For 16 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. You never know what funny can do!

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  1. Deanna Meyer

    I love , love Kristen she is such a amazing person ... And Thea's are simply halarious .... what a lucky man Dax is :))

  2. Geminilove 69

    Looks tasty to me

  3. Crystal Mac

    Ellen had her mouth open the whole time!! LOL!! yesss it was good hunny!!!

  4. franklin johnson

    I love Nicki toooooooooooo😭😭

  5. shanell adkins

    So yuck

  6. m a d e l y n s w o r l d


  7. Matthew Kazmier

    Ellen is buddies with the president who secretly allowed the government to spy on the world, including Americans without warrant or cause.

  8. Jax Kwon

    How can they hold the mike without even talking and let Ellen ask in their behalf? 😂 😂

  9. Gianna Romano

    Brendon’s athleticism is as incredible as his voice!

  10. Tia Fayed

    I come to this clip at least once a year

  11. Kelynn Rose

    Now that I have seen the movie I can only see him play as Freddie.

  12. Maleah’s Vlogs

    Nobody gonna talk about how long his nails are ...

  13. terry

    that's what Janet get

  14. Jyden Paul

    Drew congrats

  15. itre bebag99

    If there's one person you should listen to, it should be a mentally ill child.

  16. Amnost Stan

    when they’re all white

  17. renaaaaa

    i mean..great hair

  18. FishAntsPlantsAndDave

    2:44 oops forgot to blur this angle

  19. Anthony D

    This is going to BE SO GOOD.

  20. Amy Ellis

    I know what she means about the cotton.. I can almost hear the texture of the cotton in the innermost depths of my ear & it makes my skin crawl!!! I don’t like ashes either.. 😳

  21. Juan Vargas

    Sad. Sad. Sad.

  22. Alphonso Arango family


  23. Mike Wadley

    Just like Trump and Putin!

  24. Whoa0its0Andrea

    Anyone else feel violated when they shoved the huge block of cheese in the turkey? 😂

  25. Celia Garcia

    this is so funny i can't !

  26. Vicky's Vlogs


  27. J.J Jameson

    Shia LaBeouf is a cannibal though

  28. Mark Anders

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  29. Andreas Skafi


  30. Benevolent Butterfly

    Jhope: falls down Suga: doenst even blink

  31. Susan Murdock

    Yes and a good actor x

  32. Eva Olivo

    Ellen should be happy Andy has stayed with her with everything he’s put him through

  33. Chelsea Aquino


  34. Chelsea Aquino

    Ok boomer

  35. Camiel08Erin11

    I’m disgusted

  36. vicki s.

    That Face!!!!😆😆😆😆

  37. Pablo Jacobi

    Anybody is just watching sia the whole time?

  38. Jethro Teece


  39. Mary Omole

    "Just got back from the grocery store"

  40. Furqan Saleem

    Really love don’t have any color.. Allah bless both of you.. 🙏

  41. Jessica Barnes

    That looks 🔥

  42. matthew C

    I know a few waitress would switch place with you, let’s see how real you are about your dreams

  43. Kat Starr

    Ashlyn graham. The sexiest woman alive. Proof you don’t need to be 90lbs to be beyond beautiful.

  44. Yaamini kp

    Ellen is feeling so awkward haha

  45. Stephanie cruz

    That looked good asf

  46. Evelin Rivas

    Yeah I’m o

  47. Itmeayla

    she started school on my bday

  48. Alyssa Burns

    Ewww Matt Lauer 😨😲🤢

  49. Star Jajoba

    "Get off my phone"

  50. ANG Belgium


  51. nicolebrady90

    Literally crying with laughter!!!😂

  52. nicolebrady90

    Literally crying with laughter!!!😂

  53. nicolebrady90

    Literally crying with laughter!!!😂

  54. C F


  55. Tatiyana Drake

    The face he made after he put the whipped cream on the hotdog, I've never laughed so hard in my life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. nicolebrady90

    Literally crying with laughter!!!😂

  57. Keshon Henry


  58. Te Ditye

    0:56 is that Conans Laugh? 😂

  59. Desiree Degon

    its fake her hair is fake

  60. Tori Duncan

    Ive been waiting for this!

  61. J J

    1:50 what kind man is Andy his hiding behind her 🤣😂🤣🤣

  62. Hope Jones

    I was waiting on you to do a reaction to this monstrosity!!!! "Get off my phone, you on made me mad" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. Farina Marcini


  64. chocolatemeatballs

    Good tune. My first thought though was that it looked like a commercial for Kim K's shape wear line :D

  65. Lici

    OMG, I sent this to you on Instagram!!! (*excited*)

  66. Ruby Ortiz


  67. Kaarool Lopez


  68. alina ahmed

    The most posted ive seen him lol

  69. Jazib Toys Giveaway

    Hey Ellen. Checkout Cady's video. It super fun!

  70. GS Narayan

    Is this kid 🧒 related to DONALD TRUMP?

  71. Andreea Ilie

    😂😂😂😂😂 Ellen is so funny

  72. soo yaa

    Can someone please tell me who is who, I'm struggling. I'm new 😅

  73. steve kierstead

    He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer is he

  74. Boss N Hug Section

    How you gon' put a whole block of cheese in that turky's coochie 😂

  75. Zaddy Patty

    *Gordon Ramsay :* *IT'S RAW* *Kalen :* *this needs some seasoning*

  76. MDVlogs

    One of my favourite interviews from ELLEN! He is so kindhearted and funny. God bless him!

  77. Eman Alameeri

    Ray for ever my love

  78. K Mcy

    I agree Ray really is a wonderful talented actor..his role in his Raymond show did him no justice. He is awesome. I first saw him in a more serious role in parenthood and wow he blew me away

  79. nicolas kaneakua

    Love him

  80. Murtaza Lehri

    Basically - whatever was made solely for men, steal it.

  81. Aline Almeida


  82. coconutmilch

    his dance is amazing

  83. Anakuya1

    UGH I love you Urie but everytime you do a backflip I'm waiting for you to smash your face and my heart drops every time xO

  84. kate k

    *when you forget about how you cheated on your wife*

  85. Jenna Smack

    They should blind fold him and feed him some of the foods he's reacted to 😂😂

  86. Amy

    Great performance but what is she wearing? Lol

  87. Robert Lang

    Kindness can be contaigous, if enough people spread it. And I love the fact that you have been a leader in this art. :)

  88. mariem saidi

    so this was fully live ?? if yes am really impressed

  89. Kim Caspar

    In her previous incarnation, Ellen was an elephant.

  90. C.T Donkor

    So cute and am olny 7

  91. Shashwat mishra

    Like you were kind to George bush

  92. Nika Kotchlamazashvili

    Ahaha love her 💕❤️💕

  93. Peter

    AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN!!! This was awesome, we want this duo again Ellen!

  94. Marie Bejarano

    ..... disclaimer : this comment is made before I heard the FULL INTERVIEW on ELLEN. I heard you say, as I was busy cleaning my house, something like" I TOLD HER TO CRY INTO A BIG PILE OF MONEY, .. AND IT'S BIG PILE OF MONEY.." You lost me at MONEY. Where would you be if not for your wife and family. Your jokes aren't even funny, no humor AGH!!! IDIOT ! !

  95. First name Unknown

    Ima dis like dis vid just because of dat black unknown try to be funny guy

  96. Katrina Kaif

    What's the song when 5 men dancing 😂😂😍

  97. mjss1980NL

    When you find out that "dude, where is my car" is REAL 😂😂😂😂

  98. moman

    The best part of Ellen's show is when she cracks up. So infectious.

  99. hawrnball

    I agree 110%, they don’t deserve Thanksgiving

  100. The Official Andy Saenz

    I want to be Brendon Urie when I grow up. 😁