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  1. Arya Stark

    "R/trees is for preventing deforestation" LOL

  2. Jobanpreet Lehal

    this is literally me right now....help

  3. Marc Schön

    Our scale works like this: Drink until you’re an 8. 9 is puking. And there can never be a 10 because it always can be worse.

  4. anaki

    2:48 no 5 year old chinese girl has dared to touch a bass guitar

  5. Um no

    “New video every ~2 weeks”

  6. Scupacium


  7. cityraildude

    Ah yes, back in the days when international travel was a thing

  8. Jacob

    First off, a cyclist would never have kids...... Because pregnant women are not Aero. Man I was dying.

  9. pelikovits

    Wait if it took me 1100 hours to learn English does that mean that for me to learn it will take 600 hours to learn French nice....

  10. TheMagicYanar

    6:30 the fact that he switched minecraft and fornite is making me maaaaad

  11. Tanner Petteruti

    i dont have a google dot so i subscribed for it :)

  12. Nightcore Mitsuha

    And now a hacker has found their way to put the corona virus on people so be careful...

  13. paulo cesar

    I am a Brazilian, and i am seeing this vídeo using the Power of soccer, criminality and samba Pra quem acha que eu estou zuando: Sou brazuca, e eu tô vendo esse vídeo usando as malandragens da pelada, 171 e aquela dança que quase nenhum BR sabe só que todo mundo leva a culpa

  14. kreigthepsycho

    The virgin commuter vs the chad cyclist

  15. Felipe Beltrão

    Watching from Brazil while I'm playing soccer

  16. William Gabriel

    Watching from Brazil, someone stole my cellphone while i was watching but i retrieved it. Oh shit, a bullet hit me.

  17. Julian VS Games

    Ima be honest i got my girlfriend form copying this vid thanks ol

  18. hemanth kamana

    It was funny until he won

  19. JoePlanes7378

    Lol, the ice cream cones..

  20. Esteban Codes

    From Ecuador watching this through a banana

  21. AYA_ MK

    Bold of you to assume that i have friends :)

  22. Jeff xd

    That British accent is absolutely fantastic, you sound more British than me and I’m British.

  23. Tenplays -_-

    Nah this is all wrong 1.groups is made up of like 3-5 people depending on project 2.there is one guy who doesnt say anything and just awkwardly stand there another who is bossy and that one kid who knows everything and cringes at this process 3. The only time you are actually working is at the last day

  24. LandDragon101

    goddamnit monster i ain't giving you no tree fiddy!

  25. Min3cr4ft_ St3v3

    Reddit: Lie for Internet Points.

  26. Preston Heit

    Wow I thought this was gonna be annoying, but it wasn't

  27. Jordan Cunningham333

    2:18 can't believe I really stop and read the whole thing.

  28. Jordan Cunningham333

    2:18 can't believe I really stop and read the whole thing.

  29. Jordan Cunningham333

    From Jamaica... Watched this video after smoking mi ganja

  30. Jordan Cunningham333

    From Jamaica... Watched this video after smoking mi ganja

  31. TeddyKoala

    This is the first video of his I've seen and in the first 40 seconds of watching I subscribed...I like him

  32. T K

    Victoria 0_o

  33. Abbie Simpson

    The planets are named after the Roman rip off names from actual Greek names.

  34. Lettuce

    No one: Mountain bikers: YoU FoRgOt Us wErE uNiqUe HahA.

  35. William Aitken

    Hahah Uranus is an big anus

  36. Lilee

    This was... strangely insightful

  37. Ragworld

    Love the detail of them playing limit

  38. TwH Prox

    Here in Brazil we have a saying. If you don't talk to her you already got a no. So, just go on and turn that unspoken NO into voiced humiliation.

  39. namrog

    If you don't know why bodybuilders buy grapfruits, you'll never make it to mr. Olympia

  40. Unhallowed

    oh. my. god.

  41. Harsh Raj Always free

    I got a bad skin , I want to change

  42. Akemi Dryzz

    Nobody is gonna talk about the fact that he want to live with the girl's DAUGHER

  43. David Weng

    Or just buy coffee grounds

  44. Barrikz

    “Or they were never there” I’m dead

  45. Tan Tran

    helping africa by giving foods to white ppl lmao

  46. Dead From Blunt Guts

    And then theres us messengers

  47. Berťa Kučerů

    Why would you spend 20k on surgery when you are european

  48. Barrikz

    I’m so dead

  49. iron gaming480

    How the .....

  50. mizel101

    I got an ad before this video that tried to sell me a comminist mobile game

  51. heartbreak soldier

    is this an ad?

  52. The Harder Kickz

    what friends?

  53. Ego-Testicle

    Me:"Hey." Man:"Hey." Me:"Yeah."

  54. Charlotte Bulot

    I’m french and omg it’s so funny 😭😭😭

  55. MintieCfB

    i have an alexa idiioottt

  56. Tobias

    Get a car

  57. Joran van den berg

    Did that guy just say 'stroopwafel'?

  58. Arseniy Lytvynenko

    well ok

  59. LIP3XGunner

    Hope the guy is doing okay...

  60. isw AN ISLAND

    2:03 don't forget Mr. Kevin Cat=Dog

  61. James F

    I just realized at the end he said “Minecraft memes” while posting a fortnite pic and “Fortnite memes” while showing a Minecraft pic

    1. Drew David

      I did too and questioned my own sanity for a second

  62. Mistaken Rants

    Come to europe for your tuition mate. I pay 2000 a year.

  63. ScoodWhichu

    i loved the “i love you” bit

  64. sam jones

    I am probably 75% commuter 25% cyclist by your definition although i have recently just ordered my first set of lycra cycling kit to go with my cycling shoes and clipless pedals so who knows maybe im pushing closer to 50/50 now :D

  65. KIAB

    0:28 *GABEN intensifies*

  66. Tai HaTranDuc

    you're probably not very successful in college

  67. Olivia

    Also, this dude is definitely a hardcore cyclist. He mentioned Zwift, that says it all.

  68. Party Quest

    I have two! Ten eighty Ti’s! In sli.

  69. Olivia

    Me, a triathlete who excels in the bike the most 👁👄👁

  70. Akzu

    Because of this video, I'm having a chrisis right now

  71. Chris M

    Right before you mentioned Brian Shaw. That’s who came to mind

  72. crysis crysis

    From romania internet goo brrrrr

  73. Grumpy Pants

    Well that's nearly 5 minutes of playtime I'm never getting back.

  74. Luke Hartmann

    Bashing smash as a fighting game into using smash as the only example of a fighting game community is a true combo

  75. nome cognome

    Hyperloop,neuralink and gigafactory?

  76. Steve The dog

    I’m a pro. I aim low enough that no matter how shit I do, I still reach my goals

  77. Johan_May_

    But why is this so god damn accurate

  78. Daniel Fitzgerald

    Meme studies will be a university degree option before we know it

  79. Asgoth

    You forgot to submit

  80. Aurel

    when ur country bans reddit... *cries in indonesia*

  81. Maria Camila Akl

    I do have internet 🖕🏿

  82. badooki

    The Motherload joke made me wheeze. I miss logging on to Miniclip just to mindlessly play that

  83. Zynth

    "RAM is like your girl" *Gets Re:Zero flashbacks* No.... This can't be true...

  84. Zhyun

    this guy literally made a formula to find your partner

  85. B- spalm

    Most stupid thing I've ever seen

  86. PartTimeNoob

    It's clear then the class that he is the guy from YSAC.

  87. The diplomat

    Watching from somalia, poor interms of its GDP, recently became the country with africa's cheapest internet tho

  88. Slimy_Poltergeist

    We draft cars

  89. Roxic12

    I enjoyed this very much

  90. Specter

    I didn’t come here to be called out.

  91. Devy

    Me 16 a dumpass thought r/WatchItForThePlot is actually for film analysis

  92. DogNamedPancake

    2:13 you can faintly hear him trying not to laugh. That made me laugh

  93. Vyom Thakkar

    Me( someone who loves in a third world country) : why would you say that

  94. SAL Fam

    @2:40 T H A N K Y O U

  95. Pz.Kpfw. Vl Tiger Ausf.E 1944

    I don't recommend the "Wait for us to be put in the same school project" because I'm soon finished with soon in 2 weeks and the girl I like is going to another school. Still waiting for that project after 10 years.

  96. Blank Blank

    Then come our hero r/wallstreebets

  97. Rory Whelan

    You’re half Australian?!?!?

  98. idris bevan

    Quality thumbnail

  99. ash mcgrath

    I’m guessing this video is for a colony of invading aliens.

  100. Sumit Kumar

    A third world country viewer. We do have internet. 🤣 Love from India!