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  1. Thought Frankly

    Yes, like we trust the NY Times. We should trust nature. Nature provides vitamin C, that will heal people. Try 20gram -30 gram IVs.

  2. Samsung S4 Zoom

    May Allah saves America..

  3. gamer jaills

    This is clearly sad and im glad someone from on the frontline is speaking up if we can pump millions of dollars in the military then do it for the first responders and dying people

  4. Rocktim Manta

    Thats propaganda, you fools. The next president wants to be liked by the masses.

  5. Honeymoon Avenue

    it hit me once when she said “we knew it was coming “ and it hit me again more when it showed footage of where the bodies were going when ppl don’t make it...god it’s like reminding me of the walking dead only this isn’t a tv show this is what’s actually going on

  6. Alberto William Alves Viana

    anuency one ow one

  7. mellowman1001

    Anything you can attach the word "system" to is horrendously messed up in the US - tax, healthcare, housing, justice, transportation, legal, prison, economic...

  8. Roberto Tamesis

    Otto Warmbier may have taken small concealed spy camera monitoring him in picture frame . So, be careful travellers your candid shots goes to Kim jong Um.

  9. Nicky Chuaybamrung

    The Spanish need PPE from face to toe . Face marks ,gloves ,Socks replaceable alcohol gel. Disinfection area , accommodation healthcare workers Do not back home during its mission. The battlefield heroes and it about times design . EU must hand them a weapon protection and drugs specific approved for covid 19 effective

  10. Slim Mg

    Cov19 has been around since last Christmas! I was talking to a nurse in Knoxville Tennessee and she explained there were people coming in the doctor's for the flu but didn't have the flu ! That tested it and nothing they ever seen before, and we are talking about 30 to 40 people having the same problem! My grandpa and grandma got it ! Before it had the name cov19! My grandpa told me of his 65 years has NEVER EVER FELT LIKE THIS IN HIS LIFE ! stay home and save lives


    Top 20 Countries affected by Crona Virus 15 Feb to 31 March Timeline

  12. Habsel Keiten

    time is ticking for the machine...

  13. brion gamboa

    And if you don't have a card your not "native" 1 drop rules, and Mexicans aren't natives. Is the attitude

  14. Josephine Entizne, Sedillo

    Praying, please be careful.

  15. Ayrat Khalikov

    USA is turning into Russia. When there is a problem the officials are hiding it. They punish the whistleblowers instead of admitting the problem and trying to fix it asap. It's sad to see what has become of one of the greatest countries.

  16. shacabka fareed

    She is good girl. when she said my dad is so far away and I am afraid of him that is right. I am a grown man and my dad is 10000 miles away and still I don’t dare to do anything that will make him feel disappointed in me.

  17. Generic twitch User

    *Oh, We don’t want them to leave.* *LETS THROW STUFF AT THEIR MRAP’S!*

  18. ରଙ୍ଗିଲା ଟୋକା

    So NYT is promoting Bernie Sanders.

  19. Christopher Wheeler

    This guys controlled opps we don’t believe nothing you could be an american tryna turn this in Russia I’d more rather Russia help than americas I trust putin more than trump yanks are just as bad if not worse double standards ay 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂

  20. Aditya Thakur

    Don't you see they have the same mind set as thier husbands. And want to end the world. Just because they are women doesn't mean they can't be terrorist.

  21. James McMullan

    the lesson is that big companies don't care who you are, they just want to make as much money as possible and that means saving money even when it's just morally wrong.

  22. Cookie Monster

    Everything is Cancelled Everything is Bad cause of Covid-19 Everything is Cancelled Now we’re stuck in Quarantine!

  23. arbaj khan

    The people like kims sell momos in our INDIA

  24. who suisje

    The interviewer abused this women emotionally Edit:The society abused her

  25. Yas Khat

    Iran and Iraq are neighbours . They are friends and allies for thousands of years. Its like America, Canada and Mexico are allies and friends.

  26. 444awake goddess

    It's all propaganda Dont Believe those liars and NYT news BS.Drive to hospital you will see its empty. it's all fear poopaganda Wake Up people.

  27. Adelia Nicolas

    Godbless you doctor keep safe many people needed you

  28. Douglas Quaid


  29. Visc

    COVID19 prophecy here

  30. Shuang Men

    Shame on NYT

  31. Straightupshooter

    Wow. Eye opener. Why isn’t the press going after Nike in a much bigger way? A complete overhaul is needed. God bless her.

  32. Álvaro Rojas

    shouldn't the world be dominated by the thoughts and aesthetics of this incredible person and not the other way round (the one we have now, the one that destroys people's innocence), it makes me feel sad in a way, I dont know...Kim Hill you are a boss

  33. Bryan Lint

    He was just an actor who went along with the fake Kennedy assasination.

  34. Servant of Allah

    Han solo

  35. Ryan Charles

    This isn't Europe this is like England, Germany, Holland , Sweden and Norway. They also hand selected the questions to meet their agenda

  36. terry phidaheights


  37. ATV HogHunter

    I am sitting my COVID ICU. On my 5th day. Don’t blame Trump. Chloroquine, zpac and Vit C works. Quit crying.

  38. Igor Stojanovic


  39. Nobody Smith

    Too many voyeurs in the world. Under the guise of "safety."

  40. American Proa

    Potheads don’t realize where their high comes from. These kids live like this so their neighborhood can supply their fix.

  41. ancizar campos cano

    Children exposed to secondhand smoke are at risk of asthma, PNEUMONIA, ear aches, development delays . American Academy of Pediatrics

  42. Cindy Zen

    Isn’t everything happened in China is actually happening in the states right now? For gods sake, open your eyes

  43. Krishna Paudel

    Oh my god if that is the case in US what will happen to worlds most poor countries like mine who had almost nothing to fight this pandemic

  44. Jason Boyett

    Mali music. I Believe.. 🎶

  45. Julius BW

    New title: How the far left politics ruin the German society

  46. Freshmen

    I watched it because of Poli Sci 101, and how Nike is trying to push some kind of agenda to push trying to appeal to women. lol Nike is evil #wakeup

  47. Julius BW

    Germany is a Christian country.🇩🇪✝️

  48. Julius BW

    Merkel is not the middle. She has driven the CDU to the left. She said herself, that multiculti has failed.

  49. chao yan

    So are you gonna tell me US will do better than china ? Delete all the negative news just want people to calm down , China has 1.4 billion people, We cannot have the same freedom as the West, so that the country will not be able to manage.

  50. Pray for me

    CNAs and caregivers need Mask!!!!! Now!!!!!

  51. Stephie van den Broek

    Why do they wear masks?

  52. vagare kynikós

    Well on the bright side at least the banks and big corporations will get some trillions so all isn’t bad.

  53. Mike Easton

    In all different shades we are all still a family that's what makes us the wonder of the world the indigenous peoples of America

  54. Nurse V


  55. Mike Easton

    Most black Americans are indigenous to America. And we are the Eastern Woodland Indians as the US would say. Totally different from Plains Indians.

  56. Shopperwear Fashion

    Following the steps of Boris Johnson. ... all the best...

  57. Gabriela Radu

    in times of crisis all over the world .... please unity .... prayer ..... love ..... and respect .... call your family colleagues, you can see online ... remove hate ... envy ... evil ... forgive and be kind to others ... peace and respect for everyone, even if I didn't see them or I didn't know them ... I convey their love for their health and the union ... forgiveness and joy ... much prayer ... God wants us better and more united 🙏

  58. Gosh Rader

    putin is the best

  59. A Malek

    Kindly share line of treatment of cured corona patient with other doctor

  60. videochemist

    Evil doctor touches the privates of young women for his own sexual gratification: everyone rightly outraged. Evil doctors mutilate young boys by unnecessarily cutting off their foreskins: silence

  61. Dixon Peters

    Just wait till you have to run with transgenders

  62. melissa martin

    Have they locked down NY or is this a case of wiping out the masses.. Your all amazing and having to do a very hard job xx


    🔥 Like this comment for stay in trending 1:55 🧡🖤❤ 👇👇👇👇

  64. Swara Sangeet

    The intention of video is really good and meaningful, the emphasis should have been more on taking control of own life, building self esteem & confidence, drawing the line. Sadly it went more toward mannerism. Some can be extremely polite but utterly shrewd & cunning, Some are outspoken or rude to some but kind at heart or harmless.

  65. D F

    I'm NEVER going to purchase Any Nike products EVER again!!!

  66. Sim Singh

    I read Yeonmi Parks’s book, and wow. It was amazing, and really informative.

  67. Ivan Marroquin

    That’s crazy how the pentagon claims to have 1000s of ventilator on stand by but don’t know where they should send them ... odd!! And n95 500,000 mask also in a warehouse just sitting there ..... what’s really going on and why would you get in trouble for speaking the truth ??? Unless it’s not true or even real bill gates described this exact Pandemic 2years ago .and claimed drs and cdc fema hold Exercises world wide ....

    1. Ivan Marroquin

      Notice all cell phones and no real proof of family’s of sick and dead loved ones hurting.. but that video of 90 year old couple talking through the glass window .. so deadly why is he at home without a ventilator

  68. crazychicken00

    we get some truck to in belgium for dead bodys so sad

  69. Terre Emarthle

    Them police should of help him instead they wanna laugh and stare one day when that happens to you people would be standing there doing nothing and I will be right there laughing

  70. Scott

    This 'Crown Virus' is taking the world by storm...Let's hope this type of thing does not become frequent! If anyone is feeling a bit cofuzzled for things to do at home, you can check out this small e-book 'A guide to Lockdown by Kidett Morcoss' I hope it helps, it will be over soon! Take care and good luck!

  71. this is partrick hehe

    3:24 what's the name of the backgrpund music?

  72. Super British Cheese

    I don’t even smoke but I swear if I’m ever in a recorded interview ima light up a cig and puff fat cuz it looks sick asf

  73. Paulo Soares

    Stay at home people!!! This is the most important rule. Stay at home. Protect your yourself and your family!

  74. issha jajoo

    God bless the doctors !!

  75. Super British Cheese

    Dead body lifelessly lying on floor* Police: “Get on the ground!!!”

  76. Justine Henricks

    No more buying Nike shoes for me poor girl.That guy is a creep.

  77. xxxdieselyyy2

    Dunno bout Otto but this guy described Trump very accurately.

  78. lolitahaze02

    It's funny because you dont hear a lot of discrimination coming from native americans in the past decade even if you do, they are not that loud. It's always the caucasian, bunch of immigrants who wont keep their mouth shut about their "rights".

  79. Dr. Evil

    I thought race is just a myth. It is real huh? OK. Thanks for clarifying.

  80. David Howell

    Base on watching people trying to add or subtract to making change. AI will cause more harm than good.

  81. Anonymous


  82. Dr. Evil

    I thought race doesn't exist. It does exist huh? Thanks for the confirmation. 😊👍

  83. Cwtch TV

    Hope USA gets over it. 🙏

  84. rinsedpie

    The iranian military kept saying oh we didnt do it, it wasnt us etc. Iranian military are liars. They are not trustworthy. Stay away from them.

  85. William Rackham

    New York Times . . . Is this virus like the "mobile chemical weapons labs" in Iraq??? Right, like the war propaganda you peddled for Zionism? Hello? New York Times, are you there?


    Sister, whether anyone is loved or hated does not matter, but u loved and gifted by Almighty to the world.

  87. tariq mahmud

    USA is 100 times worse

  88. AnimalsAre BeautifulPeople

    Cheese is 70% saturated fat and is the product of dairy industry which is the most heinous and cruel industries that regularly kills pregnant and spent mom cows when they stop producing enough milk to be profitable for the farmer. Eat VEGAN CHEESE or try cheese less pizza. Don't let your taste habit turn you into a psychopathic demon for the most innocent and defenseless farm animals

  89. genoa49

    Your bloody boss had your ventilators hidden.

  90. genoa49

    Trust me, I'm not lying. How was that?

  91. Justin Lin

    Look at all these brainwashed people from China

  92. not yrbsns

    Oh well no loss.

  93. Yousor0

    It still surprises me that this kind of thing is still allowed in some companies

  94. James Martin

    Absolutely zero percent of this surprises me. I watched Michael Moore's documentary on Nike decades ago. Think about their history of child labor that they may or may have not cleaned up somewhat. Salazar was scum. We ran into that same type of thinking with the Astros with old athletes willing to do anything for that last glory. The tragedy is that these men are thinking they know more about women than other women. Old boys clubs with no real interest in anything except numbers they have in their heads.

  95. 리코코