I am Gus Johnson. I do comedy, I create skits, I craft memes, I make music, I crap out bad vlogs. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.

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  1. Rickety Luckety


  2. Username

    Three isn't enough. We need more Imbiamba Jombes!

  3. The awesometoad Plays

    I know this cus of lazar beam

  4. Different Name

    What is up with plain White Girls and shitty British accents? All they do is day their Rs retarded and completely miss out on beautiful words such as "Wanker", " Cunt" And "Innit"

  5. Kay

    I haven't seen the keytaur, Gus, where is the keytaur

  6. Ya Mum

    Eat your cereal

  7. Bill T

    In case the ones who buy salt are confused, there exists a secret brotherhood who's members, under the guise of personal friendship, steal salt from one friends house and transport it those without.

  8. Hugh Jazz

    I keep coming back here for 11:30

  9. Grey Matters

    identity experimentation is a stage of development. i get worried when it lasts into the 20's. like punky hair colors- just cries daddy issues- but some guys are into that sorta thing

  10. william torres1

    Just bought a coffe insence

  11. william torres1

    Omg how did i end up here.... o well did u know insence zen has coffee insence

  12. Luke - Comedy And Crap

    Lemme just started that he did the math wrong 53 stems

  13. TheGreaterG8r

    I listen to very loud and extreme music so to me theyre quite

  14. GoldbossGaming

    How do you whistle like that

  15. Justin McClure

    I know people who act like this

  16. Emma Olivia

    The Rich have their own Bible?!?!? xD

  17. Demi Marie

    Why does Gus always seem drunk?

  18. Dream Darling

    Why do i feel like he was drunk durin this

  19. Shem Pen

    this is actually hialrious

  20. TH3 D4NK3ST

    And you didn’t make it in? Damn shame.

  21. TH3 D4NK3ST

    3:18 is amazing because of the subtlety that they’re all black babies. Amazing

  22. TH3 D4NK3ST

    Yea man. They pulled a lion king. The animated version is better. But not as good as the manga tho

  23. Sophia Overrated

    I don’t know what movie pass is but this sounds right

  24. Vyset gaming

    1: How much money did you spend on crayons. 2: Who told you to do this.

  25. RadioGuy

    ...number 9

  26. Seán McGovern

    This = The most wholesome video the internet

  27. Dirtspawn064

    This made me sad because as a sufferer of Intermittent Explosive Disorder I would have days where I would act basically like that. It's not funny to me and its home.

  28. chip skylark

    Damn bro Gus got a 5head. Ol megamind looking ass. Cute

  29. Hiigherr

    I'm from North Alabama and Dothan is not the greatest representation of our state lmao Perfect for the video though hahaha Check out Jimmy's in Huntsville. Great reviews

  30. tasty bassy

    Are you h.bomberguy?

  31. Chris Trenary

    i laughed so hard at the end thanks doctor jombes

  32. TH3 D4NK3ST

    I did not think that’s what this video was ab

  33. OmniscientPickl


  34. Acentrix Gaming

    This isn’t the type of crack I came to see

  35. Track And field

    This is like if graenwolf directed this

  36. M J

    My personal media crue is my Motley Crue cover band.

  37. ultimate destruction Gaming

    God dayyym this guy is a level 100 alpha male I need to be like u g money teach me da way

  38. Lennon Roberts


  39. Ethan Pankow

    One of your best vids

  40. M J

    Yeah I'm Christian... and a LOT of Christian media is trash. I don't know if we're too nice to give honest critiques of Christian media, or if the establishment shuts down even legitimate critiques as heretical. Christian art was good centuries ago, but we've been coasting since.

  41. Eloridas

    I buy salt. Once i bought salt for a friend who steal his salt from the cafeteria. Damm iam the a reason for spontanius appearing salt.

  42. tyler wilson

    I fell called out

  43. OmniscientPickl

    Not sure how I feel about 12 year old Gus

  44. Stephen Horton

    I love how people slowly start to circle around to observe at a distance. 😂

  45. Mantha Boo

    Somebody finally gets what I've been saying yass

  46. Andrew's You'niverse


  47. Charles Wall

    The poor neighbors must be so scared

  48. barbarino

    "That's against the Geneva conventions," he said in front of the flag of the country responsible for waterboarding an innocent man 83 times.

  49. theblokheader

    You had me up until that last part

  50. R-dogg XL

    Okay, I don't like him, but you were an asshole.

  51. Cheesey MC

    Wait it’s carol

  52. Azure Kite

    I've never seen someone play basketball so poorly. This was art.

  53. rubymeg

    Omg Dr. Jones is so like Mr. Bean, it’s beautiful

  54. A Lost YouTube Comment

    Y does he look like Bambi trying to walk

  55. War Lock

    Did i ever tell you the deficion of insanity

  56. yo momma

    Oh that kind of crack 😏

  57. Moss

    That guy's face gets me alone.

  58. Crabtitties

    I love how this popped up in an automated playlist from USsel

  59. DancyRULEZ

    Can I come to your gym?

  60. A7omic

    How my mans just gonna play congratulations eyes closed and backwards, my dude I can’t even name a flipping note on chrome music labs

  61. Kiwi Chan

    No it’s ok micheal do more

  62. nate kilmer

    this g money pranks have gone, too far!

  63. Austin Franklin

    Remember when pay money wubby pretended to be a dying kid on Drumsy’s channel?

  64. TheAtomicLizard YT

    Did you get the Wendy Williams tickets yet

  65. Leon Mihelčić

    just a pinta milk

  66. zaaya

    Legit thought he was "Psycho Dad" when scrolling down lol

  67. SYREW

    The original pizza roll experiment

  68. Gusttuu

    Gus listen to me. Remember a year ago when you made a video about what you do every day? At one point Sabrina is really close to the lens and you say she looks like a kid asking for candy. Make a whole sketch in just that close up and that weird voice Sabrina used

  69. Adrian

    Wait so only white girls do that??

  70. Nick Jedi


  71. AZEEZ tenir

    how do you have such a hot girlfriend

  72. bitspot

    But wait I have an idea what if Peta comes out and says that chicken farms are just like, I'm just spit balling, was just like the actual holocaust that the Germans organized. Oh wait

  73. Bryce Smith

    The only thing this is missing is the music sting when you introduce the topic. Otherwise, perfect

  74. Josiah Baker

    I bought a 50" 1080P TV for $200. It's not 3D it's not 4K, it's not IPS: It's $200. 7 years ago this was the $1800 TV at Walmart. It has zero smart TV features. It doesn't know what I watch, and it doesn't phone home. Every smart TV you ever buy IDs the content you watch and sends your viewing habits back home. It's common knowledge, and it's baked into the price: they discount the TV's with the sale of your data as a discount in their profit margins.

  75. g3t 0uta m3 5wamp

    6:10 casually spits mad bars

  76. HaasFormulaOneFan

    This is 100% me

  77. DaveSave Mowen

    1:14 it seems that gus likes the big lebowski with that bowling shirt

  78. Glass Hammer

    my first time watching this video and its february 2020...

  79. Facepalm Industriee

    This is Napoleon Cake

  80. XMaster65

    what was the doom thing

  81. ok computer

    U can really see his resemblance to sven here

  82. benk *

    He didn't quite see it coming

  83. Gusttuu

    The walk sent me lmao

  84. Apocalypse Chime

    That camera crew was distracting him- that’s why it looks like he’s shit

  85. HaasFormulaOneFan

    The funny thing is, Newports is what me and my buddies smoked in high school.

  86. Mr. McAwesome


  87. JTF Fletch

    I love when Gus is drunk

  88. Nacho Diaz

    If you didn't cry you have no soul

  89. Sarfnic Productions


  90. Alexander PigPod

    Damn, this one got me, that prank way to intense

  91. Memes4ThePlanet

    You forgot the 2 groups of 3 purple stars on the wall

  92. How AreU

    Beat the crap outta that like button! Gus-you so funny!

  93. Greg Kendrick

    Am are working for the USPS, can confirm is policy

  94. invader dogour

    Tumblr has the same problem too. Except its people harassing and bullying people over fictional characters because they think its "justice". All while they do nothing for real people who need help.

  95. Two Ducks and a Dog Lol

    Gus your musical talatent and atuituid is extraordinary keep it up

  96. IceyWiz

    Bruh This is awesome I subbed

  97. Staticzxz

    This is still one of my favourite videos

  98. RyanORourkelol

    This makes me uncomfortable and mad as fuck. Religion is nuts

  99. Tuomas

    There's a reason why I've never gone to subway...