1. OJ oj

    Viva México wey 🇲🇽

  2. LO AD

    I finished this video & then sent it to my mother thinking we could make a great Sofrito later. She told me to stop sending bathroom humor to her. Thanks Matty.

  3. Susan Berg

    This guy look like he is Republican. 🙄 Nice recipe though!

  4. Cristal Reyes

    Try making the hominy with nixtamal. Nixtamal is hominy partially cooked and soaked with cal. It’s gives the hominy an earthy flavor, total game changer for your green pozole. My Mexican grandma would be proud.

  5. Eric Leschisin

    o.O oh no...does Matty really think the world is flat ... D:

  6. The Pizza Trophy

    Green chicken soup

  7. Cassie

    that is the most savage cleaver i've ever seen.

  8. Kim Schuller

    Thanks for the VIP TOUR

  9. Brandon Colglazier

    0713 my boy Marty becomes the great Jack Nicholson from the Shining

  10. ap31

    Matty is Andy from Parks and Rec

    1. Cassie

      Obnoxious af

  11. RewardingDeath

    Don't get all morrisye emotional on me

  12. Dessni

    does ANYONE know the song that plays in the intro?? I've been humming that violin shit all day :'O

  13. Dingerz117

    The editing guy was brave with this one.

  14. Blake Carlson

    one of the best humans on this earth

  15. Julie G

    I failed a final and I got all four wisdom teeth removed today, I needed this. Thank you <3

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    Id like to personally thank whoever edits Mattys videos

  17. David Mykyte

    I wondered what happened to bam margera

  18. Choke And Bite

    It appears the chicken only gets partially cooked in the beginning. The temp to cook the pepper slop? Who knows 🤷🏼‍♂️ The temp to cook the tomatillos? Who knows 🤷🏼‍♂️ It also appears the pepper slop needs to be continuously stirred during the hour. Do we drain out the oil before we put the pepper slop in? Who knows 🤷🏼‍♂️

  19. angel renee

    where can i get the written recipe at?

  20. angel renee

    can anyone tell me what he did with the tomatillos? he kinda just skipped over it

  21. Lisa x

    I always share Matty’s new videos with my son who loves to cook, but I’ll pass on this one🤦🏻‍♀️ie; but plug😆

  22. MisterAngstrom

    Look at this guy, he's got a cool hat, he's got tattoos, he's loud and funny and it looks like HE CAN COOK

  23. Oh Hi Dad

    Uses same tongs for raw and cooked chicken😍

  24. mark amburgey

    you should be my best friend and invite me over for dinner often.. i will bring the empty stomach.. lol

  25. Chester Puffington

    Canadian penicillin...

  26. Danielle Perschau

    You remind me of a mexican gangster who found jesus 🤣😂🤣 your tattoos are sexy af and im so confused bc you look like you can be mean 🤩 Subbed bc that clever and your personality ❤

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    Fort Erie!!! woooo

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    Epic skooch action!

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    Can't tell if Matty is really smart or really stupid...neither would surprise me.

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    Obnoxious af

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    who ever edits this shit is amazing.

  32. Jen Jen Who

    He is a messy cook

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    Michelle is a dime👌🏻

  34. Gene Davis

    You used the same pan for the cooked AND the raw chicken. Have fun with that. #crosscontamination

  35. ricardo isaias

    Sofrito, Not sofrido

  36. Jess Mess


  37. MerricMaker

    Sorry, the greatest chicken soup is at Stroud's in KC.

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    loving the music playing in the background..... whats the name of it? Also i fuuuuucccckkkking love you Matty come back to Aotearoa New Zealand please!!!!!!! xoxoxox

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    Even tho I would watch this every week, the week off let’s the show recede into memory and the hum drum reality creeps back until that 2nd week and BAM!!! Matty comes magically scooching back into our lives spreading joy laughter and deliciousness!

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    Matty is either always on blow or he should NEVER do a rail. I love it.

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    Lets hope this moron can cook... all else is lost.

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    Hey Bam hows Vito doing?

  43. Jan  Lambrechts

    Much love from Belgica


    Out of this world video, i delight it to much .. Highest part is 1:06. *I upload 1 twerking, Please check and say am I good* 💓 🔥 💯

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    On a serious note sick is that Nenox knife? Better than your Kramer?

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    @5:12 me omggg 🤣🤣

  47. Jess Mess


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    You're a very important and special boy

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    Do a stew .... a Manly Canadian stew... cuz I aint Canadian... so maybe some Moose stew

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    Great chess cake, no client's

  51. syno crat

    He's the most aggressive Canadian I've ever seen. He's wonderful.

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    Challenge Gordon Ramsay

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    Ill find you one day and whisper in your eat “I subscribed to your channel”

  54. R0b0saurus Rex

    Can we get a Matty's Recipe for this soup for FUCKS SAKE? Love you Matty, by the way that wasnt a dash. that was a small handful .... but its cool.

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    Need a Gordon Ramsay collab

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    Omg, that looks so delicious

  57. Fredrik Trensare

    Just gonna taste like soap. Skip that fucking cilantro man!

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    Matty is a fucking legend💥👌🔥

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    I am Puerto Rican. I approve of this video. Only add “just a dash” more of salt

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    I freakin' love this guy! Awesome food and has my laughing my ass off every time. Keep it up dude.

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    BAJA. ID. 2:55PM

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    8:36 xJawz in the comments

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    This is my first video on this channel and I gotta say I'm hooked.


    WTF, Where's the MF'in' MERCH?!?!?! I need Matty on my BODY!!!!!!

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    One time I heard Matty lose his shit over a camera man coughing and now I have no respect for him

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    Finally a video yes Omg !!!

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    that cleaver is fucking Meaty

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    The things you’re doing are on another level man cheers love it.

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    Came here for a Chicken Soup recipe left a true firm Flat Earth believer

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    IM NOT YELLIN, THATS JUST THE WAY I TALK - Samuel L Jackson.... And this guy

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    Cmon matty the earth isn’t flat😂

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    To whoever edits Matty's vids: I got that Sunset Riders's song right there and it shook me. Thanks my dude.

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    Watching that Ribeye being fried in Canola Oil made me cry. Damn...Steaks belong on a grill.

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    Love Matty... 25 seconds deep he's telling us a made up story about his blow up butt plug

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    "If I were to cut into this now, it will PISS everything out". Enough said... I'm hooked on this guy.

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    You need to scooch every episode from now on 😂

  79. Like a Boss

    You are a living legend Matty. I can’t wait for these videos to come out

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    I really hope hes joking about the flat earth thing, its been proved its round so many times

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    Scoooooooch... and viva Mexico🇲🇽

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    This makes my day every time

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    Mexican Pho... Yum!!!

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    i loooooooove you

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    Right On Imma try it.... I love red pork pozole

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    He mentions chemtrails and says google it, least woke thing ive ever heard someone say

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    wheres the recipe?

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    LMAOOOOOOOOO 1:53 love this guy hahaha

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    Matty you are so very funny and your meals look beyond delicious I wish nothing but the best for you and I hope to see more of your awesome videos!!!

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    Thought this was bam margera

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    Does anyone else think that he looks like Chris Pratt?

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    There needs to be a book devoted to this man's quotes.

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    We call it "T i n o l a " in my country

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    Omg... I agree that soup did end all the chicken soup... when you coming to Canada

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    >calls a pot a pan >”smokiness” from a broiler? >caca poopoo’s This man is a fucking mess

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    Talking about doing acid while basting a steak with butter. Can you adopt me?

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    I'm gonna punch him on the throat if he pronounces Alfredo as "Alfrido" again 💀

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    needs queso fresco at end!!

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    <3 your show ! That pot was spotless though !