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  1. psykotikoutlaw

    This nigga getting annoying says same shit every episode “ugly ass boi stupid ass boi” and just screams ☠️

  2. Will Miller

    So eminem a racist but tana "loves saying nigga" mongeau is cool 🙄 nick cannon you joke fr

  3. Faanatoli Hussien

    5:03 why is Chico petting Justina

  4. Ben

    Watching this with no audio and just watching the other cast members is funny.

  5. Esmel Grace

    13:53 omg they were so cute

  6. John Lake

    Is it me or what, Cons bars are always hella personal man! Damn!!!!!

  7. Herribeater

    “Cause cheatin is something that women don’t do!” Me: Yeah... ok.

  8. Sin

    It was more than 5

  9. Rikesh Patel

    15 - 12 and 11 the best ones

  10. It’syagirl Cali co

    Does anyone else feel bad for nick cause I do every one always goes for him we still love you nick 😂

  11. Senada L Langston

    I’m dying she getting electrocuted

  12. Itz Winnie


  13. poopy

    Türk varmı?


    ay yo nick you should put me on the show

  15. poopy

    Cheating is something women MOST do.

  16. omar jallow

    Happy fathers and Mother's Day mother soka.

  17. Everything Anything

    The Powerpuff Girls kinda look different from here..

  18. Sydneywolfpaws Cohea


  19. foxtuber #1

    Love how the majority of these are justina😂

  20. Nicki Aden

    dc young fly when chico bean got out he was like YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  21. Miranda Arreola

    An hour past and i enjoyed this whole vid

  22. Veronica 425

    Bring Katt Williams back for one episode please he’s so funny

  23. yeaa ummm bye

    Concieted fine tho 😂 .

  24. Hana Banana

    all i wanna know is if king won

  25. Regent

    REMOVE YOUNG SWAG PLEASE I don't even know if he ever said anything funny in the show

  26. cultura pop

    A love iggy azalea

  27. bloop bloop

    DC was born to roast everyone bruh. Probably roasted the doctor that delivered , fuck around and roast death when he pass away.

  28. Mattheo Williams

    Dc young fly is the best in the build ing 😎😎😎

  29. lucien granger

    Justina.... what a queen

  30. Moon Soldier

    Usually I get annoyed when people talk over others but D.C. gets a pass because he crazy asf and funny as shit LMFAO

  31. Mary T

    godayaam hitman

  32. Doe Boy

    Lmao good question

  33. Naim Ross

    Damn Con killed poor.Swag,. Early!!!!!

  34. George Ashong

    17:10 got heated fr fr

  35. Keya Howard

    Other families

  36. Doe Boy

    Snoop 🔥🔥 🔥

  37. alishba Fozan

    5:30 Why she look like she vibin at a Taylor swift concert

  38. stone cold

    Bunch of idiots.

  39. Mary T

    yeyaaaaah justina !!!!!!

  40. Awwwitsso UGLY

    What de hell

  41. Naim Misrole

    We need Meghan Thee Stallion on here🔥🤑

  42. Taqweem Yusuf

    Your gon have to live with them Mariah jokes honey better luck next time sucker 😂 (I’m joking ya’ll)

  43. TTV-Destroyer 274

    Good at Layla Layla is just really am I just love your videos I go to her video

  44. Savitar 101

    Lmaoo i didnt see kevin till he came out💀💀

  45. Tyler Robinson


  46. Rachida Keza

    When dj d wreck immitatwd eman with the ‘y’all kbow the rules alrightt, two shakies and ur oudt,alright.. just stay in your lane. one a rooof’ i screamed😂

  47. Lupita Ibarra

    I love so much your shoes

  48. capᗅ

    i ain’t never even knew this show did this new classroom segment but i fuck with it 😂

  49. Sherie Etienne

    8:48 bruh i didn’t know he could actually sing😦

  50. Real_ Baby


  51. Shanette Barnes


  52. Ayo GunnaMac

    Ofcorse everyone gone make this s race thing as usual SMH

  53. im a person ok


  54. Fifie

    I've been single all my life🥺🥺

  55. Thiaalove

    1:28 scared tf out of me. I thought that man with the glasses had some weird ass eyes😭

  56. Sam Was Not Here

    Ngl I thought the video would just be nick saying “ffs not again dc” the whole time

  57. King-St.L_19w

    2:37 take this kid off the show

  58. Adrian Rivera

    Nigga in the blue hoodie goofy

  59. Ayo GunnaMac

    Running out of people to invite huh

  60. Made In California

    the beat LOL 12:15

  61. Femail316 Kat

    Chance is not funny neither is Tpain...

  62. Daynin Michael

    Con you got make up on bruh? Lol 😂

  63. Yenzokuhle Dlamini

    Am I the only wishing that DC destroyed her...... 🤯

  64. Not Alvaro

    can someone tell me where can I find this beat?


    Who the fk would wear that

  66. Thazz Sline

    i like how nobody cheered for ItsLovelyMimi 16:02

  67. pceb0y

    45:32 girls @?

  68. N'Tavia Williams

    introduce him to corona maybe but not pandas

  69. Lauren Isobel

    Ask I the only one who notices that after every wild style as soon as the bell rings con and Justina start talking

  70. New snap!!! wtffjordan add dat

    69 in girl form

  71. Nyny. Slays

    I love him🥺❤️

  72. Lena Gonzo

    Dc n Justina make the show for me I don't think I'd even watch if it wasn't for them

  73. Nolimitka

    The best duo

  74. Zodacs J

    I’m sorry when she said ake ke I busted out laughing

  75. Sandra Ismail

    No I don't

  76. Dreonix

    us lot in the UK love this shit, but u lot aint got it available no where but America

  77. Nyheem K

    1:47 who brought 6xinine lil sister on the set

  78. GizzGizz Propro

    Idk if I should turn my volume up or down 😂😂

  79. Brandon Hamusten

    Wild N Out, lets WIL N IN with your old episodes.. FULL OLD EPISODES..

  80. Anthony Merritt

    I hate lay lay because she think she cute and she ugly

    1. Anthony Merritt


  81. thatother artist

    Love the show😂😂😂💗💯💯

  82. Sethu Soko

    Take Your Hat Off!🤣🤣🤣


    Wildn out be givin us something to watch during quarantine yesssir😝😂

  84. CardiB BiggestFan

    Naomi and the USO twins are my favvvv🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  85. Annie S.

    I started to watch this show to cuz of Justina 😍she cute and on fire 🔥!!

  86. Pradeep Giri

    DC is human gumby lolol

  87. Jarrod Dorsey

    “did way better than Azalea Banks” I felt that