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  1. Do Elextro

    My 18th birthday is in 2days Can I have a ShoutOut❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Michael Pepper Tech Talk

    This must be limited and for a short time. Otherwise, take your $100 after 100 days get $1000, buy 10, get $10,000, buy 100, get $100,000 buy 1,000 wait and get $1,000,000. Next would be $10million. So, after about 2 years you'd be a billionaire.

  3. David C.

    I don't smell popularity in any way, *I smell bankruptcy a 100 days away*

  4. sclogse1

    Don't use headphones a lot. Hearing loss is a one way street. I remember having very good Yamaha computer speakers. I took the back off one and inside was a tube of cardboard coming off the rear of the main speaker the size of a toilet paper core. Aimed out to a rear port. You know what I realized? That tube was never going to wear out. Ever. Tascam made a cool computer system with all metal flat L shaped trebles and a big sub. 100 bucks or less. Excellent deal.

  5. Matt23488

    Honestly seems like a good investment... I'd drop $500 to buy 5 of them to turn around and get $5k a few months later.

  6. EuhaN _TheDxtrouS

    I also use Pixel and the Later case. Isn't that a coincidence ? No.. because I use both of them bcz I love lew... God bless. Haters gonna hate

  7. Dustin Kirkham

    Plot twist, they ONLY send garbage to normal people, but sent you a drone so that they think there’s a chance

  8. Zplays

    Want a bad phone iPhone 11 for 1 dollar go to wish and u Will get The worst phone


    Lew shows his boat! Everyone : Wow!!! Me : We saw his home, I wouldn't expect nothing less. Also Me : * internally* Ohh my god!!

  10. kahlilh1

    Wow, so we just went from "flip" to "fold" phones lol I'll pass

  11. Cpmnk

    sounds scammy af

  12. 《Trailer》

    Am new to USsel and I have uploaded some videos please promote my videos😢😢

  13. Kunal Sasane

    I am just wondering what if a gamer gets his hands on this 😅😅

  14. Rares Zaharia Lefter

    Let me give you a few relevant excerpts from the terms and services from their website: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time." "All descriptions of products or product pricing are subject to change at anytime without notice, at the sole discretion of us." "We do not warrant that the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you will meet your expectations, or that any errors in the Service will be corrected." "We are not responsible if information made available on this site is not accurate, complete or current. The material on this site is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting primary, more accurate, more complete or more timely sources of information. Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk." "In the event that any provision of these Terms of Service is determined to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, such provision shall nonetheless be enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law." "If in our sole judgment you fail, or we suspect that you have failed, to comply with any term or provision of these Terms of Service, we also may terminate this agreement at any time without notice and you will remain liable for all amounts due up to and including the date of termination; and/or accordingly may deny you access to our Services (or any part thereof)." Now basically they are saying at every step that they reserve the right to not give a shit about anything they said. This won't necessarily be legal, but I think they could literally ghost everybody and bet on the fact that we won't bother suing.

  15. Nanaki1107

    I already do this on my phone.... with a backup card in wallet :) Oh this was in 2017 lol

  16. Ja M Es

    its just my dream

  17. Hayden Allegro

    Anybody got a cousin that is an ultrasound tech?

  18. S. Gschwind

    4:02 ??? Why is there a cut???

  19. Dalton Petticord

    I'm waiting for that damn phone where I just raise my hand and a screen appears in front of me that only I can see

  20. bokkenknuser

    Real life lootbox...

  21. Rafael Pernia

    You can install Retroarch in it... and the bluetooth controller works as remote too. damn

  22. mars base

    Willy Doo! 👍😎👍

  23. Dalton Petticord

    I just can't get behind spending that much on a phone idk why.

  24. Corabeth Peck

    Apple could never...

  25. Commando Codify

    The company making these boxes are basically EA

  26. orlando davidson

    Unsuscribing you have to be a trashy person to promote something like this

  27. JDMEXforme

    The same people that have these on launch day are the ones that hold up the lines trying use them for price matching.

  28. Rienk Kroese

    A Flooble Cranck.

  29. Infinity Mind™

    I don't want to sound mean, but man you really get too excited. Have you considered visiting a specialist? Maybe you're one of many suffering from ADHD syndrome which is nothing lethal or embarrassing, but can be an inconvenience for you and your close ones. The right therapy or even meds can really do some good, so...

  30. Kiwi_wolf

    Just xray it

  31. Joshua Bomba

    So 10 fold in 100 days.

  32. Luminous CoD

    100 dollars. Not so harmful right?

  33. Halfthekgb

    I got used to the notch on my a50. Oh and if any iSheep wants to say that the hole punch is distracting, go watch Tim cook in full screen mode with that huge notch

  34. Zaid Ul Khair

    Sampson really got my interest on this.

  35. Amit Asok

    Leo would be proud

  36. Mardali Akhmedov

    What's up with the fake audience noises

  37. Phantom hawk

    Made some freakin fúnny thing

  38. tunapv

    Please try it with a ps4 and let us know if it can replace my over the ears, if it lets u know where enemies are and such. Thanks in advanced

  39. Phantom hawk

    Lol Chinese

  40. Zane Miracle

    Watching this with "lakey inspired - distant" felt like such a good unboxing experience man

  41. Kitten

    Please prevent Linus to get hold of one or there'll only be 8 left

  42. Jello Andaya

    imagine buying 10 boxes for $1000 then opening only 9 boxes send back the last box after 100 days get your $1000 back

  43. Charlie Naysmith

    all a thief has to do is put his finger over the camera.

  44. Haykerman

    warren buffett

  45. Jaury Beltrão Engers

    so... if heavy you open, if it isn't u don't open? They are going to place rocks inside for sure after this video. So u get it, u feel it is heavy, remember unbox theory and get a rock.

  46. _ Flickz

    Can yall like my most recent instagram post so I can get those shoes ig: _.Flickz

  47. Apollo 440

    2020 bringing you the risks of gambling without leaving the house

  48. Dark

    You can get it x rayed with out opening it

  49. Shameer Khan

    Is it just me or has lew lost his personality in this vid?

  50. M. S.

    I live in the EU... Me: Iam not going to open it. Customs: Opens the box.

  51. Allphonetips

    2021: galaxy phone with a RTX 2080 Ti

  52. Gavin M

    were do you go to order the box

  53. checkkthatt

    Buy 100 boxes for $100 each, sit on them for 100 days and return them on 100th day and make $90000 profit.

  54. Tiddyfarts

    Unbox doesn't use USsel in dark mode. Unsubbed

  55. Fei Chen

    They probably do the testing no human being can stand for a hundred days not opening it.

  56. Ahmad Mlouk

    You still robbing other companies and naming their phone cases yours ?

  57. Edp 445

    You could easily find out what's in the box by zeroing the weight of the box (alone) on a scale and then calculate the weight of the object inside. You could then compare that weight to the weight of all the prizes on the list. For ex: if the package weighs 2.6kg with the scale being zeroed to the box, you could find what it is by comparing it to the weight of the prizes and find that its the mavic air (which weighs 2.588kg). For this reason, its obvious that the appreciation value box will be a very limited run just for publicity and eventually their future boxes will just be plain mystery boxes.

    1. Bazsaa Varga

      What if it has dead weight inside? Or the bitcoin wallet on a piece of paper?that would weigh almost nothing and still wort a lot.

  58. sajid shaikh

    Make comparesion between p30 pro and s20 camera zooming test

  59. HYD-ROCKS Beats

    Please make a video on IWO 12 WATCH

  60. legendinisZ

    Who the fuck is that guy in a chair? Lol, why do we need hia opinion?


    i have downloaded at 1Gbps ..at iit kanpur hostel

  62. Botzoom 550

    How much did it cost because I want one

  63. ßust

    put em in the freezer

  64. Know thyself

    This thing is scary😱

  65. Yeetrow

    i would just weigh the box and see if there's something heavy inside if not I would wait 100 days duh

  66. Anthony Archer

    Love your videos bro ✊

  67. zac

    so buy 10, open 9 return 1

  68. Santiago Garcia

    I just lost my iphone Xs max, and im tryna see which iphone 11 looks better to get it! lmao

  69. Joe Schmo

    Practically phones now come down to size: do you want the benefits of a bigger or smaller phone? bigger: better media experience and battery, smaller: form factor (on the go all the time). I love my small phone (s10e)

  70. Outter Limits

    Yoo that 8k footage looked like 1080p crop sensor DSLR I would say! And much more convenient to carry into public places like concerts or venues where they don't allow cameras....too lit! I need to see more

  71. Great Youtube Name

    If you were able to put emulators on it, then you could put the touch controls on the bottom screen and play it like a game boy advance sp.

  72. Naan Oru Muttalunga

    What if i buy one then x ray it to see whats inside. if it is costly item then i will open and if not all i have to do is wait and return it

  73. Subzero Arctics

    Aight, almost didn’t click on the video because of the clickbait, but glad I did. Super cool!!

  74. PineappleMX

    I have the iPhone XS and I’m still having this problem😓. Not as often though

  75. Max kegfire

    why dont they make a good full HD, why make a fake 8K which is not even true 4k

  76. Coleman Hardee

    Bruh. I saw the list an I was like I’ll buy it if I get the mavic air combo...

  77. timothy thuo

    Loot boxes

  78. Guts

    Simply don't open it, nothing easier in the world to do and you guarantee yourself a 900$ return. Who care's what's in it, by not opening it you guarantee yourself a cash return 10 times larger then what you paid for. Sure you might get something of higher value by opening it but your chances are slim. What's guaranteed is that 1k if you don't open it. Assuming they will actually pay you that 1k.. and that's the part I'm not willing to gamble on.

  79. Ismael Vazquez

    I love you

  80. Sayed majhar alli

    In India Samsung s20 ultra smartphone 128GB storage only what the fuck

  81. The MinemeGamer 00

    Is that a gameboy advanced sp?

  82. FrankieYLosMatadoresOficial

    Its actually a plastic screen

  83. تحديات الانتقام 2

    انا عيز واحد ايفوان 11 برو مكس

  84. Derek Mitchell

    No way this lasts. People who can delay gratification (who tend to be significantly wealthier anyways) will flock to this and bankrupt the company


    RiceGum and Jake Paul entered the chat*

  86. S B

    All that money they make and they will still be unhappy.

  87. craig H

    How good is the bass?

  88. Filippo Prestinoni

    any info for second generation bose frames?

  89. L̸i̸k̸

    Кто русский лайк

  90. Nicholas Garrett

    8:31 Y U Disrespec my home?!?! xD

  91. crypted ex

    Do a CT scan



  93. Jaivardhan Chopra

    Man I have agreed on a bet with my friends that who can get to a 1000 subs first so guys please support

  94. Zhanna Doran

    New comment!

  95. VoltNation

    Brad is kweepy

  96. Noob Shaikh

    can someone donate me one xs 256 gb plz bcz my bro want it

  97. First Name Last Name

    For when you don't want good sunglasses OR a good set of headphones. It's like a combination of a shoe and a hat. Neither is gonna be as good as a shoe or a hat. Also: Bose is trash and unboxing videos are for retards.

  98. How are all these companies not getting sued

  99. Daniil Polikarpov

    Buy some, don't open, profit idk?!

  100. Varun Srinivas

    I think the S20+ is like the sweet spot of both the ultra and the S20 coz it has a big screen and fairly large battery life. Honestly the only difference I see between the 3 phones is just a zoom. Like literally that’s it.