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  1. Alfie Sloan

    That stoney t tho looking gooood dude

  2. charles messina

    Thanks for the clickbait dawg

  3. CamperInferno

    The xbox/ taco bell box was fukcin amazing

  4. uG Tierz

    Anyone notice he got turbulent wrap on his guns in season 9?!?! The wrap was in season x

  5. FunkyPopGuy

    I’ll take that Xbox off your hands bro

  6. M Provo

    CouRage “I did open this one as well” Dunlop

  7. Nick Renda

    Me too jack not lieing at all I’m also Sicilian

  8. cottan candy212

    Jack adopt this kid parents or not

  9. WalshTyler


  10. ernycastaneda 375

    Why is Courage unboxing stuff in his girlfriends room

  11. Gixxer Drake

    Unbox the Xbox man come on. That thing is rare

  12. Nameismatt

    i know u have put in alot of work to get here but i wish i can get some of these cool thing one day

  13. optix _713

    Bro I rlly need a scuff

  14. J R

    boring video, disliked

  15. Konnor Asmuth

    Before I clicked on this video I knew you were talking about legion, he's fucking hilarious! I've been watching him for over 6 years

  16. andrew jacinto

    Cough cough luke the notable

  17. Grayson Acero

    The second the meteor hit the zero point i got an ad,the meteor summoned add revenue

  18. Bryce Corson

    I wish I got a free Xbox

  19. Nessa Jean

    You don’t need them lights. You’re a shining star 🌟. So far, you’re doing great on your channel

  20. Bryce Corson

    I use an elite controller and it is perfect

  21. IsThisOG

    the memories...

  22. Pickle03v

    Has 1.9 mil subs and still wears fake stone island

  23. Debashish Sarker

    Code lazar

  24. Jed Fairley

    What’s the code

  25. Liam P

    anyone else notice nade and courage are wearing the same shirt lol 0:29

  26. abbas bazzi

    I'm gonna get your merch on my birthday and my family won't be with me cause of somthing bad and I'm gonna be home alone with my brother

  27. Mansa Musa II

    What kind of camera does @couragejd use

  28. Sniper Kidd

    What’s the code

  29. Life with Tyler vlogs

    I've been following Jordan stream for a long time and when I came into his stream at day I was running late and I didn't know why he was crying but he got me with fake crying. That was the best reaction.

  30. YT Raptor06

    The taco bell xbox is my favourite

  31. Troll Box

    Drop a like on this comment for now reason and if you feel nice subscribe to my channel

  32. Mike DiSanto

    i use a scuf but my shit is broken and i’m not tryna drop bread on another one :/

  33. Funky BTW

    Me and my friends got 6 win streak 4 is ess

  34. Seamus Cunningham

    can i have the xbox

  35. DailySault

    Did he say chat when he opened his shoes

  36. Funky BTW


  37. Rayne Holland

    19:30 my dad be like

  38. LETSGO83 Haas

    Courage 1 million view video reality 200k

  39. Ali Khan

    Dumbass lookin in the oven for a knife

  40. Ethan Fletcher

    Keep doing these vids for sure 👍🏿 sooooolid content

  41. Noah

    Scut has helped my gameplay so much In literally 3 months

  42. Brody Emery

    Ali a used scuff

  43. MCX

    I love how jack had no idea about how big and good a thing the Xbox wireless elite controller series 2 is and just blows right past it😂😂

  44. Jack Naylor

    How you going to put music over the top of Jordan, let my man shine

  45. Lowayn

    code of the map pls ?

  46. Br1aNn88 YT

    Courage you should definitely do a giveaway

  47. Mondaze

    anyone notice Jack was wearing the exact same t-shirt as Nadeshot? xD

  48. trevor boyne

    Big fan of unboxing videos CouRage would love to see more!

  49. Psy__Guy __

    This video is so fast paced I missed like half the clips lol

  50. Raymond Hutchinson

    Plz do more unboxings

  51. DeathAngel

    Jack, do a give away for the Xbox 🙌 And please dont make it exclusive to USA, I'm from South Africa and we always get left out 😭💔 But great video, I absolutely love watching you stream and your general content

  52. Access XxEdBeastx

    You should do like a mail Monday

  53. Landry Fletcher

    I take the Xbox

  54. DeclineDarkness

    LMAO, great job Jack! One tip: It's allowed to throw away a box after the opening reveal LMAO

  55. Currys Candy

    Post more COD

  56. No.

    It’s Nike not ‘Nikey.’ You don’t ride a fucking bikey do you?

  57. Conor Perez

    I got one and it fucking broke already it was the headphone jack that broke in the inside of the controller

  58. vintxge rosebud

    Love the big mouth momenttt

  59. Darius Holt

    Shoes are ugly af

  60. Brometheus

    “My girlfriend, weird flex” made me lol

  61. Storm Nova _

    I wish I had a scuff lol

  62. Schiller Z

    Bro I love the Xbox and the elite controller the sick

    1. Schiller Z


  63. Joselyn Rivera

    Do these kind of videos u should do more of these videos

  64. Joe Gun Games

    You should borrow nadeshots cam

  65. Alex Drone

    You’re the best!!!!!!! 💯

  66. Marcel Mitchell

    Ksi got one of those controllers

  67. Joshua Gallup

    Play with connor

  68. Uriah Herbert

    That Xbox would be dope, but that controller would help me so much 💪🏽 hook me up Courage

  69. Ian Stortz

    4:09 work of art

  70. miguel anguiano

    I got that skin

  71. Isaiah Eve

    I want the taco Bell controller

  72. Nat Ud

    when courage has like 40 million consoles and i still don’t have one 😔

  73. Tyler Krol

    Unboxing experience 10/10. Xbox one X giveaway 2000/10. Can’t even afford that bad boy

  74. ItsNotRainning

    Please do more

  75. Jacoby Kusher

    8:45 is so good

  76. Pnasty _

    Let me get that Xbox

  77. Jandro

    the usb is supposed to be plugged into your pc so you can use the controller wirelessly

  78. Leanne Leech

    My favourite streamer ❤

  79. Max Loveall

    10:40 I love how they are all talking and memeing and Jack i just eating, xd

  80. Fifa 18

    Cause of my brother

  81. Fifa 18

    I was the first person to get that skin

  82. Ben Ahmaogak

    I bet that chair gets foggy when he stands up lol

  83. Rubba G

    U should do the campaign

  84. galloper2004

    Greaaaaat 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


    Courage please can I have the Xbox bro I’ve been wanting one for a while mans

  86. brakjart

    That Casper thing is the stupidest shit I've ever seen. Just end your stream/playtime an hour early, and then you read a book or whatever for that hour until you start feeling sleepy.

  87. big man


  88. MemeHouse

    Hey guys watch my new video

  89. Smith_c03

    Loved it do another

  90. Jeffrey Reichert

    Plz do another when you have enough boxes

  91. Roo_Boy

    I use the scuf vantage, really good advantage

  92. Akhilesh Regmi

    Courage Joins The Lazarbeam clickbait gang..YES

  93. Cameron Castiglione

    Open up a P.O box and do weekly fan mail

  94. Snelly

    Double shoes to match the double the weight of the average human being (Joking)

  95. Loki Sniper86

    You know the Xbox X Taco Bell has a dong for the start up sound

  96. FuitizzZ .-.

    You in faze mate

  97. FuitizzZ .-.

    Who is just doing phase

  98. Clip It BorkenClan

    The Xbox is the best part

  99. Muhammed Awais

    The boxes are taller than jack! Smh😂

  100. K1NG KDl

    Intro remix was heat but next time turn yourself down or turn him up