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  1. Jessica Marshall

    Eugene: ... I didn’t have any tools so it took me like 20 hours but I assembled it with a knife. Honestly I probably would’ve done the same. You know not actually gone and got the needed tools but just making what I had work.

  2. Cera Ho

    Me: *watching this while knitting a hat with my fingers* Try Guys: *getting frustrated* Me: I- is it really that hard?

  3. 1123

    “How to survive an Earthquake” Me: laughs and cries in Puerto Rico.

  4. Becky

    Guys idk if you’ll see this but video idea: try guys swap clothes for like a week. So Eugene would have to go into Ned’s closet and wear an outfit from there. Or buy outfits for each other (bc idk if Keith would fit into someone else’s clothes) haha love your vids btw!

  5. MsMagalag

    You're so beautiful. I don't know you, but I'm proud of you.

  6. Katie de Leon


  7. Denise Smith

    Eugene is a typical Capricorn. We don’t care for public affection. Secretly, we love our friends and family. We just don’t show it much.

  8. Joe Poole

    This was incredibly unfunny

  9. goblin man

    "how to survive an earthquake" *laughs in ohio* *cries in ohio*

  10. xxxheyitsmehxxx

    you should make a pull-out sofa hehehehee. congrats eugene!

  11. Simon Postyn

    He’s a young gay and I’m standing for him.I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH!!!!

  12. Sakareeh

    Ned straight up went insane hahahah

  13. Anandita Here

    The last place is what restaurants look like in India according to past Karan Johar movies 😂😂😂

  14. Hot Egg Mama

    After all the times people have said they lied and John didn't catch it and the video where the "lie detector" screen loops I literally don't believe him but at least try guys make this funny

  15. K O

    Poor Zach

  16. Kelli Heape

    15:45 killed me ohmygoodness 😆😂🤣

  17. Angelique Umutesi

    Words can't describe how wholesome that ending was. I really hope Eugene knows how much he's loved by these guys. It's honestly magic to have people care enough to do this for you.

  18. Martina Godoy

    I kinda want to have a baby with my future husband/wife... But then I see this... And I'm not so sure I want to be the pregnant one anymore...

  19. Mr ZeroX710

    I bet they all barfed

  20. •LA•

    Not to be rude but I think the Try Guys are way better then Lady Like

  21. Lillian L

    I am Asian so I LOVE soup dumplings if I could do this I would. Us Asians eat eat eat no wasted

  22. Sana Sheikh

    Miles is sooo attractive 😍❤️

  23. Isabel Martinez

    You guys are dorks! I can't with you all! XD

  24. FBI

    “That came out of nowhere” Me: no it came out of your chicken nuggets.


    I feel like zac keeps getting low key bullied. I feel for you bro

  26. Naoh Vld


  27. Dressy Cannon


  28. annlise lovey Smithin

    why is ned soo perfect lol

  29. Uxia Blå

    Honestly I didn’t expect my sign to be first lol

  30. Sapphire Rizule

    my irish self couldn't do better love 6:34

  31. Kiersten Rice

    I got a puppy in October and getting a puppy is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I’ve never had a dog before so the first month was super hard. I begged my mom to get me a dog and after getting the dog, I knew why she didn’t want a dog. But after having her for 4 months, everything was getting better. I would just say, if you want a puppy, really think about it. Having a puppy is like having a child but better tbh 😂

  32. spicy dad

    John laughing at 11:20 brings joy to my heart. The only time I’ve seen him chuckle

  33. Randomname

    y’all keep bringin john into this that poor man

  34. Misty Lee

    This is beautiful, and it made me cry. Thank you! <3

  35. Fatma Aj

    We need part 3

  36. Owen Gibbs

    They should do the lie detector on John

  37. Hailey Alice

    i love john so much? just his comments and sometimes he does a half smile? he seems like a pretty awesome person.

  38. Na Na

    I literally laughed so much I cried HAHAHAHAAH

  39. Mia Dodson

    I can for real feel zachs pain through the screen

  40. KaLiyah West-Gore

    Showing the bowls to their wives and girlfriend made me smile! Its was so cute!!!!!

  41. Karina

    0:19 Ok but did no one seriously notice how Zach is wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt....

  42. Maddy Brunko

    I'd watch them play D&D or Pathfinder regularly

  43. aura lemuria

    neds kryptonite is wes

  44. Alexis Marie

    eugene, you ruined everyone HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  45. Affinity Crocker

    9:16 👀😂😂

  46. Rupkatha Chakravartty

    No one- Eugene- "we didn't really have a MoMeNt, but....KABLA NAKSHULIN!!!!"

  47. Sille Jensen

    I really hope that lady knows that her rugbrøds ice cream is not inspired by Iceland but Denmark lol

  48. smilte

    Olivia is annoying wth 💀💀

  49. Lilly Bear

    I’m Pisces and I’m shy quiet funny creatitive flexible non social sometimes I don’t argue and loving and a dog lover and animal lover

  50. Elisa Orellana Zetterlund

    Scorpio should be number one.

  51. Brehanna Lee

    They predicted the future... Shakira and j-low... 2020 super bowl! Anyone?

  52. Elliot Rubin

    This video is wrong. Somoas are the goat.

  53. Keegan Pitre

    Try Five Guys

  54. Victory Mark

    John is my favorite try guy

  55. thatsbunkman

    Did Eugene say try guys gay time

  56. Danae Zevely

    I lost it at the end when John leaned into the group hug. 😂

  57. Chinzorig Gantulga

    They should do an iq test

  58. Onelisa Major

    Zach in a suit 🥺☺️☺️

  59. Doreyda Fernandez

    I Love these! They are so funny!! 🤣🤣🤣

  60. Musiclover KeKe

    After all this time pranking Eugene although very hilarious. We need to see his revenge !

  61. Intern Dana


  62. TwentyØneAvøcadøs

    Libras are the fakest of the zodiac signs, huh? Idek anymore....

  63. Luz Urrutia

    Eugene is a 1980's fantasy like 😭😭🥵🥵

  64. _Mistic Lemonade_

    :< I don't think the the worst signs :c, I DO not face a cry- I get e motioned fast, and do not try to unmood ppl when I'm sad :(

  65. Cheezy - Extravaganza

    What What you doin with that Spade there Keith Why ya Why ya got the death card as your symbol

  66. Fatima Mendez

    I love this John guy 😃

  67. Sonni de Soto

    Definitely design a dress please!



  69. Happy Pizza

    Do my eyes deceive me or is John smiling at 11:19 ?

  70. Max Baker

    Lgbtqai+ 👍👍👍👍

  71. Zomb

    I see John everywhere for polygraph test

  72. Patricia Kamajaya

    That waist trainer was cuteee

  73. j k

    All of them looked fabulous

  74. Silvana Barba


  75. Hugues Foster

    Forget the accent Zack?

  76. A.M.K. Kirschner

    When Zach goes "Eat that bread! Get that bread!" I was pulling out bread to make toast. I feel so pumped up!

  77. Tëa Show

    At the end of the private lesson what they did was actually from Kemp jujitzu

  78. Pandora Esperanza

    Just for the record. I'm watching this while at work (I had to shut my office door) THIS IS HYSTERICAL!!

  79. Matilda G16

    I have to pause every few seconds bc 1) it’s so cringy 2) this is so weird and 3) I am literally dying of laughter and I want to hear what they’re saying Edit: and I can never look at a subway the same way again

  80. Madhavi Reddy


  81. Naray Cross

    Ah that small smile there. 16:05 Eugene you truly do know you have some good friends.

  82. jack jillinghall

    I swear. Eugene looked so stupid

  83. arathy s renu

    I love it when keith gets excited about himself & claps like a child😂 ... I just want to able to love myself like keith does

  84. Chris Tauer

    Zach is the WORST try guy change my mind

  85. Alina Baumgart

    Buzzfeed is the true villain

  86. Cynthia

    “his wife is blonde” - Keith

  87. Adrienne Kaio


  88. Natalie Addonizio

    i feel good being at number 2 lol sag for the win

  89. Marla Dickens

    Oh I dont need those to look old. My eczema got that covered.

  90. Thinkpad 1

    Oof has is that real

  91. Saoirse Victeoiria

    If the time ever comes for the cocktapus to go, I think it would make a fun item for a Try Guys Auction type event.

  92. Stephanie K


  93. Estelle Pieterse

    Wow That grandma definitely doesnt look 83! She looks like she’s 60

  94. Maud Van Gils

    keith and becky are literally goals

  95. james charles #1 fan

    shut up libra ass

  96. Sasha Animations


  97. Becca Nation

    for some reason i always come back to this video...it feels like..home😂😂

  98. aldo mayorga

    I think it's easy to lie case they're all there..I mean even with easy questions

  99. Emily Jarrells

    Further confirmation that I definitely don’t want children. If that changes, I will adopt.

  100. Kanishka Sharma

    Zach: there are alot of shitty dogs out there Meanwhile me who loves animals alot: How zach How can u even say that...