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  1. SarcasmicShadow

    Guys I'm so happy! A Nigerian prince called me yesterday and said I'm getting £2 million. All I had to do is give him a deposit. I've genuinely never been happier!!!!

  2. 13th Mage666

    You guys are too soft. Find at least 1 bad guy, behead that mfker as an example for other scammers

  3. Sam Losco

    FDA and China scumbags. make them eat those dog treats.

  4. Andreas C.

    That total of 268 people newly sickened... Is that people on the ship? If I were in there, id see about closing off and blocking air vents in my cabin and getting air from an open window or something, if it we're at all possible.

  5. Mike M 215

    I love to waste their time on the phone !!

  6. dimiii1

    Canada has an army ?

  7. Logan P E

    Oh.. ever zens I am vatching "Short Circuit" I ave been vanting to get a call vrom zome of these zscammers! Thank you too much!

  8. 2nd Amendment


  9. PulzeShawn-_-

    If it’s a policy follow the policy don’t fight the people doing their job this is the worst episode of marketplace

  10. Snoop

    I am from India and I can tell you there are a lot of fraud rich Indians here

  11. Natho

    That reporter was just reaching for answers brah! Hahaha great interview,my best wishes for that lady ❤️❤️

  12. Natho

    That reporter was just reaching for answers brah! Hahaha great interview,my best wishes for that lady ❤️❤️

  13. Canadian_RT

    When they call you, insult their manhood. THEY WILL FLIP!

  14. ToudaHell

    I'm not vaccine hesitant. I feel smallpox should be a majority vaccine. I also think chickenpox vaccine isn't necessary until a certain age. Fear is uses on both sides. That's why it's so easy for conspiracy theories to spread.

  15. Jake S

    Your Nutella *our* way

  16. johneeg geee

    it not over, there other call "private investigator" auto long distance number....

  17. Mari M

    No the quarantine is not working.

  18. Cujo19760210

    This Virus is extremely tricky...It is not so easy to be detected by SOME lousy medical officers. In order to STOP any infections, Doctors and nurses should be vigilance and precautions...

  19. Shirley Goyaa

    Stop speeding and breaking the law. She was pulled over for speeding. Two sides to every story.

  20. Svitlana N

    I had know idea that outlet products are different from retail ones 😲

  21. Bruce Broady

    If you had Trump as President you would be in Canada now.

  22. Aaron Webber

    and Russia could never live through the devastation it would bring upon itself if ever While he builds fast missiles the US builds invisible planes and lasers that will one day be smart enough to shoot down a hypersonic weapon

  23. Genuine Comments

    They are always reviewing. Who pays their bills.

  24. Dwrec K24

    It’s to decrease population come on now wake up ppl

  25. Stadion Botoșani

    Its sad we cant do.something against big companys This shiud be treated as crimes agains the planet and everybodys life We need to take care of the planet first so we have good place to live

  26. sd superdobe

    Why don't the pigs do there job ..... probably to scared

  27. Mohammad Al Dahoudi

    Sorry but nothing can save you if you don’t think for yourself. Scammer will keep coming so educate people about cybercrime.

  28. Courtney Gough

    Just leave them there.

  29. Tanweer Ahmed

    Telecom companies in canada are charging like $100 for a product which cost them cents so ultimately they are ripping us, all in the end it's a matter of how much they rip us individually so some of us are ripped 100 % some are 50% some are 10% that's why they don't want any one leaving as they know that the product they are selling is virtually costing them nothing so whatever they get from consumer is a bonus.

  30. North Eastern Roberts

    If you get scammed from a guy with an Indian accent Named "Robert Smith " Claiming to be from the IRS You deserve to be scammed

  31. An Dagda

    Feelings are a luxury that we cannot afford, strict rational thinking is our only hope and only refuge.

  32. matrixripp09

    Thank you for bringing the disease home!

  33. aaliM art

    Are they really doing all this on camera?

  34. Cort

    Trump and his allies are celebrating, in the same way criminals celebrate, after committing a bank robbery. They’re so giddy they want to do it again.

  35. sd superdobe

    Worst PM ever.....

  36. Warren Mundell

    Have empathy for the health workers that are doing all they can to protect the sick. If China did not lock down the country, this would be far worse. I would not travel to China until this is over. Just like i will not travel to US , as up to 17,000 deaths from annual flu, with no prevention obviously.

    1. Primalxbeast

      Warren Mundell What magical country do you live in where nobody gets the flu?

  37. Xturbo 2022


  38. Colistus Gustave

    Why would People allowed this guy to intimidate them? That persistent problem can easily be solved. In the Caribbean, this dude would be a thing of the past. It’s a little boy, or girl that’s gonna give him the biscuit.

  39. Christianne Aster

    Be proactive and you can avoid all these fees. I don't pay ANY of them at this point.

  40. F Khan

    They got off me 1000$ 5years ago

  41. twc baby

    We used have real justice for donkeys like this, we used to give them 20 years hard labour but now they get ten hours and a free meal hot bed and cable tv.

  42. Taylor Obrien

    I hope you get home safe and see your family soon

  43. SundaysChild1966

    Well, I guess there are WORSE places to be stuck? Hopefully they are getting along okay. It's for the good of the general population, so I can understand that the quarantines are necessary .. if people became ill and DIED, oh wow ... can you imagine the bitching then!?!? sigh ..

  44. süleyman çebişli


  45. Genuine Comments

    Boy been to Canada didn’t know you eat such shite.

  46. Rick McGinnis

    How much money will it cost the Canadian Tax Paying public ? Bottom Line

  47. Bruce Broady

    CBC is the CNN of CANADA.

  48. The Wandering Ghoul

    "He / she told everything truthfull".... Your whole life is a lie.

  49. Nothing Free

    no different than buying from a common thief when you buy WATER in a bottle

  50. Aphiwe Magaya

    Hackers will be able to hack at the news devices again

  51. Ryan Barr

    This is insane. Andrew sheer was TOTALLY correct!! This is how the majority feels! Good job Andrew. These people have absolutely no right to behave the way they are. Wrong time. Wrong place for this ridiculous protesting. Most of the protesters have no idea what they are protesting...its so pathetic.

  52. Buysome Bitcoin

    British citizens being forgotten..... no plans to evacuate. Everyone traveling needs to be suited and masked up. Would suck to be infected enroute.

  53. X Men

    I wish I would get a call from India scammers. The things I would say. Lol

  54. Playa Girrl

    When you are in a giant floating petri dish of virus, and they force you to stay on the ship, and the world is surprised when other people in the petri dish start coming down with it. Thinks that make you go.. hmm 🤔

  55. The Wandering Ghoul

    Very scary.

  56. lilikru


  57. Agnes Anggraini

    But I never response them because I know that I don't have the money to pay and just ignore it

  58. Rendi Wu

    Thank you CBC Marketplace for making a difference in our lives!

  59. Giuseppe Gnazzo

    Lol Canada always late to the game. Slow people and slow political leaders.

    1. sam s

      Lol for reallll!!!!! Like Y'all effed all these folks up real bad by just simply waiting..... if they were going to send a chartered flight, why hadn't they done it sooner/earlier??? Lol makes no sense at all....y'all failed these folks BAD!!!!

  60. Duck Sicked



    I bet she will never go to Asia again

    1. Love & Patience

      BATTERY ELECTRIC VEHICLE or a cruise ship 🛳

  62. ganxtah rex

    "they werent my friends" lol

  63. D C


  64. Yak Man

    What race of people are being infected the most

    1. Tom Cunningham

      Albinos, the pale, pink eyed people.

    2. SundaysChild1966

      Human race?

  65. caan1403

    I receive a scam call each weeks

  66. Mereyem Suzanne Amsterdam

    Put the air-conditioning off... Bacteria go from room to room.. Use only roomservice and let them leave your food covered up Infront of the door.....

    1. SundaysChild1966

      You have a really good point there about the air-con.

  67. tiffsaver

    We STILL don't know how the virus even spread from animals to man, thanks to the "open policies" of Red China. They won't even allow US scientists in to their country to help determine the cause. Swell.

  68. G. Muthu g. Muthu

    I meet your sir please🙏🙏

  69. Daniélín NicG

    My normal flu that ive been sick for 2 wks with sounds worst than this

  70. DigitalYojimbo

    There is a technique where when the Japanese did not want produce to enter their country they would leave it in the sun on the dock for closer inspection. By the time they got around to inspecting it, it was rotten so they wouldn't allow it into the country. 😅

  71. Puti Pusa

    Hey Piddle if it's a rule of law why is the lying unethical pm not in Jail???

  72. Agnes Anggraini

    Right now on tax season...a lot scammers out there.

  73. Lotteley Moore-Daigle

    I am still enjoying this show on Netflix. Really good show with good cast.

  74. cesar palacios

    un gran presidente y sobre otdo las personas que nl rodean y hacen de este medio un documental libre de exprecion,

  75. Ardave Bazky

    i was scammed maybe 1 of them did it to me in 2017 but I didn't report to the police good thing that they caught them, the others they're doing it through check they asked you to deposit in your account and latter on the check is null and void

  76. vipul

    Canadian or American government, Fine indian government for each loss then govt would take necessary action on these scammers.

  77. TheRaveBlazer

    Leave it to bramton mans smh

  78. Charlene Liu

    Hope everybody can be return home safely

  79. Terry King

    She didn't Dodge the lemon.

  80. Lennart Holmen


  81. Poogan123

    Aboot to carry oot key arrests...Ho can folks be so clueless as to fall for this stuff? I mean the info about these scams is EVERYWHERE...How can you possibly send money to someone, much less gift cards as a logical form of payment??

  82. Stadion Botoșani

    Its easy to resolve this.. Put back the juve sistem Send Kids to reeducation camps just like prison And punish then They need to learn respect again and that in life its not all just about themself

  83. Dogs out Who let the

    Please stay safe wish you guys get back home safe to your loved ones! So difficult to be stranded like that. Sad!

  84. Military Museum

    This is criminal that the government has left them on this doomed ship. It’s spreading on the ship. Get these people off now!!!!

  85. TakaluKevin

    20 minutes and still had to see it twice to know how each one ranked. Only the top ranked was made clear in 1st run, to a distracted viewer. Entertaining but it takes more 20 minutes of any busy, video skipping life.

  86. Aphiwe Magaya

    This is so scary

  87. Sandra m

    She so ignorant american ested negative and then started to have simptoms on the plane.

  88. Jake Moro

    another case total now 8 but just like in China they don't know how many and secretly it's spreading behind the scenes. I am not convinced Canada is able to take this more seriously. They don't know what to do it's invisible soon it will be 16 then it will be 64 that it will be too late. That's what happened in China it became too late

  89. Terry King

    Put the darn key back in the car's, it's not 100% but it's better than that keyless crap.

  90. Peter Thomson

    This guys is hilarious. How can you even trust what the whistle blower is saying. How do you know he wasn't running a scam on you.

  91. Joanie Bowers

    Sad that people fall for this type of thing.

  92. twc baby

    How Ironnic This Police Commissioner in India seems to have a rather Lavish Office wonder where that money came from

  93. Ford AFG

    That is why I love my country

  94. Knights Multi-Media

    seems like most people search on Google and call the number that is found. why not ask what Google is doing about shutting down these websites

  95. Alan Delgado


  96. Gordon Pitt

    While I feel bad...and I has to wonder why in hell would you go on a cruise while there is an outbreak of a virus that is considered dangerous... These are the type of people that spread a virus.

    1. Sandra m

      And those people of the Amterdam crusie that got off and flew home and few hrs later discoveres there was a corona virus case on board . Now we are all in danger

    2. sam s

      pretty sure they didn;t know about it at that time.....

    3. Ballsy Bunny

      I believe they were already at sea! but if they weren't, thats pretty irresponsible on their part.

  97. M

    They need to be quarantined. 14 Americans test positive after they left on the plane - after testing negative. Be smart, Ottawa!

  98. tendermelody

    Stay positive and strong. Hope everything will go well for you and your husband, and other Canadians on board. I appreciate your readiness to go through another quarantine for the benefit of your families, friends and community.

  99. DrPepperJNL

    They all want to speak to the manager

  100. C L

    Very strong person. Well spoken in a very difficult position.