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  1. Rand Rap

    keith scares me sometimes... but like, in a good way

  2. Cami Ferrell

    Zach needs to go outside for a walk or something😂

  3. Karlye Cutcher

    Eugene and YB:* quietly eats leave five* Everyone else:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. Annabelle Kiely

    But like... did he catch the fly?

  5. Jade Truong

    McDonalds fries are not vegan because they cook it in animal fat

  6. Kadian Wojciechowski

    I actually love both lists but I love rank king’s lists the most!

  7. Spaghet Cat

    There was this guy named Keith and he turned himself into a pickle, he called himself pickle Keith, funniest shit I have ever seen 10:46

  8. Hansel 13

    Just No

  9. Kermit da frog

    keith rediates crackhead energy

  10. Pvris Suicide

    my internet is so slow that I have to wait 30mn between each level, the suspense is killing me

  11. Chassidy Cortinhas

    i always knew he was hey when they did the try guys tried being drag queens and he fucking killed it on stage 😻 just been waiting for him to come out and show he’s beautiful butterfly self 🥰🥰

  12. Sean Davis

    how many of you replayed from 17:52 over and over

  13. Jacob Halleck

    What the fuck was in Zachs apple...

  14. Ecto- Spasm

    I really want some dumplings

  15. Asta Maree

    Everyone headphones on

  16. Ric B

    Not exact on the very bottom BUT the top half /6th or so spot on...

  17. SorbetSorbay

    lol did u see the person realise they were on camera then run away at 4:27


    Me: BzzzZzz bZzzzZ imma fly Zach: So you have chosen...Death

  19. Koker Hernandez

    13:34 is ME to my sugar daddy 😂😂

  20. Farah K.

    Y'all really fucked Rapunzel up huh

  21. BTS Chimmy

    Libra are really caring and that's me EVEN though I want them to be one but yeah it's fine because I'm not judging hehe sorry if it hurtful

  22. Kellie Eddlemon

    I love you so much Zach!😂😂😂

  23. Smashed Potato lol

    The baby smells like cochy water

  24. lindsey mehnert

    it can’t just be me that thinks zach and ned look better with stubble, but keith and eugene look better shaved

  25. Princhic

    Uh-oh. Becky didn't get a cat in February.

  26. Alexandra Haddad

    can we just talk about Zach's impressions bc theyre fuckin hilarious

  27. Neal Patel

    Omg who ever disliked this are pure evil.

  28. Tanner Meche

    Eugene needs to work on his squats you gotta keep your nipples pointing to a wall, keep your back straighter and keep you knees above your ankle

  29. Grace McLarty

    When clicking on this video I Do not think I would see half naked zac

  30. Kai The Cat

    i was a pokémon kind of nerd

  31. Cory Veeninga

    Ned is definitely high.


    When the fuck did he get a third dog

  33. Molly Elyn

    I watched this with my mother and her contributions were (not in order): 1) she doesn’t look old enough to be his mother 2) Who is that giraffe? (keith) 3) why is he making innuendos? 4) Wait? They’re ranking them by personal preference? I don’t want to watch it if they’re not ranking by healthiness

  34. Samantha Cobb

    lol zach literally can't hurt a fly

  35. heyitsaera

    wait why is nobody talking about their harmonies at the start???? what is this talent we dont know of?

  36. mellybean1718

    I think the confidence Zach has gained since this video more than anything makes him more attractive. I know he did go through with hair restoration treatments, and if that makes him feel like the world is his, then its perfect!

  37. Umut Mesci

    Maybe he just didnt want to get a boner ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  38. Namjoon's Crabs

    7:19 *my favorite scene so far-* i'm rollingg 😂😂😭

  39. CleanMan

    Do Mexican

  40. Snowleopard Howler

    Me wheezing at 10:27

  41. Cody Vowell

    Can we talk about how much I was Zach's polo. ugh.

  42. Psycho


  43. shalyn lewis

    i just love eugene and his capricorness🤍

  44. Pika Pika pikachu! My love pikachu

    zach: *calm when he loses every single time * Keith: I F----ING HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Hailey Taylor

    I laughed SO HARD when he flat lined... is that wrong?

  46. Cayla Graham

    My first time watching this I couldn’t place my finger on why swollen Zach looked so familiar. Second time watching it with my mom, she suddenly goes,”that looks like Marc!”. Marc is my boyfriend. Swollen Zach looks like my boyfriend.

  47. kimie brewer

    At 10:32 I see a grey hair

  48. Lily Brannon

    why do the try wifes look perfect without makeup be I look like a troll

  49. media zombie

    Hi I would like a part 2 bc I wanna hear what you have to say about this my dad is in prison for 7 years I'm 11 and the only thing that anybody said he did was f children it was during an argument with my mom newest boyfriend about parenting an he said at least I dont f children his dad died of eating to much steak sorry for this

  50. Violett !

    I ship Eugene and Zach How bout y’all :>

  51. nacklemoore 1997

    If you use windex and spray the fly, it helps, that’s what my roommate and I do. Or you can use water to stun it if you don’t wanna kill it :)

  52. Andrea Sans l-/

    Literally my favorite series, so fucking hilarious yet emotional:’)

  53. Sarkha Mix

    It still looks way more fun there lol

  54. Cassie

    Soooo... Zach’s initials are Z.A.K 😲

  55. What do I do now

    USsel has a sense of humor

  56. Matt Ruiz

    why did all of the types have to tell Zach that they ran out of comments quickly except mean

  57. Isabella Lemoine

    With the window open more flies are going to get in. Idea for next video, Zach vs Fly where its just Zach going crazy trying to kill a fly.

  58. Thats What She Said Thats What She Said

    Zach Always Wins Because He Thinks Out Of The Box

  59. Capri Toons

    This video is the reason why I'm studying tarot lmao

  60. KPV life a.k.a tattii

    Eugene 😂😂😂😂😂 no i dont 😂😂😂 💜💜💜💜💜 gotta love him

  61. Bloop deBoop

    Keith: Scared yet excited Eugene: Sexual tension Zach: Eternal bliss Ned: N/A

  62. that one girl

    am i the only person ever to actually prefer diet coke

  63. KID MASH

    This man put so many people in debt just to say he was gay. Wtf is the deal its 2020 no one gives a fuck if your gay

  64. itsalliX0

    Zach looks like paul scheer with the black on his face

  65. Logan Hock

    That was by far one of if the most inspirational videos ever there was no talking but that didn’t matter because you could still clearly hear the message

  66. Maggie Thompson

    11:37 and Keith’s fucked up tongue make a guest appearance

  67. Ivy Dinh

    3:08 is no one going to talk about his nails

  68. TessieWessieLessie 123

    eugene : exercising with dogs ned : cooking for kieth keith : cooking for ned zach : crying cause he can't kill a fly

  69. Julian Harris

    This channel is just a copy of unnus annus.

  70. Ivy Dinh

    1:46 please put a bra on😅

  71. Apologize Lovely

    I’m waiting for the day Wes sees Ned’s part

  72. Hailey McLean

    Holy crap Eugene is GOD GORGEOUS!!

  73. Isabella Raper

    I think keth won

  74. SKY Civic

    nanatsu no taizai best anime in my opinion.... just sayin

  75. Hannah Paras

    Everytime they do videos with food it just makes me so hungry

  76. Rohit Subramaniam

    Eugene: *Who picked out this dumbass hat?* Zach, weakly: I did

  77. J C

    My friends when they were little: 14:30 Me: 3:13

  78. Galuxistar


  79. Ashley Perrotte

    Damn Zack has a really nice looking place

  80. stacey

    I come back often to watch the "croppin their toppins" moment at 3:10 where Eugene pauses and they all laugh

  81. Nicole Sandra Perkins

    This makes me wanna get my straight shave license.