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  1. johnny huynh

    Looks like a Macan

  2. joe lassie

    Did that "Okay" startle anyone else?🤣

  3. Martin Najjar

    Looks like new Ford Escape like to agree 👇🏼

  4. Jerry Lifsey

    Why kneel down next to thee exhaust of a running car if you can't drive it and we can't hear it?

  5. Jamie Burton

    I have a Ford Flex,and you think your weird.

  6. basurofobo

    You know it’s a British car when it smokes and leaks before leaving the shop...

  7. Max Morvan


  8. Louis Greenberg

    Is it for sale

  9. Ryan Chase

    Tavarish could fix those windows... just saying.

  10. EOS1

    Nice F-Pace....uhhhh...I mean Aston.

  11. Joe M

    so he didn't drive it...?

  12. JBrumley32771

    That is one cheap-looking colonial blue, and it's kinda weirdly styled--especially in the back. The Lincoln Navigator is much better looking and styled--so is the BMW X3.

  13. Bobby Chudoba

    Doug Demuro is the type of guy to break a set of wipers on a rare car.

  14. birreboi

    I've never heard of a glove box that 'unfurls itself in a luxurious manner'. Ah, Aston Martin, only the best! (and Doug of course).

  15. seb corte

    Awful.. For the tiny dick

  16. s c

    This looks like what the maserati levante wanted to be

  17. rahul lal

    Lexus did it first with the manual shifters

  18. rolocz

    one vector w8 was crashed and burned in some movie, if i remember correctly, to kill some japanese dude who didn't like the color of the car or something


    Aston Martin: Rip off.

  20. Common Avionics

    I love those wheels

  21. el scientifico

    jesus thats a ugly car. Reminds me of a goblin shark!

  22. Nikolay Klimchuk

    Very New Jersey-ish car

  23. xman577

    When I first seen the concept art on this car before it was made there was showing it with a periscope rear view window

  24. Geminisixtyfour

    Don't forget to set the parking brake!

  25. Patrik H H

    Its actually produced in Austria (G-Series was originally a Austrian military car by Puch)

  26. Louis Greenberg


  27. Mr. Arruda

    That is a generic 80s GM steering column. The button that broke off there should be the hazzard button...not a horn

  28. Quincy Poaches

    I've noticed that car audio is like kryptonite to him.

  29. LeadCounsel

    Wow, I can say if I spent $600k in todays dollars I'd be pissed. Gorgeous exterior but apparently the equivalent of $50,000 today buys much more car than over 10x that amount, or $600,000 in that era. A beautiful looking car with great performance, that is a literal joke in the interior design... Apparently $600k doesn't buy much in the 1980s or 90s. Cheap transmission. Weird buttons. "HUD" does nothing. "Boost" does nothing. An analogue compass. And a common area foot rest is absolutely stupid. My $15,000 Cavalier had a pop out sunroof panel, and a better interior. This pile of garbage was, in todays dollars, $600,000...!!!! Crazy. As a kid, I'd have lusted after something I could not even afford today. For a hugely poorly thought out pile of garbage... Makes me want to go drive and enjoy my BETTER performing and more comfortable and better optioned 1/6th price Challenger SRT8.

  30. Rhys Stromson

    just say "WOW" or "INTERESTING!" after every sentence doug says and prepare to be amazed at gm turn signal stalks and power mirrors.

  31. Dxrrell Mxller

    lmao doug is the type of guy to open the car door the regular way and be fascinated.

  32. Mohamed Demery

    Don’t talk shit about it if you can’t even afford a free test drive

  33. Steve O

    The missing piece below the ignition switch is for the hazard flashers, nit the horn.

  34. Jason454ss

    Is it a Porsche or just wearing Porsche shoes?

  35. Todd Turner

    I literally thought it was the 2020 Ford Escape

  36. Michael C. Jenkins

    Wow factor: "Wow, whomever bought that car has no taste" What a hideous monstrosity

  37. Kutt Mac

    Doug the type of guy to wear 2 tshirts in the desert !

  38. W B

    Yes!!! This is the car i have been wanting you to review for a few years.

  39. astroflush 10

    The oil leak

  40. AlteredState98

    Ass tin Martin.

  41. Christopher Rees

    Long range version has better range, and pretty comparable acceleration, etc. for almost $10,000 less

  42. David Bressano

    Bumper, bumper bumper Bumper to bumper?

  43. Danny Liftar

    The back looks like a vantage

  44. BMW-E90-HQ

    That door design is good my dads cx5 has the same design with the rocker panels.

  45. Quincy Poaches

    C'mon bro!? You are going seriously tell us..., being a car guy, enthusiast and reviewer that you don't know what an stereo equalizer is!?! They sell them everywhere they sell...., well, stereos. Best Buy, any car audio store, ever... You lost some cool points on this.

  46. Jonathan Davenport

    my honest opinion: ugly

  47. chris lawrence

    would rather seen the brake calipers match the paint. it looks garish to me.

  48. Fox47 TigerAlionoFpce

    Doug once gave his school teacher a Doug score

  49. Water King

    Doug should review a yatch

  50. Matt Thatsme

    I don't care where it was designed or built!.....that is the MOST Japanese looking vehicle ever!! Its like what bosuzoko trys to be

  51. Nick Terris

    I'm pretty sure my 1989 Cadillac Eldorado has those same exact headlights (no cover/pop-down feature obviously).

  52. matthew anderson

    All 50 of those that will be sold will be to women close to 50 years old and they all really want paddle shifters that stay in place when they turn the wheel. Crock of dog shit

  53. Bipin Gurung

    This car is the most luxurious luxury car. Luxury, did I say it’s the most luxurious luxury car?

    1. Bipin Gurung


  54. strangeskull

    I always loved this car so much when I was a kid!.....it was so rare though you never saw it anywhere......not even in movies and such

  55. Rahul Sharma

    @doug review sound totally biased

  56. ethan l

    I am SORRY but the rear end of the car is so fVCKING ugly that its enough to kill puppies

  57. Bobby Chudoba

    That car has some impressive numbers for something that was made in the late 80's/Early 90's.

  58. Troy Roberts

    Thats TROYLEONARDRPBERTS III. B.9.8 THOUSAND millions $ COMMENTS ig. No community.

  59. Michael Clark

    BMW e30 window switches!!!

  60. Josh McQueen

    I don’t know if it just doesn’t translate well through camera, but that interior looks like trash. The seats especially- they look like cheap vinyl seat covers.

  61. Boom Bang

    My dream car from Turbo chewing gum in early '90's

  62. CookieMonster123

    You’re trash Doug DeMuro. Stop pointing out little “interesting” shit. It’s not interesting and neither are you

  63. James Sheehy

    Can't wait for Chris Harris to bang on about those shift paddles lol

  64. Golden Gonzo Gaming

    You didn't even drive it. Shit review. 2/10

  65. Daniel Breia

    Doug: Says the max speed in miles. Doug again: Puts a a text with the speed in Kph. Europeans: *Happy noises*

  66. Bernie Leiva

    Porsche Macan body lines all around, is this legal? Lol

  67. Bret Nickerson

    Id take a cygnet over it...lmaoooo

  68. Nvable

    @27:46 Doug breaks the car.

  69. Tharuk

    It’s my favourite car ever

  70. ObsessionPC

    I always laughed at those as well and also found them windows to be more like embrasures.

  71. Croaker 47

    Meh. Thought it was a BMW from the side. Not good for 190K.

  72. matthew anderson

    Who in the fuck rubs their pants on any door sill?

  73. Beach&BoardFan

    How does a car like this go under the radar? Literally never heard of this!

  74. scott evers

    Doug is the kind of Guy that keeps Abercrombie & Fitch open in the Mall.

  75. usa kira

    How is it a 2021 when it was created in 2019?

  76. RisingSunKustoms

    Doug I have to correct you on something. Turbo boost is very easily controlled these days, especially with modern day cars which use complex computer systems. Just FYI. Thanx

  77. Game Jah

    Not a Tesla fanatic, don't own one, probably never will .. but the amount of comparisons in this video came off like you have a grudge with Tesla. Then seeing the Model 3 scored along with super cars at the end was ironic. The Taycan looks like it should be priced at half of what the sticker is from looking at it, but there's a sucker born every minute with a $15k coat rack.

  78. Patrick Mason

    This is the exact car used in the movie “Rising Sun” from 1993.

  79. al

    Too much night rider and Michael Night in this car. GM it is.

  80. TheGreatMunky

    ...By the name of... Vector! That's a mathematical term, represented by an arrow, composed of both direction and magnitude! Vector! That's me! Because I'm committing crimes with both direction and magnitude! OH, YEAH!

  81. Exotic Performance Vehicles

    leakin a little fluid there

  82. ail rasyid

    It's really handsome cars, but not 250k suv look, it's like Cayenne or X5 rival

  83. Sam Smith

    The "stop-start" feature is completely bogus on a car like this... Ford loves it so much they even put it on 4x4 off road pickup trucks, just insane the whole thing!

  84. Schmeat

    Is that the new Porsche macan turbo s?

  85. Robert Dillahubris

    One of the coolest Uruguayan-designed sports machine ever.

  86. Elegant Mess

    I would've loved to hear this beauty run !

  87. Tom Bruner

    1:41: Brand new Aston Martin leaking some fluid.

  88. duperscreen811

    I like seeing the random looks of excitement on Doug's face while being driven around by Jay, he's trying his damnedest to have an interview but god damn this car keep blowin his mind

  89. peterpetas20

    1:25 its leaking ...

  90. Herps85

    Kris Singnh is thinking up a passive aggressive response to this video right now, even though he says he doesnt watch You Tube.

  91. nitrous36

    Every video: Thhiiissss!! lol

  92. Austin Hurt

    And it turns out the Taycan Turbo only has 201 mile range. Bloody hell Porsche, you have to do better than that.

  93. Timothy Chenkin

    Is it just me or does the tail light seem very reminiscent of a Mazda Rx7

  94. Gary Mayo

    The fifteen commercial in five minutes and I’m out of here.

  95. dem trees

    remember seeing this car in Rising Sun with Sean Connery.....

  96. ultrabaiter

    It wasn't dwelt upon..but the wing mirror design is one of the coolest ive ever seen..surprised other cars dont have a similar solution.

  97. Mr piston Recaro

    Power window switch is from 80s bmw. Love vectors a very unique car.

  98. Lord Snowy

    Stop explainning how can you lower the ass of a car.

  99. matthew anderson

    Why wouldn't you just get a Ford Escape, they're like $15k

  100. Tripp393

    This really ruins the Aston Martin brand to me. They should have just made and all wheel drive sedan, which is what a lot of people wanted.