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  1. blackpink stan

    its funny how ksi can come to america and still have mad fans but when logan came the the UK there was not a single logan fan😭

  2. Ito Akihiro

    Vidal vs Justin biber

  3. Delta Knight

    Logan is jealous of this fight

  4. Stro Stylez

    Nahh fam he crying like he just won the belt

  5. Zancii


  6. Try Hard

    Lol who else watched it on twitch

  7. Mr. Bee

    meanwhile, Vitalys glasses are doing their best to shield his face from an angry Bradley Martyn

  8. Chandler


  9. Tom Hache

    They should change the rule for real men you got beef you fight bare knuckle🙌

  10. Axel Parra

    this some type of justin vs ksi lol😂😂

  11. Papa Addo

    Devin got hit a lot in this fight. I think it’s time to back to Floyd snr and tighten that defence

  12. Hardcoregrimes

    Shannon: Let's go home Champ!

  13. Papa Addo

    How do you think tank will fair against Santiago ????

  14. tommy cane115

    these dudes are so giant lolll

  15. diana mikhaylishin


  16. Nick Ford

    Rigged indefinitely


    KSI won but his form was that of an autistic child

  18. Rikardos Gaming


  19. Johns Shaji

    JJs fit was 10/10

  20. Hostile Traxx

    Ref was like “no mames get out!” 🙅🏽‍♂️

  21. Sammy Warren

    who wants Jake paul vs KSI cuz jake paul beat deji and ksi won so i think that should happen and i will vote for jake paul | | | | | V

  22. Mr Drip

    For EVERYONE who thinks logan should've won because of the 2 points that was taken away from him logan landed a uppercut, then lost 1 point when he grabbed ksi by the back of the neck to land his second uppercut the second point was then taken when logan hit ksi while he was on the ground.. Not once but TWICE

  23. Eshana Gacha

    I just saw Mike from FGTEEV

  24. Billie Jean

    The highlights were just break ups

  25. Amaryllis Fields

    This guy got immediately disqualified for just attempting to punch after the bell but ksi got away with it in the first fight lol

  26. Toyo 86

    Sooo this is called boxing....I feel like these guys are making fun of the actual pros who dedicated their life to boxing

  27. PAPOLO


  28. Mythic Walker

    logan trash

  29. Dana Dabrowski

    Im really surprised Frank didnt come in better shape . This is worst Ive ever see him . If he is going to be competitive with top guys he is going to have to improve his conditioning .

  30. Ryan Mantzey

    They already hugged like 1836461829 times and it doesn’t hurt to make it 1836461830 times tho

  31. Traxxas Smiff

    😂🤣🤪😳🤨😐🤢🤮 🖕🏽Just saying 🖕🏽

  32. TXBlurred

    Imagine him being like: From the united Sta..Kingdom

  33. strike - blox

    Ksi vs Logan Paul at home

  34. JP

    Logan had it but let emotions get to him after that 4th round uppercut. He should have backed off and he probably could have finished KSI in that same round.

  35. kamikaze

    The truth is they both are terrible boxers. I could do better

  36. Efrain Davis

    Yessir ksi respect

  37. Jesus Rolon

    Yay there buddies now 😁

  38. Ryan Mantzey

    Logan: loses Also Logan: iT dOesNt COunT tHe SuN wAs iN mY eYeS

  39. Moises Ortega


  40. NoUIsFatal

    What a clown man

  41. ProofFire842 // Retro Blaze

    You can see Jiedel in the back at 4:51

  42. Jake Ritter

    3:25 here is what you came for

  43. kamikaze


  44. pete artis

    Batista was lucky to get the dq

  45. Matthew Malto

    Knowledge, TRUTH, Integrity....

  46. wowest

    18K jake paulers dislike

  47. Darkbone360 kingsavage

    By 1 point

  48. Ibby

    AJ needs a trim bad still

  49. marcus_flores

    Justin bieber vs ksi

  50. Daniel Dionne

    A real Maverick would have won the fight.

  51. Stephen Cannell

    Hope they didn't pay him.

  52. Misery YT

    So Albert Einstein “Stitch” is just in the back.

  53. LSD-Rick B-172

    This is basically PoGaN LAuL vs ISK

  54. Campbell Dietz

    The guy said KSI standed for knowledge truth integrity

  55. Miller Foulkes

    Logan salty

  56. Brian Navarro

    Bruh I was high asf while watching this and thought this was a fake stream of KSI v Logan Paul

  57. Nick de Moura

    Body built by taco bell

  58. Tiago Silva

    Referee is garbage.

  59. ViparStxge _YT

    Logan is better

  60. Sn0t Mobile

    Yeah Logan should of won

  61. ViparStxge _YT

    Ksi cheated

  62. WoodKid

    wait what? When did thus fight happend xdd

  63. ViparStxge _YT

    J’ai cheated

  64. lisab theboss

    Alternative timeline of ksi vs Logan Paul's fight

  65. im-pro-at-skyrim

    All 3 of those judges scores were so far apart youd wonder if they were watching the same fight

  66. Roi Lan

    And ksi won

  67. Katili 69

    Well i mean KSI got the *Windmail technique* which even 6ix9ine snitched that it was too powerful

  68. LSD-Rick B-172

    We all know they got bootleg versions of KSI vs Logan Paul before the main fight to begin

  69. Sean Purcell

    Tell him to do a Mr. Rodgers neighborhood commercial.

  70. Miscellaneous Secret

    Looks like Logan watched a lot of boxing movies.

  71. Kenneth Bone

    "K.S.I., Knowledge, truth, and integrity." What?

  72. Freezalo The Green

    Does anyone know if Batista is okay? Like mentally because I honestly really felt bad for him.

  73. Scrats Sex Partner

    This is the off brand version of KSI and Logan Paul💀

  74. Adam Brkich

    Wait who won?

  75. april grise

    I thank Logan just was trying to get ksi off of him

  76. Scrips 21

    Bro this match was so close if Logan did not get 2 points take off he would of won but also

  77. Micah Slentz

    Did some one take a picture of Logan’s dead body?

  78. beberlyn elmer

    Justin bieber 😁

  79. Abdulhamid hassen

    This dude should not be a boxer. He is an embarrassment.

  80. Saul Ruiz

    He didn’t know any other way out of this fight. He knew he was getting knocked out

  81. Panninos

    Knowledge truth integrity loooooooooooool

  82. M Juggernaut


  83. Incubus Contreras

    Here 4 the smiling zombies 🔥 lol

  84. Jeffrey Fernandez522

    This was like a knockoff mcgregor vs mayweather

  85. Nadir Bait Saleem

    This fight was hilarious live 😂


    Logan Paul keeps chest day

  87. Alexander Fierro

    many of KSI's lands weren't shown on here,

  88. chasekorzoasmr

    Knowledge, truth, integrity. I love KTI he’s my favorite USselr.

  89. SKyGuy fly


  90. Ali Naveed


  91. Caleb Garcia

    KSI. So clearly the S stands for truth 😂

  92. Mambo Home

    They have improved

  93. Eli 2.0

    2020 t series vs pewdiepie fight

  94. VS

    The ref sounded like his dad trying to wake him up to go to school, SI OR NO?

  95. Brian Ruelas

    Logan woulda won if they didn't take his 2 points

  96. Mr Best

    Who was for KSI. Like this comment.

  97. Izy Rogers


  98. Sammy Gone

    i wish both best of luck but tyson fury is no1 fighter on the planet

  99. Anayeli Estrada

    Funk ksi

  100. Obama Toy Reviews - Toys & Fun

    To be fair i cant blame Logan for denying. Its hard to admit your loss like that.