I am a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. The recent interest in food, combined with a large amount of 'misinformation' has driven me to start this channel. I hope to be someone people can relate to and trust when they question how their food is grown and raised. I also hope to become a 'smarter' farmer through my experiences with this channel. I strongly believe we must have an open mind and a willingness to learn about others, or we cannot move forward as one. My goal is to build the connection between farmers and consumers by facilitating a collaborative conversation amongst everyone. I do this by sharing my day-to-day farming experiences, my opinions on certain topics, and occasionally visiting other farms and businesses to help better understand other farming and business practices. There is no limit to where this channel may go, so please join me!!

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  1. Jack Leigh

    Our 6140 m has a shutter at a certain speed

  2. Felix James

    can i have the 500$ please

  3. bret t

    My uncles cat actually gave birth in my grandpas old service truck

  4. alvin peters

    try doing any repairs with that system on its not exactly fun, im not sure how many times ive caught my back on it or my head lol

  5. Steven Rud

    That was Randys order, what did you order.

  6. tuunmaster

    What’s CRP ground.

  7. Andrew Hayes

    My man crush is serious

  8. Fishing the 906

    That Wayne’s world transition tho! lol

  9. Jonathan Wymore

    Gotta have good Concavitavation is key...haha

  10. David Stakston

    Have you read the articles on the lawsuit against Roundup before you spray your dandelions? Also, there was a study that stated that pesticides has overtaken lead poisoning for causing intellectual deficiencies ( low IQ ) in children? Go to www.eurekalert.org and search for autism, cancer, etc caused by pesticides and herbicides. You probably will want to protect your beautiful children from the harm caused by pesticides and herbicides.

  11. Samuel Walch

    It’s the sexists mower because it’s a John Deere

  12. greg rourke

    Good job! Still chuckling. Keep up the good work.

  13. Posslea Holsteins Poss bro farms

    We have the same sprayer😂

  14. Tom Cleghorn

    Days of thunder. You have too have too hands on the car and talk gently. Lol. Oh and be bald !!! Thanks for another great vid

  15. Johndeere Farmer

    My local coop offers an agronomist and when help with applications is needed hes there fbn do that?

    1. Millennial Farmer

      Yes, but we have worked with an independent agronomist for years due to witnessing customers being taken advantage of from the coops. We still work with our independent agronomist.

  16. Michael Robinette

    I am the same I finish the yard when I mow faster then my dad

  17. Jimboner08

    345 had a Kawasaki Motor with plastic cam. Oil burning machine. She’ll run like that for decades

  18. scalph999

    I just Did no mow may. My grass was knee high just cut it yesterday. Yours is so short. Save the dandelions for the bees.

  19. Craig Cundiff

    5:18.... John Deere recommends their grease.. . I do have that WD-40 and use it for many applications... But I use the JD grease for JD stuff.. (And yeah, I know WD40 is sponsoring this video)...🤫

  20. Marcos Grava

    Muito bom!!!!

  21. George Sealy

    Wow, you have some serious equipment young man. More power to you.

  22. Mike Cottingham

    Damn man, the music and the montage totally hit me in the feels. I'm sure next year JD will give you a 9SY or whatever they call it. 😉

  23. Gabriel Potter

    Hey Zach! Congrats to you niece for graduating this year. I am also a graduate of the Class of 2020

  24. Rick Dilts

    I hope he's taking that fishing rod for walleye

  25. Michael Eigenbauer

    I've got a 1991 John Deere 318. I put dual stack exhaust pipes on it. Also LED lights so I can mow at night and keep the neighbors up.

  26. Nicolas Aguilar

    Could of top off seeder to handle problems and just let it run by itself don’t need operator to run the tractor

  27. Zpaulson

    nah, mines sexier

  28. Floppy Donger

    put some ear pro on your kid bro

  29. ReadTheShrill

    You ordered a pallet of bottled water, instead of just filling a thermos from the tap? Wow, you are a true millennial.

  30. Appomattox Rose

    15:00: "She's a beaut, Clark." Excellent. You're talking my language.

  31. Dal Adams


  32. A Girl And Her Cows

    crop looks good

  33. Luke Hansen

    I WOULD NOT stick my head in a bed pan....

  34. Brian Hendrickson

    Have you seen the upcoming Ego riding lawnmower coming out next year? I own an ego mower and my gosh I do NOT miss gas or diesel

  35. Dal Adams

    Got my coors And agree with you both 100% Great thing you all do out there!

  36. Jenn F

    If You don`t wanna be seen in a Case IH buy the Autotaunumus one....

  37. Fábio Silva

    You should get that dog to a veterinary, it doesn’t look good that hole, it can be infected...

  38. Joshua Vallot

    no need to name the movie, that reference was gold. I knew where you were going right off the bat talking about the fuel line holding an extra gallon. im going watch it again now!

  39. Paul Goossen

    How was the accuracy of the tractor guidance? Was there any issues with the offset GPS receiver?

  40. Pascual Cravero

    Why do you use the silo's fans pushing air inside and not in the opposite way?

  41. T. Smith

    #GT235 Kawasaki power!

  42. Bill Grant

    I bought a J.D. snow blower and what a piece of shit that was. It will never happen again.

  43. mikemerrill175

    So cool that you took in your niece for reasons I’m sure were driven by wanting to give her love and support.

  44. Mattnyr5

    Hey, you need an Automower from Husqvarna!

  45. mikemerrill175

    In SoCal we mow year round. No breaks.

  46. Colin Murphy

    That thumbnail.. Man! 🥵

  47. yoran The gardener

    lots of deni lines in your grass its is a sign of a lot of magnesium in the ground. that whil take care of the nice green texture of the grass.

  48. Dixon Peer

    Why the sarcastic remark about no till farming? I assume it yields less, or you wouldn't pan it. And I guess the idea is that it conserves top soil against wind and water erosion so that we don't end up with another dust bowl situation like we had during the Great Depression.

  49. Preston Flowers

    You forgot the oil pan that will cut the wind out from under ya

  50. Scoot


  51. Mr Jack donkey

    Do you race a modified or late model anymore?

  52. Dale86

    Congratulations Aurora!

  53. didier fertil

    For your dents de lion grass french name. You have to check for the Ph Of The ground. Dantdelion show that your Land is to much acide. So instead Of spreading 2-4D applay chicken manure composted. All the Best from France

  54. John Powell

    I'm curious to know the 'Global Components' in those cameras. Don't want to take anything away from you Zack..love/loved the John Deere stuff but as you said beyond budget line of you and I'll wager many others. Hope to see more.

  55. didier fertil

    For the germany sherper you need to avoid can Foods, go for dry low fat food from Hills.

  56. Andrew DeSplinter

    My grandma's mower did the same thing try cleaning the air filter we did that and once it got air flow it stopped smoking cause the air filter was acting like a choke

  57. Nate Wick

    What WD-40 products would you recommend for bedroom lubrication?

  58. Brian Cornell

    Love the Day's of Thunder reference!

  59. Dixon Peer

    Is all that "tile" perforated? If it is, how does it keep from getting full of silt over time? There is a product that already has a filter fabric condom on it that would help with that.

  60. Trevor H

    Didn’t know WD-40 could fix ur add revenue

  61. Charles Posten

    Farmers coming together - yeah right! ... The NFO tried that ... Because all farmers are in competition with each other, they will never band together - the government knows this and uses it to their fullest advantage ensuring cheap food - making huge corporate food companies billions of dollars ..... in turn these large food companies pay off politicians ("campaign money" ) ..... When a farmer passes away 3 out of 5 times the land ends up purchased by an investor - because there is so little profit in it - farmers often cant buy the land - some of these large farmers farm the land for pennies on the dollar returns - just so they can act like a "big deal" ....... When a farmer passes away - the neighbors come to together to harvest the crops - and usually out of those neighbors - 2 or 3 emerge as "ring leaders" - who are hoping to secure the land for themselves ..... This is why the neighbor asks the widow at the funeral if they'll rent it... Most farmers hope the neighbor dies so they can get their land - bigger, bigger - gonna be the biggest and baddest in the county - somehow by being the biggest and last farmer left think "I'll make all the money " ..... Its a mentality brought on by evolution of agriculture and corrupt politics ... Banding together as farm family's is a nice fairy tale but it rarely happens - unfortunately ...

  62. rushikesh ukani

    I want to work with you...

  63. Matthew Clark

    Are you gonna to get a John Deere 8rx please

  64. EastCoast.30Cal

    I 💗 John Deere! 🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜

  65. Donald Bonner

    Where did that x730 go?

  66. Kevin Ganje

    I think this is the second time I have heard him admit that everything is going great. Does he not know that a farmer only complains about things, never admits that things are good?

  67. Chaun McGuire

    You get new camers and gear? Video quality jumped from the last video and first POV one I've seen

  68. Ron Anderson

    I appreciate and respect your lifestyle.!

  69. Jared Hurst

    Thanks for sharing Zach! Those are great tractors!

  70. Morgan Hodges

    Whats that lake seen from on top of the grain bin? Built in fish supply?

  71. C Smitty

    Marvel mystery oil

  72. Robert Heinkel

    WD-40 makes grease?

  73. Matthew Clinkenbeard

    do you guys treat beans? It seemed as if your beans were really dusty has they went into hopper?

  74. Chad Weaver

    By chance Zach, do you have a link to your podcast mics? Looking to start a podcast and looking for mics. Thanks, Chad

  75. Matthew Wolfe

    Hit the pace car?!? You hit every other god damned thing in the track, I want you to be perfect.

  76. Jared Springer

    Put the pump into a bucket and drill small holes into the bucket to remove just water

  77. Chris Baker

    I pretty sure that’s the first time I didn’t see you order a turkey burger

  78. Hornet Hunter

    DUCK 4 DINNER ??

  79. Melvin Vega

    This is my favorite podcast, I have listened to every episode. I hope y’all have plans to continue this. Great content on your channel and podcast. Keep up the great work thank you guys!

  80. Rodney Willis Sr

    You have awesome equipment, now when are you going to get some real pickups?

  81. WestConsin Pullers

    Classic bungie cord on the battery 😂😂

  82. Greg Whetham

    You would like my mower it's a Husqvarna with a john deere engine. I call it the HUSQADEERE