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  1. Анатолий Малкин


  2. Marcus Noname

    Just a band of crazy !stay where you are !!!

  3. Robs

    Cool vid! This lady’s voice sounds like she’s 15 kinda weird.

  4. Анатолий Малкин


  5. Jimmy Says

    drug deal gone bad? not even close casino taking millions from someone causing him to go on a violent rampage? Yes indeed vegas strong (casino owners that is) disgusting city that does nothing but destroy peoples lives

  6. Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    I love that shake that stinkingvspring loose...45oz rubber mallet works every time....hah....kinda weird when u think about there s a lot of stuff u can drive thru but that's really not one they don't have that trouble in NASCAR.....???no doors

  7. Anthony Alan


  8. ibrahim awad

    زوجات. البغدادي. من آل. البيت. اخو ملك الأردن. وأخو الزرقاوي

  9. Анатолий Малкин


  10. Анатолий Малкин


  11. Ann Huong

    I feel very bad and terrible for what's happening in Hong Kong right now. I really admire the Hong Kong people. they stand up to tell the truth and they own ideals. And especially, HongKongers are very united. I wish that Vietnamese people can know right from wrong and dare to tell the truth, just like Hongkongers. God bless Hongkongers. I cant stop my tears from crying Im so so sad :(((((((

  12. TKush KillaWithAUzi

    Their ego is like the sun. Police brutality is not a choice it is forced upon them by themselves

  13. Lesbian Amazon Sister

    Mary Cain, thank you for speaking up and having the bravery to talk about how they affected your life, body, career, and health. Know that women like me all over the world support you, and will not be buying Nike.

  14. Pavel the Fabulous

    Yet another reason to Choose ADIDAS ///

  15. wildc4t000

    Them mask are scaru

  16. Hacsa

    Until 5:47 min I was like: Ye, something needs to be done. After: Ok...

  17. Aero Torres

    It takes balls to talk about this and I’m so proud of her for opening up about it ❤️

  18. simply truth

    ---How can some wave the flag and yet accept abuse of those that serve our nation so unselfishly and fearlessly?? Millions of Americans should rise up and scream that the abuse will go on no longer. I sleep better at night knowing that Marie Yovanovitch, Taylor, Kent and others like them sit on the wall, watching, ready to warn of danger that is real. Ahhh the decline of the Roman Empire. The moral void. The people are blinded by the "bread and circuses" and the death rattle from their lying, self gratifying leaders. Are we, as a nation, that deaf and blind to what is false and what is true? The world sees, and many are happy with our distraction. Ahhh the decline of the Roman Empire.

  19. Sahza

    And they burned the street and threw bombs on people and damaged the transit .. the city is on fire and no one could ever control or stop it. Tbh this video is emotional but it explained nothing about what's really going on in this crazy messy city. Pity

  20. tom Knauss

    Trump fired Obama’s tool, she got her golden parachute, now her 15 min. of fame, her opinion is not US foreign policy.........hers didn’t work, (a disgruntled employee is not a high crime, or reason for impeachment)

  21. Walter Heimlich

    25 seconds in, I find this rather anti-Semitic.

  22. Frankie Betancourt

    El leather face

  23. Karlsson

    muh impeachment drumpf bad and orange and so on, criminal and stuff. Its amazing how anti American your democratic party is, fueled by blind hate

  24. Cataleya Aizawa

    #savehongkong #liberatehongkong #wesupporthongkong

  25. Petey B

    3.52 The kids smiles & laughter are Contagious.

  26. chloe burbank

    Sad reality that my beautiful country has come to this :( Al carajo a los narcos y AMLO 🇲🇽✊🏻‼️

  27. Phil Scott

    Good for you Mary Cain! Thank you for sharing. I wasn't watching track when your story took place. All I can say is good for you for reaching out to the people that mattered (your parents) when things seemed to be at rock bottom. Its a scar that will last forever, but hope you can find other meaningful journeys from here.

  28. _Vallee _

    Did a press agency just crack the Russian Code System? Good job this utter fantastic journalism.

  29. ZYNES

    Damm she has bad posture

    1. Alexander Price


  30. ZYNES

    Who else thought that it was going to be about Nike Shoes?

  31. Ankur Roy

    Where are all the "Islam is the religion of Peace" , Or the "Terrorism has no religion" people?

  32. Jodie Ilene

    So very sad. Today players know what they are facing. But the fame, money, and under developed brain make for bad choices.

  33. Mr. Kiltro

    mentiras puras mentiras el delincuente de chaqueta amarilla es terrorista del mir, se hace la victima cobarde comunista

  34. Pedro LDP

    Police are the dogs of the rich

  35. Brent Gogel

    Most times I back my people. But this was muder

  36. Chrissy Prince


  37. kush khandelwal

    Death to Washington Post

  38. Melissa Katherine

    I am Elsa in my shcool play......

  39. Big pump

    “Hey kids wanna see something magical?” *pulls out heroin needle*

  40. Brier Rose

    This is what New York is doing to the NYPD. The so called Democratic States ( Socialist) are making the Police the scapegoats for their evil plans.

  41. Just some Stranger

    I still don’t get why the elites think that punishing poor & middle class people for being unable to afford green energy will work. Like, what did they expect? Why does it never occur to them to give positive tax incentives like lowering them if you use public transport, or beach cleanups, or recycling, or just anything that contributes to helping the environment? Use the carrot, not the stick

  42. Dee Snuts

    7.1K Kaepernick fans downvoted this video. Seriously. What’s up Nike fans?

  43. Brian Yan

    LMAO and people complain about US policing the world......ok

  44. Elisa Sierra Bruno

    Enjoy the jail!

  45. Isabelle Is My Soulmate

    Bruh i thought the thumbnail was Ned from Spider-Man homecoming

  46. Lisa Vs the Cassandra Effect

    It's a business..if they break you, there's plenty more lined up to take your place..horrible but true 😒

  47. Angel La Canfora

    Seems to me this same scenario is playing out in major cities the world over. It's capitalism run amok. Capitalism only works if the rich are benevolent humanitarians who invest their money into programs and projects that help those with less. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, it hasn't worked out that way and now we're left with increasingly stratified cities - the haves have more; the have nots, too little. The gap will only continue to widen.

  48. No Name

    Wow. Nyt is soo biased. Show the entire deposition. Why the nitpicking literally 2% of the whole thing? They are justifying the ambassadors crap by saying but oh he threatened me.. Wow. Talk about self victimization.

  49. Kyoshiro Iwazumi

    Where's the part where she perjured herself? The part where she lied under oath about knowing that Hunter biden and Burisma has been undersuspicion by the Obama Administration intelligence?

  50. Daniélín NicG

    What kind of mother takes a newborn to the outback surrounded by dingos and leaves the baby in a tent that you can clearly enter? Yes the answer is a pure eejit

  51. Matthew L

    anyone else thankful for that twitch marathon that allowed us to know this beautiful painter ?

  52. Conspiracy Theory

    All these same entities and in some cases the exact same ppl out daily bashing and false reporting on the President like it or not you know it’s true.

  53. Gilbert Mendez

    I remember being a kid and watching him with my grandpa.. he's always been a legend if u ask me

  54. Jan Almond

    Her voice is still male!

  55. Natalie Westbrook

    I now feel like returning everything I own from Nike and go to Adidas 🙄

  56. WingsofPed0philia

    This is because Usaine Bolt switches his gender to Female once she went to Nike, no longer making her the fastest “girl” in the world.

  57. Jan Almond

    She still looks like a man and still is a man!

  58. Aubrey Q

    Boycott Nike!

  59. GC Landscape

    Adidas all day


    Ah the nice Call of Duty days

  61. ZZ TOP

    Fool's paradise ... What?? is it the year 812 ... but , where is the time machine

  62. Mayur Arun

    sick this is sick

  63. Hooligan Ztype

    I definitely advise you guys to watch the movie in IMAX it's absolutely magnificent

  64. Peter Demerly

    Oh look...a training video for the Baltimore badge coward mafia !!

  65. Mike Wither


  66. joseph Traff

    so this ambassador was relieved of duty and feels badly, shocked, applaud, devastated ... etc...etc so does anyone really think that this ex-ambassador is an unbiased "witness"?

  67. Pene De Rinoceronte

    Want more financial freedoms? Fight back against the jews. Im not sure why this obvious and self-evident truth is so controversial.

  68. thevenin26

    A key moment, not shown in this video, is when the people in the room started to applaud and cheer for the ambassador at the end of her testimony

  69. Russ Monte

    They should get the same treatment thy and their husbands gave the Yazidi girls in raqqah. They're not victims.

  70. GNPKathy

    notice how all the negative comments are coming from men with different bodily functions and needs than us😳

  71. L Vega

    If you dont like it somewhere, you leave. You dont even need a coach to be a runner. I ran track for years without a coach. Also, girl runners develop eating disorders even when having a supportive coach. In college track when I did have a coach, I had an eating disorder and my coach made me see a nutritionist to get help and he never spoke about weight. I'm sure OP wasn't a good environment for her, but she should have just left. At some point we are accountable for ourselves and what we decide to do.

  72. Jacob Toriello

    Why where you listening to him? Sounds like it’s some of your fault for listening to a psycho.

  73. Zovo Gayiko

    Vow! America is so stupid! So much for being a developed country police of the world's most Democratic country trying to bring peace to every part of the world! The next time you idiots try to tell us what to do, you please first check yourself up. #nomoreNike

  74. Wisco WhiteTails

    Nike is horrible they support this and kollin kappernick I also will say this is if we have not stupid coaches we will be okay it doesn’t matter there gender

  75. Imperium Europa

    These two are immortal heroes. They knew the answer to the problem of bullying. And they took it all the way. Rest In Peace in Valhalla my brothers, the place where warriors reside. You are legend. 👺PraiseOurSaviorLordSatan👺 ☆☆TotalSocialismNow!!!☆☆ ☆☆DESTROY CAPITALISM☆☆

  76. Indomitus Veritas

    Why is she being heard, she wasn't even there at the time of the "telephone' call, she is just a disgruntled federal employee that was removed from her position, she wasn't even fired she still works for the state department and president Trump is still her boss.


    republicans put forward the rules for closed hearings and now they're bashing it. amazing.

  78. Bobby Robby

    Oh... baby Marie Yovanovitch, a woman, cannot face the fact that the President Trump fired her. And she feels terrible and shocked, men don't talk that way crying like a baby.The little cream puff snow flake, that more than likely, voted for that feminist arrogant Hillary Clinton. She has always hated Trump Now she wants revenge on the President for being fired.

  79. Bruce E

    The key moments for me have been the let down of the so called bombshell that is supposed to produce an impeachable action. When are we going to hear about something the President did that is impeachable. All I am seeing is people that are either not on the same policy page or they are pawns in a larger conspiracy to protect the democrats that have committed corruption on foreign soil. Trump was getting too close to uncovering serious corruption in a foreign country by past leaders. That is the bombshell that needs to be uncovered. Trump is the first president in my lifetime that cannot be controlled by the establishment. That is good for everyday citizens and bad for corrupt politicians.

  80. avonire

    Wow, I amongst many others did not realise how old Danny is. Haven't seen him with grey hair or a cane.

  81. crocusflower

    al-assad is a monster.

  82. avery frame

    Thought it was Zelinski that made reference to her, not Trump. There was no threat made.

  83. Faaack u

    He is jew google simon elliot

  84. Freeman

    I wonder what training she was doing before to be the fastest girl in the world

  85. Faaack u

    He is jew google simon elliot

  86. Jason Chandler


  87. D3cyTH3r

    Schiff's closing speech was the highlight for me, followed by the spontaneous standing ovation for former the ambassador. I almost felt sorry for the Republicans in the press conference afterwards: they have some very clever and tenacious people fighting their corner, but even they couldn't defend the indefensible.

  88. ماجد ناصريه


  89. Tony Rosales

    Key moments are lies and hear say...

  90. Tony Rosales

    Key moments are lies and hear say...

  91. doobiewah357

    Marie Yovanovitch is still trying to get her dignity back after the TSA found a vibrator in her luggage a few years ago. (they thought it was a pipe bomb). lol

  92. Sweet clouds

    😂😂😂😂 Trump 2020

  93. RL Hunt

    My friends and I always make sure we have The New York Times, Washington Compost, MSN, and Google News to take to our fishing cabin. Not to read, but we need a lot of toilet paper in our two seater out house.

  94. ryan lee

    This is socialist propaganda at its finest. Shaming by using peers of other countries and citing over the top dramatic statements like "don't call the ambulance because I cant afford it". Well played millenial socialist party...well played.

  95. Charlotte Bunnell

    I’m 11 years old and have been going shooting since I was 5 some people want presidents to take away guns when guns are some times the only things kids and parents can bond with

  96. James Fahnestock

    Matt Damon is commie, narcissist. He has ZERO business in this film.

  97. derpking

    Her language is dishonest and her irrational hate of men caused her problems.

    1. Alexander Price

      ok boomer @derpking

    2. GNPKathy

      yeah, no. they emotionally and physically abused her, belittling her to the point of suicidal thoughts and actions. she trusted these coaches. they put her health at risk for money. it’s not sexist. it’s not irrational. they ruined her body and mind. what they did is horrific. grow up.

  98. Mea Karma

    How are you surprised that a company that uses Child slave labor is treating people badly?

  99. nanosun

    The HECK with $400 million to Ukraine ! (makes dems Insane ) Mr. President Trump.... TEAR DOWN ALL FOREIGN AID (until the end of your second term) !!! My wishful fairy tale come true would be all foreign aid starting now till the end Of President Trumps 2 terms would be redirected to America's Poor and School debt from all the college tuition RIP OFFS ! You have better protections with credit cards, car purchases and being an illegal/refugee than what you pay for at many(most) college$ !

  100. saki maki

    peanut butter addict detected 6:18