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  1. les

    the sneakerhead in me just... hnnng

  2. Rishi Mathuria

    2019 anyone??

  3. Craziestbanana

    It's literally just Ubuntu with a custom browser, fuck me you're a boomer.

  4. Ray Levesque

    it says it all it's a "PASSIVE" experience

  5. Ray Levesque

    study's hmmm all I have to say is cosmotology ever think of those make up shows like Mary Kay or avon or even doing a p[hoto shoot reminds me of the google pixel

  6. Chris G

    It is one hand typing.

  7. Lavalesh Karna

    I hope you don't start making your own laptop and take down this video.

  8. Zack Zack

    Who has AirPods put still watching 😂

  9. jd watts

    $1315 nah I'm good

  10. Ray Levesque

    my problem is the tech is getting expensive when everything else is getting cheaper why are we going backwards in value when innovation is supposed to be accessible to the average living man/women and not have to "pay for a house" you get what I'm saying hopefully

  11. Brandon woo Ka keng

    What about the Mi Mix Alpha

  12. Lumen Ate


  13. Osama Mohamed HD

    i think it's made for photographer to edit on the go, maybe

  14. zuzuox

    i was lowkey confused for a whole 3 minutes until i scrolled to the comments and realized i read the title wrong. i was waiting for him to talk abt what’s wrong with the phone 💀

  15. Justin

    Time to build the wall! The pro display wall

  16. Trance88

    I have a flashlight in my car that I bought over 10 years ago that essentially works the same way as this power bank. Only stays lit for a minute at best.

  17. Jerry B

    "Dont not" Organ in my skull: "Dont"

  18. Jordan Chamberlain

    MAN UTD SHOES!!! jealous

  19. Alfredo Banman

    We have a bunch of those noodles at home. Only me and my dad like them cuz they're so spicy.

  20. Kevin A

    Aww.. how cute. It's the baby Yoda of notebooks! 🧐🥺😁

  21. Ray Levesque

    Listen think of it this way you wanted different now you got it, also keep in mind with the graphene application and mallability it's going to inovate tech to different levels and back log the holagram tech

  22. crunchyy waffles

    Can you do the Xbox series x next?

  23. Ray Levesque

    dude I want in how do we get hooked up for youtubing

  24. William Ng

    funny, this case cannot protect his reputation...... now see how other tech youtubers will associate with him..

  25. Alan Meyers

    Will be obsolete soon doe.

  26. lucy Joseph

    Can you do a unboxing video of Samsung notebook S

  27. RUIDoso56 OFFICIAL

    That look's like it's going to expand, Thankfully it isn't in the phone. I'd prefer a Qi receiver case.

  28. Daniel Ibarra


  29. Daniel Ibarra

    *listen here you little sh-t *

  30. Daniel Ibarra

    *listen here you little sh-t *

  31. tripeezy harris

    30,000 Gaming Set up plays T-Rex Game. lol

  32. Kamal Dalbarry

    If u put the bulb in a cup of water it will light

  33. whichDude

    I'm just looking for a quick solution. Why is this video 8 minutes long? I looked up and read the solution while this guy was whining about it.

  34. Eric Adair

    ain't that how we know we kill them all and keep moving if I die today it would be a holiday

  35. paulgurung_

    2:03 he said the n word with his chest 😳💀

  36. yukki hsn

    Or just get a nokia 3310 simple

  37. Maricella Keyne

    Oak ha 300watt lighter pack so 80%in 8 minutes! (12 volt 25 amp bAse)

  38. kevin Lee

    I look forward to seeing you do a MacPro evaluation 🥳

  39. Tomleç YT

    Nobody: No one at all: Still no one: Me:why are the captions [music]?

  40. Jason Brand

    It's a thumb keyboard

  41. Don't trust me

    2018 - Pro 2019 - Pro Plus 2020 - MAX 2021 - Legendary 2022 - Ultimate 2023 - GOD

  42. KUZI

    I feel like Lew is indirectly making fun of companies' grammar..

  43. Ethan Andrew

    I wish my $2,400 Surface Book 2 could have a rotatable hinge all the way to the back...

  44. Ted Zhang

    I'm definitely getting the almond color way

  45. Ethan Andrew

    16GB DDR RAM is interesting...

  46. KingRyan 1995


  47. Planet X TK

    Why have a wallet when I can just be broke?

  48. rdvgrd6

    Willy Do: *O___O*

  49. UDAY P

    Hi We see on internet that they will make batteries with 10 or 100 times more capacity What do u think when will this kind of battery tech will come out ?

  50. D s J

    What he say here 2:00

  51. Planet X TK

    I want to crank myself when I run out of energy.

  52. sentino68

    The buttons on the Bose 700 are in the WORST positions. If you forget , you end up either shutting it off or changing the noise canceling levels. They are nice headphones though.

  53. Omar Almasri

    It sounds good to me.

  54. Rucha Desai


  55. j c

    My keyboard isn't working need to use the screen keyboard how do I fix

  56. j c

    No its not

  57. TheSaintST1

    Taiwan by design... 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼✌✌✌ ...so what are getting in your iPhone, eh?

  58. Christopher Gabow

    I've had the black version since July it's pretty cool

  59. Dxrrell Mxller

    I just bought a phone yesterday and today i don't even want it after seeing this.

  60. Confused Gamer

    They look ridiculous.

  61. rayms6823

    Damn, the phone case is thin!

  62. Henry Harlow

    Have they fixed the bugs on the app since the release of this video???

  63. Chris Bobko

    I bought one of these. Now I regret it.

  64. UNiKHO Chestmark

    Hi UNBOX THERAPY! I'm one of your fans subscriber I always watch your videos all the time, specially when you unbox the smartphone. And I always dream a smartphone like a iPhoneX my dream phone. Thank for reading this, MERRY CHRISTMAS & GODBLESS UNBOX THERAPY.

  65. Royalty Gaming

    These are the moments when I wish I was rich

  66. Chris Tragedia

    tech godz dont know that android phones send your messages to windows? hmmm. hangouts? bwahawawahaha

  67. M Almheiri

    Its a carbon fiber ish case without the Evutec logo

  68. yoga dye

    the asmr tho..

  69. ᅵᄃᄃ민석

    Using noise cancellation on a plane was the best decision i made

  70. Mrbeast 15000

    Why does the box of the fake airpods look like the airpods pro case

  71. Ksler's R/T

    Easy solution buy these knock offs. Buy air pods open them up swap the insides return the air pods boom 60 dollar air pods.

  72. Adam Horvath

    Lou I need a phone can I have any phone that is just laying around ....FML.. I'm using a 1 UMX ...so horrible

  73. Nomad

    Now smell it

  74. Sare Gama

    I searched super nova 6 of iphone.

  75. david villanueva

    He talks a lot of crap for someone who stole a case design and sells it

  76. Mrs. CAt

    4:55 you wanna make beat sound good just put it up against 8 dollar headphone.

  77. feralbear3615

    This thing is useless in practice, it's more like a proof of concept. What is it good for? Games? No. School? No. Product display? No. Work? Forget it.

  78. Devon Phillip

    I jus fucckn loved this review bro hands down best in awhile seriously thanks enjoyed every second. Everything so honest and on point... talk yo shit!!! Brotha

  79. Aydil Gaona

    He's talking about iPhone 8 plus

  80. Bairon Lopez


  81. D0peNation

    Goto 2:02 and listen to wut he says

  82. T Edwards

    I just got my case for the XR in the mail today and I freaking love it! It’s honestly everything I’ve ever wanted in a case! The fit and feel is so good and it just looks awesome on the Red XR! Thanks for coming out with a great product! Definitely gonna keep my eye out on what you come out with down the road.

  83. mindtraveller100

    4500 watts for only 108 dB? Yeah, that´s money well spent...

  84. ElonMuskPlays1

    1:58 tea kettle

  85. ranadeep deb

    The earpods stopped working within two months! This is is horrible product! Please dont buy this and this video should also be taken down for giiving a fake unreliable review to a horrible product!!

    1. Cherry Rabbits

      ranadeep deb I haven’t received mine at all It’s been 3-4 months already

  86. MatthewButUnderTheCharachterLimitWhichDoesNotExist

    bruh it looks like it’s photoshopped

  87. MrJonnyCole

    OOF. That’s a nice phone.

  88. Bassslay Yoass

    Jlb powerbox 100 plzzzzz

  89. mikes gt

    It is sooooooo ugly

  90. music man

    You realize that a thin phone case will provide no protection for your phone, so if it breaks, you are also ruining your smart phone.

  91. Lion Haert

    Jocker is more evil than darth Vader LoL

  92. Wawi M

    Ugly ass phone

  93. Michael Hype

    Hey... let me see if I can scratch them for some stupid reason.

  94. Marquail Rose

    Man I LOVE shit like that God is good believe 🙏🏾🙏🏾💪🏾

  95. Venom Scorpion

    Just me who noticed the man united logo in the shoes?

  96. Randomblock1

    Wow. An electromagnet. Really groundbreaking technology huh?

  97. burnt taco

    He big mad