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  1. joem bot

    Hi I broke my arm

  2. robbie larcombe

    make more videos with connor

  3. James Jackson

    He talks a lotta shit for someone who camps in the back the entire time

  4. adam mom

    anyone else wants to know what voice changer he uses?

  5. xnowyFN

    I feel like too many people are judging kids/fortnite players by their age, specially kids. A lot of kids actually have a lot potencial becoming a pro

  6. Haysum Khan

    Courage pls pls do give away of the new stater pack .

  7. Exitium Morte

    When are the girthquake shirts coming?

  8. Isaiah Narvaez

    Please do this again this is hilarious 😂 😂

  9. small spud

    Y'all are toxic asf

  10. Bon Of an legend

    If you slow mo at 0:28 you see deadpool and the ouffice

  11. Star tavern gaming

    Good vid keep up the work man

  12. strawberry chicken

    I don't understand why did ari hug him

  13. Mountainkush

    Honestly I can whole heartedly say courage and Tim are the best content creators an just streamers. I laugh my ass off when I watch y’all vids.....just hope one day I can do what y’all do as well much love. Mr Mountain out

  14. Jaimee Palache

    Connor: ceo of “yes sirrr”

  15. Gilbert Evans

    What you do for connor and how you both bring each other up is amazing

  16. Joshua Gonzalez

    “Gimme all your money” 😂

  17. Garrett Cotton-Elam

    That puppy didn't say that swear word, Jack. COME ON!

  18. Aaron Azzarone

    5:16 simple rick moment

  19. Slllyy

    It’s so funny watching this fucking horrible player play solos😂😂dude thinks he’s good because he plays with ninja. Lmaooo imagine. You’re out here getting shit on by open league kids..you fucking suck. Go back to cod..which you also fuckijg suck at

  20. The Trenderman

    No joke, when you said “Hey Timmy” it set my Siri off 😂😂😂

  21. Slllyy

    Imagine giving this money hungry fucking loser money. Imagine being that much of a fucking loser you hear a dude thank you for your money once and than never again. Just go give a homeless dude money instead of this fat fuck sitting in his friends mansion getting everything in his life handed to him. Mr beast handed him 70k and his fucking career. Ninja is the only reason he’s actually famous. And his house? Own by nadeshot. His girlfriend? Guarantee nadeshot knew her first. Dudes like a cancer patient with these hand outs. Fucking loser.

  22. Slllyy

    Courage the type of dude to win a division 1 game with only 6 kills. Stop being so cocky. You’re still a fucking loser.

  23. Capn Crunch

    @CouRage if you’re able to damage the portapotty with your pick axe it goes no where. The teleporter ones are immune to damage.

  24. L_ kade

    you have a big nose

  25. Nate Polglaze

    Jack was only funny when he was sexually frustrated. Now he’s all boo’d up and boring. 😂

  26. Zaspra

    bruh why can’t i be connor 🥺☑️

  27. G o d L i k e

    Omg I love these solo videos.

  28. Austin Lovett

    Im sitting here trying to figure out how u manage to smash your finger in thr fridge 😂😂

  29. clare mitchell

    It’s my first time watching you

  30. Sean Kingston

    The autotune tho

  31. Logan Tyler

    Apex is better

  32. Logan Tyler

    Apex is better

  33. Logan Tyler

    Apex is better

  34. Ethan Deiley


  35. Eclipzyy

    courage is probably making millions of dollars every month from youtube, yet he can't even get a quality camera??HOW?

  36. Ray  Gallardo

    Love the editing :) and the content!!

  37. Jordan Kitchens

    I liked everyone except the one dude that kept talking like he takes it up the ass. No one wants to hear you talk like you’re gay for an hour and a half

  38. Brady Kucharski

    YT killed his view count more than mixer killed Ninja’s

  39. Brady Kucharski

    Love courage and all of his success but he’s no wear near as good as he was when he was full time streaming on twitch

    1. Dazlar 89

      I know what your saying it's like he got big n thought the courageous will wait a few more days to see me 😔😔😔😔 we miss the laughs every day jack

  40. SAE_JAY

    3:10 courage sounds like Johnathan from queer eye lmao

  41. Jay_go_Braxzy Braxzy

    Why does courage laugh sound like Seth rogen😂

  42. Jason Scharf

    I tell ya, this man has the voice of an Angel!

  43. HoodieJorgio

    Con coming with the straight facts haha

  44. TheAlphaTeamPlays

    Nobody: Jack sitting in a cone: :O

  45. the_lovable_one

    You are attractive ❤️

  46. pablo rdz

    Man, that hoodie looks dope

  47. Jeremy Whitney

    Why are you so amazing yet so cringe?

  48. Xp 4 Dayz

    Followed since you started USsel channel and I get no pc 🤦‍♂️😂 WHERES MY PC JACK! WHERE MY PC!? 😂😂

  49. Yheon Mercado

    Ninja: Nono no extortion is when you have dirt on someone... Realizes what he said: Ohhhhhhhhhh 😂

  50. E.T. Mayer

    Ayy we dont talk about that

  51. Wavydaniel !

    Awkward shi

  52. Wavydaniel !

    They don’t work bruh 😭😭

  53. Swatonhamza

    Bro I’ve been saving forever to buy a pc and I still don’t even have 500 dollars

  54. Adrian Hernandez

    Why does courages hard laugh sound like that Mexican guy laughing

  55. Damian Water

    Little big kids

  56. Dannyg530

    Wonder if Connors back hurts from carrying jacks channel to success

    1. Dannyg530

      All jokes though

  57. J H

    Do you not like MW any more?

  58. Mark Mallari

    I love Connor mah man! Such a mature kid

  59. Itssjenniii

    I legit got jump scared the same exact spot the other day

  60. Isaiah Williamson

    Is anyone else angry that he popped all his shield when he was right by a slurp truck

  61. Lone

    Jack was talking directly to me when he mentioned showing his booty 👀

  62. H cursiveHoret32

    you should add me I got plans to win I can be your back up for chapter,2 season,2 think about it....

  63. Twoove

    I would pay money to live the life of Connor

  64. Aaron Motta

    bro this kid has to be trained lmfao. "we don't talk about that". THIS KID IS A G

  65. SpacePanda

    Jack have u been losing weight cuz u look slim no cap

  66. Alexander Hernandez

    Yo I watched this live and he was like "holy shoot chat were titling next vid why did fortnite add this" like so courage can see

  67. Michael Esmond

    Courage: We haven’t lost today Everyone: well y’all are “pros” so there’s no excuse not to

  68. Nokaru

    Anyone know a fix bout the 60 fps cap on fullscreen and windowed fullscreen?

  69. IamTrevorMay

    good video! Huge Fan!

  70. IamTrevorMay

    good video! Huge Fan!

  71. Kendall Parker

    Do more the Game you played on the stream

  72. AZ_GREED

    Courage we’ll I think that name lies

  73. I'm better the ??

    Can you buy me a pc lol

  74. Letfordlay

    I didnt know you were Seth Rogen 0:24

  75. TidePodChalleng3

    dam Courage has ugly ass tiny wide ass nails

  76. 웃Minty웃Minty

    True courage fans would like this🤣

  77. Lucky 7

    Congrats on 2 mill

  78. Lesley Garcia

    If you didn’t know exactly where you are like the location you are in Deadpool is bunkers in there

  79. apolinar tamayo

    I’ll say it to you, bud, HI JACK I LOVE YOU!

  80. Dominic Grassano

    HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THE BUG THAT MAKES YOU FREEZE???? Im about to break my damn controller and toss it through the tv. This is the fucking 4th time today ever since this new season dropped... ridiculous

  81. Tadpxle

    he got annoying

  82. keith sheets

    everyone at 100T are the real goats at click bait!

  83. abhimanyu sharma

    Go country!

  84. Matthew Vecolitis

    when tim is the size of the skin ur wearing at 0:52

  85. Kuma Don’t ban me

    Courage said ready to play arena I would have said you mean you ready to get carried

  86. Seth Vasquez

    At 8:26 its was funny

  87. David Bourdelais

    Courage: "I slammed my finger in the refrigerator while getting lunch" Also Courage: *Exposed by Conner for only having white claws in his refrigerator*

  88. Mr Mojo

    I am cornholio I need more tp for my bunghole

  89. Brock Erekson

    why is this the most hilarious video everrrrr

  90. Aidan Malovich

    what a wimp lol

  91. SideOrderOfFries

    3:07 Jack sounds like Jim Gaffigan’s “Us” character.

  92. Noble Society

    ill definitely come back for some of your fututre uploads :)

  93. Cameron Severn

    Oh you mean spamming ur smg?

  94. Arthur

    Play Minecraft again


    6:12 pfff 😂

  96. richard matthews

    stop singing dont give up your day job dude

  97. Jax _

    Don’t lie who’s reading the comments while watching { I’m gifting my next 40 subs}

    1. Finesse God

      Fucking clout here's clout token

  98. CouRage



      Are you Michel Jackson's son I heard a little HE HE

    2. Jeremy Whitney

      You liked your own comment? lawls. Jk, you rock.

    3. Jakez1lla -_-


    4. Gav Sny

      You need help/we’re your therapist probably eating meatloaf at a gas station

  99. Steven Rogers

    Where are the pterodactyl noises you fuck?!?!?

  100. Chandler Mosley

    *100 dollar dono ad right after*