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  1. Yuan Yuan

    For everyone who’s unsatisfied with the Deviljho vs Rajang turf wars.. *here you go*

  2. Владимир Шефер

    э топравдо

  3. Pawel Jaworski

    What "Les Misérables" is the best? The theater version, the film or the book?

  4. elektric DeGu Avocado SAD

    Kill that thing

  5. Stephon Anderson

    So glad I watched the movie before the trailer!

  6. Ryan Polanco

    That always gets me all the time with him Tony & his boy & then he says what’s about Ernie & Tony says it so relax hey Ernie you wanna job. Lol he says sure that gets me all time. Lol

  7. SpringBonnie_810YT

    Polly is my favorite character in the movie I quickly found her to be a favorite

  8. SpringBonnie_810YT

    I just noticed the guy that plays dolittle play toney stark in marvel movies during the movie I did not know that

  9. Godfrey P Hotchkiss

    Looks like an updated remake of Open Season. www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/876386.Open_Season

  10. Crusader Of Dissapointment

    Bro where is he

  11. Mary Kennedy

    Trigger warning please. Domestic violence survivors

  12. Nithin S

    Great movie

  13. Light Warriors

    These are the racists of the world trying to pollute the minds through brainwashing because they know their globalist agenda is failing and will yet again this next election. Lying bitches will delete my comment as well... anything that speaks truth gets deleted by the Google bots. 🖕🏽🖕🏿🖕🏾🖕🏻🖕

  14. Mlard876 Tv

    free vybz kartel tony montanna

  15. CrunchyNorbert

    weird how getting mauled by a werewolf didn't mess up her hair, face or clothes in a serious way

  16. Remalc Esam

    This movie is so realistic: the women always know what men have to do

  17. 0000marcin

    Fuck Masons!!!...

  18. Movies Action 2020

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  19. poop shaloop

    Ban this trash director from making any more movies

  20. Cupcake Angela

    what did I watch?

  21. BuffysBiggestFan

    Cheap knock off of “Hollow Man”. No one can replace Kevin Bacon ❤️

  22. poop shaloop

    This movie sucked balls. Seems like horror directors have forgotten how to make horror films actually scary, this film is nothing but a bunch of jump scares.

  23. Jonathan Adams

    The title of the song at 1:25 is "Hair" by Devonte Hynes

  24. Courtney Hutchison

    reminds me of that movie that ICE T played in back in the day

  25. Juan Pablo Fernández Rauch

    For me, Cats is the WORST film of 2019

  26. SuperSygma


  27. Kıvraklar Mimarlık

    Made my childhood and this :) ussel.info/video/video/zYjZn5esq2l9fZ8.html

  28. Hekmat Akramy

    Imagine losing a rap battle because ur name is Clarence

  29. Angela Narkin

    im terrified

  30. Bertram Dahl

    While it looks like it may be well done, I can't help but see the tired old Woman Power theme that I have simply gotten sick of.

  31. SK

    Free Hong Kong

  32. Rincon gamer 2.5


  33. Arijeet Dasgupta

    Meanwhile Marty is saving himself from Biff's goons

  34. Shoot first 1

    Who cares what it’s about. Everyone knows Democrat’s are do what I say not as I do. Yes if it was the other way around liberals would be burning their cities and towns while looting and causing havoc, per the usual. But let’s face it, movieS are fantasy. Like landing on an asteroid in outer space and blowing it up, traveling at light speed in the millennium falcon, trapping a 10 story gorilla, things like that. No different here. If there was a civil war in this country between parties, it would last a week, plus reality makes for a boring movie.

  35. Leila Lopes

    Algum brasileiro Aki kkk

  36. Bob Plur


  37. QGXY Reverse 98

    Is a very heard choice between between Back To The Future and Jurassic Park 3 cause I like both movie . But I guess I choose Back To The Future because of Big Bang Theory and Sheldon talk about part 1 and part 2 wired people didn’t know Back To The Future 3 .

  38. All In One

    What a trailer!

  39. Afibana

    idk why my friends can't feel the same i feel when i hear this song. They all would say this song is slow, boring and etc.. wtf!

  40. Handy Wijaya

    Now I can rest in peace after I found where that Family Guy's scene in "Meet the Quagmires" originated from

  41. 강진호

    “NO COOKIE TOSS” lol

  42. jjj

    Actors in horror movies and horror movies in general rarely receive the recognition they deserve solely because the academy has such a bias against horror films. the race comments need to stop.

  43. Boogey On!

    Kendrick is so friggin ugly and such a bad actress.

  44. Elroy

    So...are all the Trump/MAGA tards going to cry now?

  45. Curly Wurly

    Well that’s a total waste off invisibility 🤣🤣

  46. Mukul Saini

    This one is going to be. .

  47. Kyle W.

    Did you see the roaches with people faces?

  48. mhm mhm

    "white people, were the worst" Jesus that blatant racism and white guilt. Won't see the movie just because of that

  49. Cornealius Underbuckel

    Did the dude ever roll in this movie?

  50. Mr. Patch Plays

    It's just a movie

  51. Martin Latvian

    This movie is breathtaking. A very very good movie. Watch it now if You haven't seen it yet!

  52. Darnecia Long

    I can’t wait!!!!

  53. haidah razak


  54. I hate this.

    People in the comments for real think Jewish is a race....

  55. Błack Śķųłł

    Every PUBG player dream.

  56. August Hylse

    Hear soon... 😂

  57. Nadege Yebou

    Invisible man: nobody can me see Jougan's boruto : hold my beer

  58. Nadege Yebou

    Invisible : nobody can me see Jougan's boruto: hold my beer

  59. Bella Wocky

    Who else loves pitch perfect

  60. GrotrianSeiler

    Oh my god this video is hilarious.

  61. Elias Skaare Hylland

    The trailer is so bad, that i don't wanna watch it!

  62. Elias Skaare Hylland

    If it was dogs, this would be a success!

  63. Rembrandt van Rijn

    Guy invents a groundbreaking technology, can make him a billionaire. Uses it to torment his ex...Hollywood logic!

  64. Dark Shadow

    this is why creeper is afraid of cats

  65. The Psych World Sucks Badly

    They were brutal with that poor baby!

  66. Richard Mcintosh

    Who's here after vybz Kartel song 🔥🔥. Tony Montana

  67. Feeling Turista07

    It reminds of the movie titled HOLLOWMAN

  68. Backstage Bum

    Why do I feel this is going to have a 95% RT score?

  69. Caroline Schaal

    C'est super le dr doolittle🐹🐼🐶🐱🐰🐨🐮🐷🐯🐻🐴🦄🙊🐵🦁🐼🐼🐹

  70. Jedstorm

    they missed one then end with sniper

  71. andrian lauw

    its a badd day

  72. Roman Whyso

    Уже хочу поржать

  73. cʏɞerקunk

    I hate furry

  74. cʏɞerקunk

    Wtf bruhh

  75. JC JC

    Terrible movie

  76. Beedy KH

    That last seen got me goosebumps! Wow!

  77. Beedy KH

    Video game developer Hideo Kojima inspired a lot from this movie in making the last teaser trailer for the next Death Stranding DLC that is coming 2020!

  78. Beedy KH

    This seem amazing! I must watch it.

  79. Robert Petrarca

    Is that Carrot Top ??

  80. Dan Whitaker

    Surely one of the best action sequences ever

  81. Jenn Coloma

    C'mon, c'mon turn the radio on ✨✨✨😍😍 my favorite part 💖💖

  82. Abhinav Abhi

    Iam only one watch the filim in this day😪

  83. Long Duk Don

    I think it’s sad that people can watch any ww2 movie and look at the opposing country as evil when people forget that America did things just as messed up as the axis did Not saying we killed Jews by the millions, but I’m not saying that the gis were saints either

  84. Your Guy Muneeb

    Poor dinosaur he just wanted some food

  85. Rosalba Sirto


  86. adam odell

    Okay this is fire like I would actually listen to an album of that

  87. M.A Nasir

    Piece of artwork

  88. عزو عزو


  89. Lewis Price

    Johnny B Goode is in Bb not B

  90. metalkest

    what is this?

  91. Quent Pizza R.

    All hail King Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Peaches

    12:11 Loreal youre worth it

  93. Brock Nichols

    Yo, if you haven't seen this, drop what you're doing, and watch it.. a wild ride.. but, be ready to test your emotions...

  94. 姓将名臣Vampire

    Why so many bad intentions on USsel? Maybe their parents didn’t educate them well. 👍🏻1 👎🏻20+? Very incredible. Or they don’t have mom or dad at all…🤣 ussel.info/video/video/lHenrpiKvXdkZY0.html 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  95. Charles Darwinson

    eminem, you done fool. Another soy boy

  96. Su!c!de Surv!vor

    I feel invisible. No1 see's me anyway.☹

  97. Stewart Damien

    This film looks fantastic. There's going to be so much spilled soy milk