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  1. Henry van Beek

    Doug has a humongous nag quirk or is it a feature. Funny. Like little Doug wanted to become a cardesigner, but big Doug discovered he'd just the talent to be a critic.

  2. Anima Enema

    Doug, find an alfa 75, either with the V6 or the 1.8 turbo and do a review (even if you don't do a video of it i will be happy if you see it in person) They are the basically the last model built by Alfa before the company melted into Lancia-Fiat. It is also the last Alfa with rear-wheel drive (actually they made another one with rear-wheel drive after that, which was a more limited and sporty car). The 75 was a sedan, with a really weird aggressive 80s look. I love it, here in Italy theres like a cult associated with the car. A lot of people hate it because of a lot of weirdness and allegged unreliability, but a lot of them love it. It had transaxle trasmission configuration and perfect 50/50 rear/front weight balance. It handles better than a lot of even more modern rear-wheel drive Bmws (imho). I hope you find one because you will have a lot of fun haha P.s. it was the car used by italian police and carabinieri from 1985 until 1995 more or less, so it has even that "dark" vibe to it lol

  3. Kent Hambrock

    That segue between safety and storage. xD

  4. Chris Kelly

    Bonus quirk - It smokes

  5. chris 1

    The Trojan was more pretty & the Messerschmitt Tiger was the M3 of Bubble World.

  6. kray97

    The clock in the dash costs more than many used cars.

  7. - -Unit Theory- -

    this is the first time i seen him look quite small inside a car lol

  8. C M

    Sf forester turbo do it or a mk1 caddy or rabbit

  9. zach z

    god this guys voice pisses me off

  10. Eithel Rotschild

    "aThThThThThThis is a," that must be Doug's unique touch.

  11. andy bryant

    Aaaah the ball chiller

  12. LeonitasMaximus

    Loud is a very common radio feature. It is usually included in all aftermarket head units especially the higher end models. Loud mode increases the sound of the Bass and Treble. Typically it is a function of a capacitor to act as a low grade amp. Some people leave it on all the time and some people hit the button when a rocking guitar solo kicks on... or the entire beginning of "In the air tonight". lol

  13. bails s

    I start to physically cringe when he says "quirks" for the 80th time in 10 minutes 🙄🙄

  14. Yerrie

    it’s probably never sold in the US but the Renault Espace had that shape and triangle windows from the early 80’s. I think they gave it a espace look

  15. CIPHER

    why is the 918 spyder 1 score lower than the one you gave it in its video :|?

  16. Yerrie

    Mercedes convinced me of nothing, these things are in Europe only used for 2 reasons, it’s a city delivery “truck” (and specials as ambulance) and it’s a used as a Taxi in a very luxury edition, you just got the european cheap work horse thats very expensive in US and nobody buys this as a people mover in Europe.

  17. Downyfabricsoftener

    1:37 it sounds like a distant explosion you would hear in GTA 5

  18. dharma teja

    I don't understand the indicator camera thing. Normally while changing lanes, first you see into the mirror, check whether it is safe to change the lane, then we will give the indicators. You don't just blindly give an inductor and then see whether there are vehicles behind?

  19. Patrick Schaller

    i love your videos :)

  20. Mogens Lyhne Nielsen

    They knew that they wouldn't sell that many, so they had to keep the price high to earn something.

  21. Steven Shiner

    The Aussies have made this truck into an institution.

  22. Austin Suman

    So would that strip of metal in between the windshield and the front side window in front of the door be the A pillar or would the A pillar be where it is in every other car and be right in front of the door?🤔😂

  23. D P

    “It feels like it’s from 1996” ...and that’s a good thing. They’re actually a great car for the price.

  24. Gary Long

    How about the plastic and composite body panels...somewhat like Saturn's early vehicles

  25. La Vida

    Do for the chevrolet blazer 1999

  26. TheBowerbird

    I really want to clean, polish, and take care of this wonderful old beast. It's filthy and poorly cared for!

  27. Cody Burns

    Funny i like minivans very much and i’ve never heard of this one. It was a nice surprise to see this olds van!

  28. WillC Productions

    I wonder if Tyler Hoovie convinced you todo this video, also my great aunt had a Mercury Mariner and I loved riding in the back of that car.

  29. Downyfabricsoftener

    *Scotty Kilmer wants to know your location*

  30. vincentlee3434

    Still have tiny 3rd row seating space. Bye

  31. G7130

    9:01 Dave has a point, motors break and require replacement so while a nice feature it’s something to consider. I don’t think this is a vehicle families of that size will keep for more than 5-7 years if that because by then they’ll need a bigger SUV.

  32. gamefool117

    I think that’s actually great dial design, because you know that if you turn quickly to one side or the other that you are ending up at an extreme, and can then navigate to the setting you want without looking down at the dial. If it was continuous, you’d just keep changing modes forever and basically be playing Russian roulette with your drive mode setting. All this is only relevant if you’re trying to change drive modes without looking (which is probably not going to happen often), but I think it’s unfair to call it bad dial design.

  33. burlingame87

    Taycan exploded in Florida garage. twitter.com/VWCHARTS/status/1229431020547493888

  34. - -Unit Theory- -

    this guy has to be the best at reviewing cars,Well rehearsed never skips a beat :)

  35. Travis Edwards

    The extra compartment on the ceiling was for cds

  36. Ryhan Miah

    Is it me or is that rear bumper a different shade of grey to the car

  37. MrFishbone111

    How obnoxious,imagine having to sweat in your car because you might not make it to the next charger if you want cool air. Climate control, a luxury every ICE owner is used to having.

  38. Gavyn Knight

    This was my dads car. I remember it when I was little and almost cried when it broke down a couple years ago

  39. Bek L

    Comment section is lit !!

  40. Rodrigo Cantero

    Hey Doug that cargo-area lifting buttons could be used to load stuff, but also to adjust the car's balance if there's something really heavy in the back that makes the car lift its nose

  41. Brad Darby

    This was my second car, nothing went wrong in 18 months, I used to drive around with my massive American Bulldog in the passenger seat.

  42. Marc Siuraneta

    Why 15 hundred hp and not 1,5 thousand hp? So complicated

  43. Cason Wills

    Mark my words I will have one of these in 10 years

  44. ZuccX99

    Finally a car compensating enough for me!

  45. Alan Sheremeta

    Doug seems to think that a "electronic" parking brake is some great automotive advancement. He obviously has never lived anywhere where it gets below freezing. Give me a hand parking brake or even a foot operated one that I can work and feel over these electric ones any day. Nothing worse than it being minus 30 and your POS electric parking brake is frozen engaged. See how long he lasts in his shorts then.......

  46. Daniel Moralez

    Is it just me that sees a Mazda CX-9 lol

  47. Absolute Longplay

    The king of fugly hatches I tell ya.

  48. Efren Gonzalez

    Damn he talked so fast back in the day!

  49. cybrscot

    The Ferrari attracts men because they think it attracts women. Women apparently aren't into men who are into themselves. They probably like men that throw the money their way.

  50. cybrscot

    Wow, men and women really are different.

  51. Jon Hiller

    I LOVED my Silhouette. I bought it used for $500.00. Had to put a radiator in it, but I knew it needed one when I bought it. And it needed a new seal on the side door, which I also knew... that seal turned out to be harder to find that I bargained for, and it took me about 3-4 months to find a dealer that actually still had one in stock, and this was about 10 years ago, I imagine parts are near unobtainium for these now. Drove it for 4 years and sold it for $750.00. Wish I'd kept it, honestly. Mine had cloth seats instead of leather, and it had the 3800 V6. Mine was a sort of mint green metallic with the stripe package. No power sliding door on mine. It was a rattle trap because it hadn't been taken well care of, so lots of squeaks and rattles because of those large plastic interior pieces, but it was a great vehicle. The seats DID fold flat, though, they just didn't fold down to the floor. The factory seat backs would fold down flat so you could put stuff across the top of them. It was very comfortable as far as riding down the road. The 3800 was a *little* easier to work on than the other motors, but not a lot. I'd buy one again if I could find one. There are a couple of them still rolling around in my town. Unfortunately the guy who bought mine started letting his kid drive it, and it got totaled in an accident from what i was told.

  52. Joel Ewers

    Definitely preferred the exterior of the previous generation...

  53. cybrscot

    Ooh, I like Carly, she's hot. Great legs too

  54. Asmr Bee like

    Signed photo $35 or $50?? Who in the fucking hell are you?🙄🙄🙄fucking dumbass

  55. feodufg3r4weozjmkdwopsqkf3

    You give it a 1 because it’s slowed compared to sports car? Does it look like a sports car dumbass 😂

  56. Wilson Calil

    This car is so bleh. The original one an icon.

  57. Chisha Sinyangwe

    @7:26 this dude opened that door unusually fast or is it just me?

  58. Alaa Sharif

    The color is insanely beautiful 🔥🔥😍

  59. Tyler Mumford

    is it weird that we were all doing something while he was filming this. somewhere we were doing something and most of us will never know what

  60. Kevin Bhasi

    13:50 I've a feeling all 500 they produced are all left-hand drive.

  61. Collin Imbeau

    my old f 150 had triangle windows in the front

  62. Decepticon Stinger

    Holden is now a thing of the past

  63. Rvssian Boi

    The Rav 4 is the small version of this.

  64. Sam from Prague

    How many HP ???

  65. Chisha Sinyangwe

    I wouldn't buy this car, it's just not practical and theres so many issues with the design. Hell nah for a million bucks! And that $70,000 option is daylight robbery! Come on guys.

  66. Private Account

    My Dad had three Birds back in the 60s so we went and checked these out on their debut. Just a stupid looking execution of a stupid idea. That trunk was deep enough to hold a pizza. Nothing more. Combined with dealers who wanted 20K over sticker and you have no sale.

  67. Ross Kulma

    It looks like a pregnant guppy.

  68. matthew fitzgerald

    It's not the car its the dork driving it

  69. mynameis mynameis

    Alot of people have video on this car but i click on his video guy knows what he talking about

  70. mu_ngoni

    Lexus is TOYOTA

  71. Pearce Fennell

    Yes in blue though

  72. Radek Czop

    on one wheel lamborghini logo is missing

  73. thosjh

    7:52 Could you review that Reatta in the background?

  74. Nams Hashim

    I am a fairly regular viewer of your channel, but please dont make that face at 4:48

  75. Aquaboy

    How this car is very cheap in Mexico? Here in Indonesia, this car cost 49.000 Usd and 54.000 Usd for 5008.

  76. MeganKohlerFitness

    The hybrid will be out any day now too!😁 the platinum is soooooo beautiful

  77. xpert gamer

    4:42 lol

  78. Sgr 7

    Also, the weird Toyota Previa you reviewed.

  79. scarr_

    i swear all of these videos have been filmed in 2008

  80. anthony garcia

    great video by the way !!! love 90's cars

  81. League of Legends Feeds

    The screen situation is probably based on the Nintendo DS XD

  82. anthony garcia

    the day Doug does a video of a all wheel drive Ford Aerostar my life will be fully complete.

  83. Sgr 7

    12:44...no other car has these. How about the Suzuki SX4 and the Mercedes Metris van...which you love!!!

  84. Zalland Kasi

    Dude? I disagree, the grill makes it beautiful...

  85. Jason LX

    Sorry Doug but you are absolutely terrible at reviewing Classic cars and especially European Classic cars! Even your research on the Silver Shadow is incorrect. Anyone who knows even the slightest thing about Rolls Royces knows that the run to 1980 included its greater sibling the Silver Shadow 2! Plus, the example you have of the Silver Shadow is a total embarrassment and should be to the owner too! It’s knackered! Kaput! And what are those headrests about ? Must be something American market was unfortunately blessed with, never seen these on a British/Euro model? And you fail to mention that regardless of all the faults and quirks in the drivers area wouldn’t matter to the owner as 99% of the time theses cars would be driven by a chauffeur so it would be down to the chauffeur to work out and you can bet your bottom dollar that the chauffeur would know that car inside out to make the experience of being driven in such car way would be faultless and luxurious one! Also a lot of it’s Idiosyncrasies we’re exactly the same on so called US luxury vehicles! Stop hating on Euro classics they were and are still the best

  86. gbxgbxgbx

    No starting up, no reving. This guy doesn't deserve it. He's got no passion for these cars.

  87. Shit Gaming

    I always never knew why Americans always say W as "doubyou" and I think it's said as "double you" as like double U...

  88. Jared

    It’s not myback it’s mayback 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  89. Dan Lin

    My dad drove one of these as a taxi in Alaska back in the 80s and 90s. I remember riding in that third row.

  90. Tuckers Baby

    I wholeheartedly disagree. As a fan of the T-bird ever since I sat down in a white 1960 Squarebird my freshman year of high school now a 22-year-old college graduate with a good job, the 11th generation Thunderbird is the more affordable roadster to any 20-something who doesn’t have a spare $30 grand to drop for a 1955-57. Not to mention the limited production amount has made this car a rarity on the road unlike the common Mustang. It makes you stand out as a car driver, getting looks and turning heads as you cruise through town or fly down the highway. Now a proud owner of a triple red 2003 Premium I couldn’t be happier with my purchase as its a blast to drive and comfortable to sit in. Even my friends love the car, one preferring the interior more than the body itself wishing he had the red accents in his 6.0L Camaro. As far as price, it’s held considerable value over almost 20 years now and since it was so popular among boomers most were kept in great condition; mine only had a measly 29,000 miles on the OD when I got her. It’s one of a few modern cars that could likely appreciate in the future but since it shares so much DNA with the LS, parts are virtually interchangeable.

  91. Trope

    I feel the same about my E90 335i.. beautiful when it runs, but such a nightmare when it has any issue (which is often)

  92. jeyanth ram

    7:50 What is that song?


    The 1 Series is too small for me Dougster.👍

  94. Enrique Merida

    Is it just me, or does this guy sound just like Kermit the frog 🐸

  95. Ken Ciszewski

    You missed the most important quirk. The whole body of the van was made of plastic. I called it my tupperware van. Went we went to a funeral we watched the guy that put the magnetic flag on the cars in the procession to see how long before he gave up.

  96. ông kẹ

    Funniest car review i have ever watched... LMAO

  97. Makis T

    Doug they make the car for working class people,maybe in no a well buld car but it was good for the Yugoslavians. I thing they be iven better if the NATO dosn't bomb the factory, is beter not to juge that you don't understent. A friend from Greece

  98. SMIFFY

    It looks like a 40 year old car.

  99. Biryani Man

    For the Americans in the comments, these cars are impeccable in Britain. You Americans are to rough. You can’t NASCAR with this. It’s for gentleman

  100. Otton Velez

    The turn signal cancels out by giving it a half push in the opposite direction of the previous push.