I am a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. The recent interest in food, combined with a large amount of 'misinformation' has driven me to start this channel. I hope to be someone people can relate to and trust when they question how their food is grown and raised. I also hope to become a 'smarter' farmer through my experiences with this channel. I strongly believe we must have an open mind and a willingness to learn about others, or we cannot move forward as one. My goal is to build the connection between farmers and consumers by facilitating a collaborative conversation amongst everyone. I do this by sharing my day-to-day farming experiences, my opinions on certain topics, and occasionally visiting other farms and businesses to help better understand other farming and business practices. There is no limit to where this channel may go, so please join me!!

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  1. Gene Murphy

    At 7:40ish hopefully they are bringing you a life preserver and a dry suit

  2. Randy’s Channel

    How many more acres you got

  3. Trackside Solution

    You need a Claas Lexion with a Convio head!

  4. ballbag urchin

    We have big bush firers 22kms north of me here in Australia nsw and ur in snow lol swap u

  5. Andy Jewell

    do who ever get really stressed out with down corn and wet fields,, have you ever tried using plantform to pick corn

  6. dcctech

    Looks like your harvest is just as much a "challenge" as it has been here in southern Manitoba. Been near -20 last few days. Hang in there. Love your videos!!

  7. spike76

    nothing more frustrating then when the corn head plugs every 20 feet , keep plugging away no pun intended lol like my Dad told me "it's a good life if you don't let it get you down"

  8. Jake Rowell

    What's your corn used for? Eating? Corn syrup?

  9. Wyatt Smith


  10. ballbag urchin

    From Australia i like watching this thank u

  11. Joshua Gittings

    10:28 - that’s what he said!

  12. Raymond L

    downed corn, hard all around, time and money...

  13. Chad Johnson

    Zach You are very good at keeping your cool... On camera at least. Cheers man

  14. Jrbpa 57

    We used bean head ( 10’ ) back in the 60’s on flat corn. Slow, but it worked , better then losing it all.

  15. Shore Billy

    Coming soon. The Millennial Farmer U-pick cob corn sale!!! Hang in there Zach

  16. Bob

    "why don't you pull out so I can dump on you..." Lmao

  17. Jordan Chamberlain

    There's not some sort of cheat or hack that let's you bypass the 200 hour lock on the Challenger?

  18. Kendammit

    Don't lie you first said "wrecked 'em" when you were talkin about that shank and then re-filmed it to say "wrecked it"

  19. Chris Tessmer

    Wrecked em? Damn near killed em!

  20. Randy Breuer

    Sorry to say this but you will earn every penny this year.

  21. Robert Jones

    Ask Deere to get better on access to hoses for maintenance

  22. Brian Webber

    Do you get to demo the X9 harvest 2020?

  23. Corkrebel

    Great video. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  24. HamJumbo3

    Being from the UK why cant you harvest that CORN with a conventional header? more so when its lying over & some is rather flat

  25. Bill Baas

    That’s pretty neat

  26. Ki113dbysw0rd

    My work phone has the same ringer and until tomorrow, I've been on call nearly 24/7 for 3 years. I might be close to feeling your pain when you hear that beebeep.

  27. Finch Harper

    ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓ What happened to the Hybrid to make it fall? Wind Damage? Moisture Damage? or just poor stalk fiber?

  28. Jim Ellinger

    It looks like a box of kitchen matches dumped on the ground ! Your gonns need more than a miller lite after that job.

  29. Trevor Milliken

    5:50 I’ve made a very similar statement to my dad many times before

  30. G S

    I am so sorry to see what you have to go through. I hope things get better soon for you.

  31. Jason Hudspeth

    Yeah man I love climbing grain bins

  32. Bodie musolf

    Having a bad day

  33. ActXV

    Here in Nebraska we’ve been having a lot of issues with down corn and standing water also. Corn doesn’t seem to like 50 mph wind gusts....keep pushing through man, you’ll get it done!

  34. Remmie Max

    What hybrid or genetic source is the bad one (if you can give that out)?

  35. ER Kintop

    it smells like money weeeee

  36. Kathy Malaspina

    No one works harder or longer then a farmer.

  37. deelangdon

    I feel your pain

  38. MJ P

    OLF has an older video of combining corn with a grain head.

  39. mjlindvall

    Hang in there Zach, you have all of us subscribers here rootin' for you and your family farm. This too shall pass, and we love and appreciate your videos and your candid thoughts. I hope the last portion of your harvest gives you a good mood boost!

  40. William Keating

    So when it is this cold. Are these the frozen corn I see in bags at the store?

  41. Pierre Roberge

    Farming at night is tough.

  42. Farm boy 1456 Owen

    We have a capelo corn head it does good in standing corn but we had to use the draper on some corn

  43. Farmer Tater

    My axial flow has a sensor shorted out and it beeps constantly I know what you mean

  44. Ron Hoskinson

    Is the wind the culprit of the down corn or was something missing from the nutrition of the corn plant that caused it to be down?

  45. Jason Hudspeth

    My dad is a farmer so I guess I'm a farmer

  46. Wild Rose

    Our pets HEADS are falling off! Yup....it's been one of those days.

  47. Gromsterino

    Maybe dont show phone numbers on your videos, just a quick tip :P

  48. wesley moore

    You know Zack love your channel and I’m not one to bitch about a lot of stuff but your guises dealing with that bearing and no torque specs and other things may be the reason that you’re having so many issues with your bearings

  49. Hein du Plessis

    I recommend hammering some split washers on to the auger on the corn head, that'll grab the stalks better. I had to harvest tall downed seed milo like that once, the washers helped. Just checking that they stay on there

  50. wmurphy1979

    Hey zack sorry to be a pain was wondering when your map for farm simulator is coming and will it be on all formats eg consoles pc s ect cheers bud.

  51. Richard Beebe

    Press on man! It can only get better. It's been an absolute mess this year I think about everywhere in this country. We just finished about a week ago here in northern Ohio. Right before our first 4" of snow.

  52. Ride Now

    First of all, you need a tree magnet; not a camera magnet. Secondly, the torque spec for that spindle nut is referenced in German as guedentyte. You're welcome. 😉

  53. Thomas Long

    And i have only seen about 10 feilds tilled in manitoba

  54. 1ove2Act

    Just pull out so I can dump on you standing still. Sorry lmao

  55. David Chapin

    Wish there was something I could do for you more than just say "hang in there" but there really isn't. Farming like that is not fun. Hopefully, you can get through it and finish harvest.

  56. Thomas Long

    I live up in Manitoba and there is lots of farmers who are putting their combines away now when some of them still have 1000 acres left and some are just burning there crops in the field

  57. LMD Productions

    Watching while harvesting in FS17 Case of course... 😜

  58. Goat517

    Put your bean head on and run that down corn

  59. Andrew Ruble

    Keep trying Zack. Life sometimes gives us downed corn but I have faith you will figure out something. Thanks for honestly showing us both the good and bad on the farm. Nothing but respect for you and your family! I have learned so much about farming from you. Thanks!

  60. Rob B

    @4:20 if you can't pick up this corn and combine, what do you do with it?


    By the looks of things the brown paper bag should of had a bottle in it.

  62. iiSweat _

    I would be so mad having to go in one direction and the header keeps clogging

  63. bulletstop100

    As a former Army airdale, we called them grease fittings, lol..

  64. Craig Flatley

    It is expensive

  65. Claetus Woodroofe

    You are lucky in your warm cab the older Deutz Fahr where I work would not be nice to use in November they have air con and no heater fitted I guess it would be difficult to channel heat from a air cooled engine all the way to the cab think how poor the heater in a old Vw beetle is

  66. Bennyb40 1

    Chin up dude, it will be alright in the end, and if its not alright, then it's not the end

  67. Mark

    Do you get a break on pricing for your propane since you are ordering such a large quantity?

  68. Justin Louwagie

    Hang in there Zack. And everyone else in this situation.

  69. Barry Foster

    How do you evaluate risk - lost corn vs risk of serious header damage?

  70. Moneyandtime Freedom

    Ducks,Geese and Pheasants will be happy

  71. Eastern Explorer

    *poke* you okay? yu, yu you okay? Lol

  72. Lorenzo Pappatico

    So sorry for all the problems you're having, hang in there Zack.

  73. King Théoden

    Is Josh new to the farm?

  74. Craig Flatley

    Your a farmer talk to your dad,

  75. Robert Bennett

    Don't sweat it dude, you're a Millennial, you can just give up.

  76. Freepress666

    Lay off the sugar for awhile will improve attitude

  77. Ross james Mccullough

    What happened to the racecars

  78. Dan Tomlinson

    This downed corn really sux . Hang in

  79. bubba wubba

    Don't use your header buy a cheap ass head because that head will be thrashed.

  80. Jeff Paggett

    Corn vigara?

  81. Rjacko

    Keep living the dream 👍👍

  82. E Jayz

    My heart breaks every time I see how hard this year has been for everyone. But like you say “that’s farming”.Now is a great time to look forward to next year. Here’s hoping it’s a lot better!!!!

  83. bubba wubba

    Don't know why you guys keep delaying buying a reel for that head. You must be almost done with the acres you have down.

  84. Bo Duholm

    I can dump standing still, but, I prefer sitting down ;)

  85. TransitBiker

    Have you had any chance to figure out any clues to the drainage issues with the various fields?

    1. Banjo Benson

      They had so much rain no drainage system could take the water away

  86. bubba wubba

    The down corn you got we had that over 90% of our acres 3 yrs in a row. Makes you question even farming.

    1. tyler durden

      That's one problem i haven't had is downed corn. I plant dekalb, had a little green snap but not bad. It has pretty strong feet it seems like.

  87. Micah Harman

    Get the draper head out

  88. Treyvor Umbarger

    Down corn always makes for a long, aggravating day. You handle it better than I do though since I could make a sailor blush when the head plugs lol. Chin up sir, you'll get'r done.

  89. Linda Danielson

    I don't envy you at all. What a mess

  90. Robert Jones

    If a farmer ruled the world he would outlaw beepers in tractors.

  91. Jennifer White

    question want will you do with the corn you can not get to we will put the cows into ours just have to put up elect. fencing now

  92. ernest darnell

    put the reel header on it works ok just have to go slower but its better than leaving it for the dear

  93. tyler durden

    I was in some corn like this last year helping a neighbor. It was a nightmare. I was using a 8 row drago. I actually tried a 40' small grain draper head it was down so bad. didn't help

  94. Craig Smith

    Could ya'll get together with your neighbors and "open range" and run some cattle to pick up the leftovers?

  95. dgc1929

    What brand and variety seed is the downed corn? I'd like to know so I don't plant any of that. In all of my years of farming i've never seen corn down like that in November, maybe after standing all winter, but not November. If it gets covered in snow you have a 100 acre food plot for your deer.

  96. Justin Louwagie

    5 years ago we had flat corn like that. At that time we had 2 combines. One had poly snoots and the other had steel. They both had steel snoots on them at the end of harvest. It just slid and fed better.

  97. Banjo Benson

    all things considered , late spring and all you have pretty good yields and will get through with harvest long before a lot of farmers south of MN, the frozen trunda

  98. Michael Uffen

    To bad you couldn't use the soybean header on that fallen corn and just leave the internal settings in the combine set for corn. Lol

  99. Farmer Frank

    Hey there Zack. Hey. Are you ok? Are you ok?🤔😃👍. Best line you have ever come up with😁. Keep your spirit up. I have faith in you❤️

  100. billy Minihan

    Keep the chin up my friend at least you have your health. I really hope you get all your corn in soon with minimal effort. keep the faith brother.