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  1. Richa Bhatt

    Young Ned is sooo cute... And old Ned is also cute... Love him..💖

  2. Rach R

    So your telling me that I had the chance to meet the try guys ... ... ... ... I'm gonna go cry for a sec, I missed my chance.

  3. 미장

    who’s watching this and is hungry

  4. Uvic _

    I need a whole sound track of these songs man

  5. Madison Kersey

    I really really hope you find happiness. You deserve it 🖤

  6. Dropju

    I love the Try Wifes so much!! I feel like I have more friends when watching them ( I know it sounds sad but it's true haha )

  7. Maxie MANNING


  8. El Ma

    I love how they asked James to wear the try guys underwear beforehand

  9. Lochlin Hird

    Tomato sauce... not ketchup...GET IT RIGHT

  10. Natalia C

    Ned is just like me.Ned is my new favorite. :)

  11. Mara Loeters

    HAH join the club

  12. Emma Bautista


  13. ZombieGuhL

    The try guys drunk on caffeine is my favorite lmao

  14. Mara Loeters

    This looks all so amazing and I’m here like I can’t eat it

  15. lollypop04

    hard to believe a lot of people haven't tried meat pie

  16. Mara Loeters

    c o n v i c t f o o d

  17. Hope Nelson

    One night in Bangkok is a song about chess!

  18. Mara Loeters

    What is Australian for beef? Beef? *continuous nodding*

  19. Alexandra Donnelly

    It’s upsetting to find out that someone as amazing and brave as Eugene felt like he had to hide part of who he is from the audience.

  20. lollypop04

    ugh I constantly crave meat pies I swear

  21. Larissa Barnes

    Watching Keith eat that sour candy... hurt my jaw 🤣🤷‍♀️

  22. frigoc 72

    I’m from australia and I was so annoyed and disappointed when they didn’t know what a meat pie was 😔

  23. Mint

    Please go to Iceland and eat Puffin! They're considered a pest and are over populated!

  24. Hannah Langford

    *crab isnt alive* warning; does it matter since it was steamed/boiled alive. Grotesque of them to try and excuse their actions when its causing such detriment to our planets health. (Prepares for verbal beration from ignants)

  25. Taj Potts

    might i remind you that the us was apart of the uk

  26. Sarah Feher

    I commented about the British food comment without looking and I’m loving how all of us are so triggered by the INSULT.

  27. Aiden Lin

    nobody: Old Eugene: Hmmm, mmm mmmm mmm mhmmmm hmmm mmm mhmmm................I like it.

  28. SiK Zyques

    How is he scots-Irish the fuck you mean buddy your American I AM scots cos I’m from Scotland

  29. Catty Tato


  30. Sarah Feher

    ‘British food is awful’. I’m offended. You live in a place where a scone is a biscuit, a biscuits a cookie and chips are crisps. And your gravy is white. Apologies for the sass but you ain’t tried the good stuff if you don’t like British food!

  31. 4laurenkelly

    I laughed so hard, not really at the jokes but at the guys trying not to laugh

  32. MaskinistN

    pray for australia, guys

  33. KittyCat1829 !

    Is no one going tot ask about her earrings?? I mean they are literally like the size of her face!!! Gurrrrlll!!!

  34. Bumbleriffic

    I love the super adorable energy of this video 🥰

  35. MCRmyGeneral

    I’m only six minutes in and this is my new favorite Try Guys video. Them singing in the pie shop has me pausing the video because I’m laughing so hard. 😂😂😂

  36. karpagalaxmy siva

    when u lowkey had a crush on eugene and ur a girl

  37. Bee Halliday

    I like how Mal loosened up with the little 'hole in the top' number

  38. Jason St. Martin


  39. Raya Xx

    Mal is the cutest. Totally fit in with them. But Ned asking what they call beef in Australia 😂

  40. isabelle isabella

    *pEnGuiN dRuNk aT tHe bar*

  41. Helena Palmer

    always blow on the pie

  42. SamaraHealey

    Pretty much no one puts "shrimp on the barbie" in australia, maybe some fancy restaurants. And its PRAWNS!

  43. Zm Hinata

    I was like what just happened!!!

  44. sibel Erdogdu

    Poor ned and zach always getting attacked by animals and eugene finally has a boyfriend yes<3 also keith FREAKING out over an egg 🤣😁🤗💖👏👏👏👌

  45. AznMapler12

    Prawns not shrimps!

  46. Sithuli Suraweera

    never knew meat pies were an Australian thing wtf

  47. Haleigh Crawford

    See I love Taylor so much like I have every album she has but I dont think shes a diva. Shes an emotional, caring, and relatable woman. Like I see her more as someone I can connect with it or hang out with. To me a diva is someone way way too intimidating to try to interact with even though they may be sweet.

  48. Bella Muppet

    You’re telling me that Americans don’t know or have a meat pie. Wha- how??!!

  49. Gacha Pup

    That's the meat and wine co right?

  50. Emily Deane

    As brand new vegemite eaters you DID IT WRONG!!!!!! Yet again Americans cannot figure out how to eat vegemite. I’ll give you points on the fact you at least tried it on toast with butter which is a very standard combination but as newbies you need to go in with the butter first and then a very, very light spread of vegemite. You should still be able to see toast under your vegemite and a substantial amount of it. Add more butter and small slathers of vegemite and I promise you next time you will have a whole new experience. Once you are a true Australian then and only then can you handle the full force of the thick vegemite spread. Or if you are hard core a teaspoon of vegemite which you slowly lick a layer off at a time. No/very few Aussie eats a tablespoon of the stuff in one go and enjoys that. You need to experiment and find your perfect combo of toast, butter/margarine/nutallex etc. and how much vegemite compliments rather than over powers the whole experience. Someone needs to start a class for Americans visiting Australia on how to begin their vegemite journey and how to find their perfect combo.

  51. Grace Elliott

    Wes: *DOES ANYTHING* Eugene: Oh, no. What do you want. What is he doing. lool

  52. pinkangel808

    I love this.. come to hawaii.. oahu is the best island...

  53. Playliszt Man

    22:57 Kekyoin

  54. plague sumkin

    Sag is the best

  55. KittyCat1829 !

    Zach: What is a meat pie? Me (an Australian): I am *offended* !!! Also how the hell do you not know what a meat pie is? It is literally in the name. A pie with meat...

  56. cooleustary

    omg I love mal aka daddy keith 😂

  57. Angelic Exo-L 6104

    15:48 Eugene : *put the meat on Zach plate * Zach : thank you daddy

  58. hillsidewesten12

    That joke was good

  59. Chloe Moran

    Emma: is full of anxiety Kieth: takes her on two long walks, puts her in a handbag and gives her a bath

  60. Hugo Hamilton


  61. Hugo Hamilton

    PRAWN not shrimp

  62. 我是真理现实Truth Reality

    0:45 America is also a british colony but the food?

  63. happyslothlove !

    Come back soon guys 😂

  64. Sophie H

    omg i want this food so bad but i developed an allergy this year to beef and lamb like aRe YoU jOkinG

  65. Park MinnieMin

    Its Frank 😲

  66. happyslothlove !


  67. Zoe MH

    Zach loves Josie and the Pussycats?? My favourite movie of all time?? I’m stanning

  68. Benjamin Benjamin

    Im from tennesse

  69. Bridget_Monkeys64

    Hi! I’m from Melbourne! Are you guys going to come to Chadstone?

  70. Vixxon

    'gourmet australian bbq' just go to bunnings for an actual australian experience

  71. Alex Callaghan

    “We have the best baristas in the world” BITCH IM FROM NEW ZEALAND I *WILL* FIGHT YOU

  72. LaughingSadness YT


  73. L

    We in Australia don't eat kangaroo

  74. themrjones420

    I heard the entire wagyu monologue in the voice of Buffalo Bill. “Would you eat me? I’d eat me? Now allow me to change into my skin suit.”

  75. sdfghj asdfghjk

    That was good one, Zach. Much respect.

  76. Junho

    Leo here. Were #1 I'm right. You're wrong. STFU🤴

  77. 홉이ᄋᄉᄋ

    zach is such a cute mess omG

  78. _Riley_Hildebrandt_

    Wow. Two of the four try guys have come out with things that they feel insecure about. Eugene coming out as gay and Zach talking about his balding. I have a lot of respect for all of you

  79. I want to stan 897 more groups but I am too lazy

    0:29 Eugene sounded like a child uwu

  80. nested bird

    She is so pretty 😲

  81. happyslothlove !

    I'm vegetarian... Why am I watching this although veggie pie looks 👍 . I can't beljeve Americans don't know about meat pies. Keith shouldn't definitely work there! Also not SHRIMP!!!

  82. Don't Laugh


  83. Peter Causon

    You flaming mongrels have just poofterize Aussie Tucker....

  84. Whi te

    All of that looks delicious!

  85. Olivia Ly

    No one:: NOTHING: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING: Eugene: *iTs BecAuSe oF thE wAr*

  86. Aku Chou Lee

    In my mind when the title said Eugene babysits Ned's baby, i thinking he about to take the baby on a road trip to Vegas.

  87. Kimmy Quah

    I lovee pubg is esey to get a win so nice game

  88. Seth Brooker

    U guys should go to all the theme parks in Gold Coast

  89. Destiny Auburn

    I had no idea that Americans don’t have meat pies. Wow!

  90. _ Bo _

    When the Australia series is over I think we need another episode of "withour a recipe"

  91. A Mukminin

    Bruv durian tastes better than it smells

  92. Julie May

    Their mouths are all so big

  93. ILF Gacha

    When he said it was for spanking your Asian kids...... I AGREED

  94. Hanna Banana

    I keep rewatching this whenever I have a cheese craving, because I’m aggressively lactose intolerant and I don’t want to die :)

  95. Ganat Suliman

    TG Friday's where I live will actually ask for an ID to prove it's your birthday if they're suspecting you're in it for the free cake 🤣

  96. monji kimchi

    What website is ned using

  97. Jenna Smith

    (Keith stops Zach from eating a pie with capsicum) Aw, how sweet. Keith is looking out for his friend's health. :) (Keith gushes how delicious it is to Zach's face) Damn it Keith! >:(

  98. Anitha

    team louise

  99. joe

    the best coming out video still to this day, i don’t make the rules

  100. mfanwe Likeit

    YESSSS! They discovered masterfoods squeezy tomato sauce - greatest invention ever!