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  1. TheLilypad210

    Omg ILY the ok Google part

  2. Kaiser

    Canada seems like the Disney World of tipping, at least watching this video from a latinoamerican country.

  3. Ozaydin Furkan

    Mean comment

  4. B14z3 15c001

    You swapped Fortnite and Minecraft... HOW DARE YOU

  5. Amadou Cisse

    4:00 1,907,640 I am pretty sure that's correct

  6. aamani k.

    can we get an F in the cut for plu *Neptune*

  7. Touch my cactus

    So is anyone else experiencing an automatically high wanted level when in freeroam?

  8. Niilo Pulkkinen

    Im not rly kidding i have used a black hoodie and some jeans the whole fucking year. even in PE. And i have 3 black hoodies and 3 jeans what i just cycle.

  9. Sean Duggan

    Ireland is not in the UK

    1. Matty

      Yeh that circle was a bit big bro

  10. Ryan Massey

    British English is the hardest to learn...

  11. Chris Tanner

    The percentage "p" is calculated on a global scale; so, it's not appropriate to use it with the # of people you encounter "e", as the people you likely encounter are way more likely to be similar to your interests than an average, global scale. For example, you're probably living in an area that attracts a certain lifestyle (moreso than a random place in a different continent), and your social circle further impacts your local "p". Thus, you should probably condition "p" by your local "l", leading to "P(p|l)". Further, you neglected to look at the social symmetry "ss" of the women being attracted to you, too (not just laughing at your jokes). So, your final, new equation that approximates the likelihood of finding 'the one' is h=o(p|l)ess

  12. Александр Сергеев

    but maybe it's just ADHD?

  13. Ryan Massey

    I am one of them young kids 🙈

  14. Amina King Brown

    just realized I have a physics test tommorow that I haven't studied for

  15. bread god

    “If you’re fine with anybody, you can remove the P.”

  16. YourLocalRingGirl

    It's pronounced Ur-uh-niss

  17. Jay Wigley

    Girl: Will you stop following me please??? i don't want anything to do with you you're really scaring me? Is she into you?? *Yes*

  18. Mehak Verma

    But then once you find that one, unfortunately they wont like you back

  19. Diego Estrada

    a Gus Johnson video appeared in my recommended, which I clicked... four videos later, my boy casually explained tells me Gus' entire yt channel is a meme. just wanted to share this occurrence -_-

  20. Jianji Zhu

    I’m searching who this SERRAL is right now

  21. Julija Stankovic

    Solution: Don’t have friends to get invitations

  22. Blue Ballistic

    Apparently there’s a glitch where you only have 1 parent player if you choose the race “African American”

  23. ratamacue0


  24. Relax just be more tea

    Looks like he suck at dating too

  25. Klīstošais Latvietis

    You tip Hairdresers and taxis , whaaattt?

  26. Julian Duvenage

    I’m South African lol

  27. KimpieLiam Nolet

    Hahahaha 600 hours, are you kidding me! I’m dutch and i only have to watch youtube videos. Like 3 youtube videos a day and i’m good!

  28. Jarri

    I`m from Germany and the "th" is easy for most of us.

  29. Baked Alaska

    PRO TIP: If your going to be female i wouldn’t suggest starting in the Saudi Arabia Region

  30. Baked Alaska

    PRO TIP: If your going to be female i wouldn’t suggest starting in the Saudi Arabia Region

  31. Ymirjarr

    How is Amazon delivery connected with holding a pen and why wouldn't you hold one if not actually having any amazon deliveries?

  32. stillFLiP

    0:37 A girl that can handle Scott's Tots? That's my dream!

  33. Zain Malik

    Assembly. No words that have ever existed are more truthful than that.

  34. alexis fether-hashimoto

    I did not appreciate that list

  35. Florie Guneratne


  36. Andrew Fisher

    “Not so easy baguette boi” I was dead

  37. Tali Travels

    “And just some of them have learned how to text, albeit with the stylings of a stranded sailor whose last dying breath was OK Google” Laughed mid-chew and good dropped out of my mouth at work THANKS

  38. Omar 6345

    *Me start to speak in clicking language*

  39. AngelsStuffPost

    Ok boomer

  40. Warrior Works Training

    This video should be uploaded to every space exploration device.

  41. Steve Hind

    Pro tip, don't watch this video before going to work... Unless your job is amazing and fun

  42. Tintin And Snowy

    Finnish snow noises intensifies

  43. Armand Kabanga

    I've lived in my home country for 4 years only... I'm 18 now

  44. Beth 98

    0:02 It looks like he's holding a pizza cutter

  45. Bishal Thakuri

    I am from Nepal and watch almost all of your videos. I guess I am the .01%.

  46. BT A

    Can we talk about the thumbnail and what kinda ghostly shit is going on there on the far left

  47. Darth Tyranes

    Ur anus

  48. grenadio the first

    Ok boomer

  49. Anish Vanjari

    The comedy on your videos is top tier my friend, keep it going!

  50. Robert Eischen

    I am a master at step 3

  51. Mr. Cynical

    2:24 all the competitive players do this strategy

  52. WaterMelon Clan


  53. Semagicus

    So, no mention of the sole genre for the truly educated gentelmen - the turn-based strategies?

  54. Eyy Baba

    he has a graphgear Nice

  55. I failed no nut november

    this comment was possible by me

  56. Yasin L

    ok boomer

  57. Eetu Taivainen

    you should visit Finalnd. No one talks to you

  58. GRBTutorials

    The glass is neither half full nor half empty. It’s (or will soon be) completely full, half water and half air on Earth, and full of water vapor in a vacuum. Unless... the temperature is low enough that the water is frozen in a vacuum (there are still particles, though).

  59. Stormops

    completely forgot about filtering my conversations and not just bringing random shit up in my head

  60. Just Random BOI

    Can u explain friendship

  61. Quoryx

    ew white theme

  62. Pawdered Sugar

    I can feel a bit better about myself now heheh

  63. Niilo Pulkkinen

    In finland we dont even have he or she we just have hän

  64. Mina is best Girl

    Technically you get the relationship stat at about lv 14. Sometimes bugs make it earlier

  65. Asad J

    Ok boomer

  66. ThatGuyUKnow2K


  67. Ascivv

    Where are my ambiverts at?

  68. Taseric

    I like how the first example is literally just "She looked at you, She wants to smash"

  69. meme-sama!

    I love this guy. For all these years why did i discovered this channel

  70. cosmic brownie


  71. Danilo Giorgio

    ok boomer

  72. Box God

    I am from a 3rd world country and im watching your videos, what will you say now

  73. weeks weeks

    Step 1: Turn off computer

  74. Rebellious Robot

    I’ve only been critted by hand.

  75. PGNrater

    I also like to cover myself with my seeds. All around i may be the sexiest person alive.

  76. Anis 7744

    Hey smart kid try say to say this "J'aime les bite" :)

  77. De sommets en sommets

    I now want a pepperoni holster... you know for those 100 miles run ;)

  78. Devin Nault

    Ok boomer

  79. Pixelated240

    uranus is a huge gas giant hehe

  80. Hasan Li

    Finish middle of pack... Of annually charity 60 miler lmfao crying again😭😭😭😭

  81. Hasan Li

    Best vid ever ..lmfaooo prego women are not aero.... Im crying😭😭😭

  82. Muffled Ruffled

    the second to last name was when u read straight through me

  83. Ja kru

    Something to take away from this, "Be more Attractive".

  84. Ahnaf Dragneel

    MATE, almost all third world countries have 4G now. Not crazy fast 4G, but it's still very decent.

  85. Nondescript


  86. Nirvana Supermind

    “Assembly” Assembly code: YES

  87. Harrison Mundschutz

    I can’t describe the hype I felt when I noticed one of the images was of my uni

  88. Oikomi Infaccia

    Man he is not even trying to be monetized

  89. Thomas Vitox

    You forgot the non bindig doublets

  90. Ryan Campbell

    Still waiting for the title "Casually Explained: Why I Love Natalie Dormer"

  91. odeniel tuitupouarnold

    can you do weightlifting next?

  92. Bram van Duijn

    I saw a helmet on the commuter and knew all I need to know about this video. Helmets are for warzones and construction areas. I'll go watch it now because I don't believe in critizising (sp?) without data.

    1. Bram van Duijn

      Not what I expected. Still angry about the helmet though.

  93. Shining Asteriscus Luck

    4:40 Thank goodness he didn't say Alexa... xD

  94. Shining Asteriscus Luck

    4:40 Thank goodness he didn't say Alexa... xD

  95. Hey it's Morgan

    Im 11 and know have: French, German, Japanese and English

  96. SoMetHiNGNeW90

    Not enough of players in the New Mexico server. 😞 devs please fix.

  97. Titicus


  98. GrapeJuice233

    Wow, my guy you've got a fucking talent

  99. hAMBERger

    diurnal, HA that's funny if it weren't for school you know ya girl would be nocturnal...

  100. lps crush 눌러 부수다

    And then there's me, the new Zealander who pronounces everything completely different to the Australians.