  88. john michael embile

    He tried hard to beef them but he failed

  89. Jose Cantu

    Tough test for Garcia ... easy test for haney

  90. Liam Crosse

    Viddal just knows what to say all the time

  91. Isidro Bermudez

    Talk to much make the fight, tank will knock you out, your not ready

  92. Robert Williams

    the Ref is a DC area legend in the boxing game

  93. Frank T

    Teofimo would KO this kid quick.

  94. James S

    To early

  95. Xavier Perkins

    Put him in the ring with top contenders instead of Uber drivers and see how he does.

  96. Cheng Yang

    This guy can fight.

  97. tristin Gonzalez

    Yall are triggered because this man is confident in himself, believes in himself and is speaking things into existence? Yall mfs are soft and pathetic lol

  98. jimmy t

    Too short haney.. Wot about tyson he was a heavyweight. U got confidence but not big anuf yet

  99. Justfor Fun

    The style of AnesonGib is called '' Pikaboo'' style. It's an unorthodox style that Mike tyson was able to master and use. This style of boxing has only been executed by Mike tyson, and, it took him 4 - 5 years to master the pikaboo style. And for Aneson gib to make a mockery of it is just shameful.

    1. Sssniperlion 46

      Justfor Fun I know it worked for like 12 seconds but jake has a higher iq in boxing and stronger in those 2 minutes expected those 12 seconds I saw jake was going to win