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  1. Aaron Wilson

    Yo is it just me or are his iris' extra fucking red?

  2. Aylin Ixchel

    Seeing Melon quietly gush over his wife is the exact kind of wholesome content I needed right now


    Are you going to review ADHD???

  4. Josh Greene

    Gocce is one of the coolest songs.

  5. Cody Morse

    You only gave it a score because you're a music reviewer.

  6. Nat

    i really like the album but i see why people are disappointed by it, definitely not his best work but i really enjoyed it.

  7. sublimation (alec)

    Slowdive baby was dropped on its head for that album cover

  8. mannav

    I want you to rip Joyner Lucas apart, do an ADHD album review pls

  9. Kyle Knockaert

    Why did I think Nicolas Jaar had died?

  10. david galstyan

    finding this album baked af at 1am cuz im blessed lol. god bless this channel

  11. Lucas

    Thank you for reviewing this album. No joking.

  12. David Camacho

    fuck you

  13. TheGoobsters

    Why doesn't fantano like what I like anymore?

  14. Diego Berzain

    I always thought of melon as kind of a /mu/ meme so I pretty much dismissed him until fairly recently, so I'm going through his "catalogue" and I was kinda dissapointed of the lack of mention of Anne Frank, I mean some themes are quite on the nose. If he was trying to distance himself from the memes surrounding the /mu/ crowd, I understand completely but I think that (mirroring his point at the beggining) that does a greater disservice to the album, and going, "it's abstract, take your own conclusions", feels a bit like a cop out.

  15. joshua woods

    drop a vinyl update.

  16. joshua woods

    drop a vinyl update.

  17. joshua woods

    drop a vinyl update.

  18. joshua woods

    drop a vinyl update.

  19. joshua woods

    drop a vinyl update.

  20. joshua woods

    drop a vinyl update.

  21. spiritchaser

    Melon, YUNOREVIEW Sixteen Oceans?

  22. Alex Reyes

    12:31 same brooo

  23. Ivy Iris

    No photos and no idea smacked aswell, I'd say its a 6 or 7

  24. Leeroy

    7:52 nothing to see here, just two bald guys sleeping

  25. Jrsam02

    review “you and your friends” by peach pit next! came out today!

  26. Alan Morocho

    As much as I hate to admit it, he’s kinda right😞

  27. Ali Baba

    Rate favorite K.K. slider songs pls

  28. Ryan Doyle

    Can't believe you hadn't heard "Your Woman" by White Town, and that song also samples "My Woman" by Lew Stone & the Monseigneur Band feat. Al Bowlly from 1932

  29. NNJ

    Bro just review pearl jam goddamn

  30. Bruno VISTA

    Anthony just thinks he's weird so he has good taste 😂. Bad reviewer bro. And I don't even like this album

  31. Jake Croce

    Silly melon, the only way to real way to appreciate DAMN. is to listen to it backwards reverse upside down opposite ways crisscross applesauce it completely changes the whole story

  32. BurntPasta.mp4 ,

    R.I.P Mac. I hope you're kickin incredibly dope shit in heaven.

  33. Michael Archer

    I'm never forgiving you for your review of Sirens.

  34. Geronimo Scarcella

    anthony, moaning dua lipa’s songs is NOT a review

  35. Benjamin Kyle


  36. Richard Geminis

    Cuando veo al pelao diciendo una palabra en español correctamente :D

  37. JD Smith

    these comments lmao

  38. John Kilroy

    4:40 aw man...

  39. James Irving

    Hay Anthony please review the new violent soho album

  40. Red

    mah chilean boy reciving an 8 , Nice

  41. MrOvipare

    Agreed. Honestly, listening to this album felt like a chore to me.

  42. Mackenzie Hutchinson

    They are so cute

  43. The Mustache

    You kind of look like TalcumX

  44. Coleman Brown

    I’m tryna see a chats review

  45. Kobey Furze

    Him saying “vile” mentality is pissin me off

  46. Rd179

    Imagine not including MUD in your favorite tracks

  47. Sergio Arango

    Day 7 of begging Mr melon to review the new J Balvin album - colores

  48. slavek p

    Anthony, please stop mispronouncing his last name. the J is an H sound.

  49. Caleb Batchman

    Repeating “STAY WOKE” for 12 minutes doesnt really count as a review Melonathan

  50. Ranglix97

    Cenizas means Ashes

  51. Andre Bautista

    Anthony Fantano is Poppy COMFIRMED?!?!?

  52. Humility Trading

    Dude this shit gets a 5/10 but Gambino gets a 4????

  53. Millennial Comic

    The overall album is a 4/10 for me. 19.10 was a complete mess. Glover comes off as a pretentious fanboy of Prince, but every artist has a bad album

  54. Jeremy Ruiz

    Why is melon not wearing a shirt? Is this him hinting towards onlyfans? I don't like where this is going melon.

  55. mendy chaloum

    I understand the criticism but I don’t think you understood the record.

  56. Ryan Kurr

    I've listened to this album twice now. I want to love it...but Im not sure I do. I love Mud...but I'm having a hard time delving into it like I have with his other music, specifically as part of Darkside, which I love and miss.

  57. Maxy boy

    Do the new pearl jam album noone cares about this avant garde random bs

  58. Daniel Escobar

    3:15 Latin elevator jazz? Its the melody of The Girl from Ipanema...


    4:30 it's the vibe

  60. x0z


  61. ECorn35

    I miss rapping Gambino

  62. Kenn Adul

    Hi anthony, i know u normally don't take review requests but i was wondering if u could do a revirw of kimi tsunagi 5 M, an album by this japanrsr rock band. I promise you won't be disappointed

  63. Ollie

    Nicolas Jaar. Nicolas Ja. Nicolas Jah. Nicolas Jahseh. Nicolas Jahseh Onfroy.

  64. Braulio Perez-Romero

    Four tet or modeselktor :P

  65. DaRk Nugget

    Does he ever look straight into the camera in this video?

  66. Chris Abraham

    The way he says “Nokia” turns me on

  67. J.D. Norcross

    The light blue really brings out this gentleman's eyes. Very striking!

  68. Born Fever

    Sunder was the worst track of the week and is now in his favourite tracks 🤷🏻‍♂️

  69. Sheldon Shaw

    Bruh... I can’t find one video where this dude gives a positive review.. why are people still subscribed after all these years..u criticize the fuck out if every album n never have nuthing good to say..

  70. CloudWatcher

    You only like it because that's your opinion.

  71. Salami


  72. Jimbo

    this album cover looks like the guy that can pull his chin in really far

  73. Azzad Ruiz

    Are you going to review PARTYMOBILE?

  74. Stupidea

    Bro I wanna hear what u got to say about Joyner

  75. slapshack

    I could tell just by looking at the album cover it was gonna get an 8

  76. tax evasion.

    Wow, did he just posted an empty room and an audio there?

  77. HardLine

    is melon possessed? red eyes

  78. Alex Cameron

    I thought that was the new Slowdive album

  79. Josh Carter

    Melon how did you make your head float like that ur so cool

  80. iiCiphonize


  81. nick

    Looking back I’m surprised this wasn’t a 9

  82. VXCurse - Destiny and Others!

    His name is not Nicolas Czar, you communist shit.

  83. Caleb Hilston

    I didn't mind it, personally felt the lack of cohesive flow kinda took me out of it a little bit. Still, not bad not bad.

  84. JDPG 13

    the cover looks like the adult swim face lifter short

  85. MidWest Pyro

    Day 3 of asking Anthony to review Possession by Joywave. Im begging you

  86. Baretta Valentine

    Is this the new Slowdive record?

  87. Lego Watto

    All I see is his head guys help I think I’m going blind help

  88. El Yams

    wow melon really used that invisible tik tok filter on this video. i bet you all my yellow flannels he was doing the helicopter down there while talking about this record

  89. depressed cockroach

    u guys are so cute together 😭😭😭😭

  90. z z

    Good evening anthony! I couldn't help but notice is that you forgot to attach your torso to your head, I think you need to remember because your floating head attracts the attention from the reviews.

  91. Jackson Wilburn

    Is the album over the guy who makes the weird faces in the memes. Call me stupid all you want but I need to know if that's it

  92. Dillon Lundberg


  93. Koogai

    Someone took a bite out of the slowdive cover and thought they wouldn't be called out for plagiarism

  94. Billy__music8 C

    Dude the bends should be higher on this list I love that album

  95. Pho Ga

    Why did he not mention “Physical” once during this review - it’s literally the best song

  96. zaarl

    Bro this Nicolas Jaar album is straight booty hole. I am a huge fan of his older works but this snoozefest of an album killed me inside. I want my minutes back. Please. 1/10

    1. Bryan Starkiller

      zaarl take the fat L fam

  97. Reyhan Al

    New slowdive?

  98. Julio Balelo

    TheNeedleDrop Album Reviews 2020 So Far: 10/10: 0 9/10: 0 8/10: 12 7/10: 10 6/10: 6 5/10: 11 4/10: 5 3/10: 1 (Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams) 2/10: 0 1/10: 0 0/10: 1 (Green Day) ITS GOOD: 2 (Disclosure, Haru Nemuri) NOT GOOD: 2 (Justin Bieber, Lil Baby)

    1. Chris Heyward

      @Hunkleberry Fine no

    2. NNJ

      Its good ?

    3. Hunkleberry Fine

      You meant 2 eights right?

    4. Josh Carter

      good year so far

  99. nick

    Uh oh, someone’s been watching too many David Lynch movies

  100. Caroline Araujo Calisto

    Anthony my dude... you snapped with this review!!