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  1. •TheMagnificent _Dragon•

    I saw iffbrand crocs that were called lady clogs instead of crocs 🤣

  2. SHEM Homeschool Academy


  3. Just another Rat

    Sniperwolf: R I S I S P I S I S

  4. Kai No

    We're just not gonna address the fact that she's on the toilet

  5. babylover Fry

    I ❤ cats

  6. LaciePlayZ

    I can do three leaf clover with my tongue and i have the free ear piercing . That’s it I’m Jesus

  7. Matthew Robbins

    This is how many people like Sniperwolf 👇🏽

  8. dustixdevil

    Sssniperwolf :we dont have the foods Korea has Me: this is America

  9. Sami Rkab

    The fire didn't work because the paper that you took off is the thingy that gets charged that lights up by date from The Middle

  10. Tilly Black


  11. Daily life of a weirdo

    I *sjshfjsikqobfhsi* asked for *cotton balls.*

  12. Basically Floof

    SSSniperWolf over here is eating the smallest part of a food and throwing it away, meanwhile I eat an entire cake in less than 19 minutes.

  13. Taj Williams

    My grandma puts her arm up randomly too😊😊😊😊

  14. Frying Pan

    People die if they are killed! Whoa!

  15. Wolf Pack

    have you ever heard of idio otor affect google it trust me their is away s a logical explanation

  16. Hunny luv

    Furrys don’t think they are animals but these people think they are animals it’s different. I’m not a furry btw

  17. Brady trout

    Dr.phill is a real doctor not just a tv host

  18. Laila Princess

    We love you ssnipperwolf💋💋

  19. Julissa Arce

    Where is my favorite French youtuber?

  20. Its_jayla

    I do stare at my poop when I’m done


    Like if today is APRIL foll

  22. Brooklyn Neely

    Congrats on 18.9m 🤗

  23. Alpha Lizard

    I like broccoli

  24. Taylor Boney

    Hi Olga

  25. samantha heilig

    That was a dragon fruit

  26. Brandy Moore

    Yes she did she said wow

  27. Neveen Gutierrez

    And the ❌on my palm

  28. CRZ Centurion


  29. Ms. Cool Beans

    She said wow during the Lexus thing and she didn't loose a life 😑

  30. SirenSpringFlower TheWeirdest

    Your life is ruined girly Only for lying Edit :Dont lie

  31. Catgirl2003

    The way you say Reese's is the same way you say pieces. Rie-sez pie-sez

  32. jayden mohan

    i think she should f off not you lia

  33. Evie Kennedy

    I have scoliosis and I had to get a VERY Important 3D scanning at the hospital and this man is like 16!!!!! THERES THE CEO,MANAGER AND SOME DOCTORS AND NO ONE HELP HIM WITH THE SCANNING!! And I was sitting there looking at my mom threw the tiny window like “ GeT mE oUt!!! “

  34. C000kie•—• ChAn.6


  35. Sofia Animastions

    Well, aleast you tried your best! That what matters. Right?

  36. Julio Lima

    Well who think that f**k up talk to people right

  37. Calista Bella

    Anyone else see the bug in the background coming from under the door


    As bad as the watermelon Me ????????

  39. Kyla P.

    Two way TWOthpaste I mean that was bad I’m sorry

  40. RoseyIsabella365 365

    I can shake my eyes and no one I know can shake there eyes like I can can anyone else

  41. Brianna Salgado

    This is how many people watch hunni bee ASMR 👇🏻

  42. Susie Martin


  43. Gabby Baker

    What about the slender man murder?

  44. ecogirl 360

    9:14 you can tell he's a gringo trying act ghetto

  45. Greer Westmeyer

    Her:explaining her door Me:well this is going to be a long day 👇🏼

  46. Anela Radoncic

    I have brown birth mark on my hand

  47. Teressa Petite

    I basically just YA YEET it across the room

  48. Vainilla Sparcake

    I was at a Hotel, and it has a beach, So a jet ski got stuck on the sand, They got a atv to get it out, so the atv gets stuck in the sand, they get a car to get the atv out, so the car gets stuck in the sand again, they get a tractor to get everything out and it got Stuck On the sand so they get a bigger tractor and they finally got out.

  49. Carmella Berrett

    Omg i am watching this at 4:42 am and when it screamed my heart raced😂😂

  50. Emily Lowe

    lol i was crying bc my bff was useing me and i wached this and was happy

  51. Katelyn Brinkman

    I have the hole in my ear

  52. Tj Aranha

    How do you make those squishy crunchy you get clay and coat it in clear nail polish

  53. Arielle Samedi

    I have those flakes umber my toung but there’s a sertent way to eat so it won’t get stuck in your teeth

  54. Raya Loves memes

    Bruh u frickin look like a cookie just why 👁👄👁

  55. Lilliana Snyder

    Sorry I dont have any money so I can't join I tried to beg my parents :(

  56. Thomas Stephens

    I can bind my thumb backwards

  57. nathalie cabrera

    Just use a android Android has 35GB storage

  58. Brynnleigh Stanley


  59. Brookie Cookie

    Sssniperwolf: you have disgraced Gordon Ramsay Me: WHERES THE LAMB SAAAUCE!!!

  60. Kochi Bakugo

    I like all food 🍣🍚🍙🍛🍡🍱🍜🍕🌮🍔🥥🍓🍉🍎🍑🥞🥖🥔🍠🥩🥚🍗🌯🥗🍤🥠🍥🍧🍨🥡🥢

  61. Pan Can

    There is different kinds of OCD like I have it and I don’t care if food is cut wrong , I need everyone and thing to be in order . So you could have OCD , YOU HAVE TO TAKE A REAL TEST FROM A PROFESSIONAL!!!! I hate people that self diagnose themself with something

  62. Crystal Cotton Candy

    Lia:ewwww why bricks Sand:I’ll take that as a compliment

  63. Shellia St George

    1st clip no one: the daughter: mom im pregnent.. Me:skips part of vid The mom:PuShes aNd hits ANd KicKs Me:ABUSE

  64. Dude Perfect FAN #1

    WhAt dO YoU tHiNk I aM.....A LIZARD!?

  65. shãrkïê føx AJPW

    *it's night but let's do a video* *So TODAY* That makes me feel smarter

  66. Linda Virtue

    Next we gonna run out of Laundry detergent, because we gonna be using towels to wipe our bums.

  67. Adriana Messmer

    I didnt see the bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. enzi estes


  69. Abigail Hawks

    WEAVE SNATCHED! Ima snatch yo WEAVE

  70. Kyna Barnes

    I have long eyelashes

  71. Holly Carr

    Sniper I have a poster at school that has you on it I worry for your safety

  72. Piggy And Gizmo’s World

    My library teacher did the Brown-E prank on my class

  73. Lacey DePhilippis

    Oh btw I was lmfao the WHOLE time

  74. Kaitlin Stokes

    Did you know it costs 1.4 cents t ok make a penny, it costs more than a penny to make a penny because theyre made of mostly zinc

  75. Rome Kids


  76. Alicya Life

    It’s like your body knows you never sleep that good so you just wake up

  77. Brendan Curran

    People living with these probably despise their own deformities and you are just like it want them’ little insensitive lowkey

  78. CherryFox

    One time I had a fortune cookie without the fortune before 😂 also, at 3:28 I just had that today. But WITH the cone 😎😂

  79. nic nac

    You know the ones that you said were like vampires and they were gonna suck out yourself they are actually USsel isn't very famous

  80. Isabel Guerena

    The earth is obviously round because the earth emoji is round🌍Lmao 😂 I didn’t really mean that😳😂🤣😂

  81. Jaxson Pressley

    4:21 she looks like she is having a seizure

  82. Jessica Poplar

    I love this I can't stop laughing

  83. Kimberley Hammond

    1st person burning her tongue. Me: what did you think was gonna happen?

  84. Gabriel Martinez

    She is cringey sssniperworlf is the best I subscribe to this video subscribe if you think her singing is so ugly 🤢🤮🤮 sssniperworlf is the best USselr ever yeah 😂😅🤣😆☺️😅😅😂😃😉☺️

  85. Ava Abel

    Um she’s a dig booley

  86. Alesha Lanphear

    When I was little I had the tongue spike things but uhm... I don’t anymore 😬 let’s just say I really hated them damn things...

  87. Rebecca Meeker (2027)

    600 trips back and forth :300 each of them

  88. Jhonieline Penequito

    My biggest fear is natural disasters

  89. ツMerp

    Ayee, I have an X formation, I have a strong trait! :D Edit: I found two xs’ on a hand... uhhhhh...

  90. Hunterhayden Salinas

    2020 Nobody in school cause of corona virus

  91. Iqra Mohamed


  92. shadow guy playz

    Called every number

  93. Elyssa Byrd

    One time I opened a blue bunny ice cream cone and their was no ice cream it was just the cone I was so upset I thought I was gonna be getting me some ice cream but no all I had was a cone 😭😭😭😭😂😂

  94. Kristina Palacios

    I Love you so much

  95. Neveen Gutierrez

    I have the tongue with the lil spikes and yes it does get stuck in between your teeth and it hurts

  96. Sierra Langston

    I have green eyes which is the rarest eye color and I have central heterochromia which means I have a different color border on my pupil

  97. Althea Rae Malong

    you're welcome to come over anytime

  98. Raymond Miller

    At 4:14 she said wow

  99. Äsîömäiï Çhäñ'

    She doesn't have a brainnn Bruh get a brain transplant What a bi-chhhh She is the Attention Seeker, Just collapsed on stage And went on expensive places Instead of spending the money for her daughter's tuition fee. And other abnormal activities she did.