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  1. Beza 34

    Rum Ham!

  2. Mary Poppins

    Wolves get a lot heavier than 100 pounds more like 140+ pounds

  3. Josh Duchenne

    Anyone got the jump on this jacket/shirt he's wearing?

  4. love0the0fans

    White dude looked Titty right in his face, and didn't tell him he had ash on his lip. I'on like that😒

  5. Thomas Lough

    do an NHL player

  6. Ashton G

    Wait, so he married his friends mom? Doesn’t that make it so he could leave the country as he married a US citizen? Am I missing something??

  7. Jayden Chan

    That second video is not breakdancing, it’s more popping, or just plain freestyling.

  8. David Frederick FrontRow

    A suture kit in survival knife does exist, comes with compress head. My father had one.

  9. dominickteaches

    Very underrated actor. True talent

  10. KTMD

    Snowpiercer is SUCH an effed up movie. I had nightmares for weeks.

  11. Elijah Walker

    Anyone else think some of the wolves in alpha looked like coyotes

  12. Jim Buck

    McCartney effing hypocrite encouraged drug use. Shut your stupid pie hole old man!

  13. Taylor & Tayshawn

    Thanks 😊

  14. Once Upon A Film Videos

    uzi is precious

  15. Icy Five

    That chips part ode true makes it 10 times better

  16. Lindsay Martin

    He was mostly offset on the avengers....

  17. Stephanie Reza

    That’s how I feel about Elliot Stabler. Please come back to SVU!!!!

  18. Justlilly 20

    Lauren:”what’s my favorite thing about you?” Nipsey: “my spirit” Rest In Peace🙏🏽😔


    The weekend always having that palm tree hair

  20. Luke D

    We must protect Danny D at ALL COSTS!

  21. The_Lawless_Rogue

    Is no one going to mention how he held up a middle finger? lmAO

  22. Sharaya Soni

    Cole: Our voices are exactly the same. Me: But your voice was one of the only ways I could tell you both apart in the suite life of zack and Cody and the suite life on deck.

  23. Eric McJilton

    "At that time there were three networks: ABC, CBS, NBC. And everybody watched television." Except for Danny apparently.

  24. Hayden Wong

    "And a sock" the wah he said it was ngl adorable idk

  25. Michael Challis

    That toilet paper roll of a shark is so realistic looking.

  26. CJ Wert

    Other rappers: these are my $17 trillion Yeezy's. Denzel: yeah these are my running shoes.

  27. Booper 343

    I love Rob

  28. Ashly Fertil

    Okurrrr editing 👏🏽

  29. Captain PTMB

    I really liked this. His explanations are excellent.

  30. Gacha Perfect

    I...I love this man


    I Watched The Whole Video And Didn’t See Uzi Once ?

  32. Nicholas FOrd


  33. Kellington Link

    Brilliant. Thanks for the video.

  34. Nicholas FOrd


  35. Ahch Philip Ebed of Yah

    Stick to comedy!

  36. Alex Brazzers

    RIP 2019

  37. Rainbow

    Dont @ me but he is the most honest one to me

  38. Nick Reid


  39. IAmKrazyKyle

    No one: ... Absolutely no one: ... Seth Rogan; "yea so at the time..."

  40. wirelessranger

    Wale looking like lizzo in that thumbnail

  41. Ravi Patel

    guy tried to dress stylish through out the years to compensate for his obese physique and just makes a joke of his health

  42. Mikhail Vizcarra

    I’m pretty sure they intentionally didn’t put background music to make this sound as uninteresting as possible

  43. Spoony

    Kylie can barley move her face LMFAOOOO 💀😭💀😂


    LoL this is how rock stars write their music

  45. B K

    I love him!

  46. C-Krizzle

    WHY ISN'T COMMANDO ON THIS LIST? C'mon surely i'm not the only one that remembers John Matrix Commando is the first movie i saw that introduce me to Arnie, most have watched that movie on VHS God knows how many times. redo the whole list please with these Disclaimer: 1. This is my list it's ok to disagree 2. the ones in brackets are iconic but not essential. 3. Please don't confuse Iconic with successful. (Hercules in new york) Conan the barbarian The Terminator Commando Predator (The running man) (Red Heat) Twins Total Recall Kindergarten Cop Terminator 2 Last Action Hero True Lies (Jingle all the way) (Batman and Robin) not really in a good way but you guys get why... End of Days (6th Day) (Terminator 3) Around the world in 80 days Expandables (Expandables 2)

  47. Jay Weezy

    why tf does kylie look black

  48. JoMac

    Wasn't Ralph's most talked about part on a 2009 Qantas Flight.

  49. Manda H

    Danny is a national treasure 🧡🧡

  50. Pappy Tron

    We love you Danny, with all our hearts.

  51. dolo chris

    he can’t live without his soul not being sold to satan

  52. Boomer Ryan

    There needs to be a mafia movie with them both a heads of feuding families

  53. Ethan Luker

    she gangster

  54. KJ KJ

    That guy is drunk 😂

  55. Kaitlyn Holland

    The one everyone was waiting for. We don’t deserve this man.

  56. C II

    Living legend.

  57. MMaya

    he's really not getting the point of that GoT scene lol, someone should've told him

  58. Virginia Andre

    Well he's lived without a functioning brain for years!

  59. Paydensquires Sjuauwu

    This guy makes 5 million a year and calls himself middle class

  60. trupti Lawrence

    I have the exact same umbrella in yellow...

  61. Booper 343

    I want to ride him like a bronco. Yeeeeehawwww!

  62. Brando Ferg

    I wanna see 2chains get high.

  63. ShadowGaming 23

    Did anyone hear what he was saying

  64. sileray777

    that intro is gonna give a seizure

  65. Alex Ojeda

    WTF!!!!? A video about archery and you don't include the most famous archer of all-time Robin Hood? Epic fail on your part GQ!!!!

  66. Issy I

    Kinda sad they didn't do his iconic character in friends.

  67. Tiarra Hill

    Check out my podcast:

  68. Emotion pictures

    The way he said about That asset thing was so humble

  69. gi ultimarpg


  70. Emotion pictures

    I am not a bike guy , but some chemical reaction going on in me ☺

  71. Gacha Girl

    I’m an Aquarius ♒️❤️

  72. Chanel's Angel

    just wanted to know if he talks about the dagger

  73. Chama Bear


  74. TheDude Lebowski

    A friend of mine met Nick Cage once. He said NC was a very personable guy. Take it or leave it.


    That lock is more expensive than anything I would ever keep safe

  76. Edwin Kirkland

    Love this man

  77. Slade Wanke

    That was the worst bong rip I’ve ever seen

  78. NostreDamnz

    The fx girl/guy needs a pay raise 🔥

  79. Sheryaaz Eshanally

    So cringe worthy though

  80. Bounty Hunter

    Does he mention Ruthless People?

  81. ZZ CXRL

    the dagger louis. you got it cause Harry got the rose

  82. Muhammad Umer

    No one. Louis.. Shtupid ones

  83. Cypurs.

    3:30 why dose this have me dead😂

  84. bonfirebaby05

    I really enjoy listening to her voice but also what she has to say

  85. Ra Teb

    Just seeing Danny Devito instantly brightens my mood.

  86. Sebastian Santiago

    I’m still trying to figure out what happened to Wallace.

  87. Destiny Rose

    they give me hope

  88. crest video

    Im walkin' ere

  89. faruq moalim

    Yo fetti y u winking at me dawg

  90. TINO Perez

    This dude Is dope

  91. Splodge Box

    What a mad lad

  92. Twyin Lannister

    Devito is a Nat'l Treasure

  93. Blair Oakley

    Man I always thought you were just a good actor I didn’t realize you were a genius business guy

  94. Wazy

    I thought it said whale ngl

  95. Soul Brainz

    Never seen goodfellaz and I don’t care to. No fomo

  96. PureTrash

    *MY* *BOY*

  97. Dangler 19

    Ninja u need a new hairstyle bud

  98. Piddles McGee

    That dinner scene in Heat with him and DeNiro is a classic

  99. Hassan

    I read his memoir and think of him completely different

  100. Evan Koenig

    Trevor can’t live without Trump