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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the show’s newest season.
Nick Jonas, the multi-platinum Grammy and Golden Globe Award-nominated recording artist, actor, songwriter and member of the preeminent group the Jonas Brothers, joins acclaimed coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 18. Carson Daly returns as host.
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  1. Gutter Stars

    Joei has a nice tone, but Todd is better. The Voice has been graced with a rare artist like Todd. He should win!

  2. J BA

    Winner 2020!

  3. Debbie Burke

    Look at Todd’s face at :34. Oh my!!!!!

  4. John John

    Wow Allegra ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Jhoanna Mendoza

    Just one of the best arrangements i ever heard in any song

  6. Mona Eugenia Barbu birou individual notarial Bnp

    Mr. Todd Michael Hall you are THE BEST this season! Please truly unleash yourself in the next rounds of The Voice! I`ve seen you on youtube before your blind audition and I know you can! I`m rooting for you!

  7. John John

    Can’t get over to this battle , Joanna I like your voice the most so powerful and pure. 😍

  8. Marcia Jen

    Todd's voice is pure and powerful......can understand every single word.

  9. Little man


  10. william fontanilla

    He's not technically impressive but he got my heart

  11. Lofi T

    So annointed! I get emotional listening to this performance - really feel the essence of song. God bless you Zan🙏

  12. GuilF

    blake did not push because she sounded like miranda

  13. koslaz2708

    They look very good together, they could make a very cute couple.

  14. Marihah Rizwy


  15. M Q

    17:08 when she isnt pregnant xD

  16. Ruby Villanueva

    What an amazing team.. Good job are simply the best guys

  17. Watiayriss Wati


  18. Shimotsuki Zoro


  19. carlo gilbert zamora

    She's just like Adele, singing a Jessie J. song with a Vocal prowess by Jennifer Hudson and musicality of Beyonce.

  20. Gutter Stars

    Rooting for Todd! I want this guy to win!

  21. Farrel Akhtar

    I love this season’s finale, everybody deserves to be here

  22. junhua moi

    whaat breed is the dog ?

  23. Mackline Viegas

    Very bad choice.

  24. L P

    Woooww, all about this was beautiful

  25. Sasha Saelan

    Kinda ship tbh...

  26. jess

    they should make a band bro that’d be amazing

  27. william fontanilla



    wow stunning performance by Troy and Gabriella 🥺

  29. byT

    Olaf searching for you

  30. titi adebayor

    Why am I crying?😍😘🥰😥😢😭

  31. manel Dfn

    It was a remake or Chris .....

  32. DIEGØ

    She gave me Whitney Houston vibes. Can't stop watching this. Absolutely incredible.

  33. manel Dfn

    This battle was fire 🔥

  34. GuilF

    That was a sexy performance.

  35. Jose Carmona

    The best

  36. Farrel Akhtar

    I love this, but Mackenzie invented the soft version of this song..

  37. Farrel Akhtar

    Kelly is definitely my favourite, I hope she wins


    Nick’s gift for arranging and staging should NOT be glossed over, wow!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 felt like I was watching a beautiful contemporary dance piece. Gonna watch 10 more times brb

  39. Lelah Wilhelm

    John completely contradicted himself during his explanation for not picking her. she looks how i imagine Kevin Jonas's daughter would be grown up

  40. Reynoldsuzs Arcelianlu

    If Garth and Reba would have a son, he'd sound like the Hoot. Can’t stop pushing the replay button. His voice is magical! Jake is not basic he is incredible and he truly deserves to win.

  41. Puffer 73

    Props to his parents for the manners.

  42. Sunny Anne

    He´s really good! And he ended up beeing the Runner Up (It is not a spoiler anymore. Everybody knows ;) ) which was fine by me.

  43. Nica

    the way he got me falling in love with him whew

  44. Apong Tzudir

    Two incredible voices on the Voice... Dang!! Two finalist yeah 😍

  45. meg 19

    Oohh i feel so bad for jared 💔 He is really good really talented even coaches know he has better vocal But choose will anyway cuse of his present Jared should at least got stolen

  46. Mashed Potato


  47. Edward J. Tawney

    Lol nick kept looking over at Kelly to see if she noticed yet. "Miss never let a man interfere..." Nick totally did with Kelly. : p

  48. Chris Nießen

    This Team is no joke.

  49. Rinaldi Tanjung


  50. Misa K

    Idk and no shade but there were so many other people who way way better than him. You could hear pitch issue in 2 or 3 of his performances. And he's so generic. Sounds like every other country. I would not recognize his voice over the radio. No wonder the ratings of this season dropped.

  51. Hartmannlwm Anibalkck

    He really had a cool tone. Surprised he didn't get picked. Think he definitely should have made it....give him another chance..please..

  52. Iris Dejonghe

    I wass shaking at this song like man those vibeeeees 😍


    I think they gonna be couple

  54. Marlan Ardid

    im a fan of BTS

  55. Lilah Flowerbaker

    Wait but did she get nicks jacket...?

  56. Cazirah Thomas

    God has used her so much looking at the comments and I can see that she won a lot souls for the kingdom of God! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  57. Hoki Poki

    He adorable af

  58. Sinoxolo Mpati

    She outdid herself, one of the most beautiful performances. Very heartfelt, I loved it I'm so moved to worship right now

  59. Adelheid Hock

    Haha! She was so hurt when she realized she got blocked 🤣🤣😭😭

  60. Arielle Williams

    😍😍😍 perfect story and a Perfect voice.

  61. Awesomejawson Game Shows

    Levi is one of my favorites of the season! Hope he gets to the finals 😁

  62. • Paris •

    they have big personalities

  63. Giovanni Asta

    Nelson has a more distinct voice

  64. Otaco Ashlee

    Jamal was super off key

  65. Evelyn Fisher

    I would been like hand monitioning for him to give me the jacket afterwards😂

  66. Otaco Ashlee

    Did they just break up before they even started dating?

  67. Akira Q

    Am i the only one who thought Micah looks like Markiplier when he was younger?

  68. Annisa Zulfa Hidayah

    Jacob really bring good vibes. It's sad to watch him leave :(

  69. Daija Mitchell

    I don’t know how she pulled that off but she put stank on it periodt

  70. Jgizzy -redacted-

    2 minutes of actual singing, 4 minutes of bantering.... REALLY?!?

  71. Caleb Lim

    Blake knew he had it when Kirk said “Country till the day I die.”

  72. A W

    Anyone watching this performance during quarantine ❤️👀

  73. Trang Vo

    Yeah, wonderful!

  74. Dino DeVito King

    Sometimes, the contestants of this show brutally outshine the judges. This was one of those cases

  75. Wolf Spider

    Wow. The jonas brothers look different here

  76. Daija Mitchell

    She done took everyone to church

  77. Daija Mitchell

    She killed that periodt

  78. Fabricio Lima

    Now United????

  79. Alex Bravo

    Her look in this, is for keeps.

  80. Joshua Aballe

    Is it just me or the other judges seems like they hate asians, or 3rd world countries. No offense but i think Nick doesn't seems comfortable seeing a candidate from a 3rd world country. I mean seriously his actions look fake and scripted. Again no Offense.

  81. John Dungca

    Sorry but The chick was not needed 😭

  82. Joe Touma

    This performance was everything! But If nick jonas moves allegra miles and tate brusa through the live playoffs they will both be chosen from america to the next rouds and pribably they would be both in the finale and i think that jonas’s fans will be divided into 2: 1 in the favor of allegra and the second for tate. And this will be an advantage for other good contestants to win the show ; for example micah iverson from team kelly or thunderstorm from team legend( that’s why blake didn’t win season 16 or also season 14 -> because he had 2-3 contestants in the finale )

  83. ABHS

    I m a fan of the voice from Malaysia . I think this guy is going to win this season 18 voice . I suggest he keeps selectiing few more of bob seger's songs like , against the wing , old time rock n roll , and a few of eagles song ie heatache tonite , dirty laundry etc , brian adams song too , plenty other songs to choose , Mosty the 80s , he will win this season

  84. Mahja Agustines

    Wow!! I am inloveeeeee!! Johnnn why you making it so hard?!!

  85. G S

    The BEST COVER OF THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By far! Daaayyuummmmmm!!!!

  86. Sera Sekelaca

    Dauuummmm Girl💕💕💕💕💕

  87. 이진호

    voice man

  88. Milton Tron

    bts has one of the best crowds

  89. Ryder Perry

    Finally someone on the voice singing a Christian song amen

  90. nsthap1

    I love how humble Jacob is. He is a great singer as well.

  91. mirembe rashidah

    May not consider herself to be a country artiste but country music chose you along time ago therefore you must start embracing it.

  92. prowoman j

    Hope they get kinda used to being friends. A vocal and physical chemistry there. Even heard a little Lewis in Mucha's vocals. He's one to watch....

  93. Amanda Gains

    His version makes me cry Idk why


    Contestant number two...damn her voice is everything 😍😍😍😍😍,Hello Sunday too are really good❤️

  95. Mal Buckets

    This song is soooo annoying also camm deserved a better coach -_-

  96. Wilhel S.

    CHAINS OF CORONAVIRUS ARE BROKEN, I declare and decree IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME! Amen. ~April 2020

  97. Karla Quiroz

    the amount of times i’ve replayed this video is in unbelievable

  98. Sangsangi Renthlei

    I love this battle.

  99. Dk mk

    Blake truly deserve to be called the king.. Best moment ever

  100. john v

    ummm this kid singing a lot better than Nick Jones, is it just me? Like Nick always sounds like he struggles with singing in general 🧰